160: Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, tech fall Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield, 18-3

170: Bryce Martin, Bakersfield, dec. Austin Flores, Clovis North, 5-4 2OT

182: Adrian Salas, Clovis inj. def. Kyle Pope, Bakersfield

195: Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, dec. Matt Weiss, Clovis, 3-2

220: Sean Medley, Wasco, dec. Cortes Morales, Clovis West, 9-4

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clovis, pins Jonathan Roa, Lemoore, 2:49

106: Adrian Camposano, Central, maj. dec. Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, 13-2

113: Sean Williams, Lemoore, maj. dec. Isaiah Hokit, Wasco, 11-3

120: Mason Pengilly, Porterville, dec. Arnulfo Olea, Exeter, 4-0

126: Vincent Gomez, Frontier, dec. Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West, 4-3

132: Javier Gasca III, Kingsburg inj. def. Kyler Hansen, Buchanan

138: Martin Sandoval, Porterville, pins Chris Garcia, Clovis West, 3:51

145: Jason Ladd, Clovis, dec. Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West, 3-1

152: Kyle Perreault, Clovis East, dec. Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield, 3-2

UPDATED, 9:19 p.m.: Final team scores below. Outstanding lowerweight is Porterville's Martin Sandoval at 138. Outstanding upperweight is Lemoore's Isaiah Martinez. Talk to you next week at state.

1. Clovis 201; 2. Buchanan 149; 3. Bakersfield 132.5; 4. Porterville 94; 5. Lemoore 91; 6. Clovis West 90.5; 7. Frontier 78; 8. Wasco 74; 9. Central 60.5; 10. Selma 56; 11. Clovis East 44; 12. Madera 40; 13. Firebaugh 37; 14. Clovis North 32; 15. Kingsburg 30.5

UPDATED, 8:47 p.m.: We'll end the night with another good one. Bakersfield's Coleman Hammond against Clovis East's Kyle Perreault. Perreault caught Hammond in a standing cradle early last week and pinned him in 39 seconds, but Hammond maintined his No. 2 state ranking. Perreault is No. 4. Really aggressive action from the opening whistle. Hammond shoots first and it's a good one. Perreault defending near the edge. Hammond tries to launch him back in, but no points. Restart. Another shot for Hammond, more good defense from Perreault, and a stalemate with 38 seconds. Now Perreault a half shot, but Hammond had stepped back. Time will run out on a scoreless first period. So, whatever opening-minute jitters Hammond might have had after last week are over.

Perreault takes bottom. He gets to his feet — and nearly catches Hammond again, this time in a headlock, but Hammond scampers away. 1-0 Perreault. Fighting for position in neutral now. Perreault shoots and drives Hammond with a bunch of momentum, but by the time he falls on him, they're well out of bounds. Still 1-0. A minute to go in the second. Hammond has inside position on the head, but we'll see if he can do anything with it. High crotch from Perreault but Hammond shucks it away. Still scoreless. Hammond was the aggressor in the first, probably more Perreault in the second. Time runs out. 1-0 Perreault.

Hammond down in the third. Perreault breaks him down. Hammond keeps fighting up to a base, to his feet, out. So 1-1 now. Perreault shoots quickly. Hammond fighting, but Perreault's in deep. They're nearly out of bounds, but there's the two for Perreault at the last minute. 3-1 for Clovis East, with 1:20 on the clock. Hammond rarely acts frantic, but he might need to do that here. He gets to his feet and out. 3-2. Hammond needs a takedown if he wants to avenge last week. Restart with 54 seconds. Hammond still not acting very urgently here. It's not his style, but time is running out. Again OB with 32 seconds. Hammond trying to set up shots, but Perreault is solid. Hammond settling for half-shots. Restart with 10. Time is going to run out. Perreault wins, 3-2. Hammond will have to hope he can see Perreault again next week.

UPDATED, 8:38 p.m: Last week brought us a double-overtime match at 145 between Clovis West's Tyler Zimmer and Clovis' Jason Ladd, and they're at it again this week. A scoreless first period, with Zimmer trying to finish a takedown late but not getting particularly close.

Ladd down in the second period. Zimmer works the legs in. Eventually Ladd, who lost the match last week, gets the escape for a 1-0 lead. And now, late in the period, he has the crucial takedown. 3-0 for Clovis. Zimmer has 11 seconds off a restart to get an escape. He gets to a seat, but Ladd drives into him and holds onto control. 3-0 for Ladd through two.

