UPDATED, 4:46 p.m.: Rematch between Bakersfield's Nick Kidd and Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez at 195 pounds for third place. Kidd pinned Lopez in the quarterfinals, but Lopez has the first takedown here for a 2-0 lead. Kidd escapes and now comes around a duck-under for a takedown late in the first period fora  3-2 lead. He escapes early in the second and leads 4-2. Another takedown for 6-2 in the third, and that's how the match will end. Lopez has been able to catch everyone he's wrestled except Kidd, who appears to have his number.

Hexton Coronado of Clovis takes third at 220 over Central's Marcus Ponce, but not before the two almost come to blows a couple of times. Heated exchanges there, but cooler heads eventually prevail.

The last match before the finals is the heavyweight third-placer between Buchanan's Kai Dill and Reedley's Cristian Garcia. It's 1-1 in the third period and they're in neutral. Typical nothing-escape-escape-nothing heavyweight match. We'll see who blinks first. Maybe it will be the first triple-OT ultimate tiebreaker we've seen in this tournament (at least that I've noticed). Final 30 seconds of the third period melt away, and we go to the first overtime. Nothing doing there, and now the double OT. Garcia is down first — and he's hurt, apparently. Right back up, though, and here we go. Dill gets his legs in and is riding tough. Stalemate called at 10 seconds. Garcia will really have to get up in a hurry. He doesn't, and Dill finishes the rideout. Dill quickly gets his escape and now leads 2-1. He'll win it by that score.

I'll start a new thread for the finals.

195 third place: Nick Kidd, Bakersfield, dec. Jaccob Lopez, Ridgeview, 6-2

195 fifth place: Young Woo An, Buchanan, inj. def. Josh Karam, Clovis North

195 seventh place: Jacob Heinsohn, Liberty, inj. def. Jaime Galvan, Mt. Whitney

220 third place: Hexton Coronado, Clovis, maj. dec. Marcus Ponce, Central, 10-2

220 fifth place: Joseph Valles, Hoover, dec. Adrian Garza, Lemoore, 6-2

220 seventh place: Peter Mendoza, Madera South, dec. Kyle Mask, Madera, 6-0

HWT third place: Kai Dill, Buchanan, dec. Cristian Garcia, Reedley, 2-1 2OT

HWT fifth place: Gabriel Rosas, Ridgeview, pins Jesus Marez, Sanger, 1:00

HWT seventh place: Shaq Garret, Bakersfield, dec. Mark Guerrero, North, 4-2 2OT

UPDATED, 4:25 p.m.: Some more results. Looks like we'll have about a half-hour break between this round and the finals, depending on how quickly they can get through these last few weights. Buchanan continues to surge in consolations, with 160-pounder Yusuf Robinson reversing a quarterfinal loss to Brody Brand last night with a third-place victory here. Buchanan has locked up second place and actually is creeping within 15-20 points of Clovis for first — but the Cougars have five wrestlers in the finals while Buchanan has just one.

Good match for third at 170 between Madera's Alex Gamboa and Clovis East's Nick Callender. Gamboa leads 1-0 with 1:30 to go and the wrestlers in neutral. A delay for blood time here on Gamboa.

Good match for fifth at 182 goes to Dillon Harroun of Tehachapi, 7-6 over Frontier's Carlos Montejo. Rematch of a quarterfinal won 9-4 by Harroun last night.

Time now running out in the Gamboa-Callender match, and it'll finish 1-0 for Gamboa. That's another quarterfinal rematch, won 4-2 by Gamboa last night.

160 third place: Yusuf Robinson, Buchanan, dec. Brody Brand, Clovis, 7-3

160 fifth place: Kyle Shepherd, Frontier, pins Jose Padilla, Sanger, 4:49

160 seventh place: David Jepson, Central, pins Blake Marple, Redwodo, 5:07

170 third place: Alex Gamboa, Madera, dec. Nick Callender, Clovis East, 1-0

170 fifth place: Kalvin Stuckey, Bullard, pins Ryan Holmes, Stockdale, 3:38

170 seventh place: Javier Reyes, Buchanan, inj. def. Jaime Martinez, Lemoore

182 third place: Jackson Grout, Buchanan, inj. def. Ritchie Brandt, Bullard

182 fifth place: Dillon Harroun, Tehachapi, dec. Carlos Montejo, Frontier, 7-6

182 seventh place: Dejon Taylor, Clovis East, dec. Michael Avila, East, 4-0

UPDATED, 4:07 p.m.: Some more medal-match results rolling in as we reach the final hour before the finals:

138 third place: Christian Rodriguez, Reedley, maj. dec. Abner Romero, Buchanan, 10-1

138 fifth place: Dominic Lopez, Lemoore, dec. Rosario Sanchez, Sanger, 12-10

138 seventh place: Matt Ontiveros, Central, maj. dec. Caleb Trace, Clovis, 14-3

145 third place: AJ Fierro, Bakersfield, dec. Jorge Perez, Edison, 7-2

145 fifth place: Conner Francis, Buchanan, dec. Isidro Arroyo, Reedley, 6-5

145 seventh place: Aaron Gomez, Frontier, dec. Isaac Garcia, Madera, 9-4

152 third place: Gregory Pagela, Porterville, pins Teddy Thomson, Buchanan, 5:49

152 fifth place: Dominic Kincaid, Clovis, dec. MIguel Ruiz, Madera, 3-0

152 seventh place: Angel Robles, Lemoore, inj. def. Chris Moran, Sanger

UPDATED, 3:56 p.m.: Finally got some results from the Sierra/Sequoia Divisional in Shafter. Here are the finals matchups, slated to begin at 4:30:

