Mobile FAQ

What are text message (SMS) alerts?

Text Messaging — sometimes called SMS (short messaging service) — is a way of communicating brief messages to and from your cell phone. Most phones can send and receive texts, though you might need to call your phone service carrier to enable the feature on your phone plan.

What kind of alerts do you offer? provides a variety of text message alerts such as Breaking News, Freebies & Offers, Weekend Events, Condors Score Alerts and Classifieds. You can even track a specific keyword in Classifieds to be notified anytime an ad with that word in it is posted.

Which cell phone carriers support alerts?

Nearly any carrier that your cell phone operates on should work. Specifically, our alerts work on:

  • Alltel
  • AT&T (formerly Cingular)
  • Boost
  • Helio
  • Sprint
  • Nextel
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Virgin

Most others work as well - just try it!

How do I sign up for mobile text message alerts?

You can sign up for alerts in two ways. If you are at a computer, visit to sign up for as many alerts as you like.

You can also subscribe by texting in a keyword from your phone to 21321:

  • Text "Scoop" to 21321 for Breaking News Alerts
  • Text "Freebie" to 21321 to win free stuff and grab great deals
  • Text "Events" to 21321 for Weekend Events
  • Text "Jobs" to 21321 to receive reminders for upcoming job fairs
  • Text "TBCdeals" to 21321 for our advertising deal of the day
  • Text "Condors" to 21321 for Condors Score Alerts from every game
  • Text "Air" to 21321 for a daily Air Quality Forecast
  • Text "Burn" to 21321 for no-burn day notifications.

For Classifieds alerts, please set up your alerts online at to select the categories you are interested in and set any keywords for items you're looking for.

What about school fog delay alerts?

Find your area in the list below and text its keyword to 21321:

  • Arvin Elementary: Text ArvinE
  • Arvin High School: Text ArvinH
  • Bakersfield City School District: Text LocalE
  • Beardsley School District: Text Beardsley
  • Buttonwillow: Text Bwillow
  • Delano Union School District: Text DelanoE
  • Delano Joint Union High School District: Text DelanoH
  • DiGiorgio School District: Text DiGiorgio
  • Edison School District: Text Edison
  • Fairfax School District: Text Fairfax
  • Fruitvale School District: Text Fruitvale
  • General Shafter School District: Text ShafterE
  • Greenfield Union School District: Text Greenfield
  • Kern County Superintendent of Schools: Text SpecialEd
  • Kern High School District: Text LocalHS
  • Lakeside School District: Text Lakeside
  • Lamont School District: Text Lamont
  • Maple School District: Text Maple
  • McFarland Unified School District: Text McFarland
  • Norris School District: Text Norris
  • Panama-Buena Vista Union School District: Text Panama
  • Pond Union School District: Text Pond
  • Richland School District: Text Richland
  • Rio-Bravo Greeley Union School District: Text Rio
  • Rosedale Union School District: Text Rosedale
  • Semitropic School District: Text Semitropic
  • Shafter High School: Text ShafterH
  • Standard School District: Text Standard
  • Vineland School District: Text Vineland
  • Semitropic Elementary School District: Text WascoE
  • Wasco Union High School District: Text WascoH

How much does it cost? does not charge any fees to use our SMS service. However, your mobile provider's standard rates for sending and receiving text messages still apply.

Depending on the text messaging plan you have with your carrier, you may be charged by your carrier for each message sent from and received by your mobile phone. Carriers' text messaging charges vary, and your standard text messaging rates may apply to all messages sent and received, depending on your phone plan. Contact your carrier to determine what kind of plan you have.

How often can I sign up for alerts?

You can use our text message alert services as often as you like, and you may subscribe to as many alerts as you wish.

How often will I receive alerts?

Depending on which alert you sign up for, you might receive only occasional text messages, or several each day. For example, breaking news alerts are sent out whenever big news happens. On some days, we do not send any, and on others, there may be several newsworthy alerts that we will send to our Breaking News Alerts subscribers.

Classifieds alerts are sent only when there is an ad placed in the categories you select and/or if there is an ad that contains the keyword(s) you choose.

Can I set my alerts to arrive at a specific time of day?

Yes. When you set your mobile preferences at, you can set the time of day you would like to receive your alerts. You can also opt to receive them as soon as they're sent out. The only exception is Breaking News Alerts, which are sent out immediately as we learn of breaking news.

How do I unsubscribe from text message alerts?

It's easy. You can simply reply "Stop" to the most recent alert received. However, this will unsubscribe you from ALL alerts.

If you would like to unsubscribe from only one alert, text "stop last" to be unsubscribed ONLY from the list you most recently received an alert from. You can also use stop and the signup keyword to unsubscribe from a particular list. For example, texting "stop events" would unsubscribe you only from the events list.

Alternatively, visit and log in with your phone number to easily manage and modify all your alerts.

I sent in a text message to 47645 and I never received anything back. What happened?

Sometimes text messages may fail to be received or may be delayed for large amounts of time for various reasons over which we have no control. Carrier loads and network usage can affect text message delivery, and occasionally, messages may be delayed for hours or sometimes never received. While this is far from the norm, there are occasions when text messages have simply been lost in transition.

If you have repeatedly failed to receive a text message, please verify that you have text messaging enabled on your cell phone plan with your carrier. If you have never sent or received a text message before, there is a good chance that SMS was never enabled on your phone. Please call your carrier and ask to have text messaging enabled.

If you are sure that SMS is enabled on your phone and you still haven't received anything back after 15 minutes, verify the message you are sending and try again. If you are trying to sign up by sending a keyword, check to see you are sending just the keyword, such as "News" without the quotes.

If that still fails to work, please call your carrier and explain the situation.

If you have other questions not covered here, feel free to contact us at

Thanks for using!

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