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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Alec Gamboa of Madera (left) tries to pull down Clovis West's A.J. Nevills in the 182-pound Yosemite Divisional final, won by Gamboa, 4-3.

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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Has a bloody nose ever caused this much controversy? It did Saturday night during the 138-pound Yosemite Divisional final, when Porterville's Able Contreras got bloodied against Chris Lane of Clovis West, and the scoring immediately before the match was temporarily halted and resulted in a double protest. Lane ended up winning with a pin.

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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Mason Pengilly of Porterville had an easy time scoring a 11-4 decision over Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West (gold) at 126 pounds Saturday night at East High. Here, the referee seems to be giving instructions to Knoblauch, who was struggling.

106: Justin Mejia, Clov, pin Joey Cisneros, Red, 5:51

113: Adrian Camposano, Central, dec. Durbin Lloren, Buch, 6-5

120: Julian Gaytan, Clov, dec. Jacob Delgado, El D, 12-11

126: Mason Pengilly, Port, dec. Michael Knoblauch, CW, 11-4

132: Matthew Ontiveros, Central, dec. Isaiah Hokit, Clov, 4-2

138: Chris Lane, CW pin Abel Contreras, Por, 5:57

145: Chris Garcia, CW, pin Conner Francis, Buch, 1:11

152: Tyler Zimmer, CW, dec. Dominic Kincaid, Clov, 3-2

160: Josh Hokit, Clov, pin Nick Callender, CE, 1:11

170: Bryce Martin, Bak, dec. Austin Flores, CN, 8-6

182: Alec Gamboa, Mad, dec. A.J. Nevills, Clov, 4-3

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, pin Jaccob Lopez, RV, 3:18

220: Cortes Morales, CW, dec. Adam Prentice, Clov, 5-2

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, pin Miguel Villanueva, Madera South, 1:52

UPDATED, 8:35 p.m.: Final team scores:

1. Clovis 370.5; 2. Buchanan 226.5; 3. Clovis West 212.5; 4. Bakersfield 198.5; 5. Porterville 154; 6. Sanger 138; 7. Central 129; 8. Madera 114.5; 9. Mission Oak 112; 10. Madera South 95; 11. Frontier 91.5; 12. Clovis East 88.5; 13. Monache 86; 14. Redwood 80; 15. Sunnyside 77; 16. El Diamante 64; 17. Clovis North 62.5; 18. Foothill 58.5; 19. North 57; 20. Liberty 53; 21. Ridgeview 50; 22. Centennial 49; 23. Lemoore 48; 24. South 42; t25. Edison, Golden Valley 35.

Most outstanding wrestlers: Mason Pengilly of Porterville and Nick Nevills of Clovis. Pretty easy picks there, two guys ranked No. 1 in the state who lived up to every bit of that billing. Two weeks to go till state. See you guys at Masters next week.

UPDATED, 8:08 p.m.: As expected, a dominant performance from national No. 1 Nick Nevills of Clovis, who just won his fourth divisional championship with a pin of Madera South's Miguel Villanueva at 1:52. He took Villanueva down three times and looked like he had him gassed before the end of two minutes. An easy win in the end for Nevills, who's as impressive a wrestler as I've seen in my seven years in the Central Section and right up there with any in the state.

UPDATED, 8:04 p.m.: Clovis West's Cortes Morales against Clovis' Adam Prentice at 220. It's the sixth all-TRAC final of the night and a rematch of last weekend's league championship. Morales in on a nice shot late in the first, but Prentice does a good job of fighting him off. Now Morales sucks in a single-leg, though, and it's a powerful takedown with 12 seconds in the period. The first ends 2-0.

Morales down in the second. Prentice rides him down with the ankle, but off the restart, Morales has his escape and a 3-0 lead. Shot from Prentice, but not a great one, andit nearly cost him a Morales takedown. No points, though. Morales heavy on the head and switches to the single-leg for another takedown. It's 5-0. Prentice is wrestling hard, but Morales has been dominant from neutral. A late escape for Prentice will make it 5-1 after two.