106: Anthony Errecart, Kerman vs. Chris Cisneros, Selma

113: Isaiah Hokit, Wasco vs. Roberto Jimenez, Washington Union

120: Arnulfo Olea, Exeter vs. Thomas Benden, Corcoran

126: Josh Hokit, Wasco vs. Ismiel Mendoza, Caruthers

132: Javier Gasca III, Kingsburg vs. Adrian Panduro, Corcoran

138: Nathan Pimentel, Dos Palos vs. Ralph Pena, Selma

145: Izzac Suarez, Dos Palos vs. Bryce Nutt, Selma

152: Ryan Escalera, Selma vs. Ivan Govea, Firebaugh

160: Josue Terrones, Washington Union, vs. Mason Temple, Liberty-Madera Ranchos

170: Isaac Rangel, Firebaugh vs. Oshmar Hernandez, Washington Union

182: Juan Jimenez, Dos Palos vs. Jose Robledo, Wasco

195: Gabriel Gonzalez, Washington Union, vs. David Padilla, Dinuba

220: Sean Medley, Wasco vs. Chris Figueroa, Mendota

HWT: Joey Alvarez, Selma vs. Garret Johnson, Wasco

UPDATED, 3:38 p.m.: At 126, Clovis' Lane Barnes had a 7-2 lead on East's Adam Bracamonte, but Bracamonte just caught Barnes in a headlockand is wroking on a pin. He won't get it, but he does get five points to tie it up at 7 heading to the third period. Now a throw for Barnes for a takedown. No back points because they go out of bounds, but Barnes takes the 9-7 lead. For third place at this weight, yet another Buchanan wrestler, Dean Esquibel, is ahead 2-1 on Monache's Josh Sibayan late in the second period.

11-9 Barnes now into the final minute. They're in neutral, and Barnes finishes a takedown that should just about seal it for him. No more scoring, and it's a 13-9 final for Barnes. For third, Sibayan has an escape and now a takedown for a 4-2 lead. He'll hang on to win by that score. Good tournament for Sibayan, who nearly took out Vincent Gomez in the semifinals and comes back to win third.

At 132, Frontier's Izaiah Ozuna has a quick takedown of Lemoore's Matt Holmes. And now a pin, at about 1:28. Ozuna, the 2 seed, lost his semifinal to Buchanan's Kyler Hansen but has come back with a couple of easy wins for third. Fifth place for 132 belongs to Xesus Velarde of Clovis, who has an injury default against Bakersfield's Antonio Gutierrez. Chris Lane, the man who was beating — and then injured — Gutierrez, gets a pin in the seventh-place match.

126 third place: Josh Sibayan, Monache, dec. Dean Esquibel, Buchanan, 4-2

126 fifth place: Lane Barnes, Clovis, dec. Adam Bracamonte, East, 13-9

126 seventh place: Elijah Jimenez, Clovis North, dec. Antony Munoz, Madera, 7-6

132 third place: Izaiah Ozuna, Frontier, pins Matt Holmes, Lemoore, 1:28

132 fifth place: Xesus Velarde, Clovis, inj. def. Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield

132 seventh place: Chris Lane, Clovis West, pins Alex Treiberg, Centennial, 3:30

UPDATED, 3:13 p.m.: At 120 pounds, the third-place match features Buchanan again, with Jason Delacruz taking on Madera's Daniel Ruiz. It's 2-2 to start the third period, and they're in neutral. For fifth place, Foothill's Nick Marquez leads Bakersfield's Arik Onsurez 4-0 after two periods. The seventh place match here belongs to Centennial's Etienne Armijo via injury default. The other problem for me is the seventh-placers are on the far mat and there's quite a few people standing in the way.

Blood time for Delacruz at third place. At fifth place, Onsurez is shooting quite a bit but not getting anywhere with Marquez. Still 4-0 there. Back to action for third place, and we're inside a minute now. Takedown for Marquez to seal a 6-0 victory for fifth place. Takedown for Ruiz for third place, and he leads Delacruz, 4-2 with about 30 seconds left. More blood time for Delacruz. BAck to action, Delacruz to his feet but brought back down. 15 seconds now, so short time for Delacruz. To his feet again, but Ruiz is holding on to the leg and time will run out. 4-2 for Madera's Daniel Ruiz.

120 third place: Daniel Ruiz, Madera, dec. Jason Delacruz, Buchanan

120 fifth place: Nick Marquez, Foothill, dec. Arik Onsurez, Bakersfield, 6-0

120 seventh place: Etienne Armijo, Centennial, inj. def. Shaquwan Wright, Fresno

UPDATED, 3:03 p.m.: At 113, Buchanan's Greg Gaxiola is wrestling Clovis' Khristian Olivas in another third-place match between the tournament's top two teams. Olivas has a 3-1 lead in the second period here and escapes to begin the third now up 4-1. In the fifth-place match, it's Foothill's Marco Velasquez with a 7-2 lead late on Edison's Alex Orosco. That'll be the final there, with Olivas adding a takedown for a 7-1 victory in the third-placer.

113 third place: Khristian Olivas, Clovis, dec. Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan, 7-1

113 fifth place: Marco Velasquez, Foothill, dec. Alex Orosco, Edison, 7-2

113 seventh place: AJ Rosas, Reedley, maj. dec. Isaiah Torres, Redwood, 10-2

UPDATED, 2:53 p.m.: I've been off tracking basketball playoff seedings (if you're interested, they're available on my Twitter feed, @zewing), but we have just begun the medal matches for third, fifth and seventh place.

At 106, it's Buchanan's Durbin Lloren against Clovis' Julian Gaytan for third, with Redwood's Joey Cisneros wrestling Porterville's Javier Jimenez for fifth and Bakersfield's Carlos Herrera taking on Lemoore's David Campbell for seventh.

Lloren has the early takedown on Gaytan, as Buchanan looks to continue its marvelous consolation round wrestling. That's still the score as they head into the third period, 2-0 for Lloren. Gaytan is down in the third. For fifth place, Cisneros of Redwood has a late 5-3 lead on Porterville's Javier Jimenez, with Cisneros on bottom. He won't get out, but time will run out there, with Cisneros finishing off a 5-3 win.

Back to the third-placer. Gaytan still on bottom with about 1:15 to go. He's to his feet but dragged back down. Clovis crowd starting to ask for stalling. Gaytan gets out this time and cuts the lead to 2-1. But Gaytan can't seem to get him, and 2-1 is going to be the final. Big win for Lloren, who avenges a quarterfinal loss.

106 third: Durbin Lloren, Buchanan, dec. Julian Gaytan, Clovis, 2-1

106 fifth: Joey Cisneros, Redwood, dec. Javier Jimenez, Porterville, 5-3

106 seventh: David Campbell, Lemoore, pins Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield, 2:30

UPDATED, 2:05 p.m.: A good match at 182 has Tehachapi's Dillon Harroun working a takedown to pull within 6-5 of Bullard's Ritchie Brandt, but Brandt escapes for 7-5. Now a takedown for Brandt extends it out to 9-5 just before the second period. Important one there. Brandt gave Kyle Pope a battle in the quarterfinals last night before falling 5-2, so he's proving he's among the section's elite at this weight.

