Vanessa Jean Hooker

The Californian

Before her sentencing, former teacher Vanessa Jean Hooker told the court she wished she could go back in time and undo the harm her actions caused students, her family and Beardsley Junior High.

Hooker, 34, said Wednesday she hopes to prove she can be a force for good in the community.

First, however, she must serve a year in jail and register as a sex offender for engaging in sex acts with former students. Judge Michael G. Bush also ordered her to complete sex offender counseling and stay away from minors, with the exception of her own children.

Hooker admitted following her Dec. 18 arrest to engaging in sexual activity with a former student, and described the anatomy of that student and another in text messages, according to court filings. The sexual encounter took place in her classroom at Beardsley Junior High before school began.

Investigators said in court filings that numerous text messages showed Hooker pursued three former students, two who were 16 years old and one who was 14 at the time.

Authorities began looking into the case Dec. 15 after the mother of one of the alleged victims reported to school officials that she had found "extremely inappropriate and sexual" text messages sent from Hooker to her son. In the messages, Hooker described the anatomy of the victims, the court filings say, and said she was unhappy with her husband.

Prosecutor John Allen told the court Wednesday the victims did not wish to comment.

Hooker pleaded no contest to two felony sex crimes last month. Three other charges were dismissed under the plea deal.

She taught science at Beardsley.

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