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Nick Ellis / Special to The Californian

BHS's Bryce Martin (right) works to throw Liberty's Jeremy Maas during their 170 lb match at Frontier High Saturday night.

UPDATED, 7:37 p.m.: Here are the last consolation winners of the night, followed by the team scores after Day 1. Worth noting is the heavyweight match between Jared Snyder of Frontier and Mark Guerrero of North, two locals who came in with top-8 seeds. Both lost early, though, so one of them has to be eliminated here. It looks like it'll be Snyder. Guerrero has him on his back in the third period. Now Snyder slips away — not easy to do for a heavyweight on his back with 250 pounds on top of him — and gets a reversal. He's down 6-4 and trying desperately to turn Guerrero with short time. The North Star is going to hang on. Frontier settles for seven wrestlers alive into tomorrow.

That's the last match of the night. We'll see you tomorrow at 9 a.m. sharp for the Cinderella round, followed immediately by the semifinals.

220: Magee, Sunny; Hattfield, North; Halajian, CN; Madrigal, Port

HWT: Bueno, East; Ibarra, Lem; Guerrero, North; Moreno, Sunny

And, finally, Day 1 team scores: 1. Clovis 193.5; 2. Buchanan 141.5; 3. Clovis West 116.5; 4. Bakersfield 110; t5. Porterville, Sanger 104; 7. Central 84; 8. Madera 82.5; 9. Frontier 76.5; 10. Madera South 75; 11. Mission Oak 74; 12. Redwood 56; t13. Clovis East, Monache 55; 15. Liberty 51; 16. Clovis North 50.5; 17. North 50; 18. Foothill 48.5; 19. Lemoore 46; t20. South, Sunnyside 42.

UPDATED, 7:20 p.m.: After the painful loss at 152 for Bakersfield, the Drillers rebound with a victory for Elias Morales at 182 pounds. Frank Amaya loses at 195, though, so Bakersfield will have to settle for 11 wrestlers alive into tomorrow. Seven of those, however, have to wrestle Cinderella matches. Don't be late in the morning, Drillers fans. It's a big round for your team.

Here's more consolation winners. I'll come back with the final names and the team scores at the end of the first day.

170: Macias, Central; Padilla, ElD; Ames, Port; Gonzales, MO

182: Rosales, Bak; Ramirez, Central; Perez, Roos; Mireles, South

195: Gonzales, Sang; Valladares, MS; Bohanon, Sunny; Ku, CW

UPDATED, 7:04 p.m.: Good all-local consolation match going on in front of me at 152 pounds, where No. 8 seed Juan Chocoteco of Foothill is taking on Ricardo Gonzales of Bakersfield. Gonzales has the match under control at 7-0, but he nearly got turned for a pin there late in the second period. No points for Chocoteco, but the Bakersfield coaches are getting on their freshmen about staying vigilant in the third period here. The winner here will have to beat No. 5 seed Danny Alvarado of Mission Oak in the morning to make Masters, but it's better to have a chance than not have one. Cradle for Gonzales, switching to a headlock, but he got too high. Now Chocoteco has a cradle! Can he get the pin? Still some time left here. I think he's gonna get it. There it is. Wow, what a comeback for Chocoteco, and it's the first Driller to be eliminated today. Andy Varner isn't happy with his freshman, but Foothill is ecstatic with the result. It was 10-1 for Gonzales before the reversal and late pin.

152: Chocoteco, Foot; Quintana, CE; Ibarra, Sang; Gamboa, Fron

160: Booth, Han; Belshay, Buch; Lierly, CW; Komin, Fron

UPDATED, 6:55 p.m.: Here's some more consolation winners. Something to keep an eye on is total wrestlers who qualify from the divisional per team. That could affect the team race at both next week's Masters meet and at state (even if Clovis is a heavy, heavy favorite both weekends, coaches will fight tooth and nail for second place, or for a top-5 finish, or whatever it might be that they set a goal to reach). So the more names for Buchanan, Clovis West and Bakersfield out of these rounds, the better for these teams. And other schools celebrate any state qualifier, so it's special for them, too. But again, you've got to survive another round tomorrow to make the Masters.

126: Rodriguez, Hoov; Hill, Lem; Martin, Stock; Hord, GV

132: Armijo, Centennial; Wright, Stock; Baker, North; Miguel, CW

138: Watts, Red; Contreras, TU; Treiberg, Centennial; Cerda, Sunny

145: Carranza, Port; Lemus, EB; Guerrero, RV; McGuire, CN

UPDATED, 6:49 p.m.: We have one round left tonight, a consolation round. It's an important one. The winners here survive to tomorrow, where they'll take on the quarterfinal losers in the first round of the morning. That's what I like to call the Cinderella round, because dreams of moving on are made or broken there; the winners are safely into the top 8, while the losers move into a ninth-place bracket with a chance only to be an alternate to next week's Masters. But to even get a chance to wrestle that match, guys have to win tonight. I'll just list the winners at each weight in the interest of saving some time.

106: Garcia, South; Vargas, Fres; Demerath, Mon; Bracamonte, East

113: Deloza, CN; Pena, Red; Aguirre, GW; Patoc, Lib

120: Flores, Sang; Welton, Fron; Perez, Port; Cortes, MS

UPDATED, 6:40 p.m.: Sorry, my family came to visit, so I took a little break there. The heavyweight quarterfinals were interesting matchups after a couple of crazy early rounds. Joining No. 1 Nick Nevills in the semis will be Edison's Kevin Vance, who followed up a pin of Foothill's David Bautista with another quick stick, this time of No. 4 seed Cesar Delgado of Golden West. The bottom half of the bracket has No. 2 seed Miguel Villanueva of Madera South winning in double OT against Reedley's Ivan Espiritu, 3-2, and Madera's unseeded Roy Powell coming up with another big win, this time against David Robles of Buchanan, who had taken out Frontier's No. 3 seed Jared Snyder in the second round.

HWT: N. Nevills, Clov, pin Madrigal, Port, 0:44

Vance, Ed, pin Delgado, GW, 0:39

Powell, Mad, pin Robles, Buch, 2:18

Villanueva, MS, dec. Espiritu, Reed, 3-2 2OT

UPDATED, 6:09 p.m.: Joining Yarbrough in the semifinals at 220 will be top seed Cortes Morales of Clovis West, plus Cornelio Sanchez of Sanger, who upset No. 4 seed Joseph Gonzalez of Foothill. Adam Prentice of Clovis finishes off Buchanan's Zak Levatino with a pin with 5 seconds left on the third-period clock. And there's a Nick Nevills pin at heavyweight, so Clovis officially goes 41-1 today. Amazing performance at a great tournament.