All of these guys, of course, will be joined next week by the top four from the Sierra/Sequoia Divisional in Shafter. The S/S weight normally don't have four really good kids, but they do have one or two, so a seventh or eighth here doesn't mean you'll get to state.

Brandt has taken contorl in the third period, with a couple more takedowns and now some nearfall. He leads 15-8. At 195, it's Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez with yet another pin, this one at the end of a wild match with Buchanan's Young Woo An. Lopez led 18-13 when he worked for the fall at 5:32. So he'll wrestle Bakersfield's Nick Kidd for third in a rematch of a quarterfinal won last night by Kidd.

Brandt finishes off what will be a 17-8 victory over Tehachapi's Harroun.

UPDATED, 1:57 p.m.: In a wild ninth-place match at 138, Liberty's Johnny Santore takes care of Bullard's Brett Parker by avoiding a late pin and getting a reversal to hang on, 14-11. He'll be the alternate there at 138.

Another close Buchanan win, this one for Abner Romero, the unseeded 138-pounder who will now wrestle for third. He beats Lemoore's Dominic Lopez 6-5. The Bears are going to narrow the gap a bit on Clovis at this point, but they have no way of getting close enough to challenge the Cougars tonight. Bakersfield, meanwhile, it seems will have to settle for third.

Big match for the Drillers' Nick Kidd at 195. He leads the 3 seed, Clovis North's Josh Karam, 2-1 after a period. Karam could get a rematch with Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez after this match; Lopez is the man who shook up the bracket with a pin of Karam in the second round. Kidd is doing a good job riding here and still leads 2-1 into the final 45 seconds of the second period. Nearfall for Kidd now, and he extends his lead to 4-1. Having a really good tournament, with only a semifinal loss to Josh Bailey against him. Karam, on the other hand, won't be happy with his performance here. Of course, still a period to go here, but Karam doesn't seem to have a whole lot of energy. Kidd is going to win it, 6-1.

Up next will be the placement matches for third, fifth and seventh. I'm guessing that will begin in about 15 minutes. That will be the last round before the finals.

UPDATED, 1:38 p.m.: Madera's Daniel Ruiz pins Bakersfield's Arik Onsurez in a consolation semifinal at 120 pounds, but the Drillers look like they're going to pick up a win at 145, where AJ Fierro leads Buchanan's Conner Francis 6-1 through two periods. The Drillers also picked up a ninth place from 113-pounder Sean Nickell, so he's an alternate next week in case anyone else gets hurt or doesn't make weight. Remember, Sean's older brother, Ian, was an alternate three years ago when he snuck into Masters, then got into state and had a great tournament, placing seventh and helping BHS win the team state title. It can happen, folks. Foothill's Fern Perez also won ninth place and the right to be an alternate at 106 pounds.

Francis' loss to Fierro notwithstanding, Buchanan continues to roll in the consolation rounds, picking up a win from 152-pounder Teddy Thomson against Clovis' Dominic Kincaid. Thomson, who was unseeded, drew state No. 2 Coleman Hammond of Bakersfield in the first round and got tech falled. Since then, he hasn't lost, working his way all the way back through the consolation bracket and now wrestling for third. That's bouncing back.

UPDATED, 1:22 p.m.: Another dramatic win for Buchanan, as 113-pounder Greg Gaxiola gets an overtime takedown to beat Foothill's Marco Velasquez and move into the match for third place. Don't have an update, but I'd assume Buchanan has gone well past Bakersfield for second place at this point. If the Bears have a cushion of more than 10 points going into tonight's finals, they've probably got second locked up. Bakersfield has four wrestlers in the finals, but both Hunter Hodges at 160 and Kyle Pope at 182 have to wrestle state No. 1s, so points there are probably unlikely.

UPDATED, 1:15 p.m.: This consolation semifinal round will feature the semifinal losers against whoever has survived the consolation bracket, oftentimes the quarterfinal losers. The winners wrestle for third later, and the losers wrestle for fifth (the losers from the previous consolation round will wrestle for seventh).

Good match at 106 is No. 3 seed Joey Cisneros of Redwood against No. 5 Durbin Lloren of Buchanan. Cisneros has a 5-1 lead in the first period afer a slick takedown to Lloren's back early. But this is getting interesting in the second period, with Lloren getting a takedown to cut the lead to 6-5 for Cisneros. An escape for Lloren in the third makes it 6-6, and now the Bear is trying to pull Cisneros in for a takedown. This would be a big win for Buchanan. But a scramble situation until the clock runs out, and we'll have overtime. Good shot from Lloren goes nowhere, now Cisneros shoots and they go out of bounds. Still no points, and we'll go to double overtime. Cisneros down first, and he's struggling to get out. Gets to his feet briefly, but Lloren drags him down and doesn't give up the point. Now Lloren can win with an escape. He's to his feet, but Cisneros brings him back down. 20 seconds now, and there's the reversal for Lloren. He's going to take it, 8-7 after Cisneros escapes but can't get anything else. Buchanan continues to come up large in the consolation rounds, and Lloren will wrestle for third against Clovis' Julian Gaytan.

UPDATED, 12:42 p.m.: The consolation quarterfinals are about over. I'll re-join the action in time for the consolation semifinals, probably in the next 15 minutes. For now, here are your finals matchups for 5 p.m. this evening:

106: Matt Gamble, Monache, vs. Adrian Camposano, Central

113: Sean Williams, Lemoore, vs. Joesph Jauergui, Clovis East

120: Mason Pengilly, Porterville, vs. Jonas Gaytan, Clovis

126: Vincent Gomez, Frontier, vs. Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West

132: Abel Contreras, Porterville, vs. Kyler Hansen, Buchanan

138: Chris Garcia, Clovis West, vs. Martin Sandoval, Porterville

145: Jason Ladd, Clovis, vs. Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West

152: Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield, vs. Kyle Perreault, Clovis East

160: Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, vs. Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield

170: Austin Flores, Clovis North, vs. Bryce Martin, Bakersfield

182: Adrian Salas, Clovis, vs. Kyle Pope, Bakersfield

195: Matt Weiss, Clovis, vs. Josh Bailey, Frontier

220: Cortes Morales, Clovis West, vs. Auggie Alcantar, Frontier

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clovis, vs. Jonathan Roa, Lemoore

UPDATED, 12:12 p.m.: Team scores through the semifinals: 1. Clovis 236; 2. Bakersfield 189; 3. Buchanan 175; 4. Lemoore 160.5; 5. Clovis West 159; 6. Frontier 149; 7. Porterville 139.5; 8. Clovis East 101.5; 9. Madera 81; 10. Monache 80.5; 11. Central 74.5; 12. Sanger 70; t13. Clovis North and Reedley, 61; 15. Madera South 53.5.

