An inspiring bowler with talent can dominate locally and have aspirations to bowl in prestigious tournaments in our region and have success and then hopefully the PBA.  One can hope and dream that one day this might become a reality, but without the support and backing, this seldom happens. 

But once in a while, a bowler, with talent is noticed.  That glimmer sparkled this past week when pro bowler, Dave Wodka, who is an Ebonite International (EBI) staff member, came through town and let Zack Newman know he had been selected to serve as an amateur staff member for EBI! 

Newman will be joining a group of bowlers who were also chosen to serve as staff for the Ebonite ball company.  This is big and a serious boost to Newman’s career.  Newman said the staff are members from across the US and some are from abroad. 

Zack shared that he had been aware of staff positions with ball manufacturers and since he has had the opportunity to be in contact off and on with Wodka for the past year or two, this appointment was something that not only would benefit Zack with the further knowledge of Ebonite equipment but also would allow him to contribute.

With his new position, Newman will be doing what he can in the Bowlers Edge Pro Shop inside Regency Lanes to sell Ebonite products to local bowlers, as well as promote the product through bowling tournaments he participates in by demonstrating which balls work for what conditions, as well as help put on events like Demo Days that help make the Ebonite product line more known and understood to local and league bowlers.

Newman will hold this position with Ebonite under contract until April, 2014 and hopefully he will be able to continue with EBI after that date and into the future.  Hopefully Bakersfield will recognize and support Newman in this endeavor.  Bowlers are always looking at the option to purchase a new bowling ball and this liaison with Ebonite opens up a lot of possibilities to us locally to have a representative we can go see in the pro shop that can advise us because he will be up close and personal with the new balls that are out on the market. 

And Newman, 28, has the resume.  His start in bowling was 18 years ago when he was just 10 years old and began his bowling career at Westchester Lanes.  His first ball was a purple Ebonite Maxim, which, he says is “still in my garage”.  His coach at the time was Mark Koelzer, who would have him practice “just one thing for hours at a time, which was hitting the 15 board again and again and again with my 10-pound plastic ball!”  Fundamentals like this made Newman what he is today who’s career to date has (25) 300 games and (12) 800 series.  He has also won a couple of tournaments locally and out of town but aspires to bowl “PBA Regional events and High Rollers”. 

Newman graduated from Bakersfield High School and went on to get his teaching credential where he currently works as a Junior High Special Education teacher for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools in Wasco, CA. 

Currently his favorite Ebonite ball “would probably be the Champion—it’s a strong asymmetric pearl ball that still performs on oiler conditions and goes through the pins exceptionally well not giving the usual over/under reaction down the lane that a lot of other shiny pearls will sometime give you.”

A fun story from several years ago that Newman shared was “back in 2008, a couple of my really good friends at the time, Daniel Watanabe and Brittany Ramos bought me a Total NV Ebonite ball for my birthday.  I remember that we drilled it right before league.  I bowled 211 the first time out.  I made a small adjustment on the ball and threw the last 25 in a row for an 811 series.  Fun times and good memories!” 

Newman would like to convey his sincere appreciation stating “some people have been really, really supportive of me, entirely more so than I deserve, and I am extremely thankful to them.  I believe they all know who they are.”

Vote Today for Scott Norton for ESPY’s – deadline this Wednesday

CA PBA bowler, Scott Norton is up for the Best Bowler category for the 2013 ESPY’s.  Norton, a two-time Glover Masters Champion who has gone on to win two PBA titles and was on Billie Jean King’s PBA League team that won this year has had a year to remember so far.  Let’s support his career and cast a vote for him today.  Go to and vote for him for Best Bowler.  It just takes a second to vote.  Do it NOW as voting closes at 6pm this Wednesday, July 17.

Tony Rose’s Team Wins JWTC Tournament in Vegas

Tony Rose left youth bowling with a bang!  Competing in his last youth tournament, the JWTC (Junior World Team Challenge) the weekend of June 22-23, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rose and his teammates won the event coached by his UNLV coach, Joey Shugart.

This caps off a surreal last couple of months for Rose who graduated from UNLV May 19th, was hired for a dream job at and was able to stick with his love for bowling and compete again this year in the JWTC tournament which has been held in Las Vegas the last couple of years.

Rose said he has competed in this particular tournament for seven years.  The last three years he was coached by UNLV’s Shugart and his team also made the finals each of these years placing fourth, then last year second and then winning the championship this year.

For their 2013 Championship win, the team won $2,250 plus trophies and medals.  Tony’s teammates on this year’s winning team, The Shenanigans, were Teddy Lucente from Elmont, NY/UNLV; Tiffany Cox from Las Vegas, NV/University of Arizona; Tony Rose from Bakersfield, CA/UNLV;  Dan Hansen from Boise, ID/Boise State University; and Erik Mattewson from Las Vegas, NV/UNLV.  Coach Shugart is the UNLV Head Coach for Bowling.

JWTC had (30) teams competing this year from all around the world (an international event that is WTBA certified).  The event organizers are Steve Weinman and Ty Treddenbarger.  This year’s event was the 18th annual and it took place at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  The format was Day 1 for qualifying (5 regular games, 6 Baker games to qualify and then they were cut to Top 8 teams in each division).  Tony’s team qualified for the semi-finals (Top 8) in first place!  Next was Semi-finals and their qualifying scores do not carry over so they all started at 0.  They ended up bowling the second seed (Gardena Bowl) for the title match where Tony’s team won 377-292.

