A video of some Derek Carr summer footage has been making its way round the internets over the past few days, but it has nothing to do with the former Bakersfield Christian quarterback's big plans for his senior season at Fresno State.

Check this out: Looks like a backyard barbecue at David Carr's house in southwest Bakersfield, and Carr is caught on tape doing something that YouTube surfers will play over and over again:

Pretty impressive for anybody, but keep in mind that Carr is already pretty heralded with a football in his hands. He is the reigning Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year and at least a darkhorse contender for the Heisman Trophy next season. Some guys just have it all, huh?

And, oh, by the way: That's older brother David Carr of the New York Giants on the rooftop shooting video and going wild when the shot goes in. (That's a correction from earlier when I thought it was the third brother, Darren, on the rooftop and David by the hoop).

Darren is the one by the hoop, and he says Derek hit nothing but net ... on his first try. He said Derek thought his older brothers were playing a trick on him, making him think it went in by going nuts — but I don't think you can fake that kind of reaction.