Some passing league observations from Bakersfield High last night, where BHS, Independence, Highland and Frazier Mountain played a round-robin of 30-minute games:

• I arrived about five minutes late, and on the first drive I saw, Highland intercepted Bakersfield quarterback Asauni Rufus. From that minute on — over some 20 drives encompassing three opponents and more than an hour — I believe Bakersfield scored on every last possession. There might have been something I missed while watching the other game or trying to tweet and capture video, but the Drillers were very nearly unstoppable. Rufus is bigger and stronger than last year, and he appears to be confident going to any one of a number of receivers. Don't expect to see Paul Golla and staff switching out of their pistol-option look any time soon (if it ain't broke...), but it would be fun to see BHS spread it out and throw next year. The Drillers have the tools to do that, too.

• Independence also made a few highlight-worthy plays on offense, but they mostly struggled defensively from what I could tell and generally appeared inconsistent. The Falcons don't have Preston Hodges at quarterback anymore, but they still might find themselves in some shootouts next season.

• Highland looked generally solid — not quite as athletic as BHS and Independence, but enough to win a few games next year and become a threat in Division III.

Passing league runs every Wednesday in June at Bakersfield and Liberty, where I'll head next week. Until then, enjoy these highlights, shot by yours truly and cut up by Louis Amestoy: