UPDATED, 7:28 p.m.: Here are the team scores through day 1. Buchanan and Clovis were still neck and neck with Bakersfield not far behind midway through the quarterfinals, but the Cougars will take a nice cushion into the semifinals thanks to wins at 182, 195 and heavyweight. Here's the top 15 headed to tomorrow:

1. Clovis 162; 2. Buchanan 138; 3. Bakersfield 133; 4. Lemoore 110.5; 5. Frontier 110; 6. Clovis West 106; 7. Porterville 100.5; 8. Clovis East 71.5; 9. Madera 70; 10. Monache 69.5; 11. Reedley 59; 12. Sanger 58; 13. Central 55; 14. Madera South 51.5; 15. Hoover 49.

Again, the live blog will start at 9 a.m. tomorrow with the all-important consolation round that will send one wrestler to the podium and to Masters and the other home. Semifinals will then start at 10 a.m. See you then.

UPDATED, 7:23 p.m.: Sorry, off doing some work for the paper tomorrow. Bakersfield had a chance to cap a very good day but lost tight quarterfinal matches at 220, where Travis Ellebracht fell 2-1 to Hoover's Joseph Valles, and at heavyweight, where Shaq Garret was with Buchanan's Kai Dill nearly the whole match until he was caught and pinned with three seconds left.

It was a really good day for Frontier, which has five in the semifinals, including No. 6 seed Augie Alcantar at 220, who dominated the No. 3 seed Peter Mendoza of Madera South, leading him 9-3 when he pinned him in the third period. Alcantar will wrestle No. 7 seed Adrian Garza of Lemoore in the semifinals.

The rest of the quarterfinal results are below, and I'll come back with some team scores from day 1. Day 2 begins at 9 a.m. tomorrow with the Cinderella consolation round and with semifinals at 10 a.m.

195: Matt Weiss, Clov, dec. Cornelio Sanchez, Sang, 12-6

Young Woo An, Buch, pinned Jacob Heinsohn, Lib, 2:28

Nick Kidd, Bak, pinned Jaccob Lopez, Ridgeview, 2:36

Josh Bailey, Fron, pinned Jaime Galvan, Mt.W, 1:00

220: Cortes Morales, CW, pinned Abraham Meza, Red, 1:02

Joseph Valles, Hoov, dec. Travis Ellebracht, Bak, 2-1

Auggie Alcantar, Fron, pinned Peter Mendoza, MS, 4:32

Adrian Garza, Lem, dec. Hyun Woo An, Buch, 9-4

HWT: Nick Nevills, Clov, pins Jesse Martinez, Hoov, 2:51

Kai Dill, Buch, pins Shaq Garret, Bak, 5:57

Cristian Garcia, Reed, dec. Dartanyan Harris, South, 3-1

Jonathan Roa, Lem, pins Terrence Ghigo, Han, 0:19

UPDATED, 6:44 p.m.: The scoring decision in the Brand-Robinson match stands, and the late reversal gives Brand an 8-7 victory and extends Clovis' lead in the team race.

At 170, where top seed Austin Flores of Clovis North survived a double overtime match to reach the semifinals, No. 2 seed Bryce Martin of Bakersfield is having an easier time. He's up 5-1 after a period on Buchanan's Javier Reyes. Also at 170, Stockdale's Ryan Holmes had an early takedown of Lemoore's Jaime Martinez, and now the match is over, but I didn't see how it ended. Winner there will get Flores.

It'll be a 9-1 victory for Bryce Martin, who will face Madera's Alex Gamboa, a 4-2 winner over Clovis East's Nick Callender, in the semis. Ryan Holmes of Stockdale is the other semifinalists, with a first-period pin of Lemoore's Jaime Martinez.

At 182, state No. 1 Adrian Salas of Clovis is having his way with Mt. Whitney's Isaiah Aceves, 9-1 early in the third period. No. 2 seed Kyle Pope of Bakersfield is up 3-1 in the second on Bullard's Ritchie Brandt, who's a tough customer in his own right. Salas just worked for a third-period pin, so he's through. So is Buchanan's Jackson Grout, who pins East's Michael Avila. Pope would meet Grout if he can hold on here. His 3-1 lead is good into the third period, but now an escape for Brandt will make it 3-2. A lot of tough wrestling in neutral before Pope finally works for a late takedown here and a 5-2 lead. 11 seconds left, so that'll probably do it.

Meanwhile, Nick Kidd has Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez on his back early at 195. Pin called at 0:36, so Lopez not able to sustain momentum from his upset of the No. 3 seed Josh Karam. Kidd, meanwhile, is into Masters with surprising ease.

170: Austin Flores, CN, dec. Kalvin Stuckey, Bull, 4-2 2OT

Ryan Holmes, Stockdale, pins Jaime Martinez, Lem, 1:11

Alex Gamboa, Mad, dec. Nick Callender, CE, 4-2

Bryce Martin, Bak, maj. dec. Javier Reyes, Buch, 9-1

182: Adrian Salas, Clov, pins Isaiah Aceves, Mt. Whitney, 4:46

Dillon Harroun, Tehach, dec. Carlos Montejo, Fron, 9-4

Jackson Grout, Buch, pinned Michael Avila, East, 1:37

Kyle Pope, Bak, dec. Ritchie Brandt, Bull, 5-2

UPDATED, 6:30 p.m.: The last two quarters at 152 see Clovis' Dominic Kincaid up 4-1 after a period against Madera's Miguel Ruiz, and Clovis East's Kyle Perreault up 11-1 after a period against Lemoore's Angel Robles.

National No. 2 Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore pinned his opponent so quickly at 160 that I didn't even see it, so he's through to Masters. The No. 2 seed at that weight, Bakersfield's Hunter Hodges, just finished an 18-3 tech fall.

There's the tech fall for Perreault early in the second period and he can work for a fall off of this move, too. He got it, at 2:36. Dominating performance for the Timberwolf, who has his eyes on Hammond in the final tomorrow. First, though, he'll likely tangle with Kincaid, who still has his 4-1 lead on Ruiz now late in the second period. Escape for Kincaid midway through the third makes it 5-1, and one late takedown will make it a 7-1 final. Kincaid will get Perreault in a rematch of the TRAC final in tomorrow's semifinals.

