A Bakersfield woman charged with first-degree murder in a shooting at a house party was convicted Tuesday of a lesser charge, according to court records.  

Krystal Wandick, 31, a member of the Country Girl Crips who goes by the nicknames of "Tutu" and "Tookie," was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm on a person following a trial that began late last month.

According to court documents, Wandick and several friends attended a house party March 17 in the 4200 block of Gordon Street. During the party, Wandick and 31-year-old Albert Luis King argued in the backyard. King grabbed her throat at one point, a witness told sheriff's investigators. 

Wandick and the group she arrived with were told to leave shortly afterward, the documents said. Wandick retrieved a gun from her boyfriend, who was also at the party. She and her friends were driving away when she told the driver to turn around.

They returned to the party, and Wandick walked up to King. She briefly argued with him before pulling a gun and firing a single shot into his chest, according to a witness statement contained in the documents.

Wandick rushed back to her friend's car. They sped off as someone opened fired, shattering the back windshield and striking the passenger side headrest, the documents said. 

King died about 30 minutes later after a friend rushed him to a nearby fire station. 

Wandick is set to be sentenced Jan. 19. 

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