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Nick Ellis / Special to The Californian

Bakersfield High's Bryce Martin, left and La Costa Canyon's Duke Mackle square off at the start of their 170 lb match Friday afternoon at Rabobank Arena.

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UPDATED, 3:29 p.m.: Here are team scores headed into the finals, plus the finals matchups and the third-through-eighth place-winners at each weight:

Team: 1. Clovis 187.5; 2. Clovis West 114.5; 3. Poway 106; 4. Gilroy 99; 5. Vacaville 87; 6. Santiago 85.5; 7. Buchanan 79; 8. St. John Bosco 77; 9. Bakersfield 75; 10. Modesto 74.5; 11. Folsom 60; 12. James Logan 56.5; t13. Sultana, Selma 51; 15. Calvary Chapel 46; 16. San Marino 44; 17. ML King 42; 18. Porterville 38.5; 19. Central 38; 20. Del Oro 37.

(Clovis has locked up its fourth straight title and 12th overall, both state records. Clovis West also can't be caught for second place.)

Finals matchups

106: Justin Mejia, Clovis, vs. Chris Lacayo, Santiago

113: Matt Gamble, Monache, vs. Robert Garcia, Selma

120: Israel Saavedra, Modesto, vs. Gionn Peralta, Vacaville

126: Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West, vs. Mason Pengilly, Porterville

132: Wyatt Wykoff, Paradise, vs. Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco

138: Mike Longo, Santiago, vs. Emilio Saavedra, Modesto

145: Chris Garcia, Clovis West, vs. Niko Villarreal, Gilroy

152: PJ Klee, Cardinal Newman, vs. Paul Fox, Gilroy

160: Kaleio Romero, Oakmont, vs. Colt Doyle, Poway

170: Anthony Valencia, St. John Bosco, vs. Bryce Martin, Bakersfield

182: Nick Fiegener, Folsom, vs. Corey Griego, Sultana

195: Ian Baker, La Costa Canyon, vs. Richard Ybarra-Brandt, Liberty-Madera Ranchos

220: Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, vs. Jeramy Sweany, Vacaville

HWT: Nour Abdullatif, Eastvale-Roosevelt, vs. Nick Nevills, Clovis

And, finally, placewinners 3-8 at each weight:


3rd: Navonte Demison, Bakersfield

4th: David Campbell, Mission Oak

5th: Isaac Blackburn, Del Oro

6th: Joey Cisneros, Visalia-Redwood

7th: Javier Alaniz, Clovis East

8th: Chris Marin, Clovis West


3rd: Adrian Camposano, Central

4th: Vincent Elizalde, Brawley

5th: Durbin Lloren, Buchanan

6th: Nico Colunga, Oakdale

7th: Tristan Gilliland, Clovis

8th: Andrew Ibarra, Righetti


3rd: Yoshito Funakoshi, West Torrance

4th: Jacob Donato, James Logan

5th: Evan Wick, San Marino

6th: Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield

7th: Isaiah Palomino, Bellarmine

8th: Russell Rohlfing, Sonora


3rd: Kristian Vasquez, ML King

4th: Angel Velasquez, Modesto

5th: Jonny Parada, San Fernando

6th: Daniel Ruiz, Madera

7th: Anthony Hernandez, Vacaville

8th: Manny Lair, Poway


3rd: Isaiah Hokit, Clovis

4th: Jaden Enriquez, Mission Oak

5th: Julian Flores, San Marino

6th: Ruben Garcia, Selma

7th: Tommy Yozzo, Amador Valley

8th: Joshy Cortez, Temecula Valley


3rd: McCoy Kent, Enochs

4th: Sergio Enloe, Poway

5th: Uzo Owuama, Bloomington

6th: Joseph Dominguez, St. John Bosco

7th: Jacob Macalolooy, James Logan

8th: Tanner Robison, Del Oro


3rd: Justin Thomas, Santiago

4th: Ralph Tovar, Poway

5th: Jacob Thalin, Santa Teresa

6th: Conner Francis, Buchanan

7th: Gino Roman, El Dorado

8th: Nigel Ruiz, Bishop Amat


3rd: Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West

4th: Joseph Granger, Rancho Buena Vista

5th: Nolan Kistler, ML King

6th: Alex Garcia, Christopher

7th: Andrew Morgan, Fountain Valley

8th: Abner Romero, Buchanan


3rd: Alexander Graves, San Marcos

4th: Aaron Negrette, Calvary Chapel

5th: Josh Hokit, Clovis

6th: Michael Lopez, Victor Valley

7th: John Leal, Chico

8th: Bryan Salinas, Northview


3rd: Brody Brand, Clovis

4th: Austin Flores, Clovis North

5th: Matt Penyacsek, Gilroy

6th: Chris Moran, Sanger

7th: Albino Orozco, Turlock

8th: Seth Morales, Bonita


3rd: Johnny Beltran, Servite

4th: Skyler Gonzalez, Rocklin

5th: Alec Gamboa, Madera

6th: Nathan Morris, Larkspur-Redwood

7th: AJ Nevills, Clovis

8th: Isaac Rangel, Firebaugh


3rd: Chandler Ramirez, Archbishop Mitty

4th: Clayton Hartwell, James Logan

5th: Joey Banks, Franklin

6th: Matt Weiss, Clovis

7th: Dylan Bollinger, Sultana

8th: Erik Medina, Jesuit


3rd: Victor Raigoza, Orland

4th: Graham Grant, Saratoga

5th: Cortes Morales, Clovis West

6th: Miguel Ruiz, Pioneer Valley

7th: Quentin Wright, Alhambra

8th: Daniel Pena, Birmingham


3rd: Chance Eskam, Carlsbad

4th: Pablo Gonzalez, Ukiah

5th: Jose Alvarez, Selma

6th: Dominic Balmer, Woodcreek

7th: Gary Miltenberger, Fremont

8th: Jake Minshew, Casa Roble

UPDATED, 1:56 p.m.: Sorry, I've been away doing some interviews and then trying to energize myself for the rest of these medal matches. There have been some good ones, but the entire arena just seems to be zapped of energy at the moment. Long weekend, and a long wait until the finals start at 7:15 tonight. I'll try to list the place finishers in each weight here, plus team scores before opening up a new thread for the finals.

UPDATED, 12:50 p.m.: Campsano wins the rematch with Elizalde, hanging on by a thread even as he's injured in the final seconds to take third at 113 with a 3-2 final.

Tristan Gilliland of Clovis took seventh with an overtime takedown of Righetti's Andrew Ibarra.

Now at 120, Jacob Donato of James Logan has a 4-0 lead on Yoshito Funakshoi of West Torrance. Evan Wick of San Marino pins Carlos Herrera of Bakersfield for fifth place.

UPDATED, 12:42 p.m.: In case you missed it, here was our BVarsity Live show from last night previewing today's action:

UPDATED, 12:40 p.m.: Nearly a quick takedown for Navonte Demison of Bakersfield in the third-place match at 106, but Mission Oak's David Campbell able to back out of it. Now Campbell in on a shot, but Demison circles around and gets his own. He leads 2-0 after the first period (all first periods just a minute in these medal matches). Demison escapes in the second to lead 3-0. Now a takedown for Campbell though, heavy on the head and took Demison down to the mat. Demison's lead cut to 3-2. About a minute to go in the second. Reversal into a nearside cradle for Demison — he picks up two reversal and two nearfall there and leads 7-2. Escape Campbell for 7-3. We go to the third. Campbell chooses bottom and gets out. 7-4 Demison. Campbell needs points in a hurry. He shoots, but Demison gets the wizzer. Scramble situation. Stalemate at 1:30. Now Demison shoots, another stalemate at 1:08. The clock is Demison's friend at this point. Campbell shoots, similar situation here, but this time Campbell gets the takedown. 7-6. He lets Demison go. 8-6. 40 seconds. Demison shoots, a bit wild. Campbell sprawls, stalemate at 29 seconds. Demison is holding his right wrist during stoppages, so he might be hurting a bit here. Can he hold on? Final 20 seconds. Campbell shoots at 12, is rebuffed and then jumps at Demison, but they're out of bounds. Restart at 8 seconds. Campbell shoots too soon and is cautioned. Demison hit with a stalling arning at one second, but that's going to be it. Demison does the double point, and he's a third-place finisher, matching his brothers' best finish as a freshman.

