• JOE MATHEWS: Why California needs to hire a lot more police

    You wouldn't know it by watching news about police-community conflict, or tracking state legislation on the use of force by law enforcement. But California's biggest problem when it comes to policing remains the same: There isn't enough of it. Issues of police misconduct are

  • JOE MATHEWS: How my grandma could solve 'end of life' debate

    Seventy-four years ago in Long Beach, a bride stood in back of the church, about to walk down the aisle. Her father eyed the groom warily and whispered in her ear: "It's not too late to change your mind, dear." Today, that bride greets me from her bed in a board-and-care home in

  • JOE MATHEWS: Inland Empire's big recovery

    The Empire is back. I'm talking not about the new Star Wars movie but about Southern California's Inland Empire. Of course, you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a statewide celebration of the remarkable economic comeback of the I.E. -- which encompasses Riverside and San

  • MATT DRISCOLL: Searching for some hope on Earth Day

    Kids have a way of putting my deep-rooted cynicism into the proper perspective. Specifically, my kids. When I look at them it's hard not to think about the future. Wednesday was Earth Day, as my oldest, soon to be 8-year-old daughter, pointed out over breakfast. At her school it's part

  • JACKIE CUSHMAN: New rules, new game for Republican primary

    It's official, the 2016 presidential race is underway. At first glance, the matchup might look similar to the one we saw in each of the last few cycles: the inevitable Democratic nominee against dozens of Republican candidates. But it's not. The Republican National Committee announced in

  • FORUM: Extreme environmentalism is to blame in state's drought

    California has a major drought, and that's resulted in bad stuff brought to us not by the usual suspect, global warming, but by radical environmentalists worsening the consequences. Some of them have gone beyond that misdeed. In efforts to intervene with warming, they have also been cracking

  • REG HENRY: Ted Cruz and company do the time warp again

    One of America's unacknowledged problems is the national calendar shortage. It is not a general problem but restricted only to a segment of the population, although an influential one. Unfortunately, the calendar-challenged group is composed mostly of Republicans. No doubt some Democrats are

  • CATHY YOUNG: Rape, lies and political correctness

    Does the cause of combating rape on college campuses require a willful blindness to false allegations? That's the question raised by some reactions to last week's police report on the inquiry into shocking -- and discredited -- claims of a fraternity gang rape at the University of

  • JOE MATHEWS: Stadium will ease drought? No fooling?

    Could a new pro football stadium help California beat its drought? That's the ambitious goal of the latest stadium proposal to appear in Los Angeles. The project -- details of which are only now becoming public -- would provide more than a home for the National Football League's

  • GEORGE RUNNER: Should green car drivers feel guilty?

    If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you probably feel pretty good about yourself. After all, you've made a socially responsible decision to help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality. But you might feel a bit guilty, too. After all, you are in part

  • JOE MATHEWS: China's president, California's savior

    Dear President Xi Jinping: This is a thank you note from California. Thank you for sustaining our neighborhoods through the housing crisis. Thank you for keeping wealthy Chinese so nervous about your purges of political opponents -- I'm sorry, I mean your anti-corruption campaigns -- that they

  • ANDRES MARTINEZ: Will surging dollar put brakes on America's recovery?

    Sometimes my parenting slackens and Sebastian gets accustomed to staying up late, taking too much screen time, and passing on his veggies. Pulling him back to normalcy from this anarchy is never easy. All of which is to say I don't envy Janet Yellen. The Federal Reserve has been a