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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Centennial runner Brandon Robinson is tackled by Stockdale's Devon Kelley on a first-quarter carry. Robinson fumbled, and the ball was recovered by Stockdale.

UPDATED, 12:52 a.m.: Another hectic Friday night of football is in the books, and though there were fewer surprises this week, a few things still really stood out. Check back on Sunday for a full weekly recap, and don't forget Utah vs. USC, Jared Norris vs. Cody Kessler in a Centennial battle royale at the Coliseum, 1 p.m. tomorrow. I'll tweet @zewing — and maybe blog a bit, too, if I'm feeling fiesty.

To cap off tonight, here's your Week 8 stock report.

Trending up: West, Bakersfield Christian, Bakersfield, Shafter, Tehachapi, Garces, Golden Valley, Kern Valley

Holding steady: Liberty, Stockdale, Wasco, Centennial, East, Independence

Trending down: Ridgeview, South, Highland, North, Mira Monte, Frontier, Arvin, Foothill, Frazier Mountain

UPDATED, 10:22 p.m.: Stockdale starts from its 20. Anthony Wood for 2, and there's a Liberty player injured. That's a free timeout for the Mustangs. Now we're back to action. Drew Allen to pass, and he's sacked! JoJo Hurtado with a huge play for Liberty, and it's third and long. Stockdale uses its second timeout. 59 seconds left. Allen will pass again, and he's sacked again. Oof. Stockdale has to call its final timeout with 49 seconds left, and it's fourth-and-21 back at the 9. Allen will pass again. Throws it up but it's underthrown and out of bounds. Stockdale turns it over on downs, and that'll do it. 42 seconds left, and all Liberty needs to do is kneel on it. they do, and the final: Liberty 27, Stockdale 26.

UPDATED, 10:11 p.m.: Final scores: Wasco 31, Taft 3. Tehachapi 42, North 7. Bakersfield 42, Frontier 21.

Here, Liberty is on a methodical drive that could give them hte lead. Medina has scrambled, passed to Tyson Brewer a couple of times and given to Anthony Mariscal for one big gain, and Liberty is in the red zone. Clock is inside of the three minutes. Now third-and-2 at the Stockdale 10. Liberty wants timeout.

Medina on a draw. Big hole. Liberty scores, and it's tied! Zach Sullivan's PAT ... is good, and Liberty has the lead, 27-26. 1:21 on the clock. Stockdale has two timeouts.

UPDATED, 9:58 p.m.: Liberty throws incomplete on the first play of the fourth quarter and will have to punt. Stockdlae to take over from its 25.

Third and 12 now for Stockdale from its 38. Wood on a draw play right to midfield for the first down. And a personal foul on top of that against the Liberty defense. Huge swing play here. Now third and 2 at the Liberty 27. Chisholm has it. Now six more for Wood, and now Rowel on a misdirection sweep inside the 5. Wood from the 4, to the goal line — he's in, touchdown Stockdale. The Mustangs will go for two. Snap is bad, and Luke Trask, the holder, has to go back and get it. Mustangs miss on another PAT and settle for a 26-20 lead with 6:58 to play.

UPDATED, 9:47 p.m.: The onside-kick recovery from Frontier was waved off because the ball didn't travel 10 yards, so Bakersfield has it with a two-touchdown lead there. 35-21.

Here, Stockdale has gone three-and-out. A nice stand from the Liberty D, and a short punt gives the Patriots the ball at midfield.

False start, though, and now an incompletion and a loss on the ground. Third and 16. That's the end of the third.

UPDATED, 9:41 p.m.: Liberty picks up a first down on a Medina-to-Tyson Brewer 12-yard pass to the Stockdale 27, and now it's third and 2 at the 19, but the Patriots jumped. Third and 7. Medina throws deep — tips off of Hanz Harker's fingers and it's incomplete. Zach Sullivan will try from 41 yards out. High snap, but a good hold ... and Sullivan hits it. Man, he has a leg. It's 20-20. Great game with 2:07 left in the third quarter.

UPDATED, 9:37 p.m.: Liberty gets the ball first in the second half, but it's quickly third-and-9 after an incompletion. Now a delay of game makes it third-and-14. Medina will scramble, but he only gets 8. Liberty will punt for the second time tonight.

Liberty making Stockdale work on this drive, but the Mustangs are methodically moving the chains inside the Liberty 30. Now a holding call, and the Patriots will have a chance to get a stop. Couple of nice defensive plays, and now it's fourth and 25. Stockdale calls timeout. Mustangs will punt — and the snap goes over Jaycee Jeffrey's head! He's back to retrieve it, but there's nothing there, and Liberty will have great field position at the Stockdale 43. Just over four minutes left in the half.

Meanwhile, Frontier has scored back-to-back touchdowns and trails Bakersfield 35-21 at home in the final minute of the third quarter. And the Titans have recovered an onside kick. Stay tuned...

UPDATED, 9:12 p.m.: Here's some halftime stats in a game that's being dominated statistically by Stockdale. The Mustangs have a 396-266 edge in total yards, but they lead just 20-17 on the scoreboard, and Liberty gets the ball first after halftime.

STOCKDALE (70 passing yards, 326 rushing yards): Drew Allen 2/8 passing, 70 yards; Xavier Chisholm 7-159 rushing, 2 TDs; Adarius Rowel 7-95 rushing, TD; Anthony Wood 6-71 rushing; Sam McGrath 1-40 receiving; Corey Collins 1-30 receiving.

LIBERTY (78 passing yards, 188 rushing yards): Josh Medina 9/11 passing, 78 yards, 11-111 rushing, TD; Anthony Mariscal 7-54 rushing, Quincy Jountti 4-20 rushing, TD, 2-18 receiving; Hanz Harker 2-25 receiving; Ross Puskarich 3-20 receiving; Tyson Brewer 2-15 receiving.

UPDATED, 8:55 p.m.: Stockdale has busted two big plays with its ground game in the final minute of the half, but both have been mostly erased by penalty, first a hold on an Anthony Wood run and then a personal foul on an Adarius Rowel big-gainer. Mike Snow isn't happy on the Stockdale sideline, thinking his team should be in position to score. Instead, the Mustangs have called their final timeout. Now yet another big gain, 31 yards from Anthony Wood, and Stockdale has 11 seconds to work with. Chisholm out of bounds with 6. Now Allen's pass is tipped — and that was nearly a pick-six the other way. Instead, it's incomplete and there's 1 second left. Allen will throw a jump ball, and it's knocked down inside the 5. It's finally halftime after a very long final two minutes. 20-17 Stockdale.

UPDATED, 8:42 p.m.: Liberty on the move before halftime, with a six-yard pass from Medina to Tyson Brewer on third-and-5 to keep the drive going. Now he scampers for 16 yards and now 12 more after coralling a bad snap. He hurt himself on that one, though, and he'll have to come out, at least for a play. Brett Voth is the backup. He scrambles for about 3 yards, and now the Patriots call timeout; Medina is back in there, but he's obviously has some pain in that right shoulder or arm. He throws an ugly incomplete pass and then scrambles for 3 and heads to the sideline with that right arm.

Meanwhile, Zach Sullivan absolutely drills a 37-yard field goal. Impressive stuff, and it cuts the Stockdale lead to 20-17 with 1:02 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:32 p.m.: Can't keep up here. Stockdale goes 80 yards in four plays, with a 35-yard run from Chisholm, a 30-yard pass from Allen to Corey Collins and then a 12-yard Chisholm run to paydirt.  This time, the 2-pointer is good on another Chisholm run, and Stockdale leads 20-14. Four lead changes already tonight.

UPDATED, 8:26 p.m.: Liberty gets down inside the 10, now third and goal. Trick play, Mariscal on a halfback pass. It's underthrown and intercepted. That blew up in the Patriots' faces.

