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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Bakersfield High's Bryce Martin (in white) defeated Austin Flores of Clovis North for the Yosemite Divisional championship at 170 pounds Saturday night at East High.

UPDATED, 6:04 p.m.: Another final qualifier is Exeter's Tyler Coker, a 13-4 winner against Dos Palos' John Galindo for ninth place at 160. At 170, both guys got in.

Looks like there are just two matches left on the mat here, with a great ninth-placer at 220 between Foothill's Joseph Gonzalez and Madera's Kyle Mask. It's 1-1 going to overtime. This is as good as it gets, a state bid on the line and a takedown gets it. Both guys come close during the minute, and then Mask takes a shot, Gonzalez sprawls and works his way around with just a second left on the clock! No! They'll say time had run out before he worked around. Wow. Gonzalez thought he had won. We go to double OT. Mask on bottom first. Can't get out. Gonzalez can win with an escape. He gets to his feet twice, draws one stalling call, but can't get out. Tiebreaker. Mask scored first and chooses bottom. He's to his feet and back down. To his feet ... and out. With 13 seconds left. Mask to state. Heartbreaker for Foothill's Gonzalez.

I'll switch to a new thread for finals. Go to the blog's main page and it should be there. I'll also post the link on The California Wrestler.


3rd: Callender, CE, dec. Maas, Lib, 3-2

5th: Loera, Bak, dec. Leypon, Mon, 5-2

7th: Fuentes, GV, inj def. Fernandez, Kerm

9th: Coker, Ex, maj dec. Galindo, DP, 13-4


3rd: Brand, Clov, maj dec. Moran, Sang, 13-4

5th: Segura, Men, inj def. Dhanda, Din

7th: Potter, Car, pin Padilla, ElD, 0:35

9th: Ames, Port, inj def. Macias, Central


3rd: Rangel, Fire, dec. An, Buch, 12-7

5th: R. Alvarado, MO inj def. Montejo, Fron

7th: Erick Moreno, Sunny, pin Robledo, Wasc, 4:50

9th: Rosas, Coal, pin Rosales, Bak, 2:22


3rd: Dill, Buch, dec. Ybarra-Brandt, LMR, 7-6

5th: Lopez, RV, inj def. Bohanon, Sunny

7th: Parker, CE, inj def. Cunningtham, Sier

9th: Ku, CW, dec. Valladares, MS, 6-1


3rd: Prentice, Clov, inj def. Yarbrough, Bak

5th: Sanchez, Sang, dec. Levatino, Buch, 5-3

7th: B. Ybarra-Brandt, LMR, pin Padilla, Din, 0:35

9th: Mask, Mad, dec. Gonzalez, Foot, 2-1 3OT


3rd: Barrios, SP, inj def. Jones, Sier

5th: Powell, Mad, pin Vance, Ed, 1:09

7th: Villanueva, MS, inj def. Guerrero, North

9th: Davis, Din, pin Moreno, Sunny, 1:09

UPDATED, 5:42 p.m.: Back to some really important ninth-place bouts. At 138, it was Firebaugh's Aaron Mora beating Coalinga's Jake Bedrosian 3-2 to get into state.

The team race has also become interesting. Buchanan and Bakersfield have leap-frogged Clovis West for second and third for the moment — but remember that CW has five wrestlers in tonight's finals, vs. just two for Buchanan and three for Bakersfield. After those four (Clovis at the top, obviously), four teams racing for fifth place are within four points of one another: Mission Oak, Dinuba, Selma and Madera.

More state qualifiers: At 145, it's Ashton Demaree of El Diamante, and at 152, Kyle Jones of Exeter.

Looks like Bakersfield will have to settle for 10 qualifiers. Elias Rosales was just pinned at 182 in the ninth-place match. The last qualifier there will be Coalinga's Kobe Rosas, a freshman.


3rd: Contreras, Port, dec. Barnes, Clov, 5-2

5th: Annis, Bak, maj dec. Cerda, Sunny, 10-2

7th: Mata, King, inj def. Jauergui, CE

9th: Mora, Fire, dec. Bedrosian, Coal, 3-2


3rd: Hill, Clov, pin Gutierrez, Bak, 3:33

5th: Serna, Fire, inj def. N. Pimental, DP

7th: Sanchez, Sang, pin Macias, Wasc, 4:36

9th: Demaree, ElD, pin T. Jones, Ex, 1:59


3rd: Romero, Buch, inj def. D. Alvarado, MO

5th: Lee, Centennial, dec. Suarez, DP, 4-2

7th: Quintana, CE, pin Gutierrez, Kerm, 3:01

9th: K. Jones, Ex, dec. Ruiz, Mon, 7-3

UPDATED, 5:25 p.m.: I've been catching up on some other things and trying to gear up for the finals, but here are some more medal-round results. Lots of injury defaults as guys try to rest up for the state meet. Remember, the ninth-place results at 120, 126, 132 and 170 aren't as important because the 10th-place finisher moves to state, too.

Back at 113, Clovis West punched another ticket to state with Bryce Morita's 3-2 victory for ninth place over Dos Palos' Armando Pimental.


3rd: J. Wright, Din, pin Jimenez, Buch, 4:51

5th: Quintos, Central, inj def. Cisneros, Selm

7th: Marrufo, DP, dec. Delgado, ElD, 12-6

9th*: Flores, Sang, dec. Welton, Fron, 11-5


3rd: Ruiz, Mad, dec. Olivas, Clov, 9-6

5th: Gaxiola, Buch, dec. A. Alvarez, GH, 8-2

7th: Nickell, Bak, pin D. Del Bosque, Din, 1:51

9th*: Ledesma, Ex, pin Martin, Stock, 1:22


3rd: Hansen, Buch, maj dec. Ru. Garcia, Selm, 11-3

5th: I. Hokit, Clov, dec. Molina, Fire, 8-1

7th: Harris, Red, pin Onsurez, Bak, 3:21

9th*: Miguel, CW, inj. def. M. Alvarez, GH

*—10th place also qualifies

UPDATED, 5:02 p.m.: Medal matches have begun, with Bakersfield's Navonte Demison wrestling Clovis West's Chris Marin for third place — just like they did last week. Demison won that meeting, and he's up 8-2 late in the second period here. Demison, like his fellow lightweights JJ Figueroa and Carlos Herrera, is wrestling really well right now. He adds a four-point move at the end of the second for a commanding 12-2 lead.

And while it's nice to take third — particularly when you're a freshman, like Demison — the most important matches in this round are the ninth-place matches (except, again, at the four weights where the Central Section will qualify 10 to state; that's 120, 126, 132 and 170). In the other 10 weights, these ninth-place matches are heartbreakers — winners go to state, and losers go home with nothing but a participation ribbon. And in many cases, we're talking about state-ranked wrestlers facing big-time pressure. At 106, the ninth-placer is Isaiah Perez of Dinuba against Mendota's Carl Castro. And Castro has a commanding lead late. He'll win 9-3 and go to state for the Aztecs.

Big surprise at 113 for third place: Adrian Camposano of Central has lost again, and this time convincingly, 12-4 to Durbin Lloren of Buchanan. Nothing against Lloren, who nearly beat Camposano in the finals last week, but that kind of a margin is a pretty clear sign that perhaps Camposano didn't have his heart in it after the loss earlier today.