There are a ton of local wrestlers who are in the consolations right now and need to come up big in the next round or two to keep their season alive.

220: Morales, CW, maj dec. Mask, Mad, 9-0

Sanchez, Sang, dec. Gonzalez, Foot, 5-4

Yarbrough, Bak, pin Cabral, RV, 0:30

Prentice, Clov, pin Levatino, Buch, 5:55

UPDATED, 5:57 p.m.: Top seed at 195, Matt Weiss, takes out North's Jacob Lucas and becomes the 11th Clovis wrestler in the semifinals. Nick Nevills will almost certainly make 12, so if 220-pounder Adam Prentice wins, the Cougars will be 41-1 on the day with 13 of 14 wrestlers in the semifinals. Pretty impressive stuff. The Cougars' large cheering section can depart for the evening, because even quarterfinal losers are through to tomorrow.

A couple more locals through here, with Jaccob Lopez of Ridgeview and Josh Bailey of Frontier both winning via pin at 195. They will meet up in the semifinals tomrorow. Travis Yarbrough of Bakersfield wins at 220 and becomes the Drillers' fourth semifinalist.

195: Weiss, Clov, pin Lucas, North, 2:38

Dill, Buch, pin Parker, CE, 3:40

Lopez, RV, pin Lowe, Lem, 2:14

Bailey, Fron, pin Salinas, Reed, 1:46

UPDATED, 5:46 p.m.: The upshot of Clovis' dominance, plus the presence of nationally ranked Clovis West and Buchanan, is that Kern County wrestlers are having a tough go of it here in their hometown. Only four local guys, out of a possible 40, have reached the semifinals thus far. Three form Bakersfield — Carlos Herrera, Sam Loera and Bryce Martin — plus Liberty's Jake Maas. That makes the consolation round tonight and the one in the morning essential for locals hoping to get through to the Masters. Usually, Kern County sends 25-30 wrestlers to state at Rabobank; right now only four are guaranteed through to Masters from this tournament. A few more could be coming in the upperweights, like Josh Bailey and Jaccob Lopez.

In fact, here comes one now. Carlos Montejo of Frontier has just defeated Dejon Taylor of Clovis East, 9-0, to advance to the 182-pound semifinals.

182: Gamboa, Mad, maj dec. Moreno, Sunny, 17-7

Montejo, Fron, maj dec. Taylor, CE, 9-0

A. Nevills, Clov, pin Alvarado, MO, 3:11

An, Buch, pin Stutte, Fres, 1:51

UPDATED, 5:36 p.m.: Last week Bryce Martin took out Jeremy Maas with an early pin, but Maas is making him work a bit harder this time. Still, Martin looks well in control there. His semifinal opponent will be Sanger's Chris Moran, who worked a first-period pin of Redwood's Blake Marple in that 170-pound quarterfinal.

There's the pin, third period, for Martin. On the bottom half of the bracket, Clovis' Brody Brand looks like he's all over Mt. Whitney's Jamie Galvan. And Austin Flores of Clovis North wins by tech fall. Impressive quarterfinal performances by the top four seeds there.

170: Martin, Bak, pin Je. Maas, Lib, 5:45

Moran, Sang, pin Marple, Red, 1:32

Flores, CN, tech fall Chavez, MS, 15-0

Brand, Clov, maj dec. Galvan, MtW, 13-3

UPDATED, 5:20 p.m.: A rematch of a really good 160-pound final from last week's SWYL finals is going on as a quarterfinal here. It's Bakersfield freshman Sam Loera, the No. 3 seed, against Centennial's Levi White. Loera built a good lead against White last week and then held on for what ended up an 8-7 victory.

This looks like another good one. White works a last-second reversal in the second period to tie the match, 5-5. Loera is on bottom for the third period, but he's having trouble getting out. White keeps sinking his legs in. Now off a restart, Loera gets to his feet and yanks his ankles away from White's grasp for a 6-5 lead. About a minute left, I'm guessing, and White needs a takedown. Instead he takes a wild shot and Loera gets around for two and an 8-5 lead. He lets White go, so now it's 8-6. Looks like the BHS coaches were afraid of White's potential on bottom here, but now a takedown could tie it for White. He nearly gets one, but the wrestlers are out of bounds instead. Tagger is out on the mat, so short time. That's it. It was 8-7 last week and finishes 8-6 this time.

Another all-Kern battle at 160 just ended with Liberty's Jake Maas pulling out a close victory over Golden Valley's Julio Fuentes. Not sure what the final was there, but it was tight. Here's the bout sheet — it was a 5-3 win for Maas.

Now Bryce Martin, the top seed at 170, on the mat for Bakersfield. He's also got a rematch of the SWYL finals, against Liberty's Jeremy Maas.

160: J. Hokit, Clov, dec. Leypon, Mon, 5-1

Ja. Maas, Lib, dec. Fuentes, GV, 5-3

Loera, Bak, dec. White, Centennial, 8-6

Callender, CE, dec. Duran, Teh, 7-2

UPDATED, 5:11 p.m.: So, halfway through the quarterfinals, here's the story: Clovis has six wrestlers through to the semifinals. Buchanan has five and Clovis West has 4. Those teams have likely zipped by Bakersfield, at least for now, in the team race, because the Drillers have just one in the semifinals right now thanks to a couple of tight losses at 106 and 113.

More results pouring in with few surprises at this point. The top four seeds all moved through at 145 and 152 pounds.

152: Kincaid, Clov, pin Jones, South, 1:42

Romero, Buch, dec. Alvarado, MO, 6-2

Pagela, Port, vs. Lee, Centennial

Zimmer, CW, pin Ruiz, Mon, 2:44

UPDATED, 4:55 p.m.: Sanger's Justin Soto with a big upset at 138 of No. 2 seed Joseph Jauregui of Clovis East. Soto looked like he got a late pin there. Jauregui and Redwood's Isaiah Torres at 120 are the two No. 2 seeds who have lost. No No. 1 seeds have really even been challenged yet.

138: Contreras, Port, tech fall Annis, Bak, 16-1

Esquibel, Buch, dec. Barnes, Clov, OT

Lane, CW, dec. Santore-Tovar, Lib, 6-2

Soto, Sang, pin Jauregui, CE, 5:40

145: Garcia, CW, tech fall Gutierrez, Bak, 20-5

Hill, Clov, pin Lopez, Hoov, 3:37

Sanchez, Sang, pin Demaree, ElD, 5:08

Francis, Buch, tech fall Dias, MO, 17-2

UPDATED, 4:40 p.m.: Looks like Dean Esquibel of Buchanan is on the brink of becoming the first wrestler here to beat a Clovis opponent — it's No. 4 seed Lane Barnes at 138. But Barnes was just awarded a last-second escape in the third period, and I believe we're going to overtime. Barnes beat Esquibel for third place at the TRAC finals last week, but Esquibel has a nice shot in overtime — and he's got the takedown! So there it is — the first Clovis loss of the entire tournament. That's a darn impressive run, though. Clovis now 33-1 on the day.

UPDATED, 4:33 p.m.: 126-pound quarters now, and the top three seeds are already through easily. Mason Pengilly of Porterville pinned Calloway Morphis of Frontier and Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West beat Tulare's Alex Tejada 11-0. Those two are expected to meet for the title tomorrow night. No. 3 Khristian Olivas of Clovis was also impressive, pinning Bakersfield's Sean Nickell late in the second period with a big lead.

Up at 132, Kyler Hansen of Buchanan ends a nice run for Frontier freshman Jonathan Garcia with a first-period pin. Garcia, of course, will wrestle tomorrow morning to get into Masters. Bouncing back after a loss is huge for the guys who are on the bubble for qualifying for Masters. Now Isaiah Hokit, back in Kern County after transferring from Wasco to Clovis over the summer, faces Bakersfield's Arik Onsurez at 132. Hokit is the No. 2 seed and has the first takedown after a good fight from Onsurez. Now he's turned Onsurez on his back, and there's the pin for Hokit. The perfect day continues for Clovis.

126: Pengilly, Port, pin Morphis, Fron, 1:36

Ruiz, Mad, maj dec. Gaxiola, Buch, 12-3

Olivas, Clov, pin Nickell, Bak, 3:52

Knoblauch, CW, maj dec. Tejada, TU, 11-0

132: Camposano, Central, tech fall Allen, Teh, 19-2

Enriquez, MO, dec. Harris, Red, 3-2

Hansen, Buch, pin Garcia, Fron, 1:07

I. Hokit, Clov, pin Onsurez, Bak, 1:47

UPDATED, 4:15 p.m.: Top seed Julian Gaytan of Clovis is through to the semifinals easily with a 14-4 victory over Hanford's Isaiah Corona. Gaytan will get Herrera of Bakersfield next. All of these quarterfinal winners, remember, can place no lower than sixth, even if they lose three in a row in the morning, and so they're safely into Masters at this point. Four more wrestlers will join them by winning in the first consolation round in the morning, which will pit the quarterfinal losers against the winners of tonight's final consolation round.

Our highest seed to go out yet comes at the bottom of the 120-pound bracket, where Redwood's Isaiah Torres has lost 4-0 to Buchanan's Alejandro Jimenez. Lost in all of the Clovis accolades is that Buchanan is also having a very good tournament. Jimenez really controlled that match from start to finish, and he's rewarded with a semifinals appearance and a Masters berth. Same goes for El Diamante's Jacob Delgado, who already upset No. 3 seed Brock Welton of Frontier and now has taken out No. 6 Victor Quintos of Central. So it's Delgado vs. Jimenez in a surprise semifinal at 120.

120: Gaytan, Clov, maj dec. Corona, Han, 14-4

Herrera, Bak, dec. Velasquez, Foot, 2-1

Delgado, ElD, dec. Quintos, Central, 8-7

Jimenez, Buch, dec. Torres, Red, 4-0

UPDATED, 4:04 p.m.: Another tight match, this one going Bakersfield's way at 120 pounds. Carlos Herrera took out Foothill's Marco Velasquez 2-1 in the 4 vs. 5 quarterfinal there. So that's the first Driller through to the semifinals.

Back at 113, Buchanan's Durbin Lloren, the No. 3 seed, beat No. 6 AJ Rosas of Reedley, 3-1, and Monache's No. 2 seed, Matt Gamble took out Foothill's Fern Perez. They join Gilliland and top seed Adrian Camposano of Central in tomorrow morning's semifinals.

113: Camposano, Central, maj dec. Morita, CW, 13-4

Gilliland, Clov, dec. Figueroa, Bak, 6-4

Lloren, Buch, dec. Rosas, Reed, 3-1

Gamble, Mon, maj dec. Perez, Foot, 9-0

UPDATED, 3:49 p.m.: The final score of Gilliland-Figueroa was actually 6-4 in favor of Clovis. I think I missed a third-period takedown in there. Either way, the Cougars are now an unbelievable 30-for-30 today. They've got 12 more matches to go on the day, and I'm starting to wonder if they're going to pull this off this perfect day. There will be a couple of tough ones in there, but it's possible.

Accordingly, Clovis is out to a big lead already in these team scores, which are through the second round:

1. Clovis 108.5; 2. Buchanan 88.5; 3. Bakersfield 80.5; 4. Clovis West 70; 5. Snager 60; 6. Porterville 59.5; 7. Mission Oak 57; 8. Madera 55.5; 9. Frontier 51; 10. Central 48.5; 11. Clovis East 44; t12. Foothill, Monache, Redwood 40.5; 15. Madera South 40.

UPDATED, 3:43 p.m.: Mission Oak's David Campbell with a 13-6 victory over Javier Alaniz of Clovis East in another 106 quarterfinal. The other was No. 2 seed Joey Cisneros of Redwood surviving a scare to beat No. 7 Ross Arve of Buchanan, 4-3.

At 113, one to watch is No. 4 seed J.J. Figueroa of Bakersfield against Clovis' Tristan Gilliland, the No. 5. Could be the Cougars' first loss of the day if Gilliland can't pull off the mild upset. Figueroa had a nice single-leg shot, but Gilliland able to scramble away from it with a nice bit of wrestling. Now Gilliland's turn to shoot, and he finishes quickly — and has Figueroa turned briefly. Don't think there were any points awarded there, though. Second period, Gilliland down. He gets out for an escape and — I think — a 3-0 lead. Now after some hand-fighting up top, it's Figueroa who gets the takedown. 3-2 now, and riding out this period could be big for Figueroa here. But Gilliland gets the escape just before the end of the period. He leads 4-2 (again, I think).

Figueroa down in the third period. He has an escape and we're in neutral at 4-3 Gilliland. Figueroa needs a takedown to stay in this thing. Gilliland doing some effective stalling here, and he's called on it, but there's short time and that's only the first warning. He's going to hang on to win, 4-3.