Zimmer goes down for the third. He gets out quickly but still trails 3-1 and needs a takedown. But he can't really break down Ladd's defense. Zimmer continues to try some shots, but Ladd a step quicker each time, and we're down to 10 seconds off a restart. That'll be that. Clovis' Jason Ladd gets his revenge for last week with a 3-1 victory at 145.

UPDATED, 8:30 p.m.: Another default at 132 pounds, with Kyler Hansen of Buchanan conceding to Kingsburg's Javier Gasca. So we go to 138, where I took a bathroom break in the first period. But Porterville's Martin Sandoval has a 2-1 lead into the second period on Clovis West's Chris Garcia.

Sandoval chooses neutral in the second period. A beautiful shot gets him another takedown, and it's 4-1. Now he has Garcia turned late, and we could see a fall — we do! With nine seconds left in the period, Sandoval gets the mat slap. Porterville has its second champion.

UPDATED, 8:24 p.m.: Now the one I've been looking forward to all day, the 126-pound final between Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch and Frontier's Vincent Gomez. Gomez won a 9-7 decision early in the year, but last week, it was 8-7 Knoblauch. They're ranked 1-2 in the state.

Knoblauch out quickly with a double-leg takedown. Wow, that was fast, and it's 2-0. Gomez escapes off the restart, and it's 2-1. Knobluach shoots again, but Gomez fights it off and now has his own shot, a high single. Great defense played by Knoblauch though, to scramble back to the mat and force a stalemate. These guys provide some great action. Still 2-1 Knoblauch. Knoblauch shoots, but there's not much there, and another stalemate. 10 seconds in the period. It'll expire with Knoblauch leading 2-1.

Gomez down. Gets to his knees, and he'll spin around for a reversal and a 3-2 lead. Still behind, though, if you figure Knoblauch can at least work escapes in each of these two periods. Gomez breaks Kknoblauch down. He gets up but is broken down again. A minute to go in the period. These matches really are coin flips between these guys. Gomez riding well here, though. Stalling called on Gomez. He's asking the refs about the call. Restart at 31 seconds. Knoblauch to his feet but brought back down. Trying to tie up a hand. Time running out on Knoblauch for his escape here. 10 seconds, 5. He won't get it. 3-2 Gomez after two.

Knoblauch down, but now a third-period escape will only tie. Broken down again. Gomez has to be sure to work from top, though, as he already has a stalling warning. Gomez trying to tilt here, but Knoblauch staying on his elbows. He's up to a base and now to a tripod. Gomez has to be careful with that tight-waist or he'll get another stall. A minute left. Gomez working on the hands again. Crowd starts to boo, many wanting another stall warning. But the ref hasn't yet called it. KNoblauch to his feet, but Gomez catches a leg. He'll follow him out of bounds with 22 seconds left. Crowd howling for a stall now. Knoblauch trying for a switch and nearly put himself on his back. 10 seconds left and counting. Knoblauch grabs the mat, and that's a technical violation. A crucial point for Gomez. He lets Knoblauch go now, but not enough time for anything, and Vincent Gomez gets his victory, 4-3. Another great match between these guys.

UPDATED, 8:14 p.m.: Another good one at 120 pounds, with state No. 1 Mason Pengilly of Porterville taking on Exeter's Arnulfo Olea, who's ranked sixth in the state. Scoreless for a minute, but Pengilly finishes a takedown near the edge about 15 seconds later and has a 2-0 lead.

Olea keeps trying to rise up, but Pengilly doing a nice job returning him and riding without stalling. Period runs out, 2-0 for Porterville.

Olea takes down. He had to think about it, though, considering how good Pengilly is from top position. He nearly hooks the legs in here, but Olea gets out and forces a stalemate at 57 seconds. Olea broken down again. Now he's to a seat, and Pengilly trying to drive him to his back. He won't, but the period ends with no escape for Olea. Still 2-0 Pengilly headed to the third.

Pengilly down. Olea probably happy just to be able to breathe on top, and he breaks Pengilly down. But he needs to score, down 2-0. Pengilly to his feet and turns around to grab Olea's leg. Turns it into a reversal and a 4-0 lead. Olea out to his knees, but Pengilly holding on. Time is going to run out on this one, a 4-0 victory for state No. 1 Mason Pengilly.

