A Lake Isabella man charged with murder in his infant daughter's death admitted to pressing the girl's face into a mattress while squeezing her neck until she stopped breathing, according to court documents. 

Michael Ianvan Johnson, 24, is being held on $1 million bail in the killing of 9-month-old Seraphim Ould-Johnson. 

Kern County sheriff's deputies were called June 23 to a residence in the 2600 block of Crestview Avenue to a report of a child not breathing, a coroner's release said. Seraphim was taken to Kern Valley Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

An autopsy determined cause of death was acute neck compression. 

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So the Coroner is wrong with the facts do some of you people really think this? It isn’t circumstantial this is fact after 7 months of investigation they have the facts wrong and the mother is correct🤔 Really she was there also as she has posted many times doesn’t that make her a a accessory to the case as well? What was the huge accident that happened as she stated. I truly believe if the father is the guilty party in this matter and the mother was (there) as she stated she should be involved in this charge as well. You can’t be parents and expect people
To run you to the store,Dr appointments to get food be cause you are to lazy to work and live off the system and have kids when you can’t even care for yourself and expect people who are hard at work and have a family of the own to provide for you! You can rely on god all you want he knows when wrong has been done he forgive all if they know what wrong was done


Both parents are on FACEBOOK, Mikey IV Johnson & Katrina Ould-Johnson


This is right down the street from my home. I recall the day the emergency personnel were at that house. Finding out that a baby died. People talk. A lot knew the father did it. I hope nothing but the worst for him. I pray this baby gets justice. He is locked up for life. Death penalty would be better. He would be isolated. We pay for that. We pay for them all. The precious angel never stood a chance. His wife is expecting again. Unreal.

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