Cirugia Sin Fronteras (Surgery Without Medical Insurance) was created in 2011 to help uninsured and low-income individuals attain affordable medical care and surgeries.

This organization was created by Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez in order to help keep our community healthy and productive and to offer support to those who didn’t have any. Since its commencement, Cirugia Sin Fronteras has helped well over 4,000 individuals attain affordable and successful surgeries. This program creates awareness and teaches the patient self-sufficiency and responsibility about their own health and medical expenses.

Cirugia Sin Fronteras is the bridge that patients use to attain medical care and surgeries at a 60 to 80 percent reduced rate — the patient is able to then pay for their surgery on their own and not rely on social programs or services. If and when a patient has accumulated most of the funds needed for surgery but cannot afford to complete the total amount, they can apply for CSF Foundation.

CSF Foundation was created in 2015 to continue Cirugia Sin Fronteras efforts in providing medical services to members of our community. CSF Foundation follows a strict and thorough procedure that is focused in asserting that the patient being referred by Cirugia Sin Fronteras truly cannot afford the proposed surgery. In some cases, the foundation will pay the full amount of a surgery, but in most cases, only partial payments will be granted to patients who are referred by Cirugia Sin Fronteras because while our mission is to help and uplift people of our community, we also care to create self-sufficiency and responsibility for oneself.

Cirugia Sin Fronteras is possible thanks to hospitals, surgeons and clinics that understand and respect our mission and care to be part of it. CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation is possible thanks to donors, local businesses, and sponsors. In addition to the 4,000 plus patients “Surgery Without Medical Insurance” has been able to help, CSF Foundation this year has been able to further assist 35 patients in receiving medical attention and continue to lead a healthy and productive life.