Early takedown for the No. 6 seed, Sanger's Jose Padilla, on Frontier's Kyle Shepherd, the No. 3 seed, at 160 pounds. At next check it's a 4-2 lead for Padilla after a period. Shepherd is bottom in the second period and works a reversal to tie the match 4-4.

In the other 160 quarter, it's Clovis' Brody Brand against Buchanan's Yusef Robinson in a big match for the team score. A takedown for Brand ties the match at 3 in the second, but Robinson takes a 4-3 lead with an escape. Third-period escape for Brand ties it at 4, but now an injury timeout for Robinson.

Padilla has a third-period takedown to lead Shepherd 6-4. 1:35 left in that match.

Back to action on the other mat and a takedown for Brand. He leads 6-4 with 31 seconds left.

Shepherd has an escape but still trails 6-5 into the final minute. Padilla shoots, but it's wild, and Shepherd moves around for a two-pointer. Now the Titan has the lead 7-6.

Back to Robinson, who has an escape and a takedown to take a 7-6 lead — but in the final seconds, Brand gets an escape and a huge 8-7 win for Clovis! The crowd into that, and so are the coaches. The referees are looking to make sure the match was scored correctly.

Scramble situation late on the other mat, and Shepherd doesn't give up anything late and hangs on to win, 7-6. What matches we had at 160.

Up at 170, a big upset could be brewing with top seed Austin Flores of Clovis North, who I've heard is nursing a bad ankle, headed to overtime at 2-2 with No. 8 seed Kalvin Stuckey of Bullard. Not much action in the OT, and we go to double overtime. Stuckey down first, and Flores is going to get the all-important ride-out. Now he can survive with an escape. HE goes down. Up to his feet immediately but brought back down. Now locking hands called on Stuckey, and the escape for Flores. It's 4-2. Still 14 seconds left for Stuckey to try a takedown, but he won't get it. Flores survives, 4-2 in double OT.

160: Isaiah Martinez, Lem, pinned David Jepson, Central, 3:05

Brody Brand, Clov, dec. Yusuf Robinson, Buch, 8-7

Kyle Shepherd, Fron, dec. Jose Padilla, Sang, 7-6

Hunter Hodges, Bak, tech fall Blake Marple, Red, 18-3

UPDATED, 6:09 p.m.: Two quarterfinals already over at 145, where top seed Jason Ladd of Clovis had an easy 13-2 victory and Isidro Arroyo of Reedley, the 5 seed, beat 4 seed Conner Francis of Buchanan 2-1 in a good match.

Late in the second period, Bakersfield's AJ Fierro has a 4-2 lead on Frontier's Aaron Gomez, and Clovis WEst's Tyler Zimmer leads Edison's Jorge Perez 2-0 to start the second.

Up at 152, top seed and state No. 2 Coleman Hammond of Bakersfield is up 10-0 in a hurry on Sanger's Chris Moran. Still only a minute into the second period there. Hammond will face Porterville's Greg Pagela in the semifinals; Pagela pinned the 4 seed, Foothill's Oscar Corona, early in the second.

It's now 6-3 Fierro early in the third period, with he and Frontier's Gomez in neutral. Takedown for Fierro just before they go out of bounds makes it 8-3. Zimmer has increased his lead to 5-0 in the other 145 quarterfinal, so it looks like Zimmer vs. Fierro in the semifinals tomorrow. There's the pin for Zimmer at 3:49, late in the second period. Fierro is up 8-4 with about 45 seconds left. He'll add one more takedown and win 10-5. Tough one against Zimmer tomorrow morning. Semifinals schedule for 10 a.m. after one round on consolation.

Coleman Hammond needs one takedown early in the third period for a tech fall, and he's got it. 16-1 over Chris Moran. Up at 160, Hunter Hodges is working on another lopsided score for BHS. He's up 10-1 after just one period against Redwood's Blake Marple.

145: Jason Ladd, Clov, maj. dec. Victor Bonilla, Han, 13-2

Isidro Arroyo, Reed, dec. Conner Francis, Buch, 2-1

Tyler Zimmer, CW, pinned Jorge Perez, Ed, 3:49

AJ Fierro, Bak, dec. Aaron Gomez, Fron, 10-5

152: Coleman Hammond, Bak, tech fall Chris Moran, Sang, 16-1

Gregory Pagela, Port, pinned Oscar Corona, Foot, 2:34

Dominic Kincaid, Clov, dec. Miguel Ruiz, Mad, 7-1

Kyle Perreault, CE, pinned Angel Robles, Lem, 2:36

UPDATED, 6:00 p.m.: At 132, No. 4 seed Antonio Gutierrez of Bakersfild had a 2-0 lead on No. 5 Chris Lane of Clovis West, but Lane just caught him in a five-point move and nearly pinned him. Gutierrez stayed off his back till the end of the period, but he faces a 5-2 defecit headed to the second. The No. 2 seed, Izaiah Ozuna of Frontier, has pinned Centennial's Alex Treiberg and is in the semifinals. Kyler Hansen of Buchanan will be his foe; Hansen was up bit No Lemoore's Matt Holmes, but I didn't see the final. Earlier, top seed Abel Contreras survived a tough match with Clovis' Xesus Velarde to move into the quarters.

Lane has pulled another five-point move on Gutierrez and now leads 10-4 midway through the second. Gutierrez has an escape for 10-5, but now he's down and hurt. Drillers coaches are looking at his knee, it looks like from here.

Up at 138, Reedley's Christian Rodriguez, the No. 5 seed, is through to the semifinals and to Masters with a 9-0 victory over unseeded Israel Villanueva of Clovis East.

Now Gutierrez is on his feet and it looks like a trainer is looking at his shoulder. Either way, he's probably done in this match. The question is whether he would be able to go tomorrow morning to try to win a match and get into Masters.

At 138, it's a Clovis-Buchanan head-to-head battle, and a 3-3 tie between Clovis' Caleb Trace, the 3 seed, and Buchanan's Abner Romero, who's unseeded. They're going to the third period. Torres is bottom and gets an escape for a 5-4 lead. Thsi would be an upset and another big boost for the BEars in the team race. Scramble position here, and a stalemate called with 1:19 left. Deep shot from Torres now, and Trace is trying to work his way around but is going to run out of time. Buchanan gets the late takedown and wins 6-3. What a big win for Abner Torres, who was unseeded and is now in the semifinals.

