Chris Hagan

Chris Hagan

“No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself … ”

— Andrew Carnegie

Our strength as the Kern County Bar Association lies in our many capable members, and there is no doubt that our ranks include many established community leaders here in the 11th largest county in the state.

And so it is unquestionably a privilege to assume the presidency of our local association for 2018 and I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of so many consummate professionals who have held this position before me.

It was evident during our recent KCBA Installation Dinner that we have an excellent and engaged board of directors, as well as a membership that reflects the best that the legal profession has to offer. We are all fortunate to practice here in Kern County.

But as we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that the new year holds, it is apparent that we should promote more local professional development opportunities for our attorneys in Kern County. After all, the emphasis on “continuing education and improved participation” is the first priority noted in our association’s list of goals and objectives. But more importantly, we can benefit our clients by adding unique characteristics inherent in our community, to the otherwise routine trainings that sometimes occur.

In the digital age, and with our extremely busy schedules, many of us increasingly resort to online tools to satisfy our continuing education requirements. This is certainly an efficient way to stay up to date but can deprive us of the benefits of live interaction and significant networking value for our members.

It has been said, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another,” and our profession is certainly a testament to the value of a vigorous exchange of ideas resulting in much better advocates.

So to that end, your Kern County Bar Association will roll out educational opportunities that have a hint of local perspective and applicability to our practices here in central California. Ideally, our members will become better acquainted with each other and make valuable professional connections while maintaining our edge in the realm of continuing education.

It is a privilege to live and work here in Kern County — and to bring unique educational opportunities so that by year’s end, we are better informed and connected than when we started. As a former Boy Scout leader, I would say, “Be prepared,” and the Kern County Bar Association will do our part to ensure that our members are the best equipped in the profession.

Chris Hagan is a partner in the law firm of Brumfield & Hagan and 2018 president of the Kern County Bar Association.

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