Attack of the killer squirrels? Not quite, but they're thick as thieves at Panorama Park

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2016-12-14 Squirrely problem: Bushy-tailed bandits repeated cause of power outages
I'm pretty sure this story could have been done in just about any small
town in the US but most reporters are too lazy to do this much research
and there is no compelling reason for electric company workers to
volunteer this information because repairing squirrel damage is a huge
source of income to them..

There are now over 500 million grey squirrels in this country and
my solution is below.

I used to use the Havahart 1030 but I have upgraded to the 1083
and now have 3 of them. It only has 1 door which makes it much shorter
and I thus need a much smaller tropical fish tank to drown them in.
This is the most humane way I have found to dispose of grey squirrels
and I try and keep the water reasonably clean. The smaller tank uses
less water. But most importantly 1-door traps are also easier to bait
because the squirrel can only enter from 1 direction so the bait only
needs to be behind the walk-on platform. You don't have to "balance"
the mechanism the bait sits on, so the 1083 is also a much faster trap
to bait.

Squirrels hunt for food by smell and birds hunt for food via their eyes
and you need to consider that when baiting a trap or birds will steal
a high percentage of food. I use peanut butter on a 1" x 1" X 5" scrap
of wood and some of the peanut butter is facing down so the birds
can't see it but the squirrels can still smell it.

"Havahart 1083 Easy Set One-Door Cage Trap for Squirrels and Small Rabbits"
This trap cost me approx $33 but it is a much better solution for grey squirrels.
Squirrels are becoming a major problem in this country and part
of the problem is a lunatic fringe that insists on feeding & protecting
rodents that happen to look a little cuter than rats.

Both of my neighbors have had squirrels invade their attics and
sustained damage to their homes. I have thus trapped and killed
135 squirrels on my small property since June-2014 and we still have
plenty more to replace them. I then feed the carcass to the fox and
hawks in a nearby woods. Win-Win

I like to think this causes predators/scavengers to hunt rabbits
and other small game less frequently.

email me with questions

Bill Z
devilsadvacat at gmail dot com

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