Prosecutors have charged a man with murder in the death of a 15-year-old girl with the special circumstance that the slaying was committed during a rape or attempted rape.

Gerardo Rodriguez, 23, faces the death penalty if convicted. His arraignment Thursday was postponed one week at the request of a deputy public defender.

Rodriguez wore paper clothing during the brief hearing, an indication he is on suicide watch. He at first appeared confused when asked if he could afford an attorney, but after further questioning he asked that he be represented by the Public Defender's office.

He remains held without bail. 

Rodriguez is accused of killing Stacy Duke, whose body was found Monday evening in a garage in the 3000 block of Dore Drive. Police detained Rodriguez at the scene and arrested him. 

Authorities have not said how Duke was killed. An autopsy was set to be performed Wednesday. 

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Yeah Theres more Gong on then they are saying and ig the investigators are Rally going to just let it go with that they are worthless. I hope they sentance him to death and that the executioner meses Up soon he dies terrible . Js.


she did have somewhere to go, this was her home base, just like for a lot of us we work here, we work hard, and she was one of our coworkers and she was here with us all the time. Nadine says she and Stacy were working together Monday when Stacy left to look for her cellphone on her break. we knew something was wrong when she didn't come back. (WTF this happened on her lunch break? Why was she just cool with going to Walmart then? Something is fishy)


do you think no one else knew anything? It's kinda easy to blame it on the one who isn't ll there. look, she was in danger from her bf. her bfs friends shows up and takes stacy to another place where someone else wanted to murder her all by luck of the cards?


he appears insane...but m not advocating saving him

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