3rd: Demison, Bak, maj. dec. Marin, CW, 15-2

5th: Campbell, MO, dec. Arve, Buch, 2-0

7th: Alaniz, CE, dec. Nelms, Port, 4-1

9th: Castro, Men, dec. Perez, Din, 9-3


3rd: Lloren, Buch, maj dec. Camposano, Central, 12-4

5th: Ro. Garcia, Selm, dec. Rosas, Reed, 5-0

7th: Gilliland, Clov, dec. Perez, Foot, 4-3

9th: Morita, CW, dec. A. Pimental, DP, 3-2

UPDATED, 4:39 p.m.: Buchanan is having a big round here in the consolation semifinals, and it's put the Bears back ahead of Bakersfield for third and within striking distance of Clovis West. Just like last week, though, the Golden Eagles should finish strong in the finals round with five finalists, at least two of whom are solid favorites. Bakersfield has faded to fourth and will need a big finish in the medal matches and tonight's championship to crack the top three. The Drillers are closer than they were last week, though.

No. 1 Ritchie Brandt of Liberty-Madera Ranchos rebounds from his loss to Frontier's Josh Bailey with a 9-1 major decision over Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez, who has lost twice today after losing just once all season coming in. It's that kind of tournament, though, and Lopez will be a threat to medal next week anyway. He'll wrestle for fifth here.

Meanwhile, Bakersfield's Elias Rosales beats Roosevelt's Jose Perez, so the Drillers' goal of qualifying all 11 wrestlers that got this far to state still remains. Rosales will face Coalinga's Kobe Rosas for ninth place.

The medal round is about to begin, so updates will be more frequent. They're now saying 6 p.m. for championships.

UPDATED, 4:12 p.m.: Some notable results in this round of consolations: Navonte Demison of Bakersfield pinned Mission Oak's David Campbell at 106 pounds to reach the third-place match; state No. 1 Adrian Camposano of Central rebounded from his semifinal loss to edge Selma's Robert Garcia 5-4 at 113; Buchanan's Alejandro Jimenez gave Selma's Chris Cisneros his second straight close loss at 120, this one 6-5; and in a grudge match at 132, Buchanan's Kyler Hansen beat Clovis' Isaiah Hokit 2-0.

Also, we have new state qualifiers at 120, 126 and 132, because those were three weights where 10 are going to get in from the Central Section. Here are the winners in those ninth-place semifinals, who are now safely in the top 10.

120: Brock Welton, Fron; Gilbert Flores, Sang

126: Gabriel Ledesma, Ex; Josef Martin, Stock

132: Bobby Miguel, CW; Michael Alvarez, GH

The winners in this round at 170 will also be through to state via the 10th-place exemption.

UPDATED, 3:40 p.m.: Here are the latest team scores and a list of tonight's finals matchups. I'll catch up on a few consolation results here or there before we get to the medal matches. The battle for second and third place this week is much closer than last week, thanks in large part to big semifinal wins for Bakersfield's JJ Figueroa and Carlos Herrera.

1. Clovis 208.5; 2. Clovis West 120; 3. Bakersfield 111; 4. Buchanan 106; 5. Dinuba 42; t6. Madera, Mission Oak, Selma 41; 9. Central 35; 10. Porterville 32; 11. Frontier 30; 12. Monache 25; 13. Washington Union 23; 14. Firebaugh 22.5; 15. Redwood 21; 16. Sanger 20; 17. Clovis North 19; 18. Dos Palos 17; 19. Clovis East 16.5; 20. Sunnyside 16.

106: Justin Mejia, Clov, vs. Joey Cisneros, Red

113: JJ Figueroa, Bak, vs. Matt Gamble, Mon

120: Julian Gaytan, Clov, vs. Carlos Herrera, Bak

126: Mason Pengilly, Port, vs. Michael Knoblauch, CW

132: Matthew Ontiveros, Central, vs. Jaden Enriquez, MO

138: Chris Lane, CW, vs. Dean Esquibel, Buch

145: Chris Garcia, CW, vs. Conner Francis, Buch

152: Tyler Zimmer, CW, vs. Dominic Kincaid, Clov

160: Josh Hokit, Clov, vs. Michael Wright, Din

170: Bryce Martin, Bak, vs. Austin Flores, CN

182: Alec Gamboa, Mad, vs. AJ Nevills, Clov

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, vs. Josh Bailey, Fron

220: Cortes Morales, CW, vs. Gabriel Gonzalez, WU

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, vs. Jose Alvarez, Selm

For the record, that's 25 finalists from the Yosemite Divisional and just three from the Sierra-Sequoia: Wright, Gonzalez and Alvarez.

UPDATED, 3:26 p.m.: Alvarez's opponent in the heavyweight final will indeed be Nick Nevills, who has a commanding 9-2 lead on Sierra Pacific's Robert Barrios in the other semifinal — and there's the pin, as it so often comes for Nevills. He'll take on Alvarez tonight.

Consolation semifinals and ninth-place semifinals have started. The ninth-place semifinals are the first true elimination matches of the day. Lose, and you're done. Win, and you get a chance to wrestle for the final state spot (or at 120, 126, 132 and 170, both of those guys will be in)

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, pin Robert Barrios, SP, 3:42

Jose Alvarez, Selm, pin Kevin Vance, Ed, 3:42

UPDATED, 3:19 p.m.: Sorry, bathroom break there. At 182, AJ Nevills of Clovis beat Buchanan's Young Woo An to reach the final against Madera's Alec Gamboa. Nevills will try to reverse the result of a close final last week.

Up at 195, it's a second-period pin for another Cougar, Matt Weiss, who beats Lawrence Bohanon of Sunnyside. Weiss will get either Frontier's Josh Bailey or Liberty-Madera Ranchos' Richard Brandt. It's scoreless in the first there. At 220, a 4-0 lead for Washington Union's Gabriel Gonzalez over Sanger's Cornelio Sanchez late in the first period.

The other semi at 220 ended in a first period pin for Clovis West's Cortes Morales over Buchanan's Zak Levatino. Just like last week, the Golden Eagles have five finalists.

Back at 195, Bailey has a 4-2 lead on Brandt in the final minute. It's tough for me to see what's going on there because so many wrestlers and coaches have chosen to stand up in front of that mat, but it looks like Bailey just rebuffed one final shot from Brandt. He leads with 3 seconds left. And that will do it. Bailey will get his shot at Weiss tonight.

At heavyweight, Selma's Jose Alvarez just pinned Edison's Kevin Vance, so he's into the final. National No. 1 Nick Nevills of Clovis is wrestling Sierra Pacific's Robert Barrios in the other semi. This is the rare weight where the Sierra-Sequoia Division had many of the top wrestlers (excluding Nevills, obviously).

182: Alec Gamboa, Mad, dec. Carlos Montejo, Fron, 11-5

AJ Nevills, Clov, maj dec. Young Woo An, Buch, 11-2

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, pin Chase Bohanon, Sunny, 3:09

Josh Bailey, Fron, dec. Richard Ybarra-Brandt, LMR, 4-2

220: Cortes Morales, CW, pin Zak Levatino, Buch, 1:37

Gabriel Gonzalez, WU, pin Cornelio Sanchez, Sang, 3:28

UPDATED, 2:57 p.m.: At 160, Michael Wright of Dinuba has a 2-0 lead on Monache's Bryan Leypon for the right to face Josh Hokit in the final. And here's Wright with Leypon on his back. Boom, mat slap, pin with 16 to go in the first. Wright will face Hokit in what should be a really good final tonight.

At 170, it's scoreless between Clovis' Brody Brand and Clovis North's Austin Flores for the right to face Bryce Martin. First period scoreless there, and Flores gets an escape to lead 1-0 in the second.

Up at 182, Madera's Alec Gamboa has an early 2-0 lead on Frontier's Carlos Montejo. Montejo escapes, but

Brand has tied up Flores at 1-1 via some kind of a penalty point. I didn't see what, but Clovis North coaches are arguing the point. It could decide the match, unless there's a takedown somewhere. The call stands, and the second period ends 1-1. Now Brand gets an escape and leads 2-1 in the third. Restart at 1:19, with Flores needing a takedown.

Back at 182, Gamboa leads 6-2 on Montejo, and there's another takedown to make it 8-2. Still second period there.

Flores does have a takedown at 170 for a 3-2 lead, but there's a Brand escape. 3-3 into the final seconds. Good shot by Brand, a single, and he lifts it up, trying to finish. Flores slips out and goes around — and he's awarded the takedown! Nope. They wave it off. Still 3-3, and we have overtime. This has been a contentious match from the get-go. Takedown wins it now. A shot by Flores, an aggressive one, but Brand is able to back out of it. We have double overtime. Brand down first and he escapes to lead 4-3. No further action there, and now Flores starts down. Restart at 19. Now Flores gets out off the restart, and we're tied again. We'll go to the tiebreaker. Flores scored first, so he gets choice. He gets up to his feet. Brand lifts him and returns him. Flores spins, he rolls. Nothing. Back to his feet, spins .. and away, with 11 seconds to go! Flores wins, 5-4, and he'll get a rematch with Bryce Martin tonight.

One last takedown for Gamboa at 182, and he finishes off Montejo, 11-5.

170: Bryce Martin, Bak, dec. Chris Moran, Sang, 3-2

Austin Flores, CN, dec. Brody Brand, Clov, 5-4 3OT

UPDATED, 2:41 p.m.: Here are the weights where the Oakland Section will not have a state qualifier — and therefore the weights where the Central Section gets a 10th qualifier: 120, 126, 132 and 170. That's good news for Frontier's Brock Welton and Foothill's Marco Velasquez, who now know that the winner of their match is guaranteed at least 10th place.

While Romero and Kincaid do battle at 152 — it's scoreless after a period — the 160-pound semifinals begin with a flourish. Josh Hokit of Clovis just pinned Jake Maas of Liberty to advance to the final, where he'll face Monache's Bryan Leypon or Dinuba's Michael Wright. But we'll have to wait for that one.

Instead, it's on to 170 at that mat, where Bakersfield's Bryce Martin battles Sanger's Chris Moran.

Back at 152, it's a 1-0 lead for Romero after a second-period escape. Kincaid has beaten Romero a few times this year already, but this one is tight. Romero leads 1-0 after one.

Escape Martin for a 1-0 lead in the second period on the other mat. Moran trying for throws, but nothing is there. Now a takedown for Martin and a 3-0 lead. Escape Moran for 3-1.

At 152, Kincaid has an escape to tie the match in the third. Now he's working for a takedown, spins around and has it for a 3-1 lead. Less than a minute now with a restart.

Second period ends at 170, score still 3-1 Martin. Moran is down for the third.

Kincaid holds on for a 3-1 victory on the other mat.

Also at 152, a correction: Tyler Zimmer of Clovis West actually pinned Robert Alvarado with 5 seconds left in the match. I had the score at 10-3. So Zimmer gets Kincaid in the final.

Martin rode Moran for more than a minute there, but now Moran escapes to trail just 3-2. Final 30 seconds. This is a tight one for Bryce Martin. But Moran has few openings here, and the match will end 3-2. Martin into the finals to face either Austin Flores of Clovis North or Brody Brand of Clovis.

152: Tyler Zimmer, CW, pin Danny Alvarado, MO, 5:55

Dominic Kincaid, Clov, dec. Abner Romero, Buch, 3-1

160: Josh Hokit, Clov, pin Jake Maas, Lib, 1:44

Michael Wright, Din, pin Bryan Leypon, Mon, 1:22

UPDATED, 2:29 p.m.: Chris Garcia has given Clovis West its third finalist with a second-period pin of Dos Palos' Nathan Pimental at 145 pounds. He'll face either Jared Hill of Clovis or Conner Francis of Buchanan, who are still in the first period in the other 145 semifinal.

I'm starting to think the finals will not start by 5 p.m., by the way. We still have half the semifinals to complete, plus two more full rounds, with 2 hours and 40 minutes to go. They do have the other gym completely set up and ready for finals, so there doesn't need to be a break, but I don't see how everything else is done before 5. We'll see.

Francis has a takedown of Hill and leads 2-0 late in the first period.

We've got a 152 semifinal under way, with Clovis West's Tyler Zimmer taking on Danny Alvarado of Mission Oak. Takedown for Zimmer about a minute in and a 2-0 lead.

Escape for Hill of Clovis back at 145. It's 2-1 for Francis in the second period. Good scramble in neutral after a Francis shot, and no points. Second period ends 2-1.

On the other mat, Zimmer in control of Alvarado, now leading 10-3 as the second period ticks away.

Escape for Francis for 3-1, but now Hill is trying to finish a takedown. Refs are discussing this — they're going to give it to him, and it's 3-3. Restart at 24 seconds. Francis needs the escape to re-take the lead. He's got position, and now the reversal instead, in the final seconds. He'll win it, 5-3, and it'll be Francis against Chris Garcia of Clovis West in the final.

Up at 152, it's a 10-3 final for Tyler Zimmer. He awaits the winner of Clovis' Dominic Kincaid and Buchanan's Abner Romero, which is just getting out on the mat.

145: Chris Garcia, CW, pin Nathan Pimentel, DP, 3:30

Conner Francis, Buch, dec. Jared Hill, Clov, 5-3

UPDATED, 2:18 p.m.: Upset brewing at 138. Buchanan's Dean Esquibel just turned Porterville's Abel Contreras on his back and now has a 6-0 lead on the former state No. 1. Contreras did lose to Clovis West's Chris Lane in the final last week. Esquibel now leads it 8-1 in the final. This has been a wild semifinal around already. It's not a huge surprise that Esquibel would win, but this margin is pretty stunning. He finishes it off, 8-1. That's a big win for Buchanan.

Lane, meanwhile, is up 1-0 on Clovis' Lane Barnes in the other 138 semifinal. He now has a takedown to go up 3-0. That's how the second period will end.

Not a whole lot of action here in the third period. Lane in complete control. He'll win it, 3-0, and face Esquibel tonight.

138: Chris Lane, CW, dec. Lane Barnes, Clov, 3-0

Dean Esquibel, Buch, dec. Abel Contreras, Port, 8-1

UPDATED, 2:08 p.m.: Some good news for the Central Section down at the CIF Girls Wrestling State Championships in Visalia — the two section wrestlers in the semifinals both won. Mira Monte's Angelica Llanes (111 pounds) and Kingsburg's Marina Doi (101) will wrestle for state titles at 6 tonight.

Here, we have an overtime match in the 132-pound semifinals between Mission Oak's Jaden Enriquez and Selma's Ruben Garcia. It's 3-3 — and Enriquez gets the takedown right at the edge of the mat. Double fist pump for the Hawk, and there's another surprise finalist. Selma's coaches are aruging the call, and the referees are going to discuss whether the takedown took place out of bounds.

In the other semifinal, Central's Matt Ontiveros leads Buchanan's Kyler Hansen 2-0. They're in the third period.

Back to the first semi — we've got a protest now. This is a close call. I'm pretty sure Enriquez had a clear takedown, but the question is whether he was still in bounds when he did it.

The Ontiveros-Hansen match looked a lot like Pengilly-Olivas, with no real chances for Hansen to score late. It finishes 2-0 for Ontiveros.

While we wait on the protest at 132, one of the 138 semifinals has begun, with Buchanan's Dean Esquibel taking on Porterville's Abel Contreras. Late in the first, a driving shot from Contreras, but they go out of bounds. First period ends scoreless.

Here's the result of the protest: The takedown stands, and Mission Oak's Jaden Enriquez is indeed into the final at 132 to take on Central's Matt Ontiveros.

