Mega Ball 2013 is already generating plenty of interest. Here’s a list of what’s going on in local bowling:

Mega Ball 2013 – it’s the 18t annual for this summertime favorite for local bowlers. This year’s league will have an even bigger field of bowlers as we welcome Taft bowlers to join in on this year’s Summer Mega Ball league.

Taft’s West Side Lanes already has 49 bowlers who are already rolling in their division at Westside Recreation & Parks District.  West Side Lanes will be sending their top team to meet Regency Lanes’ Wild Card team in the first match of this year’s Mega Ball Roll-Off at the end of the league.  Taft bowlers will also be bowling in the Mega Ball Sweeper at season’s end at Regency Lanes. 

This year’s Bowlers Edge Pro Shop Mega Ball league at Regency starts on Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. There are still individual sign-ups, as well as team spots available. Teams are comprised of mixed trios of any combination (two males and one female or two females and one male). This league is also a handicapped league. The league will have two 7-week rounds, plus Sweeper.  The cost is $22 per bowler, per week. The league also features weekly cash winners, sidepots, 3-6-9 jackpot and brackets. Each bowler will receive a new ball of their choice (drilling included) as well as a very good prize fund, where each team gets prize money at the league’s final night. If you only bowl once a year or once during the summer, come join in on the Mega Ball summer league. Flyers and sign-up sheets are at the front desk at Regency Lanes or call (661) 325-6428 or (661) 324-6303 to sign up now.

Proposed Amendments at Upcoming USBC National Convention

Although there is not enough room to list each and every amendment that will be voted on at the upcoming USBC (United States Bowling Congress) National Convention that will be taking place April 30-May 4 in Reno. Here is a list of some of the important ones of interest:

Amendment No. TR 1:  Distribution of Prize Funds.  Requires rules for distribution of special prizes to be included in the tournament rules and if not, Rule 308 applies.

Amendment No. TR 2:  Conditions that Apply. Allows for tournaments to have a rule allowing individuals who bowl with both hands to choose which hand they are going to use and all average information submitted will be for that hand. 

Amendment No. B 5:  Terms. Removes the nine-year maximum for term limits on the national board.

Amendment No. B 6:  Authority and Duties. Allows the USBC Board to adopt the General Playing Rules.

Amendment No. B 7:  Board Authority and Duties. Removes the maximum restriction on local dues and allows for the local board to determine the dues.

Tony Reyes Memorial Bowling Ball Now Available

Thanks to Storm Bowling, the anxiously-awaited Tony Reyes Memorial plastic ball is now available.  Cost is $115 (cash, money order or cashier’s check), which includes shipping.  A portion of money collected from the sale of each ball goes to the Tony Reyes Youth Scholarship fund.  The ball comes with a ball cup for display purposes.  If interested, send you name, ball weight, address (street, city, state and zip), and phone number along with payment to Ed Godbout.  Ed’s address is 1441 North Fourth Street, San Jose, CA,  95112. 

Also, FYI, Storm will be releasing seven new balls on May14. Storm, which has risen to be one of the top bowling ball companies on the market will bring out three new additions to their current line:  Freak ‘n Frantic, Lights Out and Super Natural.  This release will also include two new three-color options in the Tropical Breeze series and two new color options in the Ice line, the Mix.  Storm states that with a 1500-grit polished finish, the Super Natural will help bowlers battling drier lane conditions and slower ball speed.

Three Local Bowlers Recognized on Storm Website

The Storm Nation was lit up on April 6 recognizing the local trio team, Zack Newman, Diz Francisco and Sean Ambrose for setting the record for the highest trios scratch series City record!  All three bowlers were using Storm bowling balls and it is so exciting to see the company picked up on it and let them be nationally known.  This record was bowled on February 18 at AMF Southwest Lanes as they competed in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league.

TR Tribute patches still available

Anyone still wanting to get a Tony Reyes tribute emblem, here’s the info. The cost is $5 (check or money order payable to PBA) for each patch. Proceeds from the sale of these patches go to the Tony Reyes Family Fund. To order, send your payment to PBA, c/o TR emblem, 615 Second Avenue – Suite 680, Seattle, WA  98104.  Be sure to include your name and return address.

Scott Norton’s WTT KingPins team is 2013 PBA League Elias Cup Champions

Going in as the top team with the most Elias Cup points, the WTT KingPins comprised of Pete Weber, Tommy Jones, Scott Norton, Jack Jurek and John Szczerbinkski came out as number one winning the 2013 PBA League Elias Cup, which was telecast on April 7.  The WTT KingPins team’s owner is Billie Jean King. 

Weekly Super Scores

A couple of perfectos:

Congratulations to Zack Newman who added another 300 game to his career on April 15, bowling in the Bakersfield Scratch Trios league at Regency Lanes ending the night with a 795 series.

Congratulations to Bill Field for his 300 game rolled in the Oldies But Goodies senior league April 17 at AMF Southwest Lanes.

A couple of 299s:

Ron Andrews, bowling in Marge’s Social Group league at Regency Lanes on Thursday, April 18, came oh so close to getting a 300 by rolling a 299. Andrews added it has been ten years since he has experienced a 300.

And, great bowling by Phillip Chow, bowling in the Mexican-American league at AMF Southwest Lanes on April 19. Chow also rolled a nice 299 game.

Specials to note

Senior bowler, Nick Camba, had some good scoring on Friday, April 12, bowling in the Primetimers league at Regency Lanes bowling a nice 290 game with a 767 series.

And, another 99-pins-over-average game was rolled by Doc Victor, who bowled a nice 284 game (with a 185 average) in the Bakersfield Scratch Trio league on April 8, also at Regency Lanes.

Get well wishes to well-known bowler Kenny Branch, who recently underwent heart surgery.