106: Adrian Camposano, Central, dec. Matt Gamble, Monache, 10-6

113: Sean Williams, Lemoore, maj. dec. Joseph Jauregui, Clovis East, 11-3

120: Mason Pengilly, Porterville, dec. Jonas Gaytan, Clovis, 3-1

126: Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West, dec. Vincent Gomez, Frontier, 8-7

132: Kyler Hansen, Buchanan, dec. Abel Contreras, Porterville, 8-3

138: Martin Sandoval, Porterville, dec. Chris Garcia, Clovis West, 11-6

145: Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West, dec. Jason Ladd, Clovis, 2-1 2OT

152: Kyle Perreault, Clovis East, pins Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield, 0:39

160: Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, tech fall Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield, 22-7

170: Bryce Martin, Bakersfield, pins Austin Flores, Clovis North, 2:51

182: Adrian Salas, Clovis, inj. def. Kyle Pope, Bakersfield

195: Matt Weiss, Clovis, dec.. Josh Bailey, Frontier, 8-4

220: Cortes Morales, Clovis West, pins Auggie Alcantar, Frontier, 3:18

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clovis, pins Jonathan Roa, Lemoore, 2:41

UPDATED, 7:18 p.m.: Final team top 20:

1. Clovis 297; 2. Buchanan 269; 3. Bakersfield 215; 4. Lemoore 194; 5. Clovis West 176; 6. Frontier 166; 7. Porterville 161; 8. Clovis East 116.5; 9. Madera 100; 10. Central 92.5; 11. Monache 89.5; 12. Sanger 81; 13. Reedley 76; 14. Bullard 69; 15. Clovis North 66; 16. Edison 63; 17. Madera South 54.5; 18. Redwood 54; t19. Hoover and Ridgeview 51.

UPDATED, 7:00 p.m.: State No. 1 Nick Nevills of Clovis up against Jonathan Roa of Lemoore in the last final of the night at heavyweight. Nevills has worked four takedowns in the first period and leads 8-3 after one. He was a state champion as a freshman, remember, before getting upset in the state semifinals last year and settling for third place. He'll be back deep into the state tournament in two weeks, you can bet that.

Nevills down in the second. He's out for an easy escape. Continues to shoot and shoot. Roa is helpless to stop it. Another takedown. It's 11-3 Nevills now, and here he goes for the turn. The pin comes at 2:41. Nevills with the hammer there, and he was as dominant as anyone in the whole tournament.

If I have time before we pack up here, I'll post final team scores. If not, thanks for joining in on another wrestling live blog.

UPDATED, 6:56 p.m.: At 220, it's the top seed, Cortes Morales of Clovis West, against the upstart, No. 6 seed Auggie Alcantar of Frontier. Alcantar is a wild card, though, because he's so athletic. A few attempts at throws, not many shots in the first minute. No score. Morales tries a couple of shots now, but he never got down low enough to do anything, and we're through a period with no score.

Morales chooses down. Alcantar breaks him down and spins around, but now Morales to his feet and out. Escape gives Morales a 1-0 lead. Back to the neutral dance. Morales with a better shot, but Alcantar catches him and kind of throws him out of there. Then a quick double from Alcantar but Morales backs out — and now the re-shot with a single. He picks it up and puts Alcantar down on his back. He's stuck, at 3:18. Alcantar gave it a shot, but he got caught being a little too loose on his feet. Cortes Morales, your 220 pound champion.

UPDATED, 6:51 p.m.: Remember, Kyle Pope of Bakersfield defaulted to state No. 1 Adrian Salas at 182 because of Illness, so we move right on to 195.

Matt Weiss of Clovis and Frontier's Josh Bailey, the top two seeds, meet in the final at 195. Weiss tries a trip, but he misses and Bailey shucks him by for an early takedown and a 2-0 lead for the underdog. Now Weiss is out for 2-1. Now he shoots, a nice one, and Weiss able to finish for a 3-2 lead. That's how the first period will end.

Second period, Weiss down. He's a master of his own balance, it looks like, and he's got Bailey out of position. There's a reversal for a 5-2 lead. Restart with about a minute left. Weiss is a bit high here, but he re-gains position and breaks Bailey down. Short time now, and the period will run out with Weiss ahead, 5-2.