Prentice is bottom to start the third. An escape would keep this a relatively close match, but it's hard to see a path to victory for Prentice. Morales has been too goo. And now he breaks Prentice down. Prentice eventually does work up to a base and escapes for a 5-2 score. That's going to be the final. Cortes Morales controls Prentice and wins, 5-2.

UPDATED, 7:56 p.m.: At 195, it's top seed Matt Weiss of Clovis against Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez. Lopez came from an unseeded spot to take third at this meet last year. This year he was seeded third and is in the final. Weiss takes him down about a minute in, though, and leads 2-0. Lopez is actually unbeaten on the year at 22-0, but his season was delayed by injury, and he hasn't faced a test like Weiss yet this year. Lopez, ranked No. 10 in the state, did beat Frontier's Josh Bailey, who's No. 7, in the semifinals this morning. Weiss is No. 5.

Weiss on bottom in the second and escapes for a 3-0 lead. Now a nice shot by Lopez, but Weiss playing defense. He scrambles well and works around for a takedown of his own. It's 5-0. Safe to say Lopez hasn't been in this situation before this year. We'll see how he reacts. Not really well. Weiss turns him and gets the fall at 3:18. Lopez seemed defeated there once it was 5-0, and Weiss took full advantage.

UPDATED, 7:51 p.m.: A near takedown to the back for Madera's Alec Gamboa in the first period of the 182 final against Clovis' AJ Nevills, but the wrestlers are ruled out of bounds. Now Gamboa does have a double-leg, lifting Nevills up and to the mat for the takedown. He rides out the period and leads 2-0 after one.

Nevills down in the second and escapes. It's 2-1. Nevills shoots and has an ankle here. Gamboa is being stubborn with the wizzer, but Nevills sucks that ankle in more and gets the takedown near the edge of the circle. He leads 3-2 with 1:06 to go in the second. Gamboa to his feet, but Nevills dives in on the ankle. Stalemate called at 52 seconds. Nevills still riding well. Down to 30 seconds. Gamboa gets to his feet. Nevills needs to return him but doesn't. That's a stalling warning. Now Gamboa gets out anyway to tie the match at 3. Another shot from Nevills but can't finish, and it's 3-3 after two.

Gamboa is holding his ankle and needs injury time. Now he's ready to go. He takes bottom for the third. An escape would mean the lead. Instead, it's nearly a tilt for Nevills, but we're out of bounds at 1:42. Gamboa gets up and out. He leads 4-3 at 1:35. Nevills trying a lot of shots here, but nothing particularly close to a takedown. He does pick up a stalling warning on Gamboa. Another one would tie the match. 15 seconds on a restart. Nevills shoots again. Gamboa sprawls. Time going to run out here, Gamboa hanging on to a 4-3 victory. Not sure he would have made it another minute, but then he doesn't have to. He's the champ at 182.

UPDATED, 7:38 p.m.: First local up now, with Bakersfield's Bryce Martin taking on Clovis North's Austin Flores at 170. It's Flores, the No. 3 seed, with a great fireman's shot for a takedown of the No. 1 seed Martin, who's ranked No. 2 in the state. Martin escapes off the restart, but the first period will end with Flores ahead 2-1.

Flores chooses bottom. Flores explodes up but Martin brings him back down and out of bounds. Flores sits out and stands up out of the restart and takes a 3-1 lead. A lot of hand-fighting from neutral here as we go down to a minute left in the second. Another great shot from Flores — and he's awarded a quick two before out of bounds. Now the refs will wave that off. Flores never had control. Still 3-1 into the final 30 seconds. Martin is going to need a takedown at some point in this match, you'd think, to win it. Final 15 seconds. Martin shoots, but we're out of bounds again at 9 seconds. Period will end with Flores ahead, 3-1.

Martin takes bottom. He stands up and gets his point easily. 3-2 now. Martin trying different combinations here, trying to unlock Flores. Nothing yet at 1:20. Now a beauty of a duck-under and Martin gets around for two. Wow, that was fast. Martin leads 4-3 now. Out of bounds at 55 seconds. Flores sits out, stands up and escapes at 50 seconds. 4-4. Takedown wins it, most likely. Martin shoots, a bit wild, but he keeps driving, and Flores has to leap away, out of bounds. 31 seconds. Now a wild shot for Flores, and Martin lets him go by and gets behind. Escape Flores, but he trails 6-5 with 18 seconds. Tries another wild shot, and another takedown for Martin. Flores escapes again, but Martin is going to win, 8-6. What a finish for the Driller there.

UPDATED, 7:30 p.m.: Big-time show from Clovis' Josh Hokit at 160, who takes Clovis East's Nick Callender down and then gets him in a cradle. The pin comes at 1:11. What a performance there, and it's the Cougars' third champion (with four more chances to come).

UPDATED, 7:27 p.m.: The final at 152 is between the top two seeds, Dominic Kincaid of Clovis and Tyler Zimmer of Clovis West. A lot of action from their feet in the first period, but no points yet. And the first period is going to end scoreless.

Kincaid takes bottom for the second. He escapes about 20 seconds in for a 1-0 lead. Kincaid drops to a knee and takes a half-hearted shot, but there was nothing there. Another restart at 1:09. Now Kincaid locks up a front headlock and tries to throw Zimmer, but again he can't move him. Inside a minute now in the second period. No takedown either way. We go to third in a one-point match.

Zimmer down in the third, looking for the escape that would tie it. He moves before the whistle and is cautioned. Now he moves with the whistle and gets an easy escape. It's 1-1. Zimmer being aggressive here, doing a lot of shooting, and he's going to get the takedown. Upset could be coming here. Kincaid gets to his feet for a late escape, but time is going to expire. Zimmer wins, 3-2. Three straight champions for Clovis West.

UPDATED, 7:19 p.m.: Chris Garcia of Clovis West was apparently pumped up by Lane's performance, because he just took Buchanan's Conner Francis straight to the mat for a takedown and now has him on his back. Pin at 1:11. That didn't take long. It secures third place for Clovis West in the team chase, too.

UPDATED, 7:16 p.m.: At 138, a good matchup between Porterville's Abel Contreras and Clovis West's Chris Lane. It was scoreless after a period and is now 1-0 for Contreras after a second-period escape. Now Contreras shoots and scores on a takedown for a 3-0 lead. Lane working on a reversal – and Clovis West's coaches want some nearfall because Contreras is almost on his back. Instead, the ref stops it for blood time. That would have been a match-changing call, obviously. Clovis West is still arguing, and this match is going under protest. And the refs are going to change the call, saying that Contreras' bloody nose happened when he was on his back. That's two for a reversal and two nearfall for Lane, and he suddenly leads 4-3. 21 seconds left in the second. Of course, now Porterville is going to protest. Finally back to action. And Lane is going to take advantage of the situation, turning Contreras before the end of the period and picking up three more nearfall points. Wow. Seven in a row for Lane, and he leads 7-3 after two.

Third period, Lane down. He reverses and nearly puts Contreras on his back again. Now he turns him again — and Clovis West's coach is screaming at the ref, asking for him to count more nearfall. Now he is counting it, and Lane is in complete control. Final 20 seconds, and it's 12-3. Lane puts him on his back yet again. Boom. Finally broke him and comes up with the pin at 5:57. Really nice performance from Chris Lane of Clovis West, which moves into third place in the team race.

UPDATED, 6:59 p.m.: At 132, Clovis' Isaiah Hokit, who you might remember from his days at Wasco, is the No. 2 seed facing No. 1 Matthew Ontiveros in the final. Ontiveros gets the first takedown, pretty late in the first period, and he leads 2-0 after one.

Ontiveros down in the second, but Hokit is doing a fine job riding. We have a restart with 45 seconds left. Now Hokit has a turn and some nearfall! It's a two-count for two points and a 2-2 match. 20 seconds left. Out of bounds, and Ontiveros is hurt. He's in a lot of pain over there. Looking at his ... ribs? side? Not sure what, but he is clearly hurting. He's going to keep going, though, so we'll see if he can tough it out here. Hokit rides out the rest of the period and will go to the third with a tie.

Hokit chooses neutral, interesting but understandable because Ontiveros is great from top. A nice shot from Ontiveros here. Hokit playing defense, grabbing legs, but Ontiveros keeps driving and gets his two. It's 4-2, and now Ontiveros will get to go to work from top. He ties up Hokit's arms and goes to work, but we go out of bounds and will restart at 43 seconds. Ontiveros working on the tilt. No points, and now Hokit sits up. He granbys and might have the leverage for a reversal here. Ontiveros keeps going around though, and he's going to hang on here. Gutsy performance after some kind of a side injury he suffered midway through the match, and Matt Ontiveros is the champ at 132.

UPDATED, 6:48 p.m.: Now state No. 1 Mason Pengilly of Porterville taking on Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch. Knoblauch is No. 2 in the state and lost 3-2 to Pengilly earlier this year at the Doc B. Pengilly with a takedown, and Knoblauch is in trouble early, on his back. Nearfall coming, at least. Pengilly can't quite tilt him enough for the pin, but he does pick up three more points, and he has a commanding 5-0 lead after a period.

Knoblauch bottom in the second. He needs some points out of this. These guys are both ranked in the top 20 nationally by Intermat. Now Knoblauch sits out, but Pengilly able to follow him around and stay in control. A minute to go in the second. Knoblauch is working from bottom, but Pengilly is too tough. Final 30 seconds now. Knoblauch isn't going to be able to score. In fact, Pengilly gets a late tilt, but it's only a one count before the clock expires. 5-0 after two.

Pengilly will take neutral in the third. Good shot by Knoblauch, but better defense. Knoblauch really pressing the issue here, trying to make up for that five-point first period for Pengilly. He got too aggressive, and there's another Pengilly takedown. It's 7-0. Clovis West trails Bakersfield by two points for second place in the team race. The Golden Eagles have five finalists to Bakersfield's one, but three of them are underdogs. Knoblauch gets a reversal for his first points, but Pengilly gets up and then immediately shoots for another takedown. Crowd oohed and aahed at that one. It's 10-2 with a minute to go. Potentially dangerous call at 40 seconds, and we'll restart. Only question now is whether this will be a major decision. Out of bounds at 19 seconds. A couple of cautions for false starts, one on each man. Finally back to action, and Knoblauch with a nice granby for the reversal. Pengilly escapes, and that'll be that. An 11-4 victory for the national No. 8.

UPDATED, 6:39 p.m.: Now one of the stories of the tournament, unseeded Jacob Delgado of El Diamante, facing the top seed at 120 pounds, Clovis' Julian Gaytan. Gaytan aggressive off the whistle and has a quick takedown and 2-0 lead. Delgado very active down there, though, and after a scramble he has a reversal. It's 2-2. Gaytan pops away for an escape and leads 3-2 inside of a minute in the first. Now a takedown for Delgado. Whoa. This guy has a 44-3 record — how in the world was he not seeded here? He's already beaten the No. 3, No. 6 and No. 7 seeds. Gaytan gets a reversal of his own, though, and takes the 5-4 lead. Still 25 seconds left in the first. Gaytan looking to lock something up, maybe a nearside cradle, but he can't. Now Delgado trying to escape, and he does, in the final second of the period. It's 5-5 after one. What a period.

Blood time for Gaytan before the second. Delgado's choice, and he takes bottom. Lightning-fast granby roll for a reversal and a 7-5 lead, but Gaytan goes right to work and ties it back up, 7-7. A lot of times guys are careful and conservative in finals matches, but that's certainly not the case here. Both guys wrestling hard and loose. Gaytan working on a headlock here inside of a minute in the second. Suddenly a lull in the match, but with 30 seconds Delgado gets to his feet and pushes Gaytan away. An escape for an 8-7 lead. 10 seconds, and time will run out here. Delgado with a one-point lead.