132: Matthew Ontiveros, Central, dec. Kyler Hansen, Buch, 2-0

Jaden Enriquez, MO, dec. Ruben Garcia, Selm, 5-3 OT

UPDATED, 1:53 p.m.: At 126, the semis pit Mason Pengilly of Porterville against Clovis' Khristian Olivas and Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch vs. Daniel Ruiz of Madera. Pengilly and Knoblauch are pretty big favorites to reach the final, but it's not like the other guys are chopped liver.

Knoblauch is in control, though, with a takedown in each of the first two periods and a 4-1 lead late in the second. Pengilly and Olivas, however, are scoreless late in the second period. Olivas has been bottom and unable to get up yet in the second. 30 seconds to go. He won't get points, and it's scoreless to third with Pengilly on bottom.

In the other semifinal, Knoblauch has a third-period takedown now. He leads 6-1, and this match is going to finish that way. So Knoblauch in the final. Can Pengilly join him for another showdown? Pengilly gets his escape about 45 seconds into the second for a 1-0 lead. A takedown would make him feel a lot more comfortable here. Restart at 52 seconds. Pengilly staying aggressive, and that's been key. Not much there for Olivas. Restart at 27. Time will run out on Olivas. He didn't give Pengilly much in that much, but he didn't get anything. A 1-0 final, and it's a Pengilly-Knoblauch rematch in the finals.

126: Mason Pengilly, Port, dec. Khristian Olivas, Clov, 1-0

Michael Knoblauch, CW, dec. Daniel Ruiz, Mad, 6-1

UPDATED, 1:43 p.m.: At 120, Clovis' Julian Gaytan has a 2-1 lead over Jacob Wright of Dinuba as the third period begins in one semifinal, and Gaytan gets an escape to make it 3-1. In the other semi, it's Selma's Chris Cisneros with a 2-0 lead on Carlos Herrera of Bakersfield as the second period ends. Herrera is down for the third period.

For those wondering, the only consolation matches right now are consolation quarterfinals. The ninth-place semifinals, where winners will wrestle for ninth and the final automatic state berth, will be included in the next round.

Herrera has a reversal here to tie this match with Cisneros, 2-2, with a minute to go, and Herrera's got him on his back, too, with a tilt. Nearfall coming. Another exciting finish coming for Bakersfield.

Wright has a shot in on the other mat, but he's not real close to finishing it. Gaytan will win, 3-1.

Herrera leads 5-2 as Cisneros works off his back and now escapes. It's 5-3, with Cisneros desperate for a takedown. A quick shot but nothing there, and restart comes with 10 seconds left. Herrera is going to hold on here, 5-3. The Drillers must like that particular score in this round, and they now have two in the finals who didn't make it last week.

120: Julian Gaytan, Clov, dec. Jacob Wright, Din, 3-1

Carlos Herrera, Bak, dec. Chris Cisneros, Selm, 5-3

UPDATED, 1:33 p.m.: So, JJ Figueroa of Bakersfield with a surprise 4-0 lead on Adrian Camposano of Central, and Figueroa holds it through a period. Camposano close to an escape at the end but didn't get it.

Camposano down in the second period and has the escape for 4-1. He can score points in a hurry, so this match is far, far from over.

In the other semi at 113, it's Buchanan's Durbin Lloren against Monache's Matt Gamble. Gamble got a first-period takedown for a 2-0 lead after one. Now he's down in the second.

Back on the other mat, I can't see what's going on because the table is blocking me, but the Bakersfield coaches are asking for another takedown. It's not given by the referee. Brief argument from the Drillers, and now we're back to action. 30 seconds in the period. Lightning shot from Camposano and the takedown to get within 4-3. Escape could be big for Figueroa here, but Camposano is in control. Clock ticks away, and Figueroa will have a slim 4-3 lead entering the third.

Escape Gamble on the other mat, but now a takedown for Lloren, and he trails just 3-2, late second.

Figueroa given the escape to start the third, and it's 5-3 now. Camposano needs a takedown. He shoots, but Figueroa scrambles well. Big-time scramble here, and Camposano is actually dangerously close to a pinning himself before he gets up. Stalemate finally called at 1:04. Now down to 40 seconds without much more action. Camposno shoots, but good defense again from Figueroa, Can Camposano finish? Not yet. 20 seconds. Now Figueroa gets back to his feet. He's hanging on. Final 10 seconds. Camposano moving around. Can Figueroa hold the leg? Yes he can. He holds on for a heart-stopping 5-3 victory over the state's No. 1. Wow. What a match.

Figueroa actually beat Camposano earlier this season at the Five Counties, but he had faded a bit down the stretch until a great day today.

In the other semi, Gamble got an escape in the second to extend his lead to 4-2. Lloren is down in the third with a minute to go. Lloren is struggling on bottom, and even though he beat Gamble last week, it looks like he's going down here. Final 10 seconds. 4-2 will be the final for Gamble, and we have a surprise final at 113 pounds: Matt Gamble vs. JJ Figueroa.

113: JJ Figueroa, Bak, dec. Adrian Camposano, Central, 5-3

Matt Gamble, Mon, dec. Durbin Lloren, Buch, 4-2

UPDATED, 1:24 p.m.: OK, here we go with semifinals. At 106, it's Justin Mejia of Clovis against Clovis West's Chris Marin, and Bakersfield's Navonte Demison vs. Joey Cisneros of Redwood. Cisneros has a high single that he lifts, but Demison a great job scrambling and there's no points. On the other mat, it's Mejia with a takedown of Marin for a 2-0 lead late in the first. Cisneros still trying some creative shots on Mat 2, but the first period ends scoreless. Good defense there from Demison.

Cisneros bottom for the second, and he escapes for a 1-0 lead. Mejia leads 2-0 after one, and Marin is bottom for the second. Another nice single from Cisneros. There's the finish that time, and he has a 3-0 lead.

Escape for Marin cuts Mejia's lead to 2-1. But there's another Clovis takedown, and it's 4-1 Mejia, late second.

On the other mat, Cisneros rides out Demison and leads 3-0 to the third. Demison will choose neutral and hope for a big move. Cisneros is very good on top, so that decision makes sense. But Demison will have to be more aggressive from neutral. He tries an outside single, but Cisneros rebuffs it easily. A minute to go.

Injury time on the other mat for Marin, and now we're back to action in the third. Still 4-1 Mejia there, and Marin gives him the escape to make it 5-1. Still nothing doing for Demison on the other mat. Short time now. He didn't give Cisneros much, but it looks like he'll come up short. Well — there's a takedown, with 10 seconds left. It's 3-2. He gives Cisneros neutral for 4-2 and needs another TD. Cisneros shoots and Demison sprawls, tries to go around ... but he's going to run out of time. Cisneros with a 4-2 victory.

On the other mat, Mejia has added two more takedowns and now leads 9-2 with 50 seconds left. Escape Marin, and another takedown for a major decision margin now.

At 113, JJ Figueroa of Bakersfield is taking on Adrian Camposano of Central, the top seed. Figueroa is in on an early shot, but Camposano is going what he does so well and scrambling. But Figueroa finishes and has Camposano briefly on his back! It's 4-0 after two nearfall points.

Mejia finishes off an 11-3 victory at 106 and will battle Cisneros for the title tonight.

106: Justin Mejia, Clov, maj. dec. Chris Marin, CW, 11-3

Joey Cisneros, Red, dec. Navonte Demison, Bak, 4-2

UPDATED, 1:12 p.m.: Mark Guerrero of North with a takedown with 30 seconds left against Alen Moreno to take a 4-3 lead. Now he's got to ride him out to avoid overtime. Down to 10 seconds, Moreno to one foot, but Guerrero is still hanging on. He's going to win it, 4-3, and get North a state qualifier.

Back at 195, Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez was up big when Firebaugh's Nathaniel Vivanco injury defaulted in the third period. So Lopez, who was up 11-5, is into state.

Semis coming up next.