UPDATED, 8:05 p.m.: Wasco's Isaiah Hokit and Lemoore's Sean Williams tangling for the title at 113 pounds, with Williams No. 3 in the state and Hokit No. 6. I believe Williams beat Hokit at the Doc B in an earlier meeting. First minute brings nothing, then a nice single-leg shot from Williams, but Hokit able to stay standing and fight him off until they go out of bounds. Good defense from Hokit, who's a sophomore. He was fourth in state at 106 a year ago. Time running out on the first, but there's a lightning outside single from the senior Williams and a 2-0 lead. He rides out the period.

Hokit down in the second. Gets to his feet and is brought back down harshly by Williams. Off the restart, Hokit to his feet again and spins away for the escape. 2-1 now. Williams another nice shot but gets nothing out of it. Inside a minute now. Hokit needs to set up his own offense here. Beauty of a duck-under for Williams instead, and a takedown at the edge of the circle. Really quick, and Williams leads 4-1. Some mumbles from the Wasco crowd; that was close to being out of bounds. Time runs out in the second.

Williams picks down but Hokit will give him neutral for a point. 5-1 Williams now, and he's starting to roll. Nice deep shot. Hokit gives him a fight, but he finishes for 7-1. Hokit gets an escape with 1:10 left. 7-2. Williams will add another, and he's cruising now, 9-2. Hokit's once considerable defenses have been broken. Escape, takedown, and now it's a major with 30 seconds left. 11-3. Williams deciding to ride it out here, heavy on the head. It'll be an 11-3 major decision for Lemoore's Sean Williams.

UPDATED, 7:56 p.m.: Central's Adrian Camposano had a scare in his 106-pound semifinal, but he got past Redwood's Joey Cisneros and is probably happy not to see Monache's Matt Gamble in the final. Instead, it'll be Buchanan's Durbin Lloren, who took third at the Yosemite Divisional last week and upset Gamble in the semfiinals this afternoon. Camposano with a quick takedown and now working on a tilt. Five-count, and that's 5-0. Here's more nearfall coming. Make it three more, and an 8-0 lead after one.

Camposano came to wrestle tonight. Lloren chooses neutral and has a nice shot, but Camposano scrambles well and gets the takedown for himself, 10-0. Lloren nearly reverses but they go out of bounds and he settles for an escape and 10-1. Lloren, the freshman, continues to be aggressive, and he draws a stalling warning on Camposano late in the period. Not going to come back in this match, but Lloren won't quit. Coaches love to see that. 10-1 after two.

Camposano down for the third, to his feet, lifted back down by Lloren. He gets out and it's 11-1. Takedown Camposano, who got fired up after Lloren threw him a bit after the whistle. He lets Lloren go and says, come at me again. Lloren does, and now we're back to neutral fighting. Camposano dancing out there now, swinging his arms and legs and looking for a place to strike. He doesn't, though, and time will expire on a dominant 13-2 performance for Adrian Camposano, your section champion.

UPDATED, 7:47 p.m.: As far as state rankings, the heavyweight is the most lopsided final of the night, with No. 1 Nick Nevills of Clovis already up 2-1 on Lemoore's Jonathan Roa, who's ranked No. 14. Nevills gets another takedown with about 25 seconds left in the period, and it's 4-1 for Clovis after the first round.

Nevills down in the second and escapes for 5-1. A low single that's almost unfair for heavyweights makes it 7-1, and now the turn's coming. Roa trying to fight it, but he's helpless at this point. The pin comes at 2:49. A dominating Central Section campaign for Nick Nevills, who goes to state as the overwhelming favorite.

UPDATED, 7:42 p.m.: At 220, it's state No. 1 Sean Medley of Wasco taking on Clovis West's Cortes Morales, who's ranked No. 6. Morales gets a nice single-leg, but he can't pick it up and Medley forces him out of bounds. Nice start for the underdog Morales, though. Medley won an earlier meeting between these two, but it was relatively close, I believe. Morales tries the throw and Medley whips him to his back! Morales fights it off, but a takedown and two nearfall for Medley make it a 4-0 score. Escape Morales for 4-1 off the restart. That's it for the first period.

