The defense attorney for Sabrina Limon, convicted of murder in her husband's 2014 killing in Tehachapi, has filed a motion requesting her sentencing Friday be postponed for two weeks.

The attorney, Richard Terry, said in the motion filed Monday he has not yet received a probation report for his client, and he's also awaiting more letters written in support of her. He said those items are necessary as he prepares a statement of mitigation.

Terry has asked sentencing be postponed to Nov. 17. The motion will be discussed in court on Friday, where Judge John Brownlee will either grant it, or deny it and proceed with sentencing. 

Limon, 38, was convicted of charges including murder for conspiring with her lover, Jonathan Hearn, in the killing of her husband so they could be together. She faces a life sentence. 

Hearn, 27, testified at her trial as part of a plea agreement in which prosecutors dismissed a murder charge and instead allowed him to enter no contest pleas to voluntary manslaughter, among other charges. He faces 25 years and four months in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced the same date as Limon.