Now we get some big news from that 132 match: Gutierrez is hurt because of what's been ruled an illegal slam from Chris Lane. That means Gutierrez is in the semifinals safely by forfeit. Bakersfield assistant Steve Varner just told me that he won't wrestle tomorrow because of a shoulder injury; if Gutierrez makes weight and weighs in, he can default to sixth place and try to get healthy for Masters. Looks like Clovis West is going to protest the call. Tough break for the Golden Eagles, who were ahead 10-5 in the match at the time. We'll see what happens.

Next on that mat is a really high-caliber quarterfinal at 138 between top seed Chris Garcia of Clovis WEst and Central's Matt Ontiveros, who is unseeded but was No. 2 in the Valley at 132 before missing weight last week. And Garcia is making a statement. He comes out of a scramble with Ontiveros on his back and pins him at 1:57! Wow, the top seed easily into the semifinals despite a tough matchup.

132: Abel Contreras, Port, dec. Xesus Velarde, Clov

Antonio Gutierrez, Bak, def. Chris Lane, CW

Kyler Hansen, Buch, def. Matt Holmes, Lem

Izaiah Ozuna, Fron, pinned Alex Treiberg, Centennial, 3:18

138: Chris Garcia, CW, pins Matt Ontiveros, Central, 1:57

Christian Rodriguez, Reed, maj. dec. Israel Villanueva, CE, 9-0

Abner Romero, Buch, dec. Caleb Trace, Clov, 6-3

Martin Sandoval, Port, pinned Brett Parker, Bull

UPDATED, 5:39 p.m.: Frontier's Vincent Gomez, another state No. 1, reaches the semifinals at 126 pounds with a 51-second pin of Buchanan's Dean Esquibel.

Back at 120, Jonas Gaytan of Clovis is cruising past Centennial's Etienne Armijo. He's staked to a 13-3 lead with 20 seconds left in the match. The final there will be 13-4 for Gaytan.

The last 120 quarterfinal sees No. 6 seed Nick Marquez of Foothill with a 4-1 lead in the third period on No. 3 Seth Hood of Monache. Would be a big win for the Trojan senior, who was snake-bitten in this tournament last year, falling one match short of the Masters when he was caught from ahead in a headlock. He'll leave no doubt this year if he can finish this match out. Marquez is on bottom, restart with 56 seconds left. Still 4-1. Marquez doing a good job staying active. He's going to finish off the big win here.

Meanwhile, up at 126, Clovis' Lane Barnes, another 3 seed, is in a battle with East's Adam Bracamonte. He trails 5-4 after two periods but gets a quick escape to tie it. Now a funky move from Bracamonte backfires and Barnes gets a takedown for a 7-5 lead. Not sure what that was meant to do, but probably not wise to try it in the Yosemite quarters in a tie match. But here we go — quick reversal for Bracamonte ties it up at 7. Barnes escapes for an 8-7 lead with about 45 seconds to go. Time running out on Bracamonte, who is trying to sprawl away from a Barnes shot. Barnes survives, 8-7, and is into Masters. Bracamonte has to shake it off and wrestle a Cinderella match in the morning.

Now at 126 we turn our attention to Monache's Josh Sibayan and Reedley's Bailey Perez, tied 4-4 with just over a minute to go. ... Sorry, looked away for a minute, but Sibayan came up with some late points to win that, I think 8-4. I looked away to see Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch completing a tech fall of Madera's Antony Munoz to move into the semifinals at 126.

120: Mason Pengilly, Port, pinned Shaquwan Wright, Fresno

Daniel Ruiz, Mad, dec. Jason Delacruz, Buchanan, 2-0

Nick Marquez, Foothill, dec. Seth Hood, Mon, 4-1

Jonas Gaytan, Clov, maj. dec. Etienne Armijo, Centennial, 13-4

126: Vincent Gomez, Fron, pinned Dean Esquibel, Buch, 0:51

Josh Sibayan, Mon, dec. Baily Perez, Reed, 8-4

Lane Barnes, Clov, dec. Adam Bracamonte, East, 8-7

Michael Knoblauch, CW, tech fall Antony Munoz, Mad, 18-2

UPDATED, 5:24 p.m.: Redwood's Joey Cisneros beats Porterville's Javier Jimenez in the final 106-pound quarterfinal. He'll wrestle Adrian Camposano in the semifinals tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, at 113, top seed Sean Williams of Lemoore is safely through, and it looked like Clovis' Khristian Olivas, the No. 5 seed, pulled a mild upset of No. 4 Marco Velasquez of Foothill. He was up 5-1 late, though I didn't see the final.

First big upset of the quarterfinals now, with Buchanan's Greg Gaxiola, the No. 7 seed, taking out No. 2 Alex Orosco of Edison. That's a big win in the team race, too, with the Bears performing really well.

The fourth quarterfinal at at 113 belongs to Clovis East's Joseph Jauregui, who beats Reedley's AJ Rosas 8-3. So the semifinals will be Williams of Lemoore vs. Olivas of Clovis and Jauregui of Clovis East vs. Gaxiola of Buchanan.

At 120, state No. 1 Mason Pengilly of Porterville is safely through to the semifinals witha second-period pin of Fresno's Shaquwan Wright.

113: Sean Williams, Lem, maj. dec. Isaiah Torres, Red, 9-1

Joseph Jauregui, Clov East, dec. AJ Rosas, Reed, 8-3

Greg Gaxiola, Buch, dec. Orosco, Ed, 6-4

UPDATED, 5:12 p.m.: Here we go with quarterfinals, starting at 106 pounds, the most stacked weight in the tournament as far as number of state top-10 wrestlers. State No. 2 Matt Gamble of Monache leads Bakersfield's Carlos Herrera 6-1 through a period. Sean Williams of Lemoore, the top seed at 113, has a 7-1 lead on Redwood's Isaiah Torres.

Good one at 106 between Clovis' Julian Gaytan and Buchanan's Durbin Lloren. They're scoreless heading into the second period, with Lloren down. Lloren is seeded lower despite beating Gaytan at the TRAC meet last week. The TRAC champion, Central's Adrian Camposano, just finished off what looked like a 12-5 victory over Lemoore's David Campbell. That's on a far mat, so I can't tell for sure. Back to Gaytan-Lloren. Still scoreless, with time running out on Lloren to get an escape in this second period. He's broken down, 10 seconds left. He won't get it. So Gaytan will go down for the third and can take the lead with just an escape. He gets an early reversal instead! So Clovis takes a 2-0 lead. There's the long-awaited escape for Lloren to cut the lead to 2-1, but inside of a minute now. Lloren will need a takedown. Fast and furious now. Stalemate called with 19 seconds left. Lots of scrambling now, Lloren trying to get the winning takedown. Over-exerted himself, though, and it's Gaytan with the two in the final seconds for a 4-1 victory. He's safely through to Masters and to the semifinals.

Quarterfinal results will be listed below each post. Here are updated team scores heading into this round:

1. Clovis 100; 2. Buchanan 98; 3. Bakersfield 88; 4. Lemoore 81; 5. Frontier 76; 6. Clovis West 73.5; 7. Porterville 71.5; t8. Clovis East and Sanger, 54; 10. Madera 53; 11. Monache 50.5; 12. Central 45; 13. Madera South 43.5; t14. Reedley and South 43.

106: Matt Gamble, Mon, pinned Carlos Herrera, Bak, 5:00

Julian Gaytan, Clov, dec. Durbin Lloren, Buch, 4-1

Joey Cisneros, Red, dec. Javier Jimenez, Port, 8-2

Adrian Camposano, Central, dec. David Campbell, Lem, 12-6

UPDATED, 4:43 p.m.: I've finally caught up updating my consolation brackets. We've had a few seeds fall completely out of the tournament, though nothing higher than a No. 7. No big shockers not going to Masters just yet, but then there are some big names with no margin for error because they've already lost a match. That includes No. 3 Josh Karam of Clovis North at 195 pounds, but he worked a quick pin in his consolation match and so is in good shape.

Those who win this consolation round must wrestle once more tonight — in a round that will run concurrently with the quarterfinals. The winners from that final consolation round of the night will face the quarterfinal losers in the first round tomorrow morning. That's the Cinderella round, where winners are guaranteed a top-eight spot and losers can only wrestle for ninth place and an alternate spot for Masters.

Anyway, I had said 4:30 for quarterfinals, and we're already pushing 4:45 with consolations still roaring. They've started calling heavyweight matches, though, so we should be maybe 10 minutes away from quarterfinals.

UPDATED, 3:45 p.m.: Trying to catch up on my own brackets before the quarterfinals take place, probably in about 45 minutes. But as we examine the team scores headed into tonight's final round, here's a couple of notes: Buchanan has 13 of its 14 wrestlers in the quarterfinals, a big-time total for a school that's looking to compete with Clovis on the big stage in a couple of weeks at Rabobank Arena. Clovis has 12 quarterfinalists and Bakersfield has 10. Lemoore has eight and Frontier seven, with Clovis West, Porterville and Reedley each with five.

Buchanan, Clovis and Lemoore are the only three teams with all 14 wrestlers still alive, either in quarterfinals or in the consolation bracket. Bakersfield and Frontier have 13 each.

UPDATED, 3:31 p.m.: Again, the quarterfinals are NOT coming up next. We're moving through one more round of consolations first in an effort to get both brackets together as we head into one final round tonight. So the quarterfinals will start probably sometime between 4:15 and 4:30, but I'm just estimating.

One last upset in the second round: A pin for South's Dartanyon Harris over the No. 6 seed at heavyweight, Sanger's Jesus Marez.

Team scores are out, too, with a surprise at the top. Buchanan has overtaken state No. 1 Clovis by a point, 95-94. A lot of wrestling still to go, of course, but for now, that upset for Bakersfield's Travis Ellebracht at 220 over Clovis' Hexton Coronado has allowed Buchanan to keep a slim lead.

HWT: (1) Nick Nevills, Clovis; Jesse Martinez, Hoover; (5) Kai Dill, Buchanan; (4) Shaq Garret, Bakersfield; (3) Cristian Garcia, Reedley; Dartanyon Harris, South; (7) Terrence Ghigo, Hanford; (2) Jonathan Roa, Lemoore

Team scores: 1. Buchanan 95; 2. Clovis 94; 3. Bakersfield 82; 4. Lemoore 74; 5. Frontier 69; 6. Clovis West 63; 7. Porterville 57.5; 8. Clovis East 47; 9. Sanger 46.5; 10. Madera 42; 11. Central 40; 12. Monache 39.5; 13. Reedley 39; 14. Bullard 38; 15. Redwood 36.

UPDATED, 3:22 p.m.: So the biggest shakeup of the day thus far comes at 195, where Jaccob Lopez (he came up and corrected my spelling on his first name) pins Clovis North's Josh Karam. He'll move on to face No. 6 seed Nick Kidd of Bakersfield. If Lopez can pull another upset, he'll be in Masters. If not, it's a break for Bakersfield, which will get Kidd into Masters without having to wrestle a seeded opponent.

Speaking of good news for Bakersfield, here's a close match at 220 pounds, where the Drillers' Travis Ellebracht is leading No. 4 seed Hexton Coronado of Clovis, 4-2 in the final minute. The wrestlers are tied up, with Coronado looking for a throw. They go out of bounds, and Ellebracht is called for stalling. That's his second, so it's a point for Clovis and the score is 4-3 now. Still in neutral. Coronado shoots, but Ellebracht a nice sprawl and we're out of bounds again. Just a second on the clock. The unseeded Ellebracht is going to get the upset between the two big rival schools. He's still a match away from Masters, but if he can make it through, that's one more Bakersfield didn't really expect.

195: (1) Matt Weiss, Clovis; (8) Cornelio Sanchez, Sanger; (5) Jacob Heinsohn, Liberty; (4) Young Woo An, Buchanan; Jaccob Lopez, Ridgeview; (6) Nick Kidd, Bakersfield; (7) Jaime Galvan, Mt. Whitney; (2) Josh Bailey, Frontier

220: (1) Cortes Morales, Clovis West; Abraham Meza, Redwood; (5) Joseph Valles, Hoover; Travis Ellebracht, Bakersfield; (3) Peter Mendoza, Madera South; (6) Augie Alcantar, Frontier; (7) Adrian Garza, Redwood; (2) Hyun Woo An, Buchanan

UPDATED, 3:08 p.m.: A little controversy brewing here. Madera's Aarron Montejano apparently missed weight this morning at 182 pounds (he weighed in at 184.4, according to the official records; 182-pounders can weigh 184 at this point in the season but not more), but still wrestled. He defeated Eric Negrete of Hanford in the first round and just lost to Buchanan's Jackson Grout, but that second-round match might have to be re-wrestled, if they decide Negrete should have won by forfeit. We'll see; the head referee is deciding what to do now.

Anyway, the favorites continue to roll here early. Still only one top-four seed has fallen, No. 4 Rosario Sanchez of Sanger at 138.

Hold that thought: Ridgeview's Jaccob Lopez has something brewing here at 195. He's even with No. 3 seed Josh Karam of Clovis North, 5-5 in the second period, and just turned Karam on his back. There's the pin and the biggest upset of the day! The Wolf Pack nearly had a big upset at 220 in the first round but lost in overtime; now Ridgeview scores one at 195.

Back at 182, another upset for a Kern County wrestler: East's Michael Avila beats No. 6 Dejon Taylor of Clovis East. He'll be in the quarterfinals against No. 3 Jackson Grout of Buchanan.

They've come to a decision on the Montejano matter. He's out of the tournament, and the Hanford wrestler will still be in. Not sure if Grout will have to re-wrestle or not.

Another important announcement: The next round will not be quarterfinals, it's consolation only, so the quarters are going to be pushed back to about 5 p.m.

182: (1) Adrian Salas, Clovis; Isaiah Aceves, Mt. Whitney; (5) Carlos Montejo, Frontier; (4) Dillon Harroun, Tehachapi; (3) Jackson Grout, Buchanan (contingent on the weigh-in decision); Michael Avila, East; (7) Ritchie Brandt, Bullard; (2) Kyle Pope, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 2:52 p.m.: First-period pins for Austin Flores and Bryce Martin, the top two seeds at 170, who are on a collision course but haven't met yet in their careers. Stockdale's Ryan Holmes also works a pin at 170, yet another weight where all eight seeds are still alive. We're working our way towards the quarterfinals, which I'll estimate will begin around 3:20 or 3:30.

170: (1) Austin Flores, Clovis North; (8) Kalvin Stuckey, Bullard; (5) Ryan Holmes, Stockdale; (4) Jaime Martinez, Lemoore; (3) Alex Gamboa, Madera; (6) Nick Callender, Clovis East; (7) Javier Reyes, Buchanan; (2) Bryce Martin, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 2:42 p.m.: Tehachapi's Zachary Allen lasts into the third period against state No. 1 Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore before he's pinned, which I suppose is a victory of sorts against that tough of an opponent. Right? I'm searching here, because Martinez is really, really dynamite good. His opponent in the final very well could be Bakersfield's Hunter Hodges, who needed considerably less time, just 25 seconds, to pin Edison's Heriberto Martinez. The entire 160-pound bracket was seeded winners.

160: (1) Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore; (8) David Jepson, Central; (5) Yusuf Robinson, Buchanan; (4) Brody Brand, Clovis; (3) Kyle Shepherd, Frontier; (6) Jose Padilla, Sanger; (7) Blake Marple, Redwood; (2) Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 2:19 p.m.: Back to chalk, with seven of the top eight seeds winning at 145 and all eight through to the quarterfinals at 152. A lack of upsets might be boring to the general fan now, but it makes for some good matchups later. The possible final here is a state top-5 matchup between No. 2 Coleman Hammond of Bakersfield and No. 4 Kyle Perreault of Clovis East. They split a couple of really good matches in last year's postseason and haven't met up yet this year. Would be fun if we get it, but there are some strong wrestlers in the way first.

152: (1) Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield; (8) Chris Moran, Sanger; (5) Gregory Pagela, Porterville; (4) Oscar Corona, Foothill; (3) Dominic Kincaid, Clovis; (6) Miguel Ruiz, Madera; (7) Angel Robles, Lemoore; (2) Kyle Perreault, Clovis East

UPDATED, 2:04 p.m.: Two more seeds down at 138: No. 6 Johnny Santore of Liberty, the SWYL champion, loses 6-2 to Buchanan's Abner Torres. No. 7 Dominic Lopez of Lemoore loses to Bullard's Brett Parker, 6-2. Torres over Santore is a big win for the Bears, who continue to stay within striking distance of state No. 1 Clovis in the team race. For now, anyway. Torres will face Caleb Trace of Clovis, the No. 3 seed, in the quarterfinals.

We're about midway through the second round now, with just a handful of 145-pound matches left on the mat. The quarterfinals are scheduled for 4 p.m., but we continue to run 20-25 minutes ahead of schedule, so that might be more like 3:30 at this rate. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

More quarterfinalists are listed below. I'm updating the lighter weights in their original list, so keep scrolling down if you're wondering about those.

145: (1) Jason Ladd, Clovis; Victor Bonilla, Hanford; (5) Isidro Arroyo, Reedley; (4) Conner Francis, Buchanan; (3) Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West; (6) Jorge Perez, Edison; (7) Aaron Gomez, Frontier; (2) AJ Fierro, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 1:50 p.m.: No. 7 seed at 132, Centennial's Alex Treiberg, is locked in a tight one with Madera's James Valenzuela. He leads 4-3 with 30 seconds left and just backed out of a nice front headlock from Valenzuela. Needs to hang on for 15 more seconds. They go out of bounds with six seconds left. Valenzuela looking for the home-run headlock, and Treiberg won't let it happen. The Golden Hawk hangs on for a 4-3 win and a quarterfinal berth, probably against Frontier's Izaiah Ozuna, though I haven't confirmed Ozuna won yet.

Here's the biggest seed yet to go down. It's Sanger's No. 4 seed Rosario Sanchez at 138. He loses 9-6 to Clovis East's Israel Villanueva, who was the fifth-place finisher in his own league, the mighty TRAC. That's the first top four seed to go down today.

And here's another one we were keeping an eye on. Matt Ontiveros of Central, the 132-pounder who had to move up to 138 because he missed weight at the TRAC finals, just beat No. 8 seed D.J. Cotter of Stockdale 12-1 at 138. He'll get the top seed, Clovis West's Chris Garcia next, but clearly he's no normal unseeded guy. Tough break for Cotter, who now drops down to the consolations earlier than he would have liked.

Izaiah Ozuna of Frontier, the No. 2 seed at 132, just got a third-period pin of Fresno's Shaquille Wright and so he will indeed face Centennial's Alex Treiberg in an all-Kern County quarterfinal.

138: (1) Chris Garcia, Clovis West; Matt Ontiveros, Central; (5) Christian Rodriguez, Reedley; Israel Villanueva, Clovis East; (3) Caleb Trace, Clovis; Abner Romero, Buchanan; Brett Parker, Bullard; (2) Martin Sandoval, Porterville

UPDATED, 1:35 p.m.: State No. 1 Vincent Gomez of Frontier gets a bit of a push in the round of 16 in that he has to wrestle all six minutes before subduing Edison's Jacqueall Jackson, 12-3. At 120 pounds, state No. 1 Mason Pengilly of Porterville is also through without incident. A tough match at 126 for Clovis' No. 3 seed, Lane Barnes, who survives South's Kyle Simon in a 10-8 match. A couple of top Cougars have been pushed here but have found ways to win close matches.

Antonio Gutierrez, the No. 4 seed at 132, has ended the Drillers' mini-skid with a pin of Madera South's Patrick Leroy. He'll have Clovis West's Chris Lane, the No. 5, in this evening's quarterfinals, which are slated to begin at 4 p.m., or as soon as this round is over.

Big win for Clovis' Xesus Velarde, who you'll remember needed a 1-0 decision over Tehachapi's Klayton Duxbury to get out of the first round. Here, he pins the No. 8 seed, Devin Soto of Sanger. Sometimes you just need to get a close match out of the way. The other possibility? Duxbury should have been seeded. We'll find out.

Here's the complete list of confirmed quarterfinalists:

126: (1) Vincent Gomez, Frontier; (8) Dean Esquibel, Buchanan; Baily Perez, Reedley; (4) Josh Sibayan, Monache; (3) Lane Barnes, Clovis; (6) Adam Bracamonte, East; Antony Munoz, Madera; (2) MIchael Knoblauch, Clovis West

132: (1) Abel Contreras, Porterville; Xesus Velarde, Clovis; (5) Chris Lane, Clovis West; (4) Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield; (3) Kyler Hansen, Buchanan; (6) Matt Holmes, Lemoore; (7) Alex Treiberg, Centennial; (2) Izaiah Ozuna, Frontier

UPDATED, 1:19 p.m.: A couple of surprises here in the second round. At 120 pounds, Centennial's Etienne Armijo gets a takedown late in overtime to take out No. 7 seed Darrion Harris of Redwood, 6-4. At 126, it's Reedley's Bailey Perez pinning No. 5 seed Delano Headrix of Mission Oak. Headrix is the highest seed yet to fall out of the championship bracket.

Bakersfield's Melvin Amaya was in a battle for a while with No. 4 seed Josh Sibayan of Monache at 126, but Sibayan gets some nearfall from a cradle in the second period to take control and now leads 8-0 late. The floodgates opened on Amaya there.

Another Driller has fallen, and this was one of Bakersfield's bubble hopefuls. No. 8 seed Arik Onsurez at 120 pounds loses by quick pin to Fresno's Shaquwan Wright. Big win for the Warrior there and now Onsurez will have his back against the wall in the consolations.

120: (1) Mason Pengilly, Porterville; Shaquwan Wright, Fresno; (5) Daniel Ruiz, Madera; (4) Jason Delacruz, Buchanan; (3) Seth Hood, Monache; (6) Nick Marquez, Foothill; Etienne Armijo, Centennial; (2) Jonas Gaytan, Clovis

UPDATED, 1:12 p.m.: A note on those team scores: The top three teams, Clovis, Buchanan and Bakersfield, all have 13 of their 14 wrestlers alive in the championship bracket. The exceptions are at 170 for Clovis, 138 for Bakersfield and 152 for Buchanan. Lemoore has 12 of its 14 wrestlers alive for a championship.

Now we move a step closer to the business end of this tournament. The round of 16 has begun. Winners here are guaranteed a top 12 place (of course, you need top 8 to move on) and will wrestle in the quarterfinals tonight for a guaranteed place at Masters.

Bakersfield just had its second wrestler sent to the consolations, 113-pounder Sean Nickell, who falls to No. 2 seed Alex Orosco of Edison.

Here's the first batch of second-round winners. All eight seeds through at 106 and 113 pounds:

106: (1) Matt Gamble, Monache; (8) Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield; (5) Durbin Lloren, Buchanan; (4) Julian Gaytan, Clovis; (3) Joey Cisneros, Redwood; (6) Javier Jimenez, Porterville; (7) David Campbell, Lemoore; (2) Adrian Camposano, Central

113: (1) Sean Williams, Lemoore; (8) Isaiah Torres, Redwood; (5) Khristian Olivas, Clovis; (4) Marco Velasquez, Foothill; (3) Joseph Jauergui, Clovis East; (6) AJ Rosas, Reedley; (7) Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan; (2) Alex Orosco, Edison

UPDATED, 1:01 p.m.: Team scores after the first round are out. Two-time defending state champion Clovis is in the lead, but it's a tight four-way race at the top. Separation will start when these four schools start to run into each other in more brackets; right now, they all have so many seeded wrestlers that they're all collecting the same points.

1. Clovis 49; 2. Buchanan 48; 3. Bakersfield 46; 4. Lemoore 45.5; 5. Clovis West 36; t6. Frontier and Sanger 32; t8. Clovis East and Porterville 30; 10. Central 27.5; 11. Madera 26; 12. Monache 24.5; 13. Golden Valley 24; 14. Madera South 23.5; 15. South 22.

UPDATED, 12:50 p.m.; We almost had the biggest upset of the first round by far at 220 pounds. Ridgeview's Noe Delgado took No. 2 seed Hyun Woo An of Buchanan into double overtime, but An came up with a reversal in the double OT and won 6-3 to survive and advance. That's a good result for SYL champion Delgado anyway — but the trick now will be to shake off a close loss and do work in the consolations.

State No. 7 Joey Cisneros of Redwood is the first round-of-16 winner. He's the No. 3 seed at 106 pounds and just pinned Clovis East's Javier Alaniz.

I'll only write in championship winners for this round of 16, but I'll mention notable consolation results if I see them. We'll catch up with the consolations as they get a little bit closer towards medal contention.

