Who says kids have it easy these days? We selected a few practice math questions for the new Smarter Balanced state standardized tests for grades three, eight and 11. Take the quiz to find out if you’re smarter than your kid.


1. Megan baked 28 sugar cookies and 24 chocolate chip cookies. Enter the total number of cookies Megan baked in all.

2. Which expression is equal to 6x3, and why?

A. 6+3, because the numbers are in the same order.

B. 6/3, because division and multiplication are inverse operations.

C. 3+6, because the order of the numbers does not matter in addition.

D. 3x6, because the order of the numbers does not matter in multiplication.

3. What number goes in the box to make the equation true?



1. Select True or False to indicate whether each comparison is true.

√37<5 1/4

3π >3√3



2. A leaf falls 18 feet from a branch to the ground at a rate of 5 feet every 2 seconds.

Determine whether each statement about the leaf is true. Select True or False for each statement.

The initial height of the leaf is 18 feet.

The leaf falls at a rate of ⅖ foot every 1 second.

The leaf is 3 feet above the ground after 6 seconds.

3. Jamal states that ax+b=a(x+c), given a, b, and c are not equal to 0.

What must be the value of c for Jamal’s statement to be true?

A. a

B. b

C. ac

D. b/a


1. Which inequality represents all possible solutions of -6n<-12?

A. n<72

B. n>2

C. n<2

D. n>72

2. Consider a sequence whose first five terms are: -1.75, -0.5, 0.75, 2, 3.25

Which function (with domain all integers n ≥ 1) could be used to define and continue this sequence?

A. f(n)=7/4(n-1)-5/4

B. f(n)=5/4(n-1)-7/4

C. f(n)=7/4n-5/4

D. f(n)=5/4n-7/4

3. A student earns $7.50 per hour at her part-time job. She wants to earn at least $200.

Enter an inequality that represents all of the possible numbers of hours (h) the student could work to meet her goal.

Enter the least whole number of hours the student needs to work in order to earn at least $200.


Third Grade:

1. 52

2. D

3. 5 or equivalent

Eighth Grade:

1. False, True, True, False

2. True, False, True

3. D

Eleventh Grade:

1. B

2. B

3. 7.5h≥200 or equivalent, 27 or h=27

Source: California Department of Education