Buchanan still has 12 wrestlers alive in the consolation bracket, while Bakersfield has six, so the Bears likely will make up that ground and probably pass Bakersfield back for second place. But then the Drillers, with four finalists, will have a shot to make up more ground in the finals tonight, because Buchanan has just one finalist. Going to be a good race for second place behind state No. 1 Clovis.

I'm taking a small break here as they wrestle consolation quarterfinals and ninth-place semifinals (ninth place has to be decided so we know who alternates are) but will be back with some consolation action in a little while.

UPDATED, 11:47 a.m.: Sorry, some connectivity problems there, but we already have a heavyweight championship matchup decided. It'll be state No. 1 Nick Nevills of Clovis, who dominated Buchanan's Kai Dill via 17-2 tech fall in the semifinals, against Lemoore's Jonathan Roa, who held off Reedley's Cristian Garcia, 2-0.

Now at 220, the last semifinals left feature top seed Cortes Morales of Clovis West, who has a 5-1 lead late in the second period on Hoover's Joseph Valles. the other semifinal is Frontier's Auggie Alcantar, the No. 6 seed, working on Lemoore's No. 7 seed, Adrian Garza. It's a good one, with Garza leading 1-0 in the second via an escape.

Now Morales has his pin, early in the third at 4:17. So all 14 top seeds make it into the championship round tonight. The last piece of that puzzle is Alcantar against Garza. Score remains 1-0 for Garza into the third period.

Alcantar down in the third. He gets a quick escape to tie the match 1-1 and then shoots, but Garza shucks him out of bounds. Takedown here could win it for either guy. Alacantar has been the aggressor, and he gets a stalling call and a point there for a 2-1 lead into the final minute. Now Alcantar with a takedown and a 4-1 lead. He his such a phenomenal athlete that his inexperience isn't hurting him here. He's going into the 220-pound final witha  4-1 victory here. He'll face Clovis West's Cortes Morales.

220 semifinals: Cortes Morales, Clovis West, pins Joseph Valles, Hoover, 4:17; Auggie Alcantar, Frontier, dec. Adrian Garza, Lemoore, 4-1

HWT semifinals: Nick Nevills, Clovis, tech fall Kai Dill, Buchanan, 17-2; Jonathan Roa, Lemoore, dec. Cristian Garcia, Reedley, 2-0

UPDATED, 11:36 a.m.: Now working on 170-pound semifinals, with Bryce Martin of Bakersfield a commanding lead on Madera's Alex Gamboa, 5-1 in the second period. The other semifinal has top seed Austin Flores of Clovis North, who survived a big scare in the quarterfinals, leading Stockdale's Ryan Holmes 6-3, also in the second. Escape Holmes makes it 6-4 for Flores.

Up at 182, state No. 1 Adrian Salas of Clovis is having his way with Tehachapi's Dillon Harroun, leading 7-1 early in the second. Now he's got Harroun locked up. Won't pin him, but three more nearfall makes it 10-1.

Another takedown late in the second for both Flores and Martin, and Flores adds three nearfall in his match to lead 11-4. Looks like the top two seeds will battle tonight at 170, and they've never met before.

Salas just pinned Harroun at 3:03. Domination for a guy who has really looked good this year. He'll face either Kyle Pope of Bakersfield or Buchanan's Jackson Grout.

Flores just finished off Holmes with a pin in a match that was actually close for a while, and Martin has an 11-2 lead on Gamboa. That's how it will end, so we have Austin Flores vs. Bryce Martin at 170 tonight.

We've started the 195 semifinals also, with Frontier's Josh Bailey taking on Bakersfield's Nick Kidd in a SWYL finals rematch, with the winner likely getting Clovis' Matt Weiss in the final. Weiss, the top seed, has a 4-0 lead after one against Buchanan's Young Woo An. Takedown Bailey, who now has a 2-0 lead on Kidd.

Pope and Grout feeling each other out at 182, where the winner will get Adrian Salas. Pope came into the year ranked No. 1 in the state after placing second last year, but he's struggled with an injury from football season and some illness throughout. He's now ranked No. 4 in the state. Stalemate called there.  Now Pope works for the first takedown late in the first period. Doesn't leave Grout much time to do anything from bottom, and he won't 2-0 Pope after a period.

Weiss has a first-period pin of An at 195, so another Cougar into the finals. Kidd on bottom to start the second period, and he tries a switch and nearly gets the reversal, but Bailey follows him back around. Now Bailey with some back points, two of them, for a 4-0 lead.

Back at 182, escape Grout, but Pope has a takedown and back points and now leads 6-1. Looks like he'll get Salas tonight. Frontier's Bailey has another takedown in the third and leads Kidd 6-1 also, so he figures to get another top-seeded Clovis wrestler, Matt Weiss.

No surprises in the third period of either of those matches. Pope beats Grout 13-3, and Bailey over Kidd, 6-1.

170 semifinals: Austin Flores, Clovis North, pins Ryan Holmes, Stockdale, 5:00

Bryce Martin, Bakersfield, maj. dec. Alex Gamboa, Madera, 11-2

182 semifinals: Adrian Salas, Clovis, pins Dillon Harroun, Tehachapi, 3:03

Kyle Pope, Bakersfield, maj. dec. Jackson Grout, Buchanan, 13-3

195 semifinals: Matt Weiss, Clovis, pins Young Woo An, Buchanan, 1:30

Josh Bailey, Frontier, dec. Nick Kidd, Bakersfield, 6-1

195 semifinals:

UPDATED, 11:20 a.m.: All of the top seeds have reached the finals in the first eight weight classes, and that's not likely to change at 160, where national No. 2 Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore is taking on Clovis' Brody Brand in the semifinals.

Back at 152, it's a good battle for the right to face Coleman Hammond in the championship. Clovis' Dominic Kincaid and Clovis East's Kyle Perreault are tied 2-2 late in the second period, and now a point for Kincaid — on a stalling? Not sure, but it's 3-2 Clovis headed to the third.

