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Peak Performance SSP 2013 Camp. Coaches Aaron Gillies, Nikki Leon, Zech Browden, Aaron Young

27 high school and collegiate athletes completed the Summer Speed, Strength & Power (SSP) Camp at Peak Performance. The camp started on June 3rd and ended on Friday July 12.

This group of athletes - some soccer players, some softball, some baseball, some basketball - were training 4-days per week for 2-hours per day.

The first hour, athletes completed a dynamic, sport oriented warm-up, then moved to speed, agility, plyometric and power training. This training was done at Truxtun Park on the corner of Mohawk & Truxtun.

During the 2nd hour they went inside to 5337 Truxtun Ave and did their core training and strength training. The group, ranging from 13 to 20 years old, did deadlifts, front squats, pull-ups, single leg squats, cable chops, slideboard exercises and medicine ball work.

This culminated with an increase in vertical jump as much as 3" and agility test times that dropped an average of 20%.

Congratulations to these athletes. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall when our FAST Forward sports training starts on Sept. 3!

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Aaron Gillies, MS