UPDATED, 3:32 p.m.: OK. Here we go with quarterfinals, where winners are not only into tomorrow's semifinals but into the Masters as a top-six finisher no matter what happens from here on out.

At 106, Clovis' nationally ranked freshman, Justin Mejia, is contorlling Edgar Madrigal of Porterville. I can't see the scoreboards on the mats from where I'm sitting, so I'll do the best I can to update live. In another quarter, Bakersfield's Navonte Demison had an early takedown on No. 4 seed Chris Marin of Clovis West, but Marin got an escape and a takedown of his own. Now Demison has a reversal, though, so that's a close match after a period. Marin might have had some nearfall in there, too. Escape for Marin to start the second period, and now he's in on a shot and finishes for the takedown. Demison is scrambling well, but the senior from Clovis West has been a bit better thus far. Now as Marin works for nearfall, Demison slips out and has a reversal. This is a good one. Again, not sure on the score, but it's close.

Just went and checked — it's 6-6 entering the third period. Marin is going to give Demison an automatic escape and a 7-6 lead to start the period. That means he'll need a takedown to win here, though Demison does have at least one stalling warning that I saw. Quick shot instead from Demison, but he can't ... quite... finish, and now they're in a scramble. Marin trying to gain control. Wow, what ascramble, what a match. Takedown for Marin and an 8-7 lead. Can't be a ton of time left, so Demison needs to score. He flips up on his rear and now works for the reversal ... but Marin back on top and in control as time expires. What a match; it'll end 8-7 for Marin. Mejia, meanwhile, worked for a third-period pin in his quarterfinal.

Mejia, Clov, pin Nelms, Port, 5:12

Marin, CW, dec. Demison, Bak, 8-7

Campbell, MO, dec. Alaniz, CE, 13-6

Cisneros, Red, dec. Arve, Buch, 4-3

UPDATED, 3:21 p.m.: Upsets galore at heavyweight. First off, one of the first-round results was recorded wrong, and the change makes for a big surprise: No. 3 seed Jared Snyder of Frontier was pinned by Lemoore's David Ibarra, not the other way around. And Ibarra was just pinned by Buchanan freshman David Robles in the second round, meaning the Bears get a surprise quarterfinalist and some more points in the battle for (let's be honest) second place.

Elsewhere at heavyweight, No. 5 seed David Bautista of Foothill just went down to Edison's Kevin Vance via a quick pin. It's a wide, wide open bracket for the heavies — except for national No. 1 Nick Nevills, who worked his second first-period pin.

HWT: Nevills, Clov, pin Moreno, Sunny

Madrigal, Port, tech fall Rangel, ElD

Vance, Ed, pin Bautista, Foot

Delgado, GW, dec. Bibiano, CE

Robles, Buch, pin Ibarra, Lem

Powell, Mad, pin Organista, South

Espiritu, Reed pin Parks, Central

Villanueva, MS, pin Cox, CW

UPDATED, 3:14 p.m.: Just spoke with Clovis assistant coach Adam Tirapelle, who could only smile when I told him his Cougars were having a "pretty good" day. I mean, I guess 28-for-28 with 27 bonus-point victories is all right. The one exception to the bonus points rule just happened, when Clovis 220-pounder Adam Prentice beat Stockdale's Henry Song "only" 11-6. Good on Henry for hanging in there, but get ready for a whole lot of blue and gold in the quarterfinals, which will be starting in the next 10 minutes or so.

Another No. 6 went down at 220s as well, with Ridgeview's Freddie Cabral getting the upset pin of Lemoore's Nickolas Betancourt.

220: Morales, CW, pin Madrigal, Port

Mask, Mad, pin Olmedo, South

Sanchez, Sang, pin Cordona, Mon

Gonzalez, Foot, dec. Romero, Central

Yarbrough, Bak, pin Hattfield, North

Cabral, RV, pin Betancourt, Lem

Levatino, Buch, dec. Chavez, MS

Prentice, Clov, dec. Song, Stock

UPDATED, 2:57 pm.: A 195-pound second-rounder between No. 8 Derek Meek of Hanford and North's Jacob Lucas is right in front of me and going to overtime at 7-7. Both guys looked gassed; it's been a fun match, with reversals and back points galore. And it's Lucas with a quick single leg, spinning around to get a takedown in the first 10 seconds of overtime. He's in the quarters, and a date with No. 1 Matt Weiss of Clovis awaits. Hey, that beats the alternative.

Another No. 6 seed also out of the championship bracket at 195 — it's Jacob Valladares of Madera South, who falls 7-4 to Lemoore's Brett Lowe. A mild scare for No. 2 seed Josh Bailey of Frontier, but he pulls out a 5-3 win against Sanger's Arnoldo Gonzales.

195: Weiss, Clov, pin Van Beek, MO

Lucas, North, dec. Meek, Han, OT

Parker, CE, pin Schrien, Mon

Dill, Buch, pin MItchell, Lib

Lopez, RV, maj dec. Halajian, CN

Lowe, Lem, dec. Valladares, MS

Salinas, Reed, dec. Paiste, Port

Bailey, Fron, dec. Gonzales, Sang

UPDATED, 2:45 p.m.: While other top schools start to have their weaker links or guys with bad draws fall into the consolation brackets, Clovis continues to not only be perfect but do it with bonus points in every match. That's the sort of reason the Cougars are ranked No. 3 in the nation.

182: Gamboa, Mad, pin Lora, Foot

Moreno, Sunny, dec. Lugo, West

Taylor, CE, pin Perez, Roos

Montejo, Fron, pin Thompson, Port

A. Nevills, Clov, pin Johnson, Han

Alvarado, MO, pin Ramirez, Central

Stutte, Fres, dec. Morris, MtW

An, Buch, pin Rosales, Bak

UPDATED, 2:39 p.m.: I stand corrected. We will be immediately going into quarterfinals after this round. So we're going to get to some really good matches in short order. Usually, tournaments will run one more consolation round before going into the quarters, but that's not the way this one is set up. After the quarters, we'll have one round of consolation. Good chance we're done by 7 p.m. tonight, which would be much earlier than normal tournaments.

Still one 170-pound match out there, but here are the rest of the results. I'll update the missing result when it's finished.

