The body of a woman who went missing last weekend may have been found on Friday, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Office.

The body found by Search and Rescue personnel along the Kern River could be that of Shayla Wingle, who was reported missing along with her husband Brandon. They were last known to be in the Kern River Canyon area driving a 2014 grey Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

Anyone with information are urged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 861-3110.

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I went to the other article I have about this. I live in Lake Isabella. Her hubby reported her missing. They had a fight that night when their truck went in a ditch. So he said.Her family found her car on Monday. The sister of the victim talked to her brother-in-law the next day. He didn't remember. He lets her walk off around midnight. Didn't try to stop her. In a very dark area and dangerous. That is what the first article said. This one says both are missing. and the truck. A tad misleading.. Did it mean that the hubby has vanished in his truck? News up here and in Bakersfield seem to be jumbled. I am very intelligent and I can memorize very easily. Is like having someones intelligence being played with. Like that baby that was murdered. Down the street from me. 9 month old girl. The Sun on FB seemed surprised when I mentioned it on their page. They ignored my comment for 5 days. I knew the father was arrested. 2 weeks for that story to be in the news. Why? Can we count on the news anymore? Sure don't seem like it. Are the writers educated? Do they not read their own articles before they print the story?


Thought her husband said she walked out of the truck around 12:00 midnight. He hadn't seen her since? Is he missing after he reported her missing? From his picture. Yes I can tell things from a picture. I got that feeling. He looks very deceptive. Unless the article was wrong?

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