We've gone through quite the evolution for the regular Thursday football blog post here at School House Zach. Originally, I did a podcast all by my lonesome, but I was quickly joined by guests, most notably sports writer Simon Samano and football guru Todd Camps, who's now an assistant coach for his brother Mark at West High.

Last year, we moved to live webcasting with the talented (and obnoxious) Louis Amestoy playing my foil.

We're taking it one step further this time around. With the full power of the Dignity Health Studios up and running, Louis and I will do a live preview show at 2 p.m. every Thursday. I'll post the replay here most Thursdays. This one is late because I went up to Fresno after the show yesterday to cover Derek Carr, Shannon Edwards, Kyrie Wilson and the rest of the locals playing for Fresno State against Rutgers.

If you missed the game, you're probably sorry now, considering the Bulldogs won a 52-51 overtime thriller when Carr threw his fifth touchdown pass in overtime and Edwards helped defend the pass on the failed two-point conversion that finally won the game after midnight.

So I ended up spending the night in Selma, too tired to come all the way back, and I've just been back in town for a couple of hours. So here's the replay of the BVarsity preview. Later today I'll add a live thread to follow along with all of tonight's action.