Morales down in the second. He escapes, so it's 4-2, but he can he make up for that crucial first-period moment? A takedown would be a great place to start, but Medley isn't giving him much. Now Medley tries a bear hug. Morales backs away, knowing where that can lead. Shot for Morales, an outside single, but nothing there. Restart with 24 seconds, still 4-2. Now Morales tries the high C. Medley is like a tree. Just doesn't move. But you'd like to see him push more action, and now he's going to get a stalling warning. Crowd complains, as does Wasco coach Juan Gallardo. That was odd timing for that call, because Medley was actually moving forward at the time. He might have been stalling a bit earlier in the period, but not then. But it goes in the books as a warning just before the end of the period. We go to the third, 4-2.

Medley down in the third. He gets to a tripod. Morales trying to bring him back down. He does, but he's just killing time at this point. He'll let him go off a restart, so 5-2 Medley. Morales needs a takedown, and he's shown the potential to do it. Also has that stall warning to work with. Restart with 1:02. Now Medley with the standing shot, a single, Tries to suck it in and now lifts into a high single. Takedown Medley and a 7-2 lead. Morales escape, but it's now 7-3 with just 30 seconds. Medley will add another in the final 10 seconds, and this is going to end up being comfortable. Escape Morales, but the 220-pound champion is Wasco's Sean Medley, 9-4.

UPDATED, 7:32 p.m.: Just like last week, Bakersfield's Kyle Pope will forfeit to Adrian Salas of Clovis at 182, citing illness, and Salas is your section champion.

We move on to 195, where it's Clovis' Matt Weiss against Washington Union's Gabriel Gonzalez. This is state No. 6 Weiss against No. 8 Gonzalez, so should be a good one. A near takedown for Weiss in the first period, and then a nice shot from Gonzalez, but no points in the first. Scoreless to period No. 2.

Salas down first and gets an escape for a 1-0 lead. Now a nice shot from Weiss and a near takedown, but they're ruled OB first. The Tirapelles are unhappy with that. Hard to see from here, but it was right in front of them, and they weren't happy. Back to action we go. Gonzalez is warned for stalling, so Weiss has a slight edge. Final 30 seconds. Weiss trying to set up a shot, but Gonzalez sprawls and time expires. We'll go to the third with Salas up 1-0.

Gonzalez down first and Weiss given a caution for a false start. He tries to get the legs in, but Gonzalez fights it off and rolls away for an escape. 1-1. Weiss shoots again — notice one guy is doing all of that? But wait a minute! Gonzalez just threw Weiss straight to his back! Lucky for Weiss that he landed out of bounds, or he might have been pinned there. As it is, a takedown for Gonzalez and a 3-1 lead. What a turnaround that was. Looked like Weiss was pushing all of the action, but he made one mistake and then — boom. So 3-1 Gonzalez. Now he's trying to lock up a headlock from top but can't really get it. Time is a-wasting, though. Weiss to his feet and away with 43 seconds left. 3-2. Remember, Gonzalez has the stalling warning. Now Gonzalez gets a single-leg, Weiss fights out of it, but we restart with only 15 seconds. That's it. Gabriel Gonzalez of Washington Union wins at 195, 3-2, with one big bad moment the difference.

UPDATED, 7:23 p.m.: Another Yosemite Divisional rematch at 170, where Bakersfield's Bryce Martin will try to repeat his victory against Clovis North's Austin Flores. A lot of action early but no points. Flores takes an ill-advised shot with about 50 seconds left and nearly pays for it, but he recovers before Martn can cover him. Now off the restart, a nice shot from Flores, a double. Can he finish? He's in deep, but Martin hanging on to the waist. There's the two with about 12 seconds left. In retrospect, might have been better for Martin to let him have it earlier. As it is, no time for an escape, and Flores takes a 2-0 lead into the second period.

Flores down for the second. To his feet but driven out of bounds by Martin. Restart, and Martin works a tilt. Flores spins around quickly, but not quickly enough. Two nearfall for Martin ties the match, 2-2. Flores escapes at the 55-second mark and takes a 3-2 lead. A takedown by either guy here would be huge. Martin shoots, but Flores is wise to the low single this week. Final 20 seconds. Out of bounds with 11. Second period will end without further action. Flores leads 3-2.

Martin down for the third, needing an escape to tie. Flores gives him neutral, and it's 3-3. Now we decide this thing. Out of bounds at about 1:30. Not many shots from either guy lately. Can one of them set something up? Last week, Martin dominated Flores, but I think he kind of caught him by surprise. Thsi week we have a tight match. Restart again with 48 seconds. Stalling called on Flores at the 30-second mark. Ref ruling that Flores isn't doing enough besides pushing on Martin. Final 15 seconds now. Flores tries a high crotch but misses everything. He shoots again and this is a better one, but we go out of bounds with 2 seconds left. We're headed to OT.

