• Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, talks to The Californian in his Washington, D.C., offices after being elected House majority leader in June. He told The Californian: “You'd never think you'd have this responsibility. I thank all the constituents that entrusted me to work on their behalf.”

    The different sides of Kevin McCarthy

    Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy has garnered headlines around the country this past week in ascending to the powerful post of House majority leader. The Californian's Christine Bedell and Henry A. Barrios have been in Washington the last few days giving Californian readers sterling

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    Bakersfield restaurant chain expanding to Nashville

    Nashville apparently can't get enough of Bakersfield. The Tennessee city, whose Country Music Hall of Fame has hosted a fabulous Bakersfield Sound exhibit the last few years, is adding a Bakersfield restaurant. The Nashville restaurant will be the latest outlet of a three-year-old

  • David Carr's Bakersfield mansion is on the market for $2.8 million.

    Former NFL player selling Bakersfield mansion for $2.8 million

    Former NFL quarterback David Carr has put his Bakersfield mansion -- complete with "Star Trek"-themed theater -- on the market for $2.8 million. The Seven Oaks home has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a 10-car garage and an impressive "backyard oasis." But it's the theater

  • Financial Times Magazine published a lengthy story on Carl Cole and a massive mortgage fraud scheme in Bakersfield.

    Financial Times publishes in-depth story on Carl Cole, massive fraud

    The international business newspaper Financial Times has published a lengthy article on Carl Cole, the Bakersfield real estate broker headed to prison for his part in a massive mortgage fraud. Cole, his business partner David Crisp and a dozen others have pleaded guilty to charges related to the

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    Russo's reaction: What does closure mean for local authors?

    The pending closure of Russo's Books' physical store in Bakersfield is a blow to readers who love the experience of browsing, interacting and buying in an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore. For authors, the closure prompts a completely different set of reactions. There's

  • Andrea Sedano of Bakersfield is a hardcore Oakland Raiders fan who gets dressed up as "Drea of the Dead" in support of her favorite team.

    Raiders fan attracts national spotlight for exotic costume

    There are Oakland Raiders fans, and then there are Raiders fans like Andrea Sedano of Bakersfield. Sedano's hardcore love of the Raiders is so extreme it's landed her in the pages of ESPN The Magazine. The teenage Bakersfield student is included in an extensive photo feature titled

  • Men's Health magazine has ranked Bakersfield America's drunkest city.

    Bakersfield tops list of drunk cities

    We're not sure exactly why, but the December issue of Men's Health magazine ranks Bakersfield as America's drunkest city. "It sounds like a Merle Haggard song: Blue collars, beer, and bad decisions. But that's business as usual in Bakersfield, California, home of great

  • LA Weekly reviews Picon Punch served at three Bakersfield Basque restaurants.

    Basqueing in Bakersfield's booze

    LA Weekly loves to rave about Bakersfield's ethnic cuisine and the publication is taking yet another spin through town, this time sharing tips on something with a truly local flavor: picon punch. Reviewer Lesley Jacobs Solmonson says the traditional Basque drink packs a punch but notes that

  • UFC fighter Donald Cerrone

    Harvick jumps into ultimate fighting

    Bakersfield native Kevin Harvick has been known to throw a punch or two as a fierce competitor in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. Now he's taking that love of a good fight to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. No, no, he won't be throwing punches in the ring. Instead, his Kevin Harvick

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    Bakersfield in middle of Hatfield-McCoy mystery

    The long-standing blood feud between the Hatfields and McCoys waged for more than 100 years and became the thing of legend before the two Kentucky and West Virginia families officially made peace in 2003. And recent plans to capitalize on that history -- in part fueled by peace among the

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    Another national study trashes Bakersfield

    Bakersfield is ranked 183 out of 189 metropolitan statistical areas nationwide in the Gallup 2012 Well-Being Index released last week. Charleston, WV; was worst, followed by Huntington-Ashland, WV-Ky-Ohio; and Mobile, Ala.  Lincoln, Neb.; Boulder, Colo.; and Burlington-South Burlington,

  • "Honky-Tonk Tourist: "The Night Buck Owens Almost Got Me Killed" by Dan Epstein

    'The Night Buck Owens Almost Got Me Killed'

    The book title is enticing enough: "Honky-Tonk Tourist: The Night Buck Owens Almost Got Me Killed." Just know it's a bit of a stretch. Dan Epstein's book weaves through several musical topics but centers on a 1999 trip to Bakersfield to see Buck Owens perform at the Crystal

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    Fresno magazine sends love letter to Bakersfield

    It's not often our friends to the north in Fresno have much kind to say about Bakersfield. So we were surprised to see the March issue of Central Valley magazine feature a complimentary story titled "What's So Great About Bakersfield?" Longtime Fresno Bee staffer Gail

  • "Free runners" perform on old airplanes at Mojave Airport as part of a video shoot for "The Takeover."

    Mojave 'boneyard' hosts YouTube hit

    One of the things Mojave is known for is a massive airliner graveyard, a desolate place where old aircraft are taken to be stored, parted out or used for safety and anti-terrorism tests. And now, the so-called "boneyard" is being used as an exercise yard. Fans of a sport called

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    McCarthy says 'House of Cards' is intriguing but not realistic

    House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy says the Netflix series "House of Cards" is "intriguing" but doesn't capture the true reality of life on Capitol Hill. The Sacramento Bee reports the Bakersfield congressman met with "House of Cards" actor Kevin Spacey before