170: Martin, Bak, pin Marrujo, Mad

Je. Maas, Lib, pin Gonzales, MO

Marple, Red, dec. Dhanoa, GV

Moran, Sang, pin Ames, Port

Flores, CN, pin Byrd, Fron

Chavez, MS, pin Espana, CW

Galvan, MtW, pin Gonzalez, Roos

Brand, Clov, pin Scott, Ed

UPDATED, 2:23 p.m.: Big news: I'm almost to the point where I can watch some wrestling for an extended period. The 170-pound second-round matches are nearly complete, but I've got 160s done, and we should be able to tune in after that.

Close call for No. 3 seed Sam Loera of Bakersfield at 160, but he holds on to beat Buchanan's Cade Belshay in a battle of freshmen. Up next for Loera is Centennial's Levi White, the No. 6 seed.

160: J. Hokit, Clov, pin Komin, Fron

Leypon, Mon, dec. Ramirez, Central

Fuentes, GV, pin Velasquez, North

Ja. Maas, Lib, maj. dec. Lierly, CW

Loera, Bak, dec. Belshay, Buch, 6-5

White, Centennial, pin Osunde, Lem

Duran, Teh, dec. Chapa, Mad, 5-4

Callender, CE, pin Booth, Han

UPDATED, 2:19 p.m.: Six seeds through at 152, with one of the outliers being South's Phelan Jones. He beat Golden West's Paul Hansen in a wild 13-9 match after Hansen beat No. 8 seed Juan Chocoteco of Foothill. So Jones could be a surprise Masters finalist if he can come up with another win or two — though the next match will be against top seed Dominic Kincaid of Clovis.

Bakersfield also loses another wrestler from the championship bracket; freshman Ricardo Gonzales was pinned in the third period by No. 2 Tyler Zimmer of Clovis West.

152: Kincaid, Clov, pin Gamboa, Fron

Jones, South, dec. Hansen, GW

Alvarado, MO dec. Sherwood, CN

Romero, Buch, pin Ibarra, Sang

Pagela, Port, maj dec. Quintana, CE

Lee, Centennial, dec. Flores, MtW

Ruiz, Mon, dec. Maciel, Fres

Zimmer, CW, pin Gonzales, Bak

UPDATED, 2:14 p.m.: The round after this will be consolation only. In fact, the next two round might be consolation only, but I'm not positive of that. All seeds through to the quarters at 145. Clovis and Bakersfield have seven in the quarters at this point.

145: Garcia, CW, pin McMillan, Mad

Gutierrez, Bak, pin Romero, Lem

Lopez, Hoov, dec. Tootle, Foot

Hill, Clov, pin Guerrero, RV

Sanchez, Sang, pin Gaines, MtW

Demaree, ElD, dec. Lemus, East

Dias, MO, pin Beltran, MM

Francis, Buch, tech fall Garten, Fron

UPDATED, 2:10 p.m.: Still a perfect day for Clovis, which has had its CLOSEST match so far at 138 pounds, where Lane Barnes beat North's Julio Rodriguez 8-0. Yeah, that's the closest. Elsewhere at 138, No. 5 seed Alex Treiberg of Centennial goes down 4-3 to a tough unseeded wrestler, Dean Esquibel of Buchanan. That was a showdown for the second round, and Esquibel gets the big win — and a chance to face Barnes tonight.

138: Contreras, Port, dec. Jimenez, CN

Annis, Bak, pin Perez, High

Esquibel, Buch, dec. Treiberg, Centennial

Barnes, Clov, maj dec. Rodriguez, North

Lane, CW, pin Barlow, Han

Santore-Tovar, Lib, pin Arevalo, Teh

Soto, Sang, pin Gonzales, Lem

Jauregui, CE, pin Domingo, MO

UPDATED, 2:04 p.m.: A nice win for Tehachapi's Fletcher Allen, who takes out No. 8 seed Bailey Gutierrez of Hoover in the second round at 138. Up next is Central's top seed Matt Ontiveros, but even with a loss there, Allen is on the doorstep of Masters.

132: Ontiveros, Central, pin Huml, Lem

Allen, Teh, maj dec. Gutierrez, Hoov

Enriquez, MO, pin Gonzalez, RV

Harris, Red, pin Dobbins, CN

Hansen, Buch, pin Wright, Stock

Garcia, Fron, pin Benzler, Sang

Onsurez, Bak, maj dec. Stalnaker, GV

I. Hokit, Clov, pin Solano, MS

UPDATED, 2:00 p.m.: All of the favorites through easily to the quarterfinals at 126.

126: Pengilly, Port, pin Escalera, Foot

Morphis, Fron, dec. Strausser, Bull

Gaxiola, Buch, pin Morgret, North

Ruiz, Mad, pin Martin, Stock

Olivas, Clov, pin Gueymock, South

Nickell, Bak, maj dec. Hill, Lem

Tejada, TU, pin Vera, Central

Knoblauch, CW, dec. Hooten, Mon

UPDATED, 1:54 p.m.: OK, here's our first major breakaway from chalk. It comes at 120 pounds, where Frontier's Brock Welton, the No. 3 seed after a huge win over Bakersfield's Carlos Herrera in the SWYL finals last week, goes down 13-5 to El Diamante's Jacob Delgado. That puts Delgado within a victory of Masters, for one thing, but it also breaks up the bracket in a lot of different ways. The No. 6 seed, Central's Victor Quintos, now has a clearer path to the semifinals, and the No. 2 seed, Isaiah Torres of Redwood, now has a clearer path to the finals. Of course, Torres had his own struggle in this round, needing a third-period reversal to beat Sanger's Gilbert Flores 5-4.

That also will affect the consolation bracket, because Welton gets thrown there now. We'll start paying a little more attention to the consos after this round.

120: Gaytan, Clov, pin Cortes, MS

Corona, Han, pin White, Sunny

Velasquez, Foot, pin Perez, Port

Herrera, Bak, pin Chhim, Ed

Delgado, ElD, maj. dec. Welton, Fron

Quintos, Central, maj dec. Romine, Mad

Jimenez, Buch, maj dec. Aguirre, GW

Torres, Red, dec. Flores, Sang

UPDATED, 1:49 pm.: Sorry about that delay. Had to go cover the press conference and then had a technical issue when I got back. We should be good to roll from here though. They're a little more than halfway through the round of 16 (plus first consolation round) out on the mats. I think 152-pounders are wrestling now. I'll post the round of 16 results from each weight as I get them here. Still no major surprises that I'm aware of as we set up tonight's quarterfinals, which is the point where seeded wrestlers run into one another.