A minute on the clock. Important to remember here that Flores has the stalling warning, so he has to continue to push action. He does with another high crotch, but Martin scrambles well and nearly gets the TD himself before they go out of bounds. Another restart at 35 seconds. Martin tries a duck-under and nearly gets another, but again out of bounds. 23 seconds now. Restart at 8 seconds. Flores tries another shot, but Martin with good defense, and we're headed to double OT tiebreaker.

Martin will be down first. Tries the granby, no luck. Gets to his feet and is out of bounds before the ref awards the escape. Boos from crowd. Still 20 seconds as they restart. Switch to the stand up, and Flores locks his hands! That's a point for Martin, and if he can get another with an escape — and he does with 10 seconds — he'll have a two-point lead. It's 5-3 Martin headed to the next 30 seconds. Flores needs a reversal or an escape and then a takedown here. He gets the escape and it's 5-4. 20 seconds left. Stalling called on Martin now with 16 seconds. He'll have to earn this one. Shot for Flores. Martin scrambling. 10 seconds. Flores trying to finish. Stalemate called at 4 seconds! The Clovis North coaches can't believe it. Martin is going to win, 5-4 in double OT. Wow. I don't think Flores had enough time to finish a takedown there anyway, but ... you've got to let him have a chance, methinks. Anyway, Martin is your section champion at 170.

UPDATED, 7:10 p.m.: Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore gets us started with a bang tonight, with a quick takedown of Bakersfield's Hunter Hodges in the 160 pound final. Hodges keeps fighting up from bottom, and eventually Martinez just lets him go, so it's 2-1 a minute in. Hodges, from what I can tell, is the only California wrestler to take Martinez a full six minutes this season, and he's done it twice. But another takedown and now two cradles for nearfall make it 8-1 for Martinez through a period. So we might not make it a full six minutes this time.

Second period, Martinez down. He stands up. Hodges holds on and tries to return Martinez to the mat, but his legs are just too strong. Tree trunks stuck to the mat. Escape Martinez and now another takedown. Wash, rinse repeat, and it's 13-2 Martinez. Still only halfway through this match. Now Martinez will work for the turn. Can't get it and lets Hodges up again. Another takedown with 20 seconds. Martinez chooses to ride out the period this time and has a 15-3 lead headed to the third.

Hodges chooses ... top? OK... and now with an optional start he just lets Martinez go. That's 16-3, and another takedown is a tech. There it is, 18-3 technical fall for Martinez with 1:27 to spare this time. Three-time Masters champ.

UPDATED, 6:49 p.m.: Kern County's two state finalists in girls wrestling, Chavez's Anissa Rodriguez and Arvin's Angelica Llanes, both lost tight matces for the championship. Rodriguez lost 1-0 at 98 pounds, and Llanes fell 5-3 at 103. Kern County has its first girls state finalists but continues to search for its first state champion.

Big crowd filing in here for the boys Masters. We're probably about 10 minutes away from starting? A guess, but pencil in 7 p.m. for a start.

ORIGINAL POST: We're getting set for the Central Section Masters championships here at Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia. We'll start the finals at 160 pounds, with national No. 2 Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore getting the spotlight first against Hunter Hodges of Bakersfield. We'll end with Coleman Hammond against Kyle Perreault at 152 pounds tonight. I'll update the list of finals at the top of this post throughout the night and do the play-by-play down here.

And we just got word of the weights where the Central Section will get 10 qualifiers to state: 106, 120, 126, 132 and 170. That makes East's Adam Bracamonte a happy man after his ninth-place overtime loss at 126, and it gives Kern County 28 state qualifiers. No dice for Frontier's Aaron Gomez or Bakersfield's Shaq Garret.

Here are team scores entering the finals, with Clovis locked into first place and Buchanan all but locked into second (Bakersfield has four finalists but one is facing Isaiah Martinez and they'd need bonus points in at least three of them to catch Buchanan.

1. Clovis 185; 2. Buchanan 149; 3. Bakersfield 128.5; 4. Clovis West 90.5; 5. Porterville 84; 6. Lemoore 80.5; 7. Frontier 74; 8. Wasco 70; 9. Selma 56; 10. Central 55.5; t11. Clovis East and Madera 40; 13. Firebaugh 37; 14. Clovis North 32; 15. Monache 28.