Fifth-place match headed to overtime here between Redwood's Joey Cisneros and Del Oro's NIck Blackburn. It's 3-3. Good shot from Cisneros, but he can't finish here, and it looks like we're going to double OT. Blackburn gets the escape and leads 4-3. Now Cisneros down. Blackburn returns him to the mat hard, now Cisneros almost out, trying to kick away. Blackburn is simply riding the ankle, which is stalling. The ref finally calls it, but not till the 7-second mark. Cisneros lost a lot of time there. Restart, and Cisneros won't get out. Nick Blackburn holds on to a 4-3 win and fifth place at 106.

UPDATED, 12:21 p.m.: We're working our way through consolation semifinals here, where winners go to the third-place match and losers drop to fifth. We're going to get a Vincent Elizalde-Adrian Campsoano rematch for third at 113, for one thing, and Navonte Demison continues his strong run for Bakersfield and is into the third-place match at 106.

Here are team scores through the semifinals. It's a done deal now: A record four straight for Clovis.

1. Clovis 165.5; 2. Clovis West 105.5; 3. Poway 96; 4. Gilroy 95; 5. Vacaville 86; 6. Santiago 78.5; t7. Buchanan, St. John Bosco 77; 9. Modesto 69.5; 10. Bakersfield 66; 11. Folsom 60; 12. Sultana 50; 13. Selma 49; 14. James Logan 42.5; 15. Calvary Chapel 41.

UPDATED, 11:38 a.m.: At heavyweight, Nick Nevills hasn't had a match that didn't end a pin since before the TRAC league tournament. He doesn't have one here against Woodcreek's Dominic Balmer, but he does lead 2-0. And now an escape for Nevills and another takedown for a 5-0 lead.

In the other heavyweight semifinal, a takedown for Nour Abdullatif of Eastvale-Roosevelt against Carlsbad's Chance Eskam. Eskam escapes near the end of the first but trails 2-1 after one.

Another point for Nevills — not sure if that was stalling or what, but it's 6-0 now. Nevills, seeking his fourth state finals appearance, is well on his way.

Escape Eskam on the other mat in the second to tie the match 2-2. Abdullatif still has option to go bottom in the third, though.

Takedown Nevills early in the third for an 8-0 lead. Only question now is whether we'll get the pin.

Another takedown for Abdullatif, and it's 4-2 for the state's No. 2. He escapes to start the third and now has another takedown. Some have said Abdullatif doesn't have the motor to keep up with Nevills, and that might be true, but he's been impressive in this semifinal. We've got the two clear best heavyweights in the state dominating semifinal matches. Escape Balmer to make it 8-1 against Nevills, but he's called for fleeing the mat and it's 9-1. Another takedown Nevills for 11-1. This is where some of his pins happen, because Balmer looks gassed. Nevills gives him an escape for 11-2, but more takedowns could be on the way in this final minute. There's one. 13-2.

Abdullatif picks up another point for stalling on Eskam, and he'll win it, 8-2, and get into the final for a shot at Nick Nevills. They haven't wrestled in more than a year, so it could maybe be interesting?

Tough to see anyone beating Nevills, though. No pin this time, but a 17-2 tech fall of Dominic Balmer. Nevills vs. Abdullatif in a battle of unbeatens tonight.

HWT: Nour Abdullatif, Eastvale-Roosevelt, dec. Chance Eskam, Carlsbad, 8-2

Nick Nevills, Clovis, tech fall Dominic Balmer, Woodcreek, 17-2

UPDATED, 11:29 a.m.: 220-pound semifinals, with unbeaten Gabriel Gonzalez of Washington Union facing Victor Raigoza of Orland and Cortes Morales of Clovis West taking on Jeramy Sweany of Vacaville. Sweany has two early takedowns for a 4-1 lead on Morales. On the other mat, it's all Gonzalez, who leads 7-0 over Raigoza in the third.

An escape for Gonzalez, who's going to take his unbeaten record into the state championship with an 8-0 victory. He'll face his toughest challenge yet, because Jeramy Sweany is up 8-1 on Morales. Now here comes the turn — and the pin. Gonzalez vs. Sweany, the showdown, coming up tonight at 220.

220: Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, maj. dec. Victor Raigoza, Orland, 8-0

Jeramy Sweany, Vacvaille, pin Cortes Morales, Clovis West, 3:17

UPDATED, 11:23 a.m.: At 182 pounds, it's Servite's Johnny Beltran against Folsom's Nick Fiegener, a ddefending state champion who's dominating this tournament. He's up 7-0 now on Beltran.