Perreault will be down.

Martinez has an early takedown at 160. The other semifinal is an SWYL finals rematch between Bakersfield's Hunter Hodges and Frontier's Kyle Shepherd. That one is 4-4 in the second period. Hodges has won convincingly each of the last two times these guys faced off.

Escape Perreault for a 3-3 tie in the third, but now Kincaid trying to finish off a shot. He can't do it before a stalemate is called with 1:05 left. Not much action the rest of the way, and we have overtime.

Escape for Shepherd gives Frontier a 5-4 lead on Bakersfield, but Hodges takedown and now another Shepherd escape makes it 6-6.

Late in the 152 match now, still tied at 3. Perrault in on a shot, but Kincaid scrambles wonderfully and gets out of bounds. 20 seconds left.

The second period will end with Shepherd and Hodges also tied, at 6-6. Martinez is up 10-0 on Brand in the second period now. Reversal for Hodges to start the third for an 8-6 lead.

Now overtime for Perreault and Kincaid. Perreault gets a front headlcok, but Kindcaid is in on a leg. Now Kincaid drives, looking to finish. Final 20 seconds. He nearly does — Cloivs coaches are screaming for the two — but it's not given, and we have double OT.

Martinez finished off a 19-2 tech fall of Brand. Escape Shepherd trims Hodges lead to 8-7 in the other semifinal, but there's a Hodges takedown for 10-7. He tacks on two more late and pull away to win it, 14-9. Hodges will get his shot at Isaiah Martinez tonight.

In the double OT, Perreault down first. Easy escape for a 4-3 lead. Kincaid in on another shot, but he over-extends himself and gives up the takedown, too. 6-3 for Perreault after the first 30 seconds. Now Kincaid down with a lot of work to do. He's trying for a reversal or something, but not much there. Perreault will hang on to a win a great match, 6-3 in double OT. Perreault against Coleman Hammond in the 152 final tonight.

152 semifinals: Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield, dec. Gregory Pagela, Porterville, 5-2

Kyle Perreault, Clovis East, dec. Dominic Kincaid, Clovis, 6-3 2OT

160 semifinals: Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, tech fall Brody Brand, Clovis, 19-2

Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield, dec. Kyle Shepherd, Frontier, 14-9

UPDATED, 11:10 a.m.: Top seed at 138, Clovis West's Chris Garcia, has a 5-0 lead after one. after nearly pinning Reedley's Christian Rodriguez in the first period.

Up at 145, Bakersfield looking for its first finalist, with A.J. Fierro battling Clovis West's Tyler Zimmer. Zimmer just finished a high single for a 3-0 lead in the second period, though, so Fierro is behind the 8 ball here. Up at 152, Coleman Hammond leads Porterville's Gregory Pagela 2-0 after a period.

Garcia continues to dominate at 138, up 7-0 and looking for the pin again. There it is, at 3:50. Garcia will face Martin Sandoval of Porterville in the championship.

Fierro has a third-period escape to cut Zimmer's lead to 3-1, but he needs a takedown in the final minute to even this match. Time will run out on Fierro. Zimmer takes it, 3-1, and Clovis West has its third finalist.

The other semifinal at 145 has started, with Clovis' Jason Ladd getting the early takedown of Reedley's Isidro Arroyo. All the top seeds have advanced to the final thus far. The No. 1 at 152, Coleman Hammond, still leads 2-0 midway through the second period. Pagela is bottom and has struggled to get anything going down there. Now an escape for Pagela to make it 2-1. Hammond hasn't been able to score very easily here. Nice outside single late in the period, but Pagela backs out with good defense again. It'll be 2-1 Hammond headed to the third.

Ladd has a commanding 9-0 lead in his 145-pound semifinal over Arroyo of Reedley.

Hammond down in the third period. Stalling warning on Pagela for a tight-waist early, it looks like. The other 152 semi has started, Clovis' Dominic Kincaid against the No. 2 seed, Clovis East's Kyle Perreault.

Escape Hammond now and a 3-1 lead. I'm sure he'd like a takedown to give himself a cushion here. Hammond in on another single. Working to finish this one, and he does. 5-1. Inside of a minute there now. Escape for Kincaid in the other semi to start the scoring in the second, but Perreault has a takedown here for a 2-1 lead.

Escape for Pagela on the other mat, but it's 5-2 in the final seconds, and hthat's how it'l;l finsih.

Ladd finished off a tech fall of Arroyo, 16-1 at 145.

138 semifinals: Chris Garcia, Clovis West, pins Christian Rodriguez, Reedley, 3:50

Martin Sandoval, Porterville, dec. Abner Romero, Buchanan, 11-8

145 semifinals: Jason Ladd, Clovis, tech fall Isidro Arroyo, Reedley, 16-1

Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West, dec. A.J. Fierro, Bakersfield, 3-1

UPDATED, 10:58 a.m.: Whoa at 126 — big move from Monache's Josh Sibayan in the final six seconds of the first period, working a reversal to even his match with state No. 1 Vincent Gomez of Frontier, 2-2.

Gomez gets an early reversal in the second and rides the period out this time for a 4-2 lead entering the third. Now Sibayan is down and trying to get around Gomez. Gomez working for the turn, but nothing there, and a stalemate called with 1:07 left. Tough match here for Gomez, who will have his hands full tonight, too, if he can finish this off.

Back at 120, it's a 6-0 lead for Clovis' Jonas Gaytan over Foothill's Nick Marquez, and I believe that match just ended via pin for Gaytan. He'll face Mason Pengilly tonight for the 120 championship.

Gomez still has his hands full at 126. He got penalized a point and now leads only 4-3 over Monache's Josh Sibayan. Sibayan could tie this with an escape. 45 seconds left. Gomez breaks him down. He sits out and nearly got around! But Gomez follows him nicely and they go out of bounds with 10 seconds. Still 4-3. Gomez will hang on here by the skin of his teeth as Sibayan sat out again and just couldn't quite evade the grip of Gomez. Wow. Close match, and Gomez will need to pick it up to beat Knoblauch tonight.

The first finalist at 132 is Porterville's Abel Contreras, who wins by injury default over Bakersfield's Antonio Gutierrez. He'll face the winner of Buchanan's Kyler Hansen vs. Frontier's Izaiah Ozuna. First takedown goes the 3 seed, Hansen. It'll stay 2-0 through the first period.