220: Prentice, Clov, pin Eduardo Madrigal, Port

Ybarra-Brandt, LMR, dec. Gonzalez, Foot

Yarbrough, Bak, pin Caballero, Fire

Padilla, Din, dec. Mask, Mad

HWT: Powell, Mad, pin Delgado, GW

Guerrero, North, dec. Moreno, Sunny

Jones, Sier, pin Edgar Madrigal, Port

Villanueva, MS, pin Davis, Din

UPDATED, 1:05 p.m.: Wasco's Jose Robledo is into state, beating Bakersfield's Elias Rosales 6-3 at 182. Rosales will have to fight back for ninth place if the Drillers are to get all 11 through to state.

The star of Mendota's football team and a recent ESPN documentary on that small town's athletic success, Edgar Segura, is officially a state qualifier with a second-period pin of Central's Marcus Macias.

Semifinals are next, along with the consolation quarterfinals (in which the winners of these last matches will wrestle to see who drops to the seventh-place match and who continues to fight for places 3-6. Both guys will safely be through to state, so from this point on, it's all for seeding.) We'll do the ninth-place bracket after the semifinals. The survivors of that bracket are the final automatic qualifiers from each weight.

Adam Prentice of Clovis pins Porterville's Eduardo Madrigal at 220, putting all 14 Clovis wrestlers in the top eight. The state's No. 1 team has its whole starting lineup headed to Rabobank with ease.

Travis Yarbrough with a pin for Bakersfield at 220, so that's 10 into state for the Drillers, with Rosales still fighting.

170: Segura, Men, pin Macias, Central

Padilla, ElD, dec. Samaniego, King

Dhanda, Din, dec. Chavez, MS

Potter, Car, pin Ames, Port

182: Rangel, Fire, pin Perez, Roos

Robledo, Wasc, dec. Rosales, Bak

R. Alvarado, MO, dec. Muxlow, King

Erick Moreno, Sunny, dec. Rosas, Coal

195: Dill, Buch, dec. Ku, CW

Parker, CE, maj dec. Harrison, WU

Cunningham, Sier, dec. Valladares, MS

Lopez, RV, inj def. Vivanco, Fire

UPDATED, 12:53 p.m.: A top wrestler at 152, Porterville's Greg Pagela, is into the ninth-place bracket and on the brink of elimination after a 9-5 loss to Izzac Suarez of Dos Palos. Pagela, remember, injury defaulted out of his first match today, and he took some injury time in that match, too. He's clearly trying to fight through injury and struggling with it. We'll see what he can do in the fight for ninth.

Bakersfield freshman Sam Loera becomes the Drillers' ninth qualifier, with Elias Rosales (182) and Travis Yarbrough (220) still to come in this round. Bakersfield, which has little chance at the team title here but is accomplishing its goal as far as qualifying wrestlers to state. Yarbrough I expect to get through; Rosales is probably the last one on the bubble. He's wrestling Wasco's Jose Robledo right now. Speaking of the Tigers, they lost the Hokit brothers in the offseason when they moved to Clovis, but Wasco does have its first qualifier today in Michael Macias, who beat Ridgeview's Ronnie Guerrero at 145.

Congratulations are also in order for Golden Valley, which has its first state qualifier in at least seven years. Julio Fuentes pins Centennial's Levi White at 160.

152: Quintana, CE, maj dec. Lopez, Wasc

Lee, Centennial, pin Ruiz, Mon

Gutierrez, Kerm, dec. Jones, Ex

Suarez, DP, dec. Pagela, Port

160: Loera, Bak, dec. Duran, Teh

Fernandez, Kerm, dec. Galindo, DP

Fuentes, GV, pin White, Centennial

Callender, CE, dec. Coker, Ex

UPDATED, 12:37 p.m.: Back from break and ready to go with some consolation results. All of the big names who got thrown down here last round have averted disaster and secured a top-eight spot. Foothill's Marco Velasquez, who was an alternate here, ran into Y2 Jacob Delgado of El Diamante and lost 10-5 at 120 pounds, and Frontier's Brock Welton lost 4-2 to Central's Victor Quintos. So Velasquez and Welton will wrestle next to get into the ninth-place match. For Clovis, Tristan Gilliland and Isaiah Hokit won, meaning the Cougars have a minimum of 13 state qualifiers (they have 11 in the semifinals). The only one remaining is Adam Prentice at 220, who should be able to get through, too.

Big win for Andrew Lee of Centennial up at 152; he pinned Monache's Greg Ruiz to punch his ticket to state. Same with Josh Annis of Bakersfield at 138; he beats Sanger's Justin Soto to reverse a result from last week and get into the top eight. The Drillers are guaranteed eight qualifiers at this point, with three more to come in the consolations.

Here are the consolation results I missed earlier. Again, winners here are guaranteed a state berth; losers have a lot of work to do.

120: Delgado, ElD, dec. Velasquez, Foot

Quintos, Central, dec. Welton, Fron

Jimenez, Buch, maj dec. Paez, OC

Marrufo, DP, dec. Flores, Sang

126: A. Alvarez, GH, maj dec. Hill, Lem

D. DelBosque, Din, dec. Ledesma, Ex

Gaxiola, Buch, maj dec. Martin, Stock

Nickell, Bak, tech fall Vasquez, Car

132: I. Hokit, Clov, tech fall Allen, Teh

Harris, Red, dec. Miguel, CW

Molina, Fire, dec. A. DelBosque, Din

Onsurez, Bak, dec. M. Alvarez, GH

138: Jauergui, CE, dec. A. Mora, Fire

Annis, Bak, dec. Soto, Sang

Mata, King, dec. Bedrosian, Coal

Cerda, Sunny, inj. def. Boland, Ex

145: Michael Macias, Wasc, dec. Guerrero, RV

Gutierrez, Bak, maj dec. Jones, Ex

Sanchez, Sang, pin Lopez, Hoov

Serna, Fire, dec. Demaree, ElD

UPDATED, 12:01 p.m.: Here are team scores after the quarterfinals: 1. Clovis 111; 2. Buchanan 62; 3. Clovis West 59; 4. Bakersfield 39.5; 5. Selma 23; 6. Madera 21; t7. Central, Dinuba, Frontier, Mission Oak 19; 11. Porterville 18; 12. Sanger 16; 13. Monache 14; 14. Dos Palos 10; t15. Edison, Liberty 9.

Going to take a short lunch break but I'll try to be back soon. These are important consolation matches. Winners go to state, losers must win another match just to get to the ninth-place match. The first batch of winners is below, and I'll catch up in a bit.

106: Nelms, Port, maj dec. Ortiz, RFK

Arve, Buch, dec. Perez, Din

Campbell, MO, maj dec. Ramirez, King

Alaniz, CE, tech fall Castro, Men

113: Ro. Garcia, Selm, dec. Morita, CW

Perez, Foot, pin Errecart, Kerm

Gilliland, Clov, pin Aguilar, King

Rosas, Reed, maj dec. Piemental, DP

UPDATED, 11:54 a.m.: There's a lot going on here right now. AJ Nevills of Clovis is about to beat Firebaugh's Isaac Rangel in a match that is under protest from an earlier call at 182. Edison's Kevin Vance just pinned North's Mark Guerrero in the third period of a wild, wild match that was 12-10 midway through the second period. And at 220, Buchanan's Zak Levatino and Bakersfield's Travis Yarbrough are 1-1 in double overtime. Levatino got a very late escape in his 30 seconds to take a 2-1 lead, and now Yarbrough has tied it up with a locking-hands violation against Levatino. Still 5 seconds left for Yarbrough, who stands up but can't quite get away in the final seconds. Tiebreaker now, and Levatino with the huge advantage of being down because scored first in the match. He's up — and out. Buchanan with another big win, and Yarbrough will be forced to the consolation bracket.

