Han's Taekwondo Academy of Bakersfield participated in the 3vs3 Tag Team Competition League of California. Among seven teams, all teams won their respective ages and ranked divisions. Gian Legaspi, Christopher Crandell, and Adrianna Martinez won Gold (6-7 year old, intermediate). Matthew Schultz, Tyler Jourdan, Colton Duenas, and Chloe Chua won Gold (8-9 advanced). Julian Esposo, Gage Legaspi, and Eric Martinez won Gold (10-11 advanced. Grant Austin, Coby Nguyen, and James Chua won Gold (10-11 advanced). Alexia Rodriguez, Dylan Bulley, and Jenny Vang won Gold (12-14, intermediate). Charles Bonoan, Pete Melendez, and Spencer Nguyen won Gold (14-17 advanced). Rodrigo Mendez, Riley Toms, and Joshua Vang won Gold (14-17 advanced). The teams were coached by Master Tony Phounsavath, Coach Gary Legaspi, Coach So Vang, and Coach Kristian Phounsavath.

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