Now Stockdale's big-play offense is loose again. It's Rowel on third-and-12 going for 16, and now he's loose on the sideline again. All the way down to the Liberty 38. Now it's fourth-and-6, and STockdale wants its second timeout to talk about it. FAke handoff up the middle and a pitch to Rowel. Nothing but daylight until the goal line, where Rowel runs over a defender and gets in for a 34-yard touchdown. Wow, what deception there. Really fooled the Liberty D. Stockdale will go for 2. Allen will pass. It's low and incomplete. Stockdale settles for a 12-7 lead.

Now Liberty with a good drive going after an Anthony Mariscal 30-yard run to the Stockdale 37. Quincy Jountti going now with consecutive gains of 9, 2 and 5 to get down to the 19. Medina keeps and he's down inside the 5. Now Jountti again. Touchdown. 80 yards in 7 plays, all of them runs, and Liberty strikes back quickly. 14-12 Patriots with 4:50 to play in the half.

UPDATED, 8:13 p.m.: Stockdale goes three-and-out and is forced to punt as Liberty's defense gets its teeth into this one, and the Patriots able to hit a Medina-to-Hanz Harker pass to the 17 as the first quarter ends. It's 7-6 Liberty.

Elsewhere, a big Troy Banks kickoff return has set up a Frontier touchdown as the Titans cut into the Bakersfield lead. It's 14-7 there.

UPDATED, 8:00 p.m.: One first down for Liberty on a Josh Medina scramble, but a block in the back forces the Patriots back on their next series, and they'll punt on fourth and 5 from the Stockdale 42. It's downed at the 12, but two plays later, Chisholm is at it again on a sweep. He's got nothing but green in front of him down the sideline. Anthony Mariscal has the angle and forces Chisholm out at the 9.

Now it's third and goal, and Devon Kelley is forced out. Fourth down. Stockdale calls timeout, but they're going for this. Allen will pass. Mariscal broke it up. Two big defensive plays by Mariscal there. Still 6-0.

Now Liberty backed up at its own 4. Medina hits Quincy Jountti for 7 and some breathing room, then Tyson Brewer for 9 more. Now it's Medina on a scramble and a big gain. Up to the 44. Liberty on a nice drive here. Now a series of short Medina passes to tight end Ross Puskarich and Jountti moves the ball to the 11. Medina keeps to the 2. NOw again with a sneak and it's a touchdown for Medina. Sullivan's PAT is good, and Liberty leads, 7-6.

UPDATED, 7:43 p.m.: We're under way at Liberty, where a short opening kickoff is returned to the 36 by Stockdale. A loss of one for Adarius Rowel, and now play-action, Drew Allen to Sam McGrath, who's wide open and makes the catch, down to the 25. Liberty didn't expect that. Now Xavier Chisholm with room to run on the right side. Lots of room. Foot race. Touchdown Stockdale. Whoa, that was fast. The Mustangs struggled with PATs last week, and this one is no good, too. 1:01 into the game, it's 6-0.

UPDATED, 7:13 p.m.: I'm happy to report that the technical issues of last week's BVarsity broadcast at Bakersfield Christian are a thing of the past. We have a nice strong signal now with Stockdale at Liberty about 20 minutes away here at LHS homecoming. We are having a slight audio problem which is delaying the start of the broadcast, but we should have that figured out in the next couple of minutes. This is a big one, with the winner staying in the SWYL race, and the loser (especially if it's Liberty, which already has a league loss) probably starting to move focus towards the playoffs. Stockdale, in fact, must win at least one of its final three games to meet school standards for playoff qualification. Frontier and Bakersfield wait after this, so things could get pretty hairy for the Mustangs in that regard. The win over Centennial last week certainly helped.

Scores will start to roll in from around the Central Section shortly, too, so keep one eye on the blog and the other on the live broadcast on — audio problems have been solved, so we're beginning momentarily. 