106: Mejia, Clov, pin Zertuche, MS

Nelms, Port, maj dec. Bracamonte, East

Demison, Bak, pin Salazar, GV

Marin, CW, maj dec. Demerath, Mon

Campbell, MO, pin Vargas, Fres

Alaniz, CE, pin Diaz, MtW

Arve, Buch, pin Lazcano, Del

Cisneros, Red, pin Orozco, Mad

113: Camposano, Central, tech fall Nava, Del

Morita, CW, dec. Sarabia, Fron

Gilliland, Clov, pin Teran, Port

Figueroa, Bak, tech fall Aguirre, GW

Lloren, Buch, maj dec. Gonzalez, East

Rosas, Reed, dec. Pena, Red

Perez, Foot, pin Deloza, CN

Gamble, Mon, pin Cruz, West

UPDATED, 12:51 p.m.: The second round, plus the first round of consolation, is well under way here, but I'm going to run over to the press conference to introduce David Fanucchi as the new East football coach on the other side of campus. I'll be playing second-round catch-up when I come back, probably around 1:30.

UPDATED, 12:40 p.m.: Here are team scores after the first round. Note that this does not include that final heavyweight result, so Madera should have two more points or so, which would get the Coyotes into a tie for ninth place.

1. Clovis 55.5; 2. Buchanan 48; 3. Bakersfield 41.5; 4. Clovis West 38; 5. Porterville 36; 6. Mission Oak 34; 7. Frontier 33; 8. Sanger 32; 9. Central 30; 10. Monache 28.5 11. Madera 28; 12. Lemoore 26; 13. Foothill 25; 14. Clovis East 24; 15. Madera South 23.

UPDATED, 12:37 p.m.: We're waiting on one more heavyweight result before the first round is complete. There's an officiating dispute in the match between No. 6 seed Mark Guerrero of North and Madera's Roy Powell. So far, all of the top six seeds in every weight have gotten through to the round of 16. I'm too far from the mat to figure out exactly what's going on there, but it looks like Guerrero has been ruled the winner and Madera is disputing, either a call or the score.

Here are the rest of the heavyweight results. Another note: Bakersfield's freshman heavyweight, Daniel Schoene, was hurt during practice this week and defaulted out of the tournament. That leaves the Drillers with 13 qualifiers here, 12 of whom won their first round match. Clovis was 14-for-14, Buchanan 13-of-14, Porterville 11-of-14, Clovis West 10-of-14 and Frontier 10-of-13.

And the dispute is over, and it's acutally Roy Powell of Madera who is given the 6-5 decision after that dispute. So North's Guerrero, at No. 6, is the highest seed to lose in the first round.

HWT: Nevills, Clov, pin Sanchez, Lib

Moreno, Sunny, pin Borcellas, Han

Rangel, ElD, pin Roberts, Sang

Madrigal, Port, dec. Bueno, East

Bautista, Foot, dec. Garris, Centennial OT

Vance, Ed, pin Hernandez, Hoov

Bibiano, CE, pin Oneal, MO

Delgado, GW, pin Bravo, MM

Snyder, Fron, pin Ibarra, Lem

Robles, Buch, dec. Alonzo, TU

Organista, South, pin Sayaseng, McL

Powell, Mad, dec. Guerrero North

Espiritu, Reed, pin Sanchez, MtW

Parks, Central, pin Akroush, High

Cox, CW, pin Quintanilla, GV

Villanueva, MS, pin Magana, Mon

UPDATED, 12:18 p.m.: No upsets at 220 pounds. Just found out also that Clovis' Nick Nevills, the nation's No. 1 heavyweight, just broke the state record for career pins in his first-round match. Quite an accomplishment for an already storied high school wrestler.

220: Morales, CW, pin Magee, Sunny

Madrigal, Port, pin Goodwin, Fron

Olmedo, South, pin Flores, Red

Mask, Mad, dec. Garcia, High

Sanchez, Sang, bye

Cordona, Mon, pin Duran, MM

Romero, Central, bye

Gonzalez, Foot, bye

Yarbrough, Bak, pin Tripp, MO

Hattfield, North, bye

Cabral, RV, bye

Betancourt, Lem, dec. Halajian, CN

Lavatino, Buch, pin Jaramillo, GV

Chavez, MS, pin Lewis, GW

Song, Stock, pin Lozano, McL

Prentice, Clov, bye

UPDATED, 12:08 p.m. Just about caught up. Here are 195-pound results, and they're wrestling 220 and heavyweights on the mats now. Another seed loses, No. 7 Eric Saavedra of Highland, who goes down 6-1 to Porterville's Basilio Paiste. One thing you see often is guys from really competitive leagues getting good results against guys who come from not-so-tough leagues.

We also have the end to a perfect first round for Bakersfield, with Frank Amaya losing a 10-8 decision to North's Jacob Lucas.

195: Weiss, Clov, pin Kelley, Red

Van Beek, MO, pin Valles, Hoov

Lucas, North, dec. Amaya, Bak

Meek, Han, pin Figueroa, TW

Parker, CE, dec. Ortiz, ElD

Schrien, Mon, maj dec. Munoz, South

Mitchell, Lib, maj dec. Bermudez, East

Dill, Buch, pin Brunoli, Mad

Lopez, RV, pin Bohanon, Sunny

Halajian, CN, pin Bourez, TU

Lowe, Lem, pin Barrena, Foot

Valladares, MS, pin Camacho, Central

Paiste, Port, dec. Saavedra, High

Salinas, Reed, pin Whetstone, MtW

Gonzales, Sang, pin Chavez, West

Bailey, Fron, dec. Ku, CW

UPDATED, 11:58 a.m.: More results at 182. Another seed goes down: No. 8 Jose Bautista of Redwood, suffering a third-period pin to Sunnyside's Erick Moreno.

182: Gamboa, Mad, pin Rangel, CW

Lora, Foot, pin Thomas, Lib

Lugo, West, dec. Garcia, Del

Moreno, Sunny, pin Bautista, Red

Taylor, CE, bye

Perez, Roos, pin Tucker, Bull

Thompson, Port, pin Lemus, GW

Montejo, Fron, pin Fuentes, GV

A. Nevills, Clov, tech fall Marez, Sang

Johnson, Han, pin Baraza, TU

Ramirez, Central, bye

Alvarado, MO, pin Kline, North

Stutte, Fres, pin Rodriguez, MS

Morris, MtW, dec. Galindo, Mon

Rosales, Bak, dec. Deleon, High

An, Buch, pin Mireles, South

UPDATED, 11:52 a.m.: Here we go at 170. Buchanan's Esequiel Olivera couldn't overcome a tough draw against No. 4 Chris Moran of Sanger, so the Bears are no longer perfect in the first round. Only Bakersfield and Clovis at this point. Four weights to go after this.