Bailey goes neutral for the third. He'll need more than just one takedown here. But he's gonna get one, with a beautiful sweeping double-leg that nearly put Weiss on his back. That's 5-4. He'll let Weiss go for 6-4. Now Weiss shoots and get a takedown. The aggressor is being rewarded here. 8-4 for Clovis. Weiss continues to ride tough on top. Bailey almost looks immobile back there. That'll be it, and it's an 8-4 victory for Matt Weiss.

UPDATED, 6:43 p.m.: Interesting final at 170 between Clovis North's Austin Flores and Bakersfield's Bryce Martin. Martin has the first takedown and now works a tilt, but Flores off his back before the count reached two. Martin gets another tilt locked up and gets three nearfall. These two haven't met and haven't even been in the same weight all year. Martin wrestled 126 last year and moved all the way up; Flores has been at 182 all year. You'd think Flores would have a strength advantage, but I'm not sure that's true. Martin has been dominant this week, and that continues in the first period here. Escape for Flores to cut the lead to 5-1 as the first period ends.

Flores chooses down and gets out to cut the lead to 5-2. But here's a Martin takedown, and he rolls Flores to his back again! This one has the possibility of being something more than nearfall — yep, there's the pin at 2:51. Wonderful tournament for Martin.

UPDATED, 6:38 p.m.: Now the star of the whole show, Lemoore's Isaiah Martinez, against Bakersfield's Hunter Hodges at 160. Hodges has had a good tournament, but he's up against it against Martinez, who's ranked No. 2 nationally. Martinez works the takedown and has a turn late in the first period. Two-count for two nearfall and a 4-0 lead after one.

Hodges down for the second, and this time he's able to escape. 4-1. But Martinez works another takedown. Hodges isn't giving up anything easy, but Martinez is patient. Escape Hodges, another takedown Martinez, and it's 8-2. That repeats itself before the end of the period, with the latest Martinez takedown coming just before the buzzer. 10-3.

Some blood time on Martinez's wrist before the third period. When we start, Martinez will choose neutral. Just forcing him to go the distance would be a small victory for Hodges, because Martinez usually doesn't need all three periods to win. He gets a single-leg takedown for a 12-3 lead after about 40 seconds and now will let Hodges go, hoping to wash, rinse and repeat. He does, and then he does it again. Like clockwork. 16-6 now with 30 seconds left. Now a takedown to Hodges' back, but he's out of bounds. Restart with 12 seconds left. Martinez lets Hodges go and will take him down one more time. To his back. Two nearfall before the clock expires, and that's going to make this a tech fall, 22-7.

UPDATED, 6:30 p.m.: Now state No. 2 Coleman Hammond of Bakersfield against No. 4 Kyle Perreault of Clovis East. Perrault quickly off the gun has him locked up in a headlock. He's got it good and now Hammond to his back. Oh my goodness. Crowd going bananas, and there's no easy way out of this for Hammond. He's rocking, rocking, but there's the pin. 39 seconds. Stunner of the night, and Kyle Perreault wins the 152-pound title.

UPDATED, 6:28 p.m.: Clovis' Jason Ladd, the top seed, is taking on Clovis West's Tyler Zimmer in the 145-pound final. Zimmer trying to finish a shot in the final 20 seconds of the first, but Ladd holds him off. Scoreless after a period.

Zimmer down in the second. He won a tight match over Bakersfield's AJ Fierro in the semifinals, and Fierro came back to take third. Zimmer gets to a seat here, but Ladd spins around him and breaks him back down. Now Zimmer to his feet, but Ladd is heavy on the head still, so no escape. Stalemate called, and Zimmer back down with 1:12 left in the second. Back to his feet with a minute. Scramble here, and Zimmer gets away for a 1-0 lead. Zimmer shoots but Ladd sprawls nicely and no points. Second period will expire with the score 1-1.

Ladd gets his escape a bit quicker in the third, about 40 seconds in, and we've got 1:15 to decide this thing before OT. It's 1-1. Nice high crotch from Ladd, but Zimmer has no problem sprawling. 30 seconds to go, still 1-1. We're going to overtime.

Clock operation has been an adventure here, and now we've got to wait for the clock to run from 2 minutes to 1 because apparently setting it to 1 was too easy. About 30 seconds in, we've got a blood timeout for Zimmer. Back to action. Scramble here, Ladd trying to finish. Can't do it before the buzzer. Double OT.

Ladd down first. He's trying for the reversal. Almost had it, but Zimmer kept a leg, and now they're out of bounds with just five seconds left. Took a risk and it didn't work. So Zimmer will be down with a chance to win. He's lost to Ladd twice this year in tight matches but can turn it around here. Ladd heavy on the ankle. Zimmer gets to a seat but Ladd still has the ankle. Now Zimmer all the way out except for the ankle. Stall called — and now Zimmer is out with two seconds. A big double fist-pump, and he has the 2-1 upset victory.

UPDATED, 6:11 p.m.: Porterville's Martin Sandoval is all over top seed Chris Garcia of Clovis West early, with a takedown to the back for two nearfall and a 4-0 lead, and now he has a cradle locked up and appears to have Garcia stuck. Garcia kicking furiously and trying to rock his way out of it, and eventually he does. Crowd wanted a pin there, and from my angle it probably should have been. Garcia lives to wrestle some more, though he's now down 7-0. An escape will make it 7-1 after one period.

Sandoval chooses neutral in the second. Garcia tries a throw and moves Sandoval a little, but he can't finish and they go out of bounds. Now another nice shot from Sandoval, and he finishes the takedown for 9-1. Sandoval gets too high, though, and Garcia climbs over top of him for a reversal. Now he turns Sandoval. They go out of bounds, but Garcia gets two nearfall points first and has the gap down to 9-5. Just 2 seconds in the period, so it'll end that way.

Garcia down in the third, looking to narrow the gap further. He's to his feet but never gets free for the escape. Sandoval throws him over his back back down and regains control. Nearly had some nearfall there, but it wasn't called. Still 9-5 despite all that action, and we're under a minute now. Garcia to his feet again, and this time he's out for the escape. 9-6, but only 30 seconds left now. Restart with 6 seconds. Garcia shoots wildly, and Sandoval caps his victory with a takedown for an 11-6 championship victory at 138.

UPDATED, 6:01 p.m.: At 132, it's Buchanan's only finalist, Kyler Hansen, against the top seed Abel Contreras of Porterville. Contreras hasn't wrestled today, remember, because he had an injury default in the semifinals. And he's off to a slow start here with Hansen getting a quick takedown and now turning Contreras for back points. Contreras back to his belly fairly quickly, but two nearfall is given, and Hansen leads 4-0. He'll ride out the rest of the period, controlling Contreras well.

Seocnd period and Contreras chooses neutral. Interesting. A nice drag from Hansen about 40 seconds in leads to another takedown, and the Bear is dominating, up 6-0 now. Contreras reverses and attempts to drive Hansen to his back, but Hansen re-gains position and gets the reversal back for an 8-2 lead after two.

Hansen chooses bottom. Contreras is riding well here in the third, but he's down big and will need a turn if he has any hope of making this interesting. Hansen is warned for stalling with about 30 seconds left and again with 10 left, but that won't matter at this point. It's going to be an 8-3 final for Kyler Hansen of Buchanan.

UPDATED, 5:51 p.m.: Now for the only state 1 vs. state 2 match of the weekend. It's Frontier's Vincent Gomez against Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West. Gomez won an early-season meeting 9-7, which is why he's the 1 right now. That could change tonight. Lots of action early, with Knoblauch shooting and Gomez trying a couple of throw-bys. Lots of hand-fighting too. Look out — Knoblauch with the lightning fireman's for two points and Gomez to his back. But Gomez gets on his hip and gets out without giving up back points. He escapes to trail 2-1. Gomez looks kind of nervous to my eyes, which isnt' a good thing. But there's a beautiful low single for Gomez. Knoblauch grabs an ankle and holds on. Stalemate with 3 seconds. Good defense from Knoblauch. That's the end of the first period, with Knoblauch up 2-1.

Gomez chooses down. KNoblauch goes to the cradle, but Gomez stands up out of it and gets the escape. We're tied at 2, but Knoblauch can go down in the third. He goes for the double and nearly finishes, but Gomez somehow keeps his balance and goes around the other way for a takedown! Big OOH from the crowd there as Gomez takes a 4-2 lead. 45 seconds left in the period. Knoblauch broken down and Gomez working to get the legs in. Potentially dangerous move called, which is a break for Knoblauch. Allows him to get back to a base off a restart. 24 seconds. Knoblauch reverses off the switch, but he's too high, and Gomez is going to reverse back. But now he's too high, looking for a turn, and Knoblauch reverses just before the buzzer! Wow. After all that, the score is 6-6.

Interesting — Knoblauch is going to choose neutral for the third. Trusts himself to get a takedown here. Lots of feeling out here as things have slowed down a bit. Good low shot from Gomez. Trying to finish, but KNoblauch snags a leg and is coming back up. Can Gomez get the leg free? No, potentially dangerous called. Still 6-6 with 54 seconds. What a double here from Knoblauch now for the takedown. That's an 8-6 lead for Clovis West. 30 seconds now. Gomez trying to hand-fight on bottom. He needs action, now. 15 seconds. Gets up and out to cut it to 8-7. 10 seconds. Knobluach gets a leg and holds on for dear life. Clock expires, and it's an 8-7 victory for Michael Knoblauch in a fabulous match.

UPDATED, 5:42 p.m.: Mason Pengilly, the state's top-ranked wrestler at 120, gets Jonas Gaytan of Clovis in the final here. Pengilly collects Gaytan's legs at the edge of the circle and pulls them in for a takedown about a minute into this one for a 2-0 lead. He's riding tough now, not giving up the escape, and the period will end with Pengilly ahead 2-0.

Gaytan down for the second and gets an escape, and now he has a nice double-leg shot. Picks Pengilly up, but Pengilly has him around a leg and is scrambling out of it. Good defense is the hallmark of most of the really good wrestlers, and Pengilly proves it again there. No points, still 2-1 late in the second. The period will end that way.

In the third, Pengilly chooses down and is out easily for a 3-1 lead. Gaytan will need a takedown to win the match. Nothing really doing here, though, as Pengilly's defense is so, so good. Less than a minute now. Restart with 42 seconds. Gaytan becoming more active, but his shots aren't really getting anywhere. Time will run out on a 3-1 victory for Mason Pengilly of Porterville.

UPDATED, 5:34 p.m.: So Matt Gamble becomes the first No. 1 seed to lose in this tournament, as all 14 made the finals.

At 113, a quick takedown for Lemoore's Sean Williams, who's been dominant thus far this weekend, with his only close match a 6-3 decision over third-place finisher Khristian Olivas of Clovis. Clovis East's Joseph Jauergui also has looked good, but he's down 2-0 here. Jauergui gets the escape, and it's 2-1 into the final 30 seconds of the period. It'll stay 2-1 to the second.

Williams chooses down, and Jauergui works for a quick tilt — but only a one count, the ref says, and no back points. Close call for Williams. Some of the Clovis East fans wanted back points there. Again, Jauergui flashes Williams onto his back but only get a one count. If I'm Williams, I want out of there as soon as possible. But Jauergui is very tough on top. Now Williams to a seated position, and he leans Jauergui over for the reversal and onto his back! What a turnaround. Jauergui might be stuck — no, period ran out first. Five-point move for Williams, though, who suddenly leads 7-1.

We go to the third and Jauergui wants down. He escapes but still trails 7-2. Jauergui's chance here was the two tilts, but he got points out of neither and now is really backed into a corner. Takedown Williams for 9-2 with 1:15 left. Jauergui escapes for 9-3. Now a blood stoppage for Jauergui with 35 seconds left. Williams will add a takedown late and try to turn Jauergui. Can't do it, but he'll take an 11-3 major decision and championship at 113 pounds.

UPDATED, 5:22 p.m.: First takedown of the 106-pound final belongs to the top seed, Matt Gamble of Monache, but Adrian Camposano counters with an escape and a takedown for a 3-2 lead. He has an escape in the second period and now finishes another takedown for a 6-2 lead. Escape for Gamble, but could be an upset brewing here as we go to the third.

Gamble takes down, and Camposano lets him go to make it 6-4. Gamble needs points. But another nice shot and scramble by Camposano to get the deuce, and he nearly turns Gamble too. Gamble off his back and out for the escape without back points, but it's 8-5 now, and now Camposano has another. He's been very good on his feet in this match. 10-5 now into the final 40 seconds. Camposano pops his head out and leds Gamble go for 10-6, but Gamble has only 15 seconds to find some instant offense. He won't, and it's a 10-6 final for Adrian Camposano of Central.

ORIGINAL POST: We're about set for the finals in the East Gym here at Madera South (we've been in the West Gym all weekend). The first news of the round is that Bakersfield's Kyle Pope will default in the 182-pound final to state No. 1 Adrian Salas of Clovis. Apparently Pope has been battling illness all weekend and it finally caught up with him, so he's gone home to Bakersfield.

We'll start at 106. I'll keep the list of finals with results at the top of the post and update below.