Really good match at 138, where Porterville's Martin Sandoval had a big lead on Buchanan's Abner Romero, but Romero just pulled a four-point move to pull within 9-8. Reversal Sandoval, though, and he's up 11-8 with a minute to go. That'll be the final for Sandoval.

The other semifinal at 132 is being controlled by Buchanan's Kyler Hansen, who leads Izaiah Ozuna 8-0 late.

126 semifinals: Vincent Gomez, Frontier, dec. Josh Sibayan, Monache, 4-3

Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West, pins Lane Barnes, Clovis, 1:11

132 semifnals: Abel Contreras, Porterville, inj. def. Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield

Kyler Hansen, Buchanan, maj. dec. Izaiah Ozuna, Frontier, 8-0

UPDATED, 10:48 a.m.: Big delay in the Williams-Olivas match, but it's on a far mat and I can't tell exactly why. Blood time, probably. Anyway, Lemoore's Sean Williams continues to lead there, 6-2 late in the second period. The other semifinal at 113 is Clovis East's Joseph Jauregui against Buchanan's Greg Gaxiola. At 120, it's state No. 1 Mason Pengilly of Porterville taking on Madera's Daniel Ruiz.

Escape Olivas to start the third, and he trails 6-3. Takedown for Jauergui, and he ends the first period up 2-0 on Gaxiola. Pengilly in control with a 4-0 lead in the second period and now attempting to turn Ruiz. He's getting back points and leads 7-0 now. Escape Ruiz but takedown Pengilly, and it's 9-1 for Porterville entering the third. Pengilly will finish off an 11-2 decision. The state No. 1 cruises into tonight's championship round, which will start at 5 p.m.

Back at 113, no scoring in the third between Williams and Olivas. Sean Williams of Lemoore wins 6-3 and is into the championship. Looks like he'll face Jauergui, who now leads 5-0 in the third period. Jauregui worked the pin at 5:10. So Williams against the No. 3 seed, Joseph Jauregui, at 113 pounds.

The other semifinal at 120 is between Foothill's Nick Marquez and Clovis' Jonas Gaytan, who has an early takedown. Now a stoppage for injury time for Marquez, who's down on the mat. Back to action now, with Marquez trying to fight up from bottom. He can't, and the first period ends with Gaytan ahead 2-0.

At 126, it's a quick fall for Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West over Clovis' Lane Barnes. Wow. Tha'ts a statement headed to tonight's final, probably against state No. 1 Vincent Gomez of Frontier, who has a 2-0 lead over Monache's Josh Sibayan in the other semifinal.

113 semifinals: Sean Williams, Lemoore, dec. Khristian Olivas, Clovis, 6-3

Joseph Jauregui, Clovis East, dec. Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan, 5-0

120 semifinals: Mason Pengilly, Porterville, maj. dec. Daniel Ruiz, Madera, 11-2

Jonas Gaytan, Clovis, inj. def. Nick Marquez, Foothill

UPDATED, 10:34 a.m.: Team scores through previous round: 1. Clovis 172; 2. Buchanan 163; 3. Bakersfield 143; 4. Lemoore 126; 5. Porterville 116.5; 6. Frontier 116; 7. Clovis West 109; 8. Madera 81; 9. Clovis East 77.5; 10. Sanger 70; 11. Monache 69.5; 12. Central 62.5; 13. Reedley 61; 14. Madera South 53.5; t15. Edison and Redwood, 52.

Here we go with semifinals at 106. It's top seed Matt Gamble of Monache against No. 4 Julian Gaytan of Clovis and No. 2 Adrian Camposano of Central taking on No. 3 Joey Cisneros of Redwood, who has the first takedown there. Gamble and Gaytan are scoreless. Semis are running on three mats, so they've also started with Lemoore's Sean Williams and Clovis' Khristian Olivas at 113. Williams has a 2-0 lead there.

Takedown for Gamble back at 106 and he leads 2-0. No, they waved it off. Still scoreless. Lots of action between Cisneros and Camposano, who are now tied 4-4 late in the first. There's a last-second takedown for Camposano, who has his first lead at 6-4.

Gamble is down in the second and has a reversal for the first points of the match against Gaytan. Now he turns him and is collecting nearfall points. Three of them. Escape Gaytan, but he trails 5-1. Escape for Camposano in the second gives him a 7-4 lead, and at 113, it's Williams of Lemoore up 6-3 midway through the second.

Another Gamble takedown, and he's taken control at 7-1 as we enter the third period. Gaytan down, but Gamble gets the legs in. Camposano also in control after giving up the early takedown. He leads Cisneros 11-4 entering the third. Escape makes it 11-5. Gaytan an escape on the other mat for 7-2, and now a blood stoppage there. Meanwhile, Camposano is a takedown machine. He has three more in the third period for an 18-8 lead and now tilts Cisneros for two more nearfall. Escape, and it's 20-9 in a high-scoring one. It'll finish 22-9.

Gamble finishes off his 7-2 victory, and we have our final at 106: Matt Gamble vs. Adrian Camposano.

106 semifinals: Matt Gamble, Monache, dec. Julian Gaytan, Clovis, 7-2

Adrian Camposano, Central, maj. dec. Joey Cisneros, Redwood, 22-9

UPDATED, 10:22 a.m.: Two more Bakersfield wrestlers are trying to work their way into the Masters bracket, 220-pounder Travis Ellebracht and heavyweight Shaq Garret. Garret leads 1-0 and is trying to ride out a victory in the third period, while Ellebracht trails 3-2 in the second.

A big result at 220: Clovis' Hexton Coronado, the No. 4 seed, pins Buchanan's Hyun Woo An, the No. 2 who now will have to battle for ninth. Seemed off all weekend.

Garret riding well and now gets a stalling call on the bottom man, Brendan Salazar of El Diamante. 30 seconds left there. Ellebracht has an escape to tie his match 3-3 early in the third. Another stalling call in the heavyweight match, and Garret is going to win it, 2-0. So that's 10 Drillers into Masters, and Ellebracht could make it 11. A minute left in his match with Madera's Kyle Mask.

Back down at 182, Frontier's Carlos Montejo and East's Michael Avila both made it into Masters.