ORIGINAL POST: It's a busy weekend at BVarsity Live. If you missed it yesterday, we had a great Week 8 preview show with guests Justin Roberts, a BVarsity color analyst, and Nick Ellis, a longtime area referee and the Arena Bowl director.

Check that out, and also take a look at a preview for tomorrow's Utah-USC football game, which will feature former Centennial teammates Cody Kessler (USC quarterback) and Jared Norris (Utah linebacker) starting against each other. UCLA, of course, has its own big game up at Oregon starting right around the time that USC game ends. And Derek Carr leads Fresno State to San Diego State, where the Bulldogs put their unbeaten record on the line.

But that's Saturday. Friday is for high school football, of course, and we've got plenty of that for you, too. Keep one window open here on the blog, where I'll update scores all night and give a drive-by-drive summary of our Game of the Week, Stockdale at Liberty. Then open another window to the home page, where we'll be live broadcasting Stockdale-Liberty beginning at about 7 p.m. (kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.) Then, at 11 p.m., it's time for BVarsity Live, with myself and Justin Roberts hosting tonight after we bring you the action from Liberty.

Whew. Lots to get to in the next 30 hours or so. Let's do it.

(All games 7:30 p.m. Friday unless noted; Central Section rankings in parentheses)

Kern County scoreboard
[Central Section]

(2) Bakersfield 42, (14) Frontier 21

(5) Liberty 27, (12) Stockdale 26

(11) Garces 48, Foothill 7

(13) Centennial 28, Independence 6

(20) Bakersfield Christian 38, South 7

(21) Wasco 31, Taft 3

East 7, Highland 0

Tehachapi 42, North 7

West 38, Ridgeview 28

Golden Valley 35, Mira Monte 0

Shafter 42, Arvin 0

Chavez 50, Kennedy 13

Porterville-Monache 24, Delano 14

Bishop 46, Frazier Mountain 6

Kern Valley 49, California City 0

Laton 38, McFarland 6

Northwest Christian at Alpaugh, 11 a.m. Saturday
[Southern Section]

Burroughs 21, Victorville-Silverado 16

Desert 62, Boron 14

Mojave 49, Orcutt Academy 14

New Cuyama-Cuyama Valley 48, Maricopa 12

Big Pine at Immanuel Christian

Other Central Section scores

(1) Fresno-Edison 42, Madera 6 (Thursday)

(4) Fresno-Central 30, (3) Clovis North 14

(6) Clovis 28, Clovis-Buchanan 7

(7) Tulare-Mission Oak 21, (19) Tulare Western 14

(8) Visalia-El Diamante 29, (15) Visalia-Redwood 14

(9) Clovis West 56, Clovis East 20

(10) Fresno-Bullard 14, (24) Sanger 12

(16) Kingsburg 42, (25) Visalia-Central Valley Christian 34

(18) Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial 52, Madera South 14

(22) Porterville 41, Tulare Union 13

(23) Dinuba 45, Selma 14

Porterville-Granite Hills 26, Hanford-Sierra Pacific 20 (OT) (Thursday)

Fresno-McLane 46, Fresno 40 (OT) (Thursday)

Reedley 14, Fresno-Hoover 7

Fresno-Sunnyside 51, Fresno-Roosevelt 36

Visalia-Golden West 47, Hanford West 41

Hanford 41, Visalia-Mt. Whitney 24

Corcoran 42, Strathmore 35

Lindsay 28, Woodlake 0

Tollhouse-Sierra 27, Kerman 14

Fresno-Washington Union 26, Liberty-Madera Ranchos 18

Chowchilla 47, Oakhurst-Yosemite 17

Caruthers 68, Riverdale 7

Fowler 61, O'Neals-Minarets 7

San Luis Obispo-Mission Prep 68, Farmersville 51

Orosi 28, Orange Cove 20

Firebaugh 28, Coalinga 13

Dos Palos 40, Tranquillity 0

Mendota 52, Avenal 8

Fresno Christian 56, Riverdale Christian 6

Lemoore-Kings Christian at Coalinga-Faith Christian, 7 p.m. Saturday