Back at 195, Lawrence Bohanon of Sunnyside was behind 5-4 but pinned Sierra's Christian Cunningham to reach the semifinals, where he'll face Matt Weiss of Clovis. The other semi is Josh Bailey against Richard Ybarra-Brandt of Liberty-Madera Ranchos.

Another close match at 220 goes to Sanger's Cornelio Sanchez, who beats Foothill's Joseph Gonzalez 4-2 with an overtime takedown.

The lightweights have hit the mat again for the consolation round, with the winners going to state and the losers having to go into a ninth-place bracket, where three of four wrestlers likely won't make state.

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, pin Nathaniel Vivanco, Fire

Lawrence Bohanon, Sunny, pin Christian Cunningham, Sier

Josh Bailey, Fron, dec. Javin Harrison, WU

Richard Ybarra-Brandt, LMR, dec. Kai Dill, Buch

220: Cortes Morales, CW, pin David Padilla, Din

Zak Levatino, Buch, dec. Travis Yarbrough, Bak, 3OT

Cornelio Sanchez, Sang, dec. Joseph Gonzalez, Foot, OT

Gabriel Gonzalez, WU, dec. Adam Prentice, Clov

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, pin Dawuud Davis, Din

Robert Barrios, SP, dec. Edgar Madrigal, Port

Kevin Vance, Ed, pin Mark Guerrero, North

Jose Alvarez, Selm, pin Roy Powell, Mad

UPDATED, 11:36 a.m.: Frontier's Carlos Montejo is into the semifinals with a pin of Mission Oak's Robert Alvarado at 182. His Titans' teammate, Josh Bailey, is in a scoreless battle with Washington Union's Javin Harrison at 195.

At 170, Bryce Martin was up big when he pinned Caruther's Dillain Potter late in the second period. Sanger's Chris Moran had a first-period pin of Dinuba's Arshdeep Dhanda, a nice result for Moran. He gets Martin next. It's an all-TRAC battle of Clovis' Brody Brand and Clovis North's Austin Flores in the other 170 semifinal, just like last week.

Bailey rode out Harrison for the second period, so it's still scoreless with Bailey down in the third. Bailey gets his escape about 45 seconds in, and now he has a takedown for a 3-0 lead with a minute left. Harrison escapes for 3-1, but he'll need a takedown in the final 30 seconds to tie this up. Instead, a wild shot ends up with a Bailey takedown to Harrison's back. Time runs out, but with the nearfall, Bailey will end up with a 7-1 victory.

The round after this, by the way, will be consolation only, but it's an important round — winners are into the top eight and get state bids. The losers have to enter a second four-man consolation bracket, where only the winner will be guaranteed ninth place.

170: Bryce Martin, Bak, pin Dillain Potter, Car

Chris Moran, Sang, pin Arshdeep Dhanda, Din

Brody Brand, Clov, pin Zoloman Samaniego, King

Austin Flores, CN, dec. Edgar Segura, Men

182: Alec Gamboa, Mad, maj dec. Kobe Rosas, Coal

Carlos Montejo, Fron, pin Robert Alvarado, MO

Young WooAn, Buch, pin Elias Rosales, Bak

AJ Nevills, Clov, dec. Isaac Rangel, Fire

UPDATED, 11:22 a.m.: A good one in the S1-Y2 at 138 has Porterville's Abel Contreras and Firebaugh's Aaron Mora in overtime. They've just ended the sudden victory portion and now Conterras has an escape for a 2-1 lead there. Now Mora goes down for 30 seconds. Contreras has broken him down and looks like he'll ride him out. He does for the win.

At 145, there were four lopsided matches, with the winners Chris Garcia of Clovis West, Conner Francis of Buchanan and Jared Hill of Clovis, the top three finishers at both the TRAC and Yosemite meets. The fourth is Dos Palos' Nathan Pimental, who had a tough one with Antonio Gutierrez of Bakersfield in the first round but had an easier time with Sanger's Rosario Sanchez, winning 18-9 here.

There's a protest in that Contreras-Mora match, now apparently. Not sure what the point of contention was because I missed most of the match. Whatever it was, the result will stand for Contreras.

More easy wins for the favorites at 152, with the exception of Dominic Kincaid of Clovis, who is still wrestling Wasco's Michael Macias. They had a late start because of the Contreras protest on that mat. Kincaid is in control early, with a takedown and some nearfall. He adds another takedown, more nearfall, and leads 8-1 after a period. So it looks like he'll join Clovis West's Tyler Zimmer, Mission Oak's Danny Alvarado and Buchanan's Abner Romero in the semis. Those are the top four finishers from the Yosemite Division.

At 160, Bakersfield's Sam Loera couldn't repeat his first-round magic and loses 8-3 to Dinuba's Michael Wright, the S1.

Liberty has a state qualifier in Jake Maas, who beats Centennial's Levi White 8-2 at 160. Maas will take on Josh Hokit, who had another easy win for Clovis.

145: Chris Garcia, CW, maj dec. Trini Serna, Fire

Nathan Pimental, DP, maj dec. Rosario Sanchez, Sang

Jared Hill, Clov, maj dec. Tanner Jones, Ex

Conner Francis, Buch, maj dec. Michael Macias, Wasc

152: Tyler Zimmer, maj dec. Izzac Suarez, DP

Danny Alvarado, MO, dec. Basilio Gutierrez, Kerm

Abner Romero, Buch, maj dec. Andrew Lee, Centennial

Dominic Kincaid, Clov, pin Caspar Lopez, Wasc

160: Josh Hokit, Wasc, maj dec. Tyler Coker, Ex

Jake Maas, Lib, dec. White, Centennial

Leypon, Mon, maj dec. Galindo, DP

Michael Wright, Din, dec. Sam Loera, Bak

UPDATED, 10:59 a.m.: Another big victory coming for the S1s, with Selma's Ruben Garcia just collecting two nearfall points late to extend his lead to 5-2 over Clovis' Isaiah Hokit. There's less than 30 seconds left there, and Hokit is back on his belly. That's it, and it's a nice win for Garcia at 132.

Back at 126, Porterville's Mason Pengilly continues to barely work up a sweat. He follows his 45-second pin in the first round with a 36-second pin of Caruthers' Freddy Vasquez, and Pengilly is into the semis and into state. He'll face Clovis' Khristian Olivas, a 5-0 winner over Buchanan's Greg Gaxiola, next. And Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West broke open a tight Y2-S1 match with Granite Hills' Andy Alvarez, pinning Alvarez in the third period.

At 132, Garcia will next face Mission Oak freshman Jaden Enriquez, who beat Clovis West's Bobby Miguel 11-1. Dean Esquibel of Buchanan used a throw for a five-point move, the key sequence in a 7-3 win over Bakersfield's Josh Annis.

No major surprises yet in this round. All the Y1s have gone through thus far, most of them very easily.

126: Mason Pengilly, Port, pin Freddy Vasquez, Car

Khristian Olivas, Clov, dec. Greg Gaxiola, Buch

Daniel Ruiz, Mad, pin Gabriel Ledesma, Ex

Michael Knoblauch, CW, pin Andy Alvarez, GH

132: Matt Ontiveros, Central, pin Michael Alvarez, GH

Kyler Hansen, Buch, maj. dec. Armand Molina, Fire

Jaden Enriquez, MO, maj dec. Bobby Miguel, CW

Ruben Garcia, Selm, dec. Isaiah Hokit, Clov

138: Chris Lane, CW, inj. def. Dawson Boland, Ex

Lane Barnes, Clov, dec. Joseph Mata, King

Dean Esquibel, Buch, dec. Josh Annis, Bak

Abel Contreras, Port, dec. Aaron Mora, Fire, OT

UPDATED, 10:49 a.m.: The second S1-Y2 battle is a tight one, and it goes to Buchanan's Durbin Lloren, 3-2 over Selma's Robert Garcia, thanks to a first-period takedown and a third-period escape. He'll face Monache's Matt Gamble in the semifinals; Gamble had a tough one of his own, holding off Foothill's Fern Perez 5-4.

