Never heard of the mighty Bakersfield Falls?

Well it exists, at least for now.

We have a beautiful, flowing waterfall right outside town at the mouth of the Kern River Canyon.

And people all over social media have been posting photos, video and, of course, selfies, of this rare but much-appreciated event.

It's actually the product of an "oopsie" that happened up river earlier this year.

When the river was running high in January it took out a catwalk used by PG&E workers at the intake for the company's power plant.

That intake is just below the Southern California Edison power plant several miles inside the canyon.

Since workers couldn't access the PG&E intake to make sure the high river hadn't caused any damage, they shut it down and the water was rerouted to a tunnel that lets out above the mouth of the canyon, according to Kern River Water Master Dana Munn.

Hence, the Bakersfield Falls.

However we got it, it's pretty cool while it lasts.

— Lois Henry, The Californian