In the other semi, it's Sultana's Corey Griego, with a quick pin in the second! He takes out Nathan Morris of Larkspur-Redwood. So the state No. 2 is in the final, and the state No. 1, Fiegener, looks to be well on his way. It's 8-0 in the third period, and Fiegener is riding Beltran. He picks up nearfall and makes it 11-0. That'll be the final. So it's Fiegener vs. Griego tonight at 182, as expected.

Up at 195, Joey Banks of Elk Grove-Franklin is scoreless with No. 1 Ian Baker of La Costa Canyon. Second period, Banks down and out for an escape and a 1-0 lead. But now Baker with a nice shot and a takedown for a 2-1 lead.

The other semifinal at 195 is Ritchie Brandt of Liberty-Madera Ranchos against Clayton Hartwell of James Logan. It's 2-0 for Brandt after a first-period takedown.

Banks escapes on the other mat, and it's 2-2 after two. He gives Baker neutral to start the third in exchange for a point, so it's 3-2 Baker. Banks will need the takedown.

Escape for Brandt on the other mat, and he leads Hartwell 3-0, mid second period. Now it's Hartwell with a takedown to pull within 3-2. 24 seconds left in the second.

Baker trying to get another takedown for some cushion on Banks, but they go out of bounds with a minute left.

Escape Brandt for a 4-2 lead. Final 15 seconds of the second. Brandt trying to finish a re-shot — close, but doesn't get it before time runs out.

Baker picks up a stalling point on Banks and wins it 4-2. He's into the final for La Costa Canyon. Ritchie Brandt trying to join him; he gets a takedown for 6-2, now an escape for Hartwell, but another Brandt takedown. He leads 8-4, but he's now hurt. Looks like maybe they're looking at his shoulder. He takes some injury time. Escape Hartwell off the restart for 8-5. Restart at 11 seconds. Brandt is hurting a little, but he's going to the state final, with a late takedown to seal it. 10-5 for Ritchie Brandt of Liberty-Madera Ranchos, who will meet Ian Baker of La Costa Canyon tonight.

182: Nick Fiegner, Folsom, maj dec. Johnny Beltran, Servite, 11-0

Corey Griego, Sultana, pin Nathan Morris, Larkspur-Redwood, 3:03

195: Ian Baker, La Costa Canyon, dec. Joey Banks, Franklin, 4-2

Ritchie Ybarra-Brandt, Liberty-Madera Ranchos dec. Clayton Hartwell, James Logan, 11-5

UPDATED, 11:01 a.m.: Funny-looking takedown for Anthony Valencia, the national No. 3 at 170. He had a high single on Clovis North's Austin Flores and yanked him back into the circle by the one leg to corral him for the two. Now he lets him go and has another quick one for a 4-1 lead.

In the other semi, it's Bryce Martin of Bakersfield against Gilroy's Matt Penyacsek. Penyascek with an early low single; Martin was in brief trouble, but he scrambles well and forces a stalemate. Not a lot of action the rest of the period, until late, when Penyacsek had another low single. Again Martin plays good defense. It's scoreless after one.

Valencia is still up 4-1 after one. Flores down in the second.

Penyascke down for the second. He gets up and leads 1-0. Now Martin with a really nice double-leg shot, but as he finishes it he's out of bounds. No points.

Valencia has a cradle on Flores. It's a bit wobbly. No pin, but three nearfall for 7-1.

Inside a minute in the second period now, still 1-0 Penyascek. Martin with a nice outside single late, but again they're out of bounds. Time up on the second.

It's 7-2 Valencia after two on the other mat.

Martin down for the third, trailing 1-0. Martin escapes in about 20 seconds, and it's tied, 1-1. Takedown might do it for either guy here. What a double leg for Martin, and he finishes ... ooh, one foot out of bounds. That was really close to the winner for Martin. Martin has been the aggressor here, but we're headed for overtime.

Flores takedown! That was surprising, but it's ultimately not going to matter, as Valencia wins, 7-4, to get into the final.

Now, who will he face? Martin and Penyascek, takedown wins. Wizzer for Martin, throws it by, slips out, takedown! Big move there for Martin, who wins 3-1 and is into the final to face Anthony Valencia.

