Convicted serial rapist Stephen Leon Davis was sentenced Wednesday to 300 years to life in prison for crimes spanning 2008 to 2016.  

Davis, 40, was found guilty last month of 11 felony charges encompassing multiple counts of sexual assault carried out against three victims in Kern County. He also raped a woman in Clark County, Nev., and used a knife in three of the four assaults.

"Obviously, I was relieved that the jury saw the evidence the way that I viewed it," District Attorney Lisa Green, who prosecuted the case, said Wednesday. 

"That sentence will ensure that a sexual predator will never walk the streets of any county as a free man," she added.

Green credited Bakersfield police detectives for their thoroughness on the case, and said Davis was identified as the rapist through "good old-fashioned police work."

Davis' last victim was riding a bike home from her job at a pizza parlor in January 2016 when Davis assaulted her. Police were called and she described her assailant — Davis has a distinctive gap in his teeth — and an officer said the description and use of a knife was similar to another assault he knew of. 

Police soon had a name and photo of Davis, and the victim identified him as the man who attacked her. 

Green said the victims differed in race and ranged in age from 17 to 55. 

The trial lasted 23 days, with the time between opening statements and the verdicts lasting eight days. 

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