Takedown Mask, and the Madera 220-pounder is about to force Ellebracht to wrestle for ninth. He wins, 5-3, and disappointment for Ellebracht after he pulled a big second-round upset of Hexton Coronado yesterday.

No disappointment for Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez, who pinned 3 seed Josh Karam yesterday and today gets another pin to get into Masters at 195. That's the first Wolf Pack wrestler into the Masters.

A Civil War battle going on at heavyweight, between North's Mark Guerrero, the 8 seed, and South's Dartanyan Harris, who has looked good all weekend. Harris leads 1-0 after two periods, but Guerrero will be bottom in the third. Guerrero is to his feet. Harris tries to drag him back down and loses his balance, and Guerrero will get a reversal for a 2-1 lead. But If Harris can get out, it's no harm, no foul. He does, so it's 2-2. Now Harris with a nice throw and a chance for the takedown, but he's having trouble finishing. Good scramble by Guerrero, who ends up on top with what should be the winning takedown. Harris gets out, but Guerrero will hold on, 4-3. That's the first Star into Masters.

Another heavyweight at Masters will be Ridgeview's Gabriel Rosas, who dominated the No. 7 seed, Hanford's Terrence Ghigo, 8-1. He'll wrestle Guerrero next.

OK. We're set for the semifinals. Coming right up.

182 consolation winners: Carlos Montejo, Frontier; Dejon Taylor, Clovis East; Ritchie Brandt, Bullard; Michael Avila, East

195 consolation winners: Jacob Heinsohn, Liberty; Josh Karam, Clovis North; Jaime Galvan, Mt. Whitney; Jaccob Lopez, Ridgeview

220 consolation winners: Kyle Mask, Madera; Marcus Ponce, Central; Hexton Coronado, Clovis; Peter Mendoza, Madera South

HWT consolation winners: Shaq Garret, Bakersfield; Jesus Marez, Sanger; Gabriel Rosas, Ridgeview; Mark Guerrero, North

UPDATED, 10:02 a.m.: An important match at 170 for the team score is Clovis' Tyrone Grantham, who has fought all the way back from a first-round loss yesterday, against the No. 7 seed Javier Reyes of Buchanan. It's a tight match, with Grantham up 1-0 in the second period. He shoots, but Reyes counters beautifully and has a takedown — and now the match has been stopped, because Grantham is in a lot of pain and holding his knee. Didn't really have an angle on what happened there.

A few minutes later, we're going to restart. I think Clovis coaches were trying to argue that potentially dangerous move happened before the takedown, but they won't get there way. Reyes leads 2-1. Second period ends with Grantham clearly in pain. This is the Masters at stake, so he's going to try it. Reyes on bottom. He granbys for the reversal, and now another injury stop. Grantham is in a lot of pain in that right leg. Not sure if it's the knee or something else, but that right leg is hurting. He's done, which is the smart move at this point. Reyes wins by injury default.

At 195, Jacob Heinsohn of Liberty finished off his opponent with a pin.

170 consolation winners: Jaime Martinez, Lemoore; Kalvin Stuckey, Bullard; Javier Reyes, Buchanan; Nick Callender, Clovis East

UPDATED, 9:53 a.m.: Buchanan continues to rack up the consolation points, getting a major decision from Conner Francis at 145, a big pin for Teddy Thomson of No. 4 seed Oscar Corona of Foothill at 152 and another pin for Yusuf Robinson at 160. These aren't worth as much as semifinals, but for now, the Bears are clearly in second and probably pushing Clovis for first.

Also a winner at 145 was Frontier's Aaron Gomez, who out-lasted Lemoore's Jacob Hill, 5-3, to secure his spot in Masters.

Things are moving quickly through this round of consolation now as we have some 170 and even some 182 matches out there. Trying to stay with the action as best I can. Three locals are unseeded underdogs in 160-pound matches. It looks like Central's David Jepson has a 3-1 lead on Golden Valley's Julio Fuentas with a minute to go. Now Jepson throw Fuentas to his back for a takedown and a commanding 5-1 lead. It'll end that way. Sanger's Jose Padilla beats Centennial's Andrew Lee 11-7 on another mat — make it 11-9 with a late takedown —, and right now it's Redwood's Blake Marple up 6-3 after two on Liberty's Jacob Maas. Maas escapes in the third but still trails 6-4 entering the final minute. Takedown Marple, and he'll win it, 8-4.

Another Patriot, Jacob Heinsohn, has a commanding 6-1 lead on Monache's Skyler Schrein at 195.

145 consolation winners: Conner Francis, Buchanan; Isaac Garcia, Madera; Aaron Gomez, Frontier; Jorge Perez, Edison

152 consolation winners: Teddy Thomson, Buchanan; Chris Moran, Sanger; Angel Robles, Lemoore; Miguel Ruiz, Madera

160 consolation winners: Yusuf Robinson, Buchanan; David Jepson, Central; Jose Padilla, Sanger; Blake Marple, Redwood

UPDATED, 9:42 a.m.: East's Adam Bracamonte has a 5-3 lead on Edison's Jacqueall Jackson entering the third period at 126 pounds. Bracamonte is the No. 6 seed and lost a tough 8-7 decision to Clovis' Lane Barnes in the quarterfinals last night. There's a reversal for Bracamonte for a 7-3 lead. I looked away, but it appears Bracamonte finished off that win and gives East its first Masters qualifier. Yep, that was a pin at 5:05.

To 132 now, where Centennial's Alex Treiberg just finished off Madera South's Patrick Leroy 12-6 to give the Golden Hawks their second Masters qualifier. Clovis West's Chris Lane, who was beating Antonio Gutierrez in the quarterfinals last night when he had to forfeit for an illegal slam, uses a third-period pin to get by Madera's James Valenzuela and into Masters. A 7-4 decision for Clovis' Xesus Velarde over Hoover's Conrad Lopez gives the Cougars their first victory of the day — then again, they have only four wrestlers in consolation matches.

Tough draw for Liberty's Johnny Santore at 138 — he runs into Matt Ontiveros of Central, the No. 2 ranked wrestler at 132 before he missed weight at league last week and had to go 138. He was unseeded, ran into top seed Chris Garcia last night and so dropped down unannounced into the consolation bracket. He tech falls Santore 15-0 to get into Masters at the higher weight.

