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Jesse Oropeza / Regency Lanes

Mike Hefley, left, and Ron Andrews right are shown after rolling perfect games at Regency Lanes.

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Lenore Espinoza, Golden Empire US Bowling Congress Bowler of the Year, 2013

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Diz Francisco, Golden Empire US Bowling Congress Bowler of the Year, 2013

 It could have been a night of history in the making this past Tuesday, February 4, at Regency Lanes.  It took place in the league play for the Tuesday Men’s Handicap league during the third game where opposing teams Team #1/Crest Bar & Grill were taking on Team 7 and both anchormen were on a striking course.  That would be Mike Hefley on Team 1 and Ron Andrews on Team 7.  

Hefley and Andrews continued striking and when they reached the tenth frame the whole place was talking.  Could they both keep striking and both bowl a 300?  Has this ever been done?  As it all unfolded and to the glee of all present, Andrews went up first and achieved a perfect 300 game.  Hefley then really had the pressure put on him but he kept his composure and smoothly was also able to bowl a perfect 300 game and everyone went wild!  

Several others have been close to achieving this feat that we could find.  Years back Tim Gardea bowled a 300 against Joe Cantu’s 299 in league competition and Mike Maloy said he and Ed Wheeldon both bowled 300s years ago when they both were on the same team bowling league.  And, we recalled Don Michael Snow and Julian A. Martinez both bowling 300’s when they were on the same team competing in Men’s State back some ten years ago.  

Carlie Medina III is back-to-back Bud Hannaman Super Bowl 6-Gamer Champ

The 2014 edition of the Bud Hannaman Super Bowl 6-Gamer is in the books.  Thirty-seven local bowlers came out to Regency Lanes Super Bowl Sunday morning to honor the legacy of the late Bud Hannaman.  Hannaman started this tournament on Super Bowl Sunday eighteen years ago and since his death, Gary Cole and Russ Tweedy have continued the legacy.  

This was the first year the tournament was a 6-Gamer as it had been a 10-Gamer in the past.  It is still a handicapped event.  Bowlers bowl six games and then the top five bowl a TV-style roll-off to determine the champion.  

This year’s roll-off had Cody Lewis (254) against Adam Sotelo (196) for the first match.  Lewis then took on John Curtis for the second match (241-256).  The third match was Curtis against Carlie Medina III (192-236).  The final match was Medina III against top seed Bill Bumacod.   To add even more suspense to this final match, Medina III had to call a foul on himself and this really kept the match close.  Medina III defeated Bumacod (225-224)!  Medina, who qualified second was +264 for his six games.  He threw the Brunswick Mastermind for the entire tournament.

Tournament director Gary Cole would like to thank and acknowledge Sheilah Bomar for all of her “behind the scenes” work, Robb White/Robb’s Pro Shop for his sponsorship, the crew of Sophia Cole, Theresa Yorba, Angel Jensen and Barbara Jauch for their help and Regency Lanes for continuing to host this tournament.

Three bowlers from Bakersfield compete in Modesto 6-Gamer

Three bowlers—Diz Francisco, Robert Mayo and Carlie Medina III—made the trip to Modesto to bowl in the Modesto 6-Gamer this past Sunday, Feb. 9, taking place at Yosemite Lanes.  

They bowled on the PBA Detroit Open pattern and although none of them were able to win this event, they placed.  Francisco (+24) placed 9th; Mayo (+27) placed 7th good for $100; and Medina III (+48) placed 6th good for $120.  Last Modesto 6-Gamer champion, Rich Custer, of Modesto, won this event again.  Francisco did not come home empty as he was able to win the high senior series total, good for the tournament entry, $60.

Baker-Barnes Clinic coming to Bakersfield in September

Bowlers interested in a chance-of-a-lifetime to be instructed by one of the best, if not the best coaches in bowling, here’s your chance!  

The dynamic duo of Mark Baker and Chris Barnes will be here in Bakersfield offering not one but two 6-hour clinics at two local centers on September 10 and 11, 2014.  Clinics will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.  Space is limited so if you are interested in participating in one of these clinics, contact Diz Francisco (661) 599-3097 as spots are filling up fast.

Weekly super scores

--Congratulations to Josh Conoway, of Lake Isabella, who bowled a 300 game on Jan. 27 for his second game of the night bowling in the Monday Night Men’s league at Mt. Mesa Lanes.  Conoway said this was his second career 300 and his first was when he was a youth bowler.  He ended the night with a 782 series.

--Congratulations to Dan Long on his 300 game he bowled while competing in the 18th annual Bud Hannaman Super Bowl 6-Gamer, Feb. 2, at Regency Lanes.  Long bowled the 300 during his fourth game of six.

--Congratulations again to both Ron Andrews and Mike Hefley who, bowling against each other, bowled 300 games, for their third game of the night Feb. 4, bowling in the Tuesday Men’s Handicap league at Regency Lanes.  It has been ten long years since Andrews has had the pleasure of bowling a perfecto.  It has been since 2012 that Hefley has fired a 3.  

--Congratulations to Sonny Pollard on rolling another 300 game bowling in the Oldies but Goodies league on Feb. 5, at AMF Southwest Lanes.  He was bowling with the Brunswick Mastermind.

Mike Hefley on bowling tech:  Bowler of the Year?

Do you have a bowling buddy that you believe could be eligible for the GEUSBC Bowler of the Year?  How are they selected and what are the criteria?  