170: Anthony Valencia, St. John Bosco, dec. Austin Flores, Clovis North, 7-4

Bryce Martin, Bakersfield, dec. Matt Penyascek, Gilroy, 3-1 OT

UPDATED, 10:51 a.m.: We're back to the point where just one weight's semifinals are out there. It's at 160, where Clovis' Josh Hokit is taking on Poway's Colt Doyle and Oakmont's Kaleio Romero is facing Alex Graves of San Marcos.

Graves and Romero are scoreless in the second period. Doyle has an escape for a 1-0 lead in the second against Hokit. Quite a scramble between Graves and Romero, but Romero stays on top and then is able to ride out the period. It's 0-0 headed to the third, but Romero has the edge of being down. He gets to his feet and is away for a 1-0 lead. Now Graves will have to work on the takedown.

It's 1-0 for Doyle after two on the other mat. Hokit down for the third, and he escapes to tie it, 1-1.

Takedown Romero, and he leads 3-0 now. An escape for Graves for 3-1. Now a stalling call, and it's 3-2. Can Romero hang on here? Nearly a takedown for Graves, but Romero staves him off and wins, 3-2. It's Kaleio Romero of Oakmont into the final.

Who will he face? It's still 1-1 between Hokit and Doyle late. We're going to overtime.

Here we go. A good shot from Doyle. Hokit trying to scramble away, but Doyle grabs and ankle, pulls and — takedown! Doyle wins 3-1, and he faces Romero tonight for the title.

160: Kaleio Romero, Oakmont, dec. Alexander Graves, San Marcos, 3-2

Colt Doyle, Poway, dec. Josh Hokit, Clovis, 3-1 OT

UPDATED, 10:42 a.m.: We're under way at 152 pounds, where PJ Klee of Cardinal Newman has a 2-1 lead late on Dominic Kistler of ML King. Klee trying to ride Kistler out. He will, and it's Klee into the final with a 2-1 victory.

His opponent will be either Joseph Granger of Rancho Buena Vista or Gilroy's Paul Fox. Fox, twice a state runner-up, has a big lead here to get back to the final a third time. He leads Granger 7-1, and here's another takedown for 9-1. Now he's got an escape and another takedown to start the third. It's 12-1 for Fox, looking to join his teammate Niko Villarreal in the championship round tonight. Escape for Granger, but Fox is totally in control. Another takedown for Fox, and he's going to win it with nearfall here. It's a tech fall with 5 seconds to go, 17-2. Fox vs. Klee tonight.

152: PJ Klee, Cardinal Newman, dec. Dominic Kistler, ML King, 2-1

Paul Fox, Gilroy, tech fall Joseph Granger, Rancho Buena Vista, 17-2

UPDATED, 10:33 a.m.: It was scoreless after a period between Poway's Sergio Enloe and Santiago's Mike Longo, and now it's 2-2 late in the second, with Longo on top. He turns Enloe. Here comes — yep, a pin, right before the second-period buzzer. It's Mike Longo into the 138-pound final.

His opponent will be either Uzo Owuama of Bloomington or Emilio Saavedra of Modesto, trying to join his brother in the state finals. It's scoreless after one, with Owuama on bottom in the second.

Up at 145, Chris Garcia of Clovis West is taking on Justin Thomas of Santiago — and Garcia has Thomas on his back in the first period. It's at least a big lead for Garcia, and maybe a pin. Time will run out first, but a 5-0 lead for Garcia.

Escape Uwoama for a 1-0 lead back at 138. Now an outside single for Saavedra, trying to draw in Uwoama's leg — and he has it for the takedown and a 2-1 lead. Uwoama gets the escape late in the second to tie it, 2-2.

Saavedra bottom in the third. To his feet and out after about 20 seconds. He leads 3-2. Owuama will need a takedown here, most likely.

Another takedown for Garcia of Clovis West on the other mat, and he leads 7-0.

Back at 138, Saavedra being very aggressive even with the lead, and he nearly takes Owuama down again. Out of bounds first, and a restart at about a minute. Blood time. Saavedra leads 3-2.

Garcia totally dominant up at 145. He leads 10-0 early in the third.

