A prayer meeting was held at the Liberty Bell in support of Tastries Bakery owner Cathy Miller and later a hearing in Judge David R. Lampe’s court concerning a preliminary injunction on the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing case charging that Tastries Bakery violated state law by refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio.

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I have to agree with Nevermind. If someone doesn't want my business, for whatever reason, I simply shop elsewhere. If a Jewish couple owned a bakery and a blatantly Nazi group wanted a cake, what do you think would be their reaction? If they refused service they would be looked at as heroes. I think business owners have a right to do or not do business with whomever they choose.


Have to wonder if the photo portraying the crowd is intentionally misleading, or just an error. From the photog's vantage point. it appears that the large portion of the crowd is with the rainbow-colored sign, when in reality most of that crowd is supporting Tastries, and the sign holder's group is really just a small fringe group.


The whole thing is stupid
A. The people should have simply went elsewhere
B. And I love how Christians cherry pick the Bible

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