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The Kern County Homeless Collaborative has adopted a new 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county, and the Kern County Board of Supervisors has assigned a new coordinator to help get the job done.

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I've had only one opportunity in the past year to gauge Kevin McCarthy's reaction to his nickname, bestowed on him by a man for whom nicknames generally reflect some degree of disdain. At first sniff, Donald Trump's "My Kevin" pet name for the House majority leader would seem to reflect a ce…

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The Bakersfield College 2018 Summer STEM Academy includes classes in 3D design and printing, guitar building, architecture and design and others in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics fields. An application process was used to select students from Jr High, Middle School, and…

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World Cup soccer action is back. It started last week and ends July 15 and before it's over, some 3.4 billion people - roughly half the world's 7.6 billion population - are expected to tune in watch all 32 matches according to research company GlobalWebIndex.

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Cal State Bakersfield police have begun using body-worn cameras, joining a couple of other local agencies in the use of the devices that proponents say help protect law enforcement from false allegations of wrongdoing and provide a greater degree of public transparency. 

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Reader: Once again, good sir, some folks are making a mountain out of a molehill with "reverse parking" or, in the parlance of all the tens of thousands of drivers in the oil and gas industry who have used this mandatory safety technique successfully for many years, "First Move Forward" park…

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Wouldn’t you like to be a centenarian? Or better yet, a healthy, active, vital 100-year-old? (If I lived that long, I would at least hope to be physically, mentally and emotionally vibrant enough to enjoy the final years of my life.)

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When Bakersfield said goodbye to Harvey Hall and Mary K. Shell, two former mayors with distinctive places in local history, the city lost, within a scant 25 days, more than just two colorful characters.

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It’s one thing to avoid oranges and lemons grown outside Kern County. But should we also give up freshly squeezed juice from backyard trees in order to help local farmers stave off a potentially devastating pest?