Up at 120, another relatively tight match for Julian Gaytan, who is safely in the semis after a 4-1 decision over Dos Palos' Adrian Marrufo. He'll face Dinuba's Jacob Wright in what should be a good semifinal. The other half of the bracket has Selma's Chris Cisneros beating El Diamante's Jacob Delgado 6-5 in another S1-Y2. That's the first victory for the S1s. And Carlos Herrera of Bakersfield reversed the result from the league final a couple of weeks ago by beating Frontier's Brock Welton 2-1.

113: Adrian Camposano, Central, pin Armondo Pimental, DP

JJ Figueroa, Bak, dec. Tristan Gilliland, Clov, OT

Matt Gamble, Mon, dec. Fern Perez, Foot

Durbin Lloren, Buch, dec. Robert Garcia, Selm

120: Julian Gaytan, Clov, dec. Adrian Marrufo, DP

Jacob Wright, Din, pin Alejandro Jimenez, Buch

Carlos Herrera, Bak, dec. Brock Welton, Fron

Chris Cisneros, Selm, dec. Jacob Delgado, ElD

UPDATED, 10:36 a.m.: The first of those Y2 vs. S1 matches goes to Redwood's Joey Cisneros, who takes out Kennedy's Tommy Ortiz,

Here are team scores after the first round. Already a big lead for you-know-who: 1. Clovis 31; 2. Clovis West 19; 3. Buchanan 14; 4. Bakersfield 11.5; 5. Foothill 8; 6. Exeter 7; t7. Central, Kingsburg, Madera, Porterville 6; 11. Dinuba 5. t12. Dos Palos, Kerman, Liberty, Mission Oak 4.

A chance for Drillers fans to roar comes at 113, where JJ Figueroa just got an overtime takedown to beat Clovis' Tristan Gilliland, who had beaten Figueroa twice last week, including in the quarterfinals. Figueroa, a freshman, is into state. So is another Bakersfield freshman, Navonte Demison, who pinned Buchanan's Ross Arve at 106. Also at 106, Clovis West's Chris Marin earns a tight 6-4 decision over Mission Oak's David Campbell.

Quarterfinal results are below each update.

106: Justin Mejia, Clov, pin Carl Castro, Men

Chris Marin, CW, dec. David Campbell, MO

Navonte Demison, Bak, pin Ross Arve, Buch

Joey Cisneros, Red, maj dec. Tommy Ortiz, RFK

UPDATED, 10:29 a.m.: Finishing up the first round — Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez, unbeaten until last week's Yosemite Division final, just lost a 1-0 decision to Buchanan's Kai Dill at 195. Dill got a second-period escape and held on to win it. Lopez is the second Y2 seed to lose and will have to fight through the consolation bracket.

Another big win for Buchanan at 220 pounds, with Zak Levatino taking out Bevan Ybarra-Brandt of Liberty-Madera Ranchos, the S2 seed, 3-2. At heavyweight, North's Mark Guerrero has a tough draw against Casey Jones of Sierra, but the Star has a 3-2 lead after a third-period escape. He'll win it, 3-2, and get into the quarterfinals against Edison's Kevin Vance. Also at heavyweight, another Y6 over Y2 upset, and it causes a huge roar here in Madera: It's Madera's Roy Powell with a last-second takedown to beat the Y2, Madera South's Miguel Villanueva, 3-1.

The rest of the late first-round results are below. Now for quarterfinals. Clovis' Justin Mejia works a second-period pin of Mendota's Carl Castro, a much easier go than Mejia's first-round match. For the most part in this round, the Y1 seeds will be overwhelming favorites to punch that state ticket. The real ones to watch will be the S1 vs. Y2 matches, where only one guy can survive.

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, pin Alex Ku, CW

Christian Cunningham, Sier, dec. Justin Parker, CE

Javin Harrison, WU, maj dec. Jacob Valladares, MS

Kai Dill, Buch, dec. Jaccob Lopez, RV

220: Cortes Morales, CW, pin Eduardo Madrigal, Port

Zak Levatino, Buch, dec. Bevan Ybarra-Brandt, LMR

Joseph Gonzalez, Foot, pin Aaron Caballero, Fire

Adam Prentice, Clov, maj. dec. Kyle Mask, Mad

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, pin Cesar Delgado, GW

Robert Barrios, SP, maj dec. Alan Moreno, Sunny

Mark Guerrero, North, dec. Casey Jones, Sier

Roy Powell, Mad, dec. Miguel Villanueva, MS

UPDATED, 10:14 a.m.: Kern County's best hope for a section title is Bakersfield's Bryce Martin, and he's up big on Central's Marcus Macias late in his match at 170. Macias is making him work a bit, but it's 11-2 after two periods. Martin's foe in last week's dramatic final, Clovis North's Austin Flores, also took care of Poorterville's Josh Ames, 14-2. Martin just finished off a tech fall, 17-2. He'll face Caruthers' Dillain Potter next, and Martin will be a big favorite there as well — as he will be until the final tonight, when Flores, Clovis' Brody Brand or maybe Mendota football star Edgar Segura will await.

The next round will be the quarterfinals, where winners are guaranteed a top-six finish and a spot at state. Losers are basically back where they would have been had they lost a first-round match; into the consolation bracket, where they'll need at least one win to reach state.

The Y1 seed at 182, Madera's Alec Gamboa, wins by first-period pin over Roosevelt's Jose Perez. Up at 220, Foothill's Joseph Gonzalez just got an overtime takedown to beat Firebaugh's Aaron Caballero — and now he's pinned him in OT. Don't see that all that often.

The final matches of the first round are all on the mat. Quarterfinals coming up right now.

170: Bryce Martin, Bak, tech fall Marcus Macias, Central

Arshdeep Singh, Din, maj dec. Enrique Padilla, ElD

Zoloman Samaniego, King, pin Nathan Chavez, MS

Austin Flores, CN, maj dec. Josh Ames, Port, 14-2

182: Alec Gamboa, Mad, pin Jose Perez, Roos

Robert Alvarado, MO, dec. Jose Robledo, Wasc

Elias Rosales, Bak, dec. Ty Muxlow, King

AJ Nevills, Clov, pin Erick Moreno, Sunny

UPDATED, 10:03 a.m.: A close match at 160 has Bakersfield's Sam Loera leading Y2 seed Nick Callender of Clovis East, 2-1 after a second-period takedown. The Drillers just lost a tight one at 145, with Antonio Gutierrez going down 8-7 to Dos Palos' Nathan Pimental, but they won a tough one at 138, where Josh Annis took out Coalinga's Jake Bedrosian 7-6 in double OT.

Back at 160, Callender has a wrap around his head, and the blood is coming through, so they've paused that match. He must have a pretty nasty cut under there. Back to action now in the second period, and Callender escapes to tie the match, 2-2. Time will run out on the second, and Loera will choose bottom for the third. Loera escapes and leads 3-2, so Callender will need a takedown. He nearly got one, but Loera springs away. 1:20 left. Now a minute. Loera doing a good job of staying active; he hasn't been hit for stalling yet that I've seen. Now he did get one as Callender takes a shot that lands out of bounds. So Loera needs to be aggressive in the final 40 seconds. Callender shoots again, nothing there. Restart with 29 seconds. Loera needs to be careful of stalling here. He takes a single-leg. 20 seconds. Restart gain at 14. Callender shoots again. Loera is asking for it, and he got the second stalling in the final seconds. It's 3-3, and we have overtime. Callender shoots in the final seconds, and Loera shucks him off. Both guys nearly had a takedown, but we go to double OT. Loera is down first. He escapes easily for a 4-3 lead. No further action there, and now Callender goes down. He'll have 30 seconds. Loera tight-waists him down. He's killed 10 seconds. Great riding. Callender can't get off his belly, and that's it. The first big upset of the day goes to Bakersfield freshman Sam Loera.