Gaytan on bottom now, and Delgado will give him a free point for neutral. So it's 8-8. Gaytan with a single, lifts it up and has the takedown for 10-8. That could be the winner, but there's been a lot of action in this match, so never say never. Delgado could be getting tired. He hasn't been nearly as active in the last half of this match. Stalemate called at the 1:02 mark. Now Delgado is back with a sit-out — and a reversal! It's 10-10 with less than a minute left. Gaytan just needs an escape for the lead, though. Restart at 45 seconds. He's up to his feet. Delgado doesn't immediately return him to the mat, so that's stalling on Delgado. Now he does get him back down. Restart with 29 seconds. This might work against Delgado, because if Gaytan does get the escape, there wont' be any time left. Instead, Gaytan to his feet with a single leg, and he has a reversal. Delgado escapes in the final seconds, but time runs out, and Gaytan is going to hold on to a terrific match, 12-11. Jacob Delgado earned a lot of respect this weekend, though.

UPDATED, 6:28 p.m.: No score in the first period in the 113 final between Central's Adrian Camposano and Buchanan's Durbin Lloren. Camposano chooses down and quickly gets out for a 1-0 lead. Now Lloren with a nice shot and a takedown for a 2-1 lead. Good stuff there from the Bear, who was only seeded third in this tournament. Camposano works up to a tripod as we reach the minute mark, but wrestlers go out of bounds at 43 seconds. An escape would tie it for Camposano. And there it is, off the restart. 2-2. 30 seconds in the period. Another good shot from Lloren, but Camposano scrambles. Now Camposano is almost stuck, just like Cisneros was. No call here, though, and the period expires.

Lloren will get bottom position in the third, and he escapes for a 3-2 lead. Camposano needs the takedown. There it is. What a nice throw-by for Camposano, and he corrals Lloren near the edge of the circle. So 4-3 for Camposano with 1:25 left. Lloren up to his feet and trying to work around, but we go out of bounds at 1:14. Now Lloren back to his feet and scrambles away to tie it. One minute now. OUtside shot from Lloren, another beauty, but another good scramble from Camposano and out of bounds at 44 seconds. Another shot by Lloren. He's definitely been more aggressive, but it might cost him here. Camposano gets behind him, and the crowd calls for two. Not awarded ... but now the referees confer and give it to him. 6-4 for Camposano with 17 seconds. Lloren escapes, but only 6 seconds now off the restart. Time expires, and it's a 6-5 final for Adrian Camposano.

UPDATED, 6:18 p.m.: Justin Mejia of Clovis, the nationally ranked freshman, is taking on Redwood's Joey Cisneros in the first final of the night, at 106 pounds. Lots of hand-fighting early as the guys feel each other out. Cisneros in on a shot, but a good sprawl from Mejia, and a stalemate is called. Inside a minute in the first period now. These guys have wrestled once before, with Mejia winning 5-1 in San Jose. No score after one though.

Mejia chooses down in the second. Cisneros able to break him down and then briefly had the half-nelson grip on, but Mejia slips out. Now Mejia is out for an escape — and he quickly shoots for the takedown. Great chain wrestling there, and a 3-0 lead for Mejia. Almost had nearfall, too, but only a one count before Cisneros flips back. Now Cisneros escapes, and it's 3-1. Cisneros in deep on a single, but again Mejia able to hang on to a leg until the period runs out. We go to the third.

Cisneros down here. To his feet and out. 3-2. Cisneros has mostly been the aggressor here, but he hasn't finished anything. Now a quick shot, and he does, for a 4-3 lead! Mejia quickly escapes for 4-4 with 50 seconds left. Great match here. 30 seconds now. Good outside single from Mejia. Trying to finish. Cisneros on his back, but no takedown called. Whoa. They just called a pin before the takedown, with 9 seconds left. Cisneros was trying to fight it off and essentially pinned himself. What a finish.

ORIGINAL POST: We're ready to go with Yosemite Divisional finals here at East in about 10 minutes. I'll provide play by play of all of the finals, as best I can in between interview and other newspaper duties.

I've posted the finals matchups at the top of this post, and they'll stay there throughout the night for quick reference. If you want to see the results of other medal matches, check out today's earlier live blog here.

There are just two locals in the finals: Bakersfield's Bryce Martin at 170 and Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez at 195. That's low, but it's in large part due to dominance by Clovis, which has a whopping nine wrestlers in the finals.

In all, there are 24 local qualifiers for the Masters from this meet, plus five wrestlers who took ninth place and would get in if one of the top-eight wrestlers couldn't go next week.