Garces released a statement today to announce the completion of a self-imposed investigation into recruiting allegations against the school's athletic program. The investigation was ordered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno and was done by an independent committee.

The statement is ... well, it's confusing, to be honest. Garces doesn't appear to confirm or deny any fault in recruiting and only vows to do better in the future. Its specific plan of action for improving, however, is left out because it isn't completed. I've left the text of the entire release below so you can decipher it for yourself.

But one way or the other, this story isn't over. Central Section commissioner Jim Crichlow, who's mentioned in the release, told me Friday that the section is conducting its own investigation of these allegations. If the section determines that Garces was indeed recruiting, punishment could be anything from a letter of reprimand (slap on the wrist apparently not included) to something more serious, like forfeiture of past wins (which could hypothetically include last year's Division II title won by the Rams' football team) or future postseason bans.

Here's the text, which was sent to us at about 4:35 p.m. today: