With all the oil, gas, wind and solar energy Kern County produces, it is an economic powerhouse that is huge on energy innovation and technical development. According to Kern Economic Development Corporation Marketing and Research Coordinator Tamara Baker, a major key to thriving and growing in the energy industry is to stay educated and informed on the latest and greatest forums.

That’s where the Kern County Energy Summit comes in.

Every year, KEDC puts together the Kern County Energy Summit, which helps bring public awareness about the county’s vast resources.

The KEDC is a public-private partnership that creates a strong and diverse economy for Kern County, helping bring together private businesses, education, nonprofit organizations and elected officials and makes sure the community has what it needs to continue to thrive and grow.

Since the summit’s debut in 2006, which at the time only had 100 guests attending, it has quadrupled in size. Now the summit welcomes over 400 guests to attend.

“It showcases local folks showing the wide array of projects around the county but also brings in national, regional and statewide folks to talk about the industry trends,” said President and CEO Richard Chapman.

Attendees learn how to profit from today’s top trending tools and resources while also reducing their environmental impact. They also have the opportunity to network with top industry experts and learn about local technologies that are shaping the future of the nation.

“We really are the energy capital of the country and we’re No. 4 in the country for STEM jobs,” said Chapman.

According to KEDC, Kern County is also listed as No. 4 in most industrial variety for having a wide array of logistics, manufacturing and technical jobs. With national rankings in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and traditional energy, such as oil, Kern County is one of the nation’s strongest players in the energy industry and the leading energy provider for the state of California. Kern County currently sits at No. 2 on the nation’s list of top oil-producing counties in the nation, yielding 397,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis, which equates to 72 percent of California’s oil production.

“A lot of times the state reaps the benefits from us but we don’t always get the recognition and I think the summit is a way to bestow that recognition,” said Baker.

Each year the summit welcomes top leaders in the energy industries to share their stories. The event gives speakers a chance to shed light on what’s going on in other regions and offer insight on new ways to improve Kern County’s industries.

“I think the Energy Summit is really a way to delve deeper into an industry that really drives our economy,” said Baker.

The Kern County Energy Summit isn’t just about showcasing local industry leaders but also a chance for local industry leaders to meet and network with industry leaders from other cities and regions.

According to Baker, while other cities might be more oil or gas friendly, the Kern County Energy Summit combats all energy industries, making it a supportive forum for all forms of energy to come and give tips on how to keep on growing.

“It’s a great way to promote your business as well as meet other people in the industry and make connections here in Kern,” said Baker.

The Kern County Energy Summit will be held Nov. 8 at the DoubleTree by Hilton.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Tamara Baker at Tamara@kedc.com or visit www.KernEnergySummit.com.

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