The first round is just about completed. I see a couple of heavyweight matches still out, both in the third period, so we should have full results soon. Here are the rest of the first-round winners:

220: Abraham Meza, Redwood; Marcus Ponce, Central; (2) Hyun Woo An, Buchanan

HWT: (1) Nick Nevills, Clovis; Ray Figueroa, Tulare Union; Jesse Martinez, Hoover; (8) Mark Guerrero, North; (5) Kai Dill, Buchanan; Gabriel Rosas, Ridgeview; Austin Cox, Clovis West; (4) Shaq Garret, Bakersfield; (3) Cristian Garcia, Reedley; Dartanyan Harris, South; (6) Jesus Marez, Sanger; (7) Terrence Ghigo, Hanford; Cody Watts, Independence; Nimrod Quintonilla, Golden Valley; (2) Jonathan Roa, Lemoore

UPDATED, 12:36 p.m.: Some clarification on Matt Ontiveros of Central: He wasn't hurt but missed weight at the TRAC finals last week, trying to weigh in at his preferred 132 pounds. Grizzlies coaches moved him up to 138, where he received an alternate berth into this tournament. So now he's wrestling stronger guys, but Ontiveros obviously is very skilled. So we'll see how he does with No. 8 seed DJ Cotter of Stockdale in the next round. Intriguing round of 16 matchup.

It looks like all remaining first-round matches are being wrestled right now, so we should start the second round at about 12:40 or so, 20 minutes ahead of time.

Some more first-round winners in the meantime.

182: Manvir Dhanoa, Golden Valley

195: (1) Matt Weiss, Clovis; Brett Lowe, Lemoore; Justin Parker, Clovis East; (5) Jacob Heinsohn, Liberty; Dakota Romans, Sunnyside; Jesse Chavez, Madera South; (4) Young Woo An, Buchanan; (3) Josh Karam, Clovis North; Jacob Lopez, Ridgeview; Ruben Abreago, Tulare Union; (6) Nick Kidd, Bakersfield; (7) Jaime Galvan, Mt. Whitney; Matt Elford, Porterville; Diego Martinez, South; (2) Josh Bailey, Frontier

220: (1) Cortes Morales, Clovis West; Christian Garcia, Highland; (8) Eduardo Madrigal, Porterville; (5) Joseph Valles, Hoover; Jacob Tripp, Mission Oak; Travis Ellebracht, Bakersfield; (4) Hexton Coronado, Clovis; (3) Peter Mendoza, Madera South; Carlos Arellano, Edison; (6) Augie Alcantar, Frontier; (7) Adrian Garza, Lemoore; Johnny Cardona, Monache; Kyle Mask, Madera

UPDATED, 12:21 p.m.: Another final to look forward to is at 170 pounds, not because the top two seeds, Clovis North's Austin Flores and Bakersfield's Bryce Martin, are in the state's top 5, but because they're relative unknowns who haven't met. Martin moved up all the way from 126 pounds last year after a growth spurt and has been ranked No. 1 in the section for most of the season. Flores was ranked No. 6 in the state at 182 pounds but moved down for last week's TRAC finals. He got the top seed over Martin, but if they meet in the final, it'll be for the first time. Both worked easy pins in the first round.

They've just called the heavyweights to staging, so the last matches of the first round will be called in the next 10 minutes or so. After that, it's on to the round of 16, plus the first round of consolation. Not sure if they'll wait till the scheduled time of 1 p.m. for that round or if we'll wrestle straight through. My guess is the latter. They'd love to be ahead of schedule if possible.

Another seed goes down. It's No. 8 Jacob Valladares of the host school, Madera South, at 182 pounds. That's courtesy of a surprisingly easy win from Independence's Landyn Webb, 13-5. Webb moves on to another toughie, West Yosemite League champion Isaiah Aceves of Mt. Whitney. The winner of that match likely will face state No. 1 Adrian Salas of Clovis, who won by an 18-second pin in the first round.

More first-round winners:

170: (1) Austin Flores, Clovis North; Pedro Lora, Foothill; Taylor Wing, Central; (8) Kelvin Stuckey, Bullard; (5) Ryan Holmes, Stockdale; Rodney Horton, North; Eric Gilkbarg, Clovis West; (4) Jaime Martinez, Lemoore; (3) Alex Gamboa, Madera; Matt Stulte, Fresno; Jose Bautista, Redwood; (6) Nick Callender, Clovis East; (7) Javier Reyes, Buchanan; Jess Solorio, Hanford; Isaiah Mireles, South; (2) Bryce Martin, Bakersfield

182: (1) Adrian Salas, Clovis; Ruben Recio, South; Isaiah Aceves, Mt. Whitney; Landyn Webb, Independence; (5) Carlos Montejo, Frontier; Cesar Rubio, Delano; Colton Banuelos, Lemoore; (4) Dillon Harroun, Tehachapi; (3) Jackson Grout, Buchanan; Aarron Montejano, Madera; Michael Avila, East; (6) Dejon Taylor, Clovis East; (7) Ritchie Brandt, Bullard; Elijah Martinez, Hanford West; (2) Kyle Pope, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 11:58 a.m.: Interesting development at 138, where Central's Matt Ontiveros got into the draw despite a sixth-place finish at last week's TRAC tournament because of an injury. He was listed as an alternate and is in the draw; that's potentially bad news for No. 8 seed D.J. Cotter of Stockdale, who must face him next, in the round of 16. The winner there likely gets No. 1 seed Chris Garcia of Clovis West. Ontiveros was a fixture in the section rankings until he got hurt, so he's one to keep an eye on.

State No. 1 (and national No. 2) Isaiah Martinez of Lemoore cruises through his first-round bout with a pin of Reedley's Cristian Tumaneng. Up next is Tehachapi's Zachary Allen — a tough customer, but probably no match for the mighty Martinez.