170: Martin, Bak, tech fall, Macias, Central

Marrujo, Mad, bye

Gonzales, MO, pin Contreras, South

Je. Maas, Lib, dec. Piper, Lem

Marple, Red, pin Arenas, Sunny

Dhanoa, GV, dec. Binger, North

Ames, Port, dec. Padilla, ElD

Moran, Sang, pin Olivera, Buch

Flores, CN, dec. Robledo, Hoov

Byrd, Fron, pin Parks, Han

Chavez, MS, dec. Cruz, Mon

Glavan, MtW, pin Wilson, RV

Gonzalez, Roos, forf Chamalbide, TU

Scott, Ed, pin Grimaldo, Foot

Brand, Clov, bye

UPDATED, 11:44 a.m.: All seeds through at 160, with Clovis, Buchanan and Bakersfield continuing perfect first rounds.

160: J. Hokit, Clov, bye

Komin, Fron, pin Vasquez, Sunny

Ramirez, Central, dec. Castro, Red

Leypon, Mon, tech fall Martinez, High

Fuentes, GV, maj dec. Moskowitz, TU

Velasquez, North, bye

Lierly, CW, pin Sanchez, ElD

Ja. Maas, Lib, maj dec. Lopez, MS

Loera, Bak, pin Reynoso, Ed

Belshay, Buch, dec. Cortez, Port

Osunde, Lem, bye

White, Centennial, pin Cortez, CW

Duran, Teh, maj dec. Torres, South

Chapa, Mad, dec. Ortiz, Fres

Booth, Han, dec. Miracle, Hoov

Callender, CE, pin Masonheimer, MO

UPDATED, 11:39 a.m.: Two more upsets at 152, both with locals going down: No. 7 seed  Brandon Fonseca of West loses 12-7 to Fresno's Gino Maciel, and No. 8 seed Juan Chocoteco of Foothill drops a wild 12-10 decision to Golden West's Paul Hansen. Gotta be ready to go here, because there are plenty of good wrestlers.

152: Kincaid, Clov, bye

Gamboa, Fron, pin Cooper, Hoov

Jones, South, pin Marshall, Ed

Hansen, GW, dec. Chocoteco, Foot

Alvarado, MO, pin Menendez, High

Sherwood, CN, maj dec. Aldama, ElD

Ibarra, Sang, pin Moreno, Stock

Romero, Buch, bye

Pagela, Port, pin Mattson, North

Quintana, CE, maj dec. Ocotlan, Sunny

Flores, MtW, tech fall Romero, GV

Lee, Centennial, dec. Maciel, MS

Maciel, Fres, dec. Fonseca, West

Ruiz, Mon, pin Trejino, Lib

Gonzales, Bak, pin Villafana, Red

Zimmer, CW, pin Romero, Mad

UPDATED, 11:29 a.m.: So here's the 145-pound results, which means I've gotten through half the weights. So far, all seven wrestlers from Clovis, Buchanan and Bakersfield have advanced to the round of 16. Clovis West, the other favorite, has just five through — with both losses coming at the hands of seeded Bakersfield wrestlers. Everything according to plan so far.

145: Garcia, CW, bye

McMillan, Mad, pin Carranza, Port

Romero, Lem, dec. Solan, Fres OT

Gutierrez, Bak, pin Turner, North

Lopez, Hoov, maj dec. Munoz, Red

Tootle, Foot, pin De La Cruz, Del

Guerrero, RV, pin Castillo, Stock

Hill, Clov, pin Fuentes, MS

Sanchez, Sang, pin Manzo, Lib

Gaines, MtW, bye

Lemus, East, pin Montiel, Central

Demaree, ElD, pin Robles, Mon

Dias, MO, dec. Lopez, Sunny

Beltran, MM, dec. McGuire, CN

Garten, Fron, dec. Fletcher, TU

Francis, Buch, pin Pippin, GW

UPDATED, 11:22 a.m.: Here are 138-pound results. Bakersfield's Josh Annis beats No. 8 seed Aaron Watts of Redwood, 4-0. Otherwise seeds continue to hold.

138: Contreras, Port, pin Gonzalez, Roos

Jimenez, CN, maj dec. Mendoza, Mad

Perez, High, pin Moreno, RV

Annis, Bak, dec. Watts, Red

Treiberg, Centennial, dec. McDarment, ElD

Esquibel, Buch, tech fall, Conteras, TU

Rodriguez, North, dec. Simental, GV

Barnes, Clov, pin Garcia, MS

Lane, CW, pin Alcala, MM

Barlow, Han, dec. Milinich, Mon

Arevalo, Teh, def. Garcia, TW

Santore-Tovar, Lib, maj dec. Johnson, Bull

Soto, Sang, pin Rodriguez, Central

Gonzales, Lem, dec. Marin, Foot

Domingo, MO, pin Gonzalez, South

Jauregui, CE, maj dec. Cerda, Sunny

UPDATED, 11:14 a.m.: I'm still catching up with results here and haven't gotten to watch much live wrestling, but I know y'all are hungry for results. About three more weights to go before we're caught up.

132: Ontiveros, Central, bye

Huml, Lem, bye

Allen, Teh, dec. Armijo, Centennial

Gutierrez, Hoov, pin Villarreal, Bull

Enriquez, MO, bye

Gonzalez, RV, pin Connelly, Lib

Dobbins, CN, dec. Zozaya, High

Harris, Red, pin Munoz, Mad

Hansen, Buch, pin Lopez, Sunny

Wright, Stock, pin Flores, Han

Benzier, Sang, pin Macias, South

Garcia, Fron, maj dec. Baker, North

Onsurez, Bak, dec. Miguel, CW

Escalera, GV, maj dec. Stalnaker, GV

Solano, MS, maj dec. Cardenas, ElD

I. Hokit, Clov, pin Paullin, Port

UPDATED, :10:57 a.m. Upsets! We have upsets. Both the No. 7 and 8 seeds at 126 pounds go down in the first round. And neither match was all that close. Tulare Union's Alex Tejada beat No. 7 Charles Hord of Golden Valley, 15-9, and Frontier's Calloway Morphis sprung an 8-1 surprise on No. 8 Michael Rodriguez of Hoover.

Another match of note at this weight: Foothill's Albert Escalera scored 12 points in the third period alone to beat El Diamante's Skyler Huskey in a 23-14 shootout. Wow.