Saavedra again working on a takedown. Even if Owuama can get out of this, there's less than 20 seconds left — and Saavedra finishes near the edge of the circle to lead 5-2. No! Waved off by the referees, and it remains 3-2.

Final score for Chris Garcia, who gave up a late takedown but wins in dominant fashion, 11-2.

So instead of the takedown for Saavedra, it's a penalty point against him? Wow. Not sure what happened there, but they called some sort of technical violation, and it's 3-3 headed for overtime! New life for Owuama. I missed what the call was. So here we go. Saavedra has been close to quite a few takedowns — and he has one here to win, 5-3. Saavedra will meet Longo in tonight's championship at 138.

We have a championship at 145, too: Garcia will meet two-time champ Niko Villarreal of Gilroy, who just stuck Buchanan's Conner Francis at 51 seconds. Whoa. That was fast. Villarreal and Clovis heavyweight Nick Nevills are trying to become the 18th and 19th three-time state champions. Villarreal is in against Garcia.

138: MIke Longo, Santiago, pin Sergio Enloe, Poway, 3:59

Emilio Saavedra, Modesto, dec. Uzo Owuama, Bloomington, 5-3 OT

145: Chris Garcia, Clovis West, maj dec. Justin Thomas, Santiago, 12-2

Nikko Villarreal, Gilroy, pin Conner Francis, Buchanan, 0:51

UPDATED, 10:19 a.m.: Ruiz has cut Pengilly's lead to 4-2, but Pengilly makes it 5-2 with an escape, and there's a third-period takedown for a 7-2 lead.

On the other mat, it's Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch with a takedown of Johnny Parada of San Fernando. Pengilly and Parada are both defending champions here, and Knoblauch ruined Pengilly's undefeated season last week. Now he leads Peralta 2-0 after a period.

Time running out on Ruiz, and it'll be defending 120-pound champ Mason Pengilly into the finals at 126 this year with a 7-3 victory.

Escape Parada for 2-1, but Knoblauch with another takedown, a quick double-leg that makes it 4-1.

We've begun at 132 with San Marino's Julian Flores and Paradise's Wyatt Wyckoff. Takedown for Wyckoff and a 2-0 lead.

Blood time on the other mat with Knoblauch leading. Back to action. Parada has his legs out from under Knoblauch, and now he brings the head out for a reversal. It's 4-3 Knoblauch now, and more blood time.

Escape Flores, but another takedown for Wyckoff, and the Paradise wrestler leads 4-1. But now Flores with the reversal to cut it to 4-3 late in the first. He rides out the period and trails by just one headed to the second.

Back at 126, granby to a stand-up for Knoblauch, and he escapes to lead 5-3. Late second period now. Time will run out. Knoblauch gets bottom in the third and escapes again to lead 6-3. Parada has work to do. Instead it's Knoblauch slipping around for another takedown. It's 8-3, and it looks like we'll get a Pengilly-Knoblauch final for the third straight week.

Escape for Flores on the other mat, and we're tied 4-4 in the second.

Knoblauch riding out his victory over Parada — but a late reversal from Parada, and Knoblauch isn't happy about something, not sure what. His coaches are having to hold him back for a minute. Now he shakes hands — tersely — and it is an 8-5 victory and indeed Pengilly-Knoblauch in the 126-pound state final.

Wyckoff escapes to start the third Flores to take a 5-4 lead. But now takedown Flores, and the San Marino wrestler, once down 4-1, is now ahead 6-5. Wyckoff escapes again for the tie. And now he has his own takedown. Wcykoff leads 8-6 into the final minute. He's dinged for stalling at the 34-second mark.

The other 132 semifinal has national No. 1 Zahid Valencia against Selma's Ruben Garcia. Valencia in deep on a double-leg. Garcia trying to hold him off.

Final seconds of the other semi — reversal Flores! We're tied 8-8 in the final seconds. Headed for overtime. Second OT match of the semis. Shot Flores — wizzer Wyckoff, and he works it into a pin! 9 seconds left in the OT when it comes.

Who will he face? Likely Zahid Valencia, who is up 4-0 on Ruben Garcia after a period. Garcia down in the second, and it's more nearfall for Valencia. 6-0 lead now. Garcia briefly slips out but Valencia back on top. End of the second, still 6-0. Valencia takes neutral in the third. He thinks he has a takedown but it's called out of bounds. Now he does have one for an 8-0 lead. Dominant, as usual. Here comes another turn. 10-0. A penalty point called on Valencia, not sure for what, but that's the only score Garcia is going to get in this match. The final is 10-1 for Zahid Valencia, who will face Wyatt Wyckoff for the 132 title tonight.

126: Mason Pengilly, Porterville, dec. Daniel Ruiz, Madera, 7-3

Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West dec. Johnny Parada, San Fernando, 8-3

132: Wyatt Wyckoff, Paradise, pin Julian Flores, San Marino, 6:51 OT

Zahid Valencia, St. John Bosco, maj. dec. Ruben Garcia, Selma, 10-1

UPDATED, 9:59 a.m.: While we were tracking the Garcia victory, Israel Saavedra of Modesto took control of West Torrance's Yoshito Funakoshi. He leads 6-0 and has Funakoshi on his back early in the third. Pin! It's Saavedra in 5:02 officially. The state No. 1 into the final again tonight.

The other 120-pound semifinal is Gionn Peralta of Vacaville against James Logan's Jacob Donato. A second-period escape for Donato has him ahead 1-0.

Up at 126, they've started with Mason Pengilly of Porterville, the state No. 1, against Madera's Daniel Ruiz. Pengilly takedown for a 2-0 lead. Those guys know each other pretty well, and Pengilly has gotten the best of Ruiz every time they've met. 2-0 Pengilly after one.

Still 1-0 for Donato on the other mat as the second period winds down. We'll go to the third, and Peralta chooses bottom. He's out off the second restart, and it's 1-1.

Reversal Pengilly on the other mat for a 4-0 lead.

Down to a minute to go between Peralta and Donato. Short time now without a ton of action. This match is headed for overtime. Midway through the period, still not a lot of action here. A throw!! From Peralta, and Donato is on his back. The crowd roars. A pin at 6:37. What a finish! It's Peralta vs. Saavedra tonight.

120: Israel Saavedra, Modesto, pin Yoshito Funakoshi, West Torrance, 5:02

Gionn Peralta, Vacaville, pin Jacob Donato, 6:37

UPDATED, 9:50 a.m.: We're now at 113 pounds, the only weight where the state No. 1 is already out. The question is whether Adrian Camposano's victory over Vincent Elizalde last night was effectively the state championship. Camposano, of Central, is facing Selma's Robert Garcia, the talented freshman.

On the other mat, Monache's Matt Gamble led Buchanan's Durbin Lloren 2-0 after a period, and he has an escape and now another takedown in the second for a 5-0 lead. These are all-Central Section semifinals, but strangely, they don't include the section champion, Bakersfield's JJ Figueroa. That's the magic and the heartbreak of state.

It's 5-0 Gamble after one. Camposano and Garcia are scoreless after a period. Camposano down for the second. A couple of restarts early, and now Camposano has Garcia too high, out of position. Camposano gets to his feet and Garcia pushes him out. Stalling called on Garcia, but no points yet.

Two more for Matt Gamble, who leads Lloren 7-0.

Now Camposano escapes for a 1-0 lead midway through the second. Both of those guys being very careful with each other.

It's over in the other semi — Matt Gamble of Monache with a 7-0 victory over Durbin Lloren. Gamble to the final.

The takedown for Selma's Robert Garcia on the other mat, and he takes a 2-1 lead. Final 30 seconds of the second. Restart at 12. Camposano could use an escape here, at least. But Garcia holds on to a slippery Camposano, and he leads 2-1 after two. Upset coming here?

Third period, Garcia chooses down and Camposano gives him neutral. It's 3-1 Garcia now. Camposano shoots — is it two? No. Garcia kept the wizzer and they go out of bounds. Camposano needs a takedown to keep his season alive.

At 120, we've started one semifinal between Modesto's Israel Saavedra and West Torrance's Yoshito Funakoshi. It's scoreless late in the first, with Saavedra trying to finish a shot.

Garcia takedown with 45 seconds left. Nearly turned Camposano, but he'll take the 5-1 lead. Escape Camposano for 5-2 — now another Garcia takedown! He's going to pull the upset. Final score is 7-3. And it's Robert Garcia vs. Matt Gamble tonight in a final not many could have predicted.