All current GEUSBC members are eligible for this award and are selected by the GEUSBC Hall of Fame committee.  One male and one female bowler (adult or youth) are selected each bowling season for this award which is awarded during the GEUSBC annual Adult-Youth Joint Awards Banquet.

If you have a bowling buddy that you believe should be considered for this yearly award, you can go on to the GEUSBC website and leave a message for the Hall of Fame committee, or let a GEUSBC board member know.  Someone from the committee will contact you so try and have as much information possible about the bowler you have in mind.  

The annual Bowler of the Year honor was a brainchild of former GEUSBC board member, Mike Hardwick.  The honor became a reality the 2011-12 season with the inaugural recipients, Carlie Medina III and Gabriella Mayfield.  There are several qualifications a nominee must possess to be considered for this honor:  1) Candidate must be of good character; 2) Period of time to look at candidate’s bowling achievements would be from Sept. 1 through August; 3) Candidate must have bowled in our association the previous year; 4) Candidate must participate in City tournaments; 5) Must have 60+ games in season to qualify; 6) Honor scores achieved during season considered; 7) Same bowler cannot receive this award two years in a row; and 8) Award available each year for Adult/Youth Male, Adult/Youth Female.  Also any outside tournament wins are also considered.


Today (Feb. 11):  GESUBC Youth Committee Meeting, 4:30pm, Regency Lanes – Mike at 661/331-2695.

Feb. 18:  Entry deadline for CA Pepsi Youth Championships – info at  calusbc.com.

 Feb. 19:  GEUSBC Board Meeting, 6pm, AMF Southwest Lanes – Ray at 661/333-8969.

 Feb. 19:  Regency Las Vegas league starts tonight at 6:30pm – info at 661/325-6428.

Bowling High Scores

From Regency Bowling Center for Weeks 21-22 of Winter leagues ending February 5.

MEN’S 250+ GAMES: 300 -- Ron Andrews, Mike Hefley; 279 -- Mike Maloy, Jackson Hering; 277 -- John Thierolf; 276 -- Randy Carter; 269 -- Ed Wheeldon, Elwood Elliott; 267 -- Robert Tweedy; 264 -- Dan Long; 258 -- Jeff Cramer, Craig Henderson; 257 -- Randy Page; 254 -- Bill Field; 253 -- Alex Garcia        

Youth Boys: 206 -- Zack Long; 203 -- A.K. Campa; 159 -- Noah Dunbach    

MEN’S 700+ SERIES: 770 -- Ron Andrews, Mike Maloy; 759 -- Ed Wheeldon, Robert Tweedy; 742 -- Mike Hefley; 741 -- Randy Carter; 724 -- Dan Long; 719 -- Elwood Elliott; 712 -- Doug Heitman; 709 -- Ian Byers; 706 -- Craig Henderson    

WOMEN’S 220+ GAMES: 236 -- Linda Perry; 228 -- Lisa Isbell; 227 -- Becky Hardwick; 223 -- Michelle Davis, Tracye Hicks        

Youth Girls: 112 -- Allissa Sweet; 106 -- Emily Nelms        


640 -- Lisa Isbell; 627 -- Becky Hardwick; 623 -- Linda Perry; 607 -- Tracye Hicks    

Youth Girls: 355 -- Nicole Tweedy    



300 -- Sonny Pollard; 286 -- Hector Santiago; 280 -- Gary Cole; 279 -- Robert Mayo; 278 -- Mike Hefley, Carlie Medina III; 277 -- Aris Anadilla; 268 -- Rick Bowman; 267 -- Dan Long; 266 -- Archie Anadilla; 259 -- Mike Mayo; 258 -- Andrew Svoren; 257 -- Bill Bumacod, Ron Andrews, Phillip Chow; 256 -- Kenny Branch; 255 -- Diz Francisco    

MEN’S HIGH SERIES: 764 -- Robert Mayo; 752 -- Dan Long; 739 -- Carlie Medina III; 735 -- Mike Hefley; 731 -- Aris Anadilla, Hector Santiago; 728 -- Diz Francisco; 716 -- Andrew Svoren; 705 -- Joe Ramirez; 700 -- Kenny Branch    


Marge’s Super Senior Singles No-Tap Tournament

Thurs., Jan. 30, 1 pm, Regency Bowling Center


1st – Kathy Flautz (852)

2nd – Caroline Elliott (841)

3rd – Cynthia Carr (813)


1st – Richard Elgar (862)

2nd – Lynn Bender (854)

3rd – Robert Turner (827)

--18th annual Bud Hannaman Super Bowl 6-Gamer

Sun., Feb. 2, 10am, Regency Bowling Center

1st – Carlie Medina III, defending Champion (1464*) $450

2nd – Bill Bumacod (1490*) $320

3rd – John Curtis (1457*) $220

4th – Cody Lewis (1436*) $175

5th – Adam Sotelo (1452*) $150

6th – Kenny Branch (1428) $125

7th – Andrew Svoren (1417) $73

8th – Greg Barraza, Jr. (1415) $73

9th – Diz Francisco (1413) $73

*totals without roll-off score(s)

--Coffee Club

Regency Lanes

Sunday mornings, 11:00 a.m.

Sun., Feb. 9th results:

1st – Chris Gregory & Robert Fox (1978)

2nd – Rich Jones & Lynn Fox (1847)

3rd – Nick Kury & Gary Cole (1812)

4th – Greg Barraza, Jr. & Tim Sanchez (1762)

3-6-9 pot won by Greg Barraza, Jr. - $215