Also at 13, Lemoore's Dominic Lopez takes out Clovis East's Israel Villanueva in a testy match that included a Villanueva shove. The other matches at 138 show Sanger's Rosario Sanchez leading Bullard's Brett Parker 2-1 in the second period and Clovis' Caleb Trace up on Stockdale's D.J. Cotter 4-0 in the second. Tough luck for Cotter, who ran into Ontiveros early yesterday and now gets the No. 3 seed in his Cinderella match today. He's now down 6-0.

Reversal for Parker on the other mat gives him a 3-2 lead midway through the second. Now nearfall for Parker, but quickly a reversal for Sanchez, nicely done and now gets the nearside cradle to Parker's back. No pin, but Sanchez takes the lead, 7-5. He'll add a third-period reversal and win, 9-5.

On the other mat, Trace pins Cotter at 5:02.

126 consolation winners: Elijah Jimenez, Clovis North; Dean Esquibel, Buchanan; Antony Munoz, Madera; Adam Bracamonte, East

132 consolation winners: Chris Lane, Clovis West; Xesus Velarde, Clovis; Alex Treiberg, Centennial; Matt Holmes, Lemoore

138 consolation winners: Dominic Lopez, Lemoore; Matt Ontiveros, Central; Rosario Sanchez, Sanger; Caleb Trace, Clovis

UPDATED, 9:23 a.m.: Jason Delacruz of Buchanan just snuck a pin in before the first-period buzzer at 120 pounds, with the 4 seed beating No. 7 Darrion Harris of Redwood. In another 120 match, Centennial's Etienne Armijo leads Frontier's Brock Welton in a rematch of an SWYL semifinal won by Armijo. He has a 2-0 lead here, too. Another battle of seeds at 120 has third-seeded Seth Hood of Monache leading No. 8 Arik Onsurez of Bakersfield, 3-2 after 1:15. Tough draw for Onsurez here, but that's because he lost in the second round yesterday and got placed in a tough part of the consolation bracket. Nearly another takedown for Hood, but they're out of bounds first, and Onsurez will get to the second down just 3-2. Onsurez on bottom in the second period. He's out for an escape and a 3-3 tie.

Armijo continues to lead Welton, 3-0 after two periods. Time running out on Welton here, and Centennial is going to get its first Masters qualifier with a 3-0 victory for Etienne Armijo.

Second period has ended between Hood and Onsurez, still 3-3. Good for Onsurez for sticking with the No. 3 seed, but Hood gets to do down in the third. He's quickly to a seated position. Onsurez forces a stalemate and a restart, but Hood is out easily this time. He leads 4-3 — but there's a beautiful shot from Onsurez, and he finishes the takedown. 5-4 for the Driller now. Still a lot of time left here. They go out of bounds with 1:11 left. Off the restart, Onsurez breaks down Hood. Less than a minute now. Crunch time for Hood. Stalling warning on Onsurez, and we restart with 40 seconds. Can he hang on? Hood is up on his back. Might be a stalemate position. Now we're out of it. Escape called for Hood. 5-5. 20 seconds to go. Onsurez working for another takedown? Yes. He got it, and Onsurez wins 7-5. Huge win for the Drillers, and Hood becomes a Yosemite meat-grinder victim.

120 consolation winners: Jason Delacruz, Buchanan; Shaquwan Wright, Fresno; Etienne Armijo, Centennial; Arik Onsurez, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 9:11 a.m.: Here we go at 106 pounds. Seeds are at risk in almost all of these matches — there are eight, and only four are left in the semifinals, obviously — with fifth-seeded Durbin Lloren of Buchanan trying to shake off a close quarterfinal loss last night against Foothill's Fern Perez. Bakersfield's Carlos Herrera, the No. 8 seed, needed just 51 seconds to pin Clovis East's Javier Alaniz in another match. So Herrera is in Masters safely. That's eight Drillers, if you count the injured Antonio Gutierrez.

Lloren has a takedown and some nearfall of Perez late in the first period. It's 4-0 Lloren after a period. Lemoore's David Campell has a 6-0 second-period lead on East's Matthew Bracamonte, who battled all the way back from a first-round loss yesterday but is in trouble now.

At 113, another Bakersfield wrestler, Sean Nickell is out on mat against a tough Kern County foe, No. 4 seed Marco Velasquez, a returning state qualifier. Takedown Velasquez midway through the first — and now he has Nickell turned on his back. There's the pin, at 1:34. Remember, losers here keep wrestling for ninth place in hopes that one of the top eight will have to drop out before next week. So Velasquez is into Masters as Foothill's second qualifier (120-pounder Nick Marquez made the semifinals).

Back at 106, Lloren has finished off a tech fall of Fern Perez, 15-0. Nope, took him to his back and will get the pin at 4:35. Impressive performance for the Bear, who will wrestle Herrera next in a big team-score battle for second place. Buchanan came into the day with a five-point lead on Bakersfield — though it's worth noting the Bears won't be favored in any of their six semifinal matches. Might be tough to pull many points there.

Frontier's first match of the day comes at 113, where Jason Cisterna is trying to upset No. 2 seed Alex Orosco of Edison. And Cisterna has an early takedown and a tilt for two nearfall points. Would be a big win for the Titans — but now Orosco has the reversal into a headlock. At least a five-point move here — and there comes the pin, at just 59 seconds. Lot of action there in less than a minute

106 consolation winners: Durbin Lloren, Buchanan; Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield; David Campbell, Lemoore; Javier Jimenez, Porterville

113 consolation winners: Marco Velasquez, Foothill; Isaih Torres, Redwood; Alex Orosco, Edison; AJ Rosas, Reedley

ORIGINAL POST: We're about ready to rock and roll from Day 2 of the Yosemite Divisional at Madera South High School. The semifinals are right around the corner, featuring a few state top-10 matchups, but first comes the all-important fourth round of consolation, in which winners are guaranteed a top-eight finish and a spot at state and losers ... are not. Losers will continue to wrestle for ninth place, which serves as an alternate for next week.

That might be important at some weights. Consider 132, where Bakersfield's Antonio Gutierrez weighed in this morning but will not wrestle after sustaining a shoulder injury in his quarterfinal match last night. The Drillers will default Gutierrez to sixth place, so he has a spot next week at Masters in Visalia — if he's able to wrestle. If not, that ninth-place spot suddenly becomes important.

Anyway, we're about five minutes away from the fourth round consolation, or Cinderella round, as I like to call it. Semifinals coming up, scheduled for 10:15 a.m.