Alton Brown made quite a few stops during his brief time in Bakersfield. He came to The Californian's downtown offices Monday morning to talk about his show at the Fox Theater, which is on today.

He also found the time to give a Facebook shout-out to the newly opened Cafe Smitten.

In a video he posted on the social media site, Brown said he ordered “a damn fine cortado” on Monday.

Of course the post prompted Facebookers to make other food suggestions for his stay here in town. They suggested Jake’s Tex Mex, Dewar’s, Woolgrowers and Nuestro Mexico.

He has yet to take those referrals. Instead he headed to Noriega's Tuesday afternoon.

In a video he posted to Facebook, he says his group ate about "75 pork chops" at the basque restaurant. 

So, what did he think of Noriega's?

"The food is good, but eating with total strangers makes Noriega's great," he wrote on Facebook.

Brown also stopped by Tiki Ko in downtown Bakersfield and ordered the Beaux Rosa bar in the green parrot cup. 

But he instead, recommends the "Saturn," according to his Instagram post. 

Brown's social media accounts also show that he stopped by Happy Jack's and ordered the Ortega Cheeseburger, The Padre and Milt's.

Brown's posts inspired a little bitterness, though.

One person wrote on Facebook: “Bakersfield? Bakersfield?! You'll go to Bakersfield but not Albuquerque?!”

Yeah, because we’re pretty great here in Btown.

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