Rose also placed second in the limited division Singles which won him $150 in scholarship money.  And, Rose and his doubles partner, Dan Hansen were the Limited Division champions in Virtual Doubles (using their team scores).

Brunswick Open Practice Session comes to AMF Southwest Lanes on Thurs., July 25th

An open invitation to all local adult and youth bowlers interested in Brunswick bowling balls and specifically the DV8 ball that is currently on the market. 

Local standout bowler and Brunswick staffer, Carlie Medina III, has helped put together an Open Practice Session that will take place at AMF Southwest Lanes on July 25th from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. that is open to all bowlers who are looking to purchase a new Brunswick DV8 bowling ball.  Northwest Brunswick Product Specialist, Nick Smith will be on hand to give advice and ball recommendations to those participating.  Smith has been a Brunswick Product Specialist since 2010 as well as being on the Brunswick Regional Pro Staff from 2003 through 2010.  He also has been a pro shop owner/operator now for 11 years.

Here’s a chance for local bowlers to get their equipment analyzed and see if the new Brunswick ball would work for their style of bowling before the fall season starts.  Mark your calendars now!

Locals Making a Showing at USBC Open Nationals

With the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Nationals 2013 tournaments drawing to a close in Reno, Nevada, a couple of local bowlers have realized their scores are holding up good in the standings!  --Senior bowler, Ron Erickson, who bowled in the 70-74 division is currently sitting in first place with a total pin count of 2128 (scratch) and total with handicap of 2425!

--Carlie Medina III, bowling on the late Tony Reyes’ hand-picked team (TR2) along with teammates George Aboud, Kevin Harlim, David Bolles and Joe Goldstein, Sr. are currently in 24th place in the Open Team event which is not too shabby considering there were 7400 teams competing this year!  Medina was the only Bakersfield bowler on this elite team.

2nd Bud Hannaman Memorial Tournament scheduled for Sunday, July 21

It’s July and local bowlers know what that means.  It was also the month of the late Bud Hannaman’s birthday which means it is time once again to honor him by holding the Bud Hannaman Memorial Tournament that will take place on Sunday, July 21, at Regency Bowling Center. 

This tournament is a 4-Gamer that is USBC certified and will feature two divisions—Senior (for bowlers aged 55 and over) and Regular (which includes high rollers).  This is also a handicapped tournament (80% of 220) that is either based on your 6-Gamer average, or your April 15, 2012 book average, or your current average (21 games) or you must enter scratch at 220.  Entry fee for this event is $40 for sign-ups before July 21. 

Tournament features same-day payout, top 5 TV-Style roll off and handicapped and scratch pots.  For information, flyers are at the front desk at Regency of contact tournament directors Russ Tweedy (661) 303-2007 or Gary Cole (661) 302-7630.

Ebonite Demo Days

Regency Lanes will be hosting the Ebonite Demo Days coming on Tuesday, August 6th.  EBI staff members, Dave Wodka, Tim Tripp and new staff member, Zack Newman, will be on hand to assist. 

Bowlers that are in the Mega Ball leagues at both West Side Lanes in Taft and Regency Lanes will have the first go in the first session that runs from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m., leaving the next session (from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) for all other local bowlers to try out some of the new balls by Ebonite, Hammer, Track and Columbia bowling balls. 

The Pro Shop Demo Days put on by Davis Bowling Supply will be held the day before on Monday, August 5th at Riverside Lanes.  All manufacturers will be on hand for this day-long demo for pro shops.  Pro Shop owners and staff will have a good look at all the newest bowling balls and equipment being offered by the manufacturers before they come to Regency to have them available for local bowlers.

Demo Days is free but bowlers are asked to bring their favorite ball along so the Ebonite Staff can fit you quicker into a demo bowling ball that might just turn out to be your next new favorite bowling ball to start off the fall season!  So get ready to try a bunch of the latest bowling balls offered!!

Weekly Super Scores

Congratulations to Diz Francisco who bowled a nice 299 game bowling in the Mega Ball league at Regency on Tues., June 25.

Good bowling by Aris Anadilla who bowled a 300 game this past Sunday morning, July 14, when he competed in the Coffee Club tournament at Regency.


--Coffee Club

Regency Lanes

Sunday mornings, 10:00 a.m.

Sun., July 7th results:

1st – Elwood Elliott & Jeff Ellington (1814)

2nd – Mike Long & Barb Francisco (1768)

3rd – Norris Richards & Sean Ambrose (1761)

Sun., July 14th results:

1st – Elwood Elliott & Norris Richards (1873)

2nd – Darin Fox & Nick Kury (1866)

3rd – Zack Newman & Mike Long (1830)

3-6-9 carry-over is over $500

*Note:  No Coffee Club next Sun., Jul. 21


Sun., Jul. 21:  2nd annual Bud Hannaman Memorial Tournament, 1 p. m., Regency Lanes.  Four gamer.  $40 entry fee (before Jul. 21).  Two divisions—Seniors (55 and older) and Regular (includes high rollers).  Handicap tournament (80% of 220).  For information, contact Russ (661) 303-2007 or Gary (661) 302-7630.

Thurs., Jul. 25:  Brunswick Open Practice Session, AMF Southwest Lanes, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Open to adult and youth bowlers looking to purchase a new Brunswick/DV8 ball.  No fee.

Sun., Jul. 28:  ABT (Amateur Bowlers Tour) Tournament, Vista Lanes, Palmdale.