113: Matt Gamble, Monache, dec. Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, 7-0

Robert Garcia, Selma, dec. Adrian Camposano, Central, 7-3

UPDATED, 9:38 a.m.: Semifinals are about to begin. I'm going to keep my focus on those as much as possible. At 106, it's top-ranked Justin Mejia of Clovis against David Campbell of Mission Oak, and then No. 6 Chris Lacayo of Santiago against Bakersfield's Navonte Demison.

Quick shot and a takedown for Lacayo, who leads 2-0 against Demison very quickly. He beat Demison 11-1 early in the season, so Demison will need to stay in this thing early if he wants to have a chance late.

Good shot from Campbell and he's in pretty deep on Mejia, who's scrambling, as he does very well. Somehow, Mejia finds a way to get in on Campbell's legs now. We have a stalemate there.

Escape Demison to pull within 2-1. Minute to go in the first. They're tied up in a headlock, and we get a stalemate. Front headlock for Mejia on the other mat, but he can't finish. 30 seconds in the first there, and now the period will end scoreless. Other match also at the end of one, with Lacayo up 2-1. Lacayo down in the second. He has his legs free, but Demison might be working on a turn. Instead, Lacayo continues to come out and has a reversal for a 4-1 lead.

Reversal to the back for Mejia! He's up 2-0 and now switches to a cradle and is collecting nearfall. Pin! At 3:06 for Justin Mejia, who has pinned every opponent in this match. He's into the state final.

Two nearfall points for Lacayo, who's now in control of Demison, 6-1. End of the second period. Demison chooses neutral, trying to make something big happen here in the third. Shot from Demison, and he has a takedown. It's 6-3. He lets Lacayo go for 7-3. Lot of work to do yet. Now a stalemate at the 1-minute mark.

Up at 113, the first semifinal between Monache's Matt Gamble and Buchanan's Durbin Lloren has begun. Early takedown for Gamble, who leads 2-0.

Another stalemate at 106. Demison running out of time. Inside 30 seconds, still 7-3. It was closer than the first time they met, but it's Chris Lacayo with one more late takedown for a 9-3 victory against Navonte Demison. Lacayo vs. Mejia in the final.

106: Justin Mejia, Clovis, pin David Campbell, Mission Oak, 3:06

Chris Lacayo, Santiago, dec. Navonte Demison, Bakersfield, 9-3

UPDATED, 9:23 a.m.: Here are some early-round winners of the fifth round of consolation, aka, the Cinderella round. Clovis gets one with Tristan Gilliland at 113; he reversed Fern Perez of Foothill in the second period and then hung on as Perez went after him late in a 3-2 Gilliland victory. Vincent Elizalde of Brawley, the only state No. 1 to go down yesterday (to former No. 1 Adrian Camposano at 113) used an early pin to guarantee his state medal.

Carlos Herrera, ranked No. 9 at 120, just gto a big victory over No. 10 Curtis Booth of Folsom, 6-1 thanks to a second-period five-point move.

It's always tough for guys who lose heartbreakers in the quarterfinals to bounce back and medal here, but San Marino's Evan Wick able to do just that at 120. He beat Kimo Dial of Poway. Not so for Roy Galvan of La Quinta, who lost a tight one last night and just went down to Isaiah Palomino of Bellarmine.

Here's some more winners — and guaranteed state medalists:

106: Javier Alaniz, Clovis East; Joey Cisneros, Visalia-Redwood; Isaac Blackburn, Del Oro; Chris Marin, Clovis West

113: Vincent Elizalde, Brawley; Andrew Ibarra, Righetti; Tristan Gilliland, Clovis; Nico Colunga, Oakdale

120: Evan Wick, San Marino; Isaiah Palomino, Bellarmine; Russell Rohlfing, Sonora; Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield

ORIGINAL POST: Day 2 of the CIF State Wrestling Championships is about to begin with a crucial consolation round. It's the Cinderella round, where winners have their dreams of a state medal come true — and losers go home with nothing but memories.

That round begins at 9 a.m., with championship semifinals — the state's final four in each weight — starting at 9:30 (the consolation round will still be going on at that time). Then we'll be working our way towards deciding places 3-8 at each weight. 1 and 2, of course, will be decided at 7:15 tonight.

Mats are clear and ready for wrestling. Here we go...