145: Chris Garcia, CW, pin Ronnie Guerrero, RV

Nathan Pimental, DP, dec. Antonio Gutierrez, Bak

Tanner Jones, Ex, maj dec. Coronado Lopez, Hoov

Conner Francis, Buch, pin Ashton Demaree, ElD

152: Tyler Zimmer, CW, maj dec. James Quintana, CE

Basilio Gutierrez, Kerm, pin Greg Ruiz, Mon

Andrew Lee, Centennial, dec. Kyle Jones, Ex

Dominic Kincaid, Clov, inj def Greg Pagela, Port

160: Josh Hokit, Clov, pin Thomas Duran, Teh

Jake Maas, Lib, pin Humberto Fernandez, Kerm

John Galindo, DP, dec. Julio Fuentes, GV

Sam Loera, Bak, dec. NIck Callender, CE, OT

UPDATED, 9:46 a.m.: Clovis West's Chris Lane and Clovis East's Joseph Jauergui meet in the first round here at 138, a matchup worthy of a championship in almost any other tournament in the state. But Jauergui was hurt last week and defaulted to eighth place, so here he is. Lane has an early takedown and leads 2-1. It's now 4-1 late, and it looks like Lane will win by that score.

Losers here are still alive, obviously, and that remains true even if they lose their next match. Winners aren't guaranteed anything, either; they still need to win one more match, whether it be in the next round (quarterfinals) or down in the consolation bracket. The Y1 seed usually has a breezy path to the semifinals; after taking on the Y8 (which, as we've seen, isn't always so easy), he gets the S3 in the quarterfinals.

Not so for the S1 or Y2, who match up in the quarters, assuming the Y2 can beat the Y6 in the first round. But the loser of that match usually becomes one of the favorites in the consolation bracket. Anyway, you're always wrestling for seeding next week, too.

Another good one at 152, with Dominic Kincaid of Clovis, the Y2, wrestling Y6 Greg Pagela of Porterville, who was the No. 3 seed last week before injury defaulting to sixth. But that match is already over — Kincaid had an early takedown, but I don't think it was a pin ... Pagela defaulted again. He's hurt. We'll see if he can go again in the consolations.

132: Matthew Ontiveros, Central, pin Fletcher Allen, Teh

Armand Molina, Fire, dec. Darrion Harris, Red, 6-5

Bobby Miguel, CW, dec. Alex DelBosque, Din, 6-2

Isaiah Hokit, Clov, pin Arik Onsurez, Bak, 1:09

138: Chris Lane, CW, dec. Joseph Jauergui, CE

Joseph Mata, King, dec. Justin Soto, Sang

Josh Annis, Bak, dec. Jake Bedrosian, Coal, OT

Abel Contreras, Port, dec. Brian Cerda, Sunny

UPDATED, 9:35 a.m.: Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West is off to a hot start, beating Bakersfield's Sean Nickell by pin at 126 pounds. Things are tough on the Y6 seed, who has to wrestle the Y2 immediately, and in most cases, drop down to the consolation bracket almost right away. Wrestlers can actually lose a match in the consolation bracket and still be alive for ninth place, so this isn't a true double elimination. But being in the ninth-place bracket still isn't ideal, obviously.

There was one alternate from last week who got into this tournament, and that was Foothill's Marco Velasquez, who was bumped up with Redwood's Isaiah Torres' injury. That put Velasquez into the Y8 position at 120 pounds, and he almost took advantage big-time. He took down Y1 Julian Gaytan of Clovis to start the match. Gaytan recovered with an escape and a takedown in the first, and then he used a second-period escape to win it, 4-2. But that was a tough one for Gaytan. Now we'll see if Velasquez can recover and make state after thinking he was out last week.

Another match, at 126: Lemoore's Jaylen Hill got his team dinged a point because he walked onto the mat without pulling his singlet over his shoulders. Well, 45 seconds later, he could pull the singlet down again, because Porterville's Mason Pengilly took care of him in that time. Pengilly and Knoblauch are expected to meet in the finals at 126 tonight, just like they did last week.

120: Julian Gaytan, Clov, dec. Marco Velasquez, Foot

Jacob Wright, Din, dec. Victor Quintos, Central

Brock Welton, Fron, maj dec. Jose Paez, OC

Jacob Delgado, ElD, dec. Gilbert Flores, Sang

126: Mason Pengilly, Port, pin Jaylen Hill, Lem

Greg Gaxiola, Buch, dec. David DelBosque, Din

Gabriel Ledesma, Ex, pin Josef Martin, Stock

Michael Knoblauch, CW, pin Sean Nickell, Bak

UPDATED, 9:18 a.m.: The first matches of the day are out on the mats. There are four first-round matches in each weight and six mats, so we'll move pretty quickly through these preliminary bouts. In fact, we'll move pretty quickly through the whole tournament, up until this afternoon's 5 p.m. finals.

Some early winners here at 106 and 113 pounds are listed below. Again, the rubber meets the road right away in this tournament, with state-ranked guys like Central's Adrian Camposano and Clovis West's Bryce Morita (Camposano won 13-2) and Bakersfield's JJ Figueroa and Kerman's Anthony Errecart (Figueroa 9-3) meeting right away.

One slight surprise was Clovis' Justin Mejia at 106, who had a little trouble getting going against Y8 seed Andrew Nelms of Porterville, who took Mejia down a couple of times. The No. 1 seed Mejia led just 8-6 going into the third period. He then reversed Nelms and rode him out for a comfortable — but not exactly easy — 10-6 victory.

106: Justin Mejia, Clov, dec. Andrew Nelms, Port

David Campbell, MO, dec. Isaiah Perez, Din

Ross Arve, Buch, dec. Noel Ramirez, King

Joey Cisneros, Red, dec. Javier Alaniz, CE

113: Adrian Camposano, Central, maj dec. Bryce Morita, CW

JJ Figueroa, Bak, dec. Anthony Errecart, Kerm

Fern Perez, Foot, pin Anthony Aguilar, King

Durbin Lloren, Buch, dec. AJ Rosas, Reed

ORIGINAL POST: I'm in Madera, where the Central Section will crown 14 individual wrestling champions by tonight at Madera South High School. It will also likely name Clovis its team champion once again. The Cougars, three-time defending state champions, are the overwhelming favorite not only to win here today but to defend their state title next Friday and Saturday at Rabobank Arena.

But for many of the wrestlers here at the Central Section Masters, that's not what today is about. It's about punching that golden ticket to the state meet themselves. To guarantee that, they must finish in the top nine in their respective weight class. There are only 12 wrestlers in each weight, eight from the large-school Yosemite Divisional and four from the small-school Sierra-Sequoia Divisional, so finishing in the top nine doesn't seem that like that big of an accomplishment, but consider that the Central Section has more quality wrestlers than many entire states do across the United States. (The 10th-place finisher also will reach the state meet in the handful of weight classes in which the Oakland Section does not have a qualifier. But we won't know who those lucky 10th-place finishers are until later in the day.)

In fact, Clovis assistant coach Adam Tirapelle did some research and posted it on The California Wrestler forum earlier this week: There are an average of 8.4 wrestlers in each weight class here today ranked in the state's top 40. That means that to get to Rabobank, you've got to either be among the best or beat somebody who is.

That also makes every place, all the way down to 10th, extremely important, and by extension, every match important. The first round begins at 9 a.m. Join me here all day for live coverage.