A former Kern County prosecutor accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Orange County is due in court in April for a preliminary hearing in the case, according to prosecutors.

Adam Stull, 56, is charged with restraining a woman and touching her "with sexual intent against the victim's will," prosecutors say. The assault was reported Nov. 20.

Prosecutors are looking for other possible victims.

Stull is charged with a felony count of sexual battery by restraint, as well as misdemeanor counts of sexual battery and sexual battery by restraint. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison, plus a year and five months in jail, prosecutors said.

In 1992, Stull was fired from the Kern County District Attorney' s office when he was accused of sex acts with a 17-year-old girl. Stull was convicted of four felony counts in that case, and three of the counts were upheld on appeal.

Stull was suspended from practicing law in January 1993, but was reinstated in May 1994.

The preliminary hearing is set for April 27.