126: Pengilly, Port, pin Rauf, CN

Escalera, Foot, maj dec. Huskey, ElD

Strausser, Bull, pin Tamez, MtW

Morphis, Fron, dec. Rodriguez, Hoov

Gaxiola, Buch, pin Chairez, West

Morgret, North, pin Rivera, MO

Martin, Stock, tech fall Maldonado, Sunny

Ruiz, Mad, pin Fisher, Red

Olivas, Clov, maj dec. Cardoza, Hoov

Gueymock, South, dec. De La Cruz, Del

Hill, Lem, pin Pacheco, Roos

Nickell, Bak, maj dec. Zaragosa, MS

Tejada, TU, dec. Hord, GV

Vera, Central, pin Molina, Han

Hooten, Mon, dec. Campos, Sang

Knoblauch, CW, bye

UPDATED, 10:49 a.m.: 120-pound results. Lots of byes at this weight. Still no upsets to report.

120: Gaytan, Clov, bye

Cortes, MS, pin Bishop, GV

White, Sunny, pin Loehner, Mon

Corona, Han, pin Janney, Teh

Velasquez, Foot, bye

Perez, Port, pin Soto, Reed

Chhim, Ed, bye

Herrera, Bak, maj dec. Espana, CW

Welton, Fron, pin Daniels, South

Delgado, ElD, pin Ramirez, Del

Romine, Mad, bye

Quintos, Central, pin Torres, Hoov

Jimenez, Buch, pin Rios, High

Aguirre, GW, dec. Phelps, MO

Flores, Sang, pin Gonzales, Roos

Torres, Red, maj dec. Butler, West

UPDATED, 10:41 a.m.: Here we go at 113. Seeded wrestlers are usually heavy favorites in this early round, and I haven't come across any surprises yet. Lots of time for that to come, though, and we did have a close call: No. 8 seed Bryce Morita of Clovis West needed a third-period takedown to beat Madera's Jimmy Costa, 7-6 at 113 pounds. Survive and advance.

113 pounds: Camposano, Central, pin Diaz, MtW

Nava, Del, pin Casillas, Roos

Sarabia, Fron, pin Aubrey, MM

Morita, CW, dec. Costa, Mad

Gilliland, Clov, pin Silva, GV

Teran, Port, pin Davila, High

Aguirre, GW, bye

Figueroa, Bak, pin Barragan, Ed

Lloren, Buch, pin Lopez, Lem

Gonzalez, East, dec. Meyer, Stock

Pena, Red, pin Gautam, South

Rosas, Reed, pin Gonzalez, Sang

Perez, Foot, pin Zepeda, Fres

Cruz, West, dec. Bustos, MS

Gamble, Mon, pin Cannavino, Han

UPDATED, 10:33 a.m.: OK, until I get caught up, I'm just going to list some raw results from each weight as they come in. Brackets aren't readily available to attach, so I'll do complete matchups — in the order they're listed on the bracket. That means the top two winners face off in the second round, the next two winners, etc.

106 pounds: Mejia, Clov, pin Cardoso, Han

Zertuche, MS, dec. Chevy-Garcia, South

Bracamonte, East, pin Rodriguez, Lib

Nelms, Port, bye

Demison, Bak, pin Pacheco, Sang

Salazar, GV, dec. Boutvyseth, Sunny

Demerath, Mon, pin Hutcherson, West

Marin, CW, pin Helo, GW

Campbell, MO, pin Mares, Fron

Vargas, Fres, pin Sanchez, Central

Diaz, MtW, pin Saldpour, Bull

Alaniz, CE, pin Stovall, Foot

Arve, Buch, pin Nunez, MM

Lazcano, Del, dec. Zavala, Lem

Orozco, Mad, by forfeit over Cervantes, Reed

Cisneros, Red, pin Kuntz, High

UPDATED, 10:22 a.m.: I've made my way to East, found parking and carved out a spot at the head table. There was a slight delay because some officials were late, but the massive first round is about a third of the way through here. I know a lot of people are clamoring for brackets, but they're using a new computer program here and everything is a little bit sticky right now. I'm sure things will run smoother as the weekend goes along.

I'll have some early results next.

ORIGINAL POST: I'm about to head over to East High for the early rounds of the Yosemite Divisional wrestling tournament. I'll be there all weekend, keeping a live blog running almost the entire time to keep you updated on the big early-round results and upsets, the late-round showdowns and the march towards the state championships March 7-8 in Rabobank Arena.

Here's the skinny on this tournament: There are 32 wrestlers in each bracket, which represents roughly 80 percent of the wrestlers at big schools in the section (the small schools are competing at the Sierra-Sequoia Divisional in Dinuba this weekend). So it wasn't all that difficult for guys to get here.

What will be difficult is for them to get very far. The rubber starts to hit the road early on, with multiple state-ranked wrestlers in every weight class — and even five guys nationally ranked at their weight by Intermat. That includes the nation's top heavyweight, Clovis senior Nick Nevills.

Ah, Clovis. The Cougars are three-time defending state champions and ranked No. 3 nationally as a team. They got that lofty ranking by winning their own very prestigious Doc Buchanan Invitational, going to Ohio to win the Strongman Invitational against some of the best teams in the Midwest wrestling hotbed, and then dominating the Tri-River Athletic Conference (TRAC) against competition the likes of national No. 35 Clovis West and No. 37 Buchanan. Clovis has the top seed in six of 14 weight classes here, and other TRAC schools have four No. 1 seeds. The others? Two for Porterville and one each for Madera and Bakersfield.

Bakersfield, a traditional wrestling power in its own right, has its youngest team in some time. The Drillers have five freshmen among their 14 qualifiers here. The only top seed is 170-pounder Bryce Martin, who's the defending section champion and ranked No. 2 in the state. The Drillers almost certainly won't catch Clovis (or Clovis West or Buchanan) this weekend in the team race, but they will try to qualify as many wrestlers as they can for next week's Central Section Masters at Madera South, which is a state qualifier. Same goes for Frontier and its 13 Yosemite qualifiers, and SEYL champion Foothill and its 12 qualifiers.

The top eight finishers in each weight class get tickets to Masters, and the ninth-place guy will be an alternate in case one of the top eight gets hurt or can't make weight next week. That will mostly be decided tomorrow — though anyone who's able to win three matches today and reach Saturday morning's semifinals is guaranteed a spot in the top six and therefore a spot in Masters.

So that's what's at stake in one of the toughest state qualifiers in the country. We'll be set to go shortly, and I'll be here to bring you all the action live.