More first-round winners:

152: (1) Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield; Luis Ornelas, Hanford; Bobby Miguel, Clovis West; (8) Chris Moran, Sanger; (5) Gregory Pagela, Porterville; Andrew Alvarez, Madera South; Eddie Lopez, Golden Valley; (4) Oscar Corona, Foothill; (3) Dominic Kincaid, Clovis; Ryan Ryder, Centennial; Brian Leypon, Monache; (6) Miguel Ruiz, Madera; (7) Angel Robles, Lemoore; Lorenzo Rodriguez, Hoover; Thomas Duran, Tehachapi; (2) Kyle Perreault, Clovis East

160: (1) Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore; Zachary Allen, Tehachapi; Andrew Lee, Centennial; (8) David Jepsen, Central; (5) Yusuf Robinson, Buchanan; Justin Fournier, Monache; Jacob Maas, Liberty; (4) Brody Brand, Clovis; (3) Kyle Shepherd, Frontier; Jordan Ruelas, El Diamante; Sean Ritter, Hoover; (6) Jose Padilla, Sanger; (7) Blake Marple, Redwood; Tony Dusan, Madera; Heriberto Martinez, Edison; (2) Hunter Hodges, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 11:41 a.m.: The first wrestler from Bakersfield to fall is Kevin Cristea at 138 pounds, but that's no surprise. He was an alternate after finishing fifth in the SWYL and had to face No. 4 seed Rosario Sanchez of Sanger in the first round. BHS is rolling otherwise, with a tech fall from state No. 2 Coleman Hammond at 152 the latest victory.

Another seed has been relegated to the consolation bracket: It's No. 8 Brandon Palafox of Foothill, who lost a tight 8-5 decision to Hanford's Victor Bonilla. These No. 8 seeds would run into the No. 1s tonight anyway, so being in the consolation bracket isn't the worst thing in the world. Just means they'll have to wrestle extra matches — and probably improve as the weekend goes on to get through.

More winners:

138: Vincent Juarez, Tulare Western; (4) Rosario Sanchez, Sanger; (3) Caleb Trace, Clovis; (6) Johnny Santore, Liberty

145: (1) Jason Ladd, Clovis; Edwardo Gonzalez, Golden Valley; Isaac Rodriquez, Sanger; Victor Bonilla, Hanford; (5) Isidro Arroyo, Reedley; Jacob Hill, Lemoore; Sylvester Alfaro, South; (4) Conner Francis, Buchanan; (3) Tyler Zimmer, Clovis West; Ashton Demaree, El Diamante; Mark Rodriguez, Central; (6) Jorge Perez, Edison; (7) Aaron Gomez, Frontier; Josh Carrillo, East; Brian Cerda, Sunnyside; (2) A.J. Fierro, Bakersfield

UPDATED, 11:19 a.m.: Interesting result at 132 pounds: Clovis' Xesus Velarde needs a third-period escape to get by Tehachapi's Klayton Duxbury. Neither guy was seeded, but you don't often see powerhouse Clovis tested in the first round. The interesting thing here is that Tehachapi wasn't able to send in seeding information on its wrestlers because of a miscommunication, and so some of the Warriors might be underseeded (i.e., not seeded when they should be). Not sure if that's the case here, but Duxbury was an SEYL champion and will be one to keep an eye on in the consolation bracket. Meanwhile, Velarde moves on to face eighth-seeded Devin Soto of Sanger.

Here are some more first-round winners (I'm including forfeit winners in there, too):

126: (5) Delano Headrix, Mission Oak; Bailey Perez, Reedley; Melvin Amaya, Bakersfield; (6) Adam Bracamonte, East

132: Cesar Pacheco, Roosevelt; Xesus Velarde, Clovis; (8) Devin Soto, Sanger; Julio Rodriguez, North; Patrick Leory, Madera South; Michael Rincon, Mission Oak; James Valenzuela, Madera; (2) Izaiah Ozuna, Frontier

138: (1) Chris Garcia, Clovis West; Daniel Avalos, Edison; Matt Ontiveros, Central; (8) D.J. Cotter, Stockdale; (5) Christian Rodriguez, Reedley; Israel Villanueva, Clovis East; Moses Salinas, Madera South; Abner Romero, Buchanan; (7) Dominic Lopez, Lemoore; Brett Parker, Bullard; Austin Gamboa, Frontier; (2) Martin Sandoval, Porterville

UPDATED, 11:07 a.m.: One of the most anticipated matchups of this tournament will be at 126 pounds, where the top two wreslters in the state, Vincent Gomez of Frontier and Michael Knoblauch of Clovis West, lurk. They've wrestled just once, early in the season, and Gomez won a 9-7 decision. They're both safely through, Gomez with the aformentioned pin and Knoblauch via forfeit when one of the leagues couldn't fill a spot. There are quite a few of those in this first round, so we're moving through rather quickly.

One thing to keep an eye on from a team perspective: Bakersfield High, which (like Clovis) has finished in the top two in the state three years running, really only has five wrestlers that are heavily favored to go through to state. If the Drillers are to challenge for another top-five finish in state, they'll likely need more than that. That's where guys like 106-pounder Carlos Herrera and 120-pounder Arik Onsurez come in. Both are seeded eighth, so both are right on the bubble as far as advancing to Masters next week. Both came up with wins early, so it's so far, so good for those guys. A lot of work to be done, though.

Here are more first-round winners, with seeds:

126: (1) Vincent Gomez, Frontier; Jacqueall Jackson, Edison; Isaac Perez, Porterville; (8) Dean Esquibel, Buchanan; (4) Josh Sibayan, Monache; (3) Lane Barnes, Clovis; Kyle Simon, South; Justo Padron, Sanger; Antony Munoz, Madera (upset No. 7 Aaron Watts of Redwood); Johnny Juarez, Clovis East; Jesus Medina, Golden Valley; (2) Michael Knoblauch, Clovis West

132: (1) Abel Contreras, Porterville; (5) Chris Lane, Clovis West; (4) Antonio Gutierrez, Bakersfield; (3) Kyler Hansen, Buchanan; Conrad Lopez, Hoover; (6) Matt Holmes, Lemoore; (7) Alex Treiberg, Centennial; Shaquille Wright, Fresno

UPDATED, 10:53 a.m.: Sorry I'm running a bit late here, just trying to catch up with everything that's going on. More first-round winners are listed below; I still haven't seen many surprises early. The first two state No. 1s to wrestle, Porterville's Mason Pengilly at 120 and Frontier's Vincent Gomez at 126, moved through with easy pins into the round of 16, which will begin at 1 p.m.

Looks like we might have just had our first seed fall: Madera's Antony Munoz at 126 just took down No. 7 seed Aaron Watts of Redwood, via pin with one second left in the second period. Dramatic, but not a huge surprise, considering Munoz was the CMAC champion, but that's our first seed to fall. And Watts can still battle back through the consolation bracket, of course. The first consolation round also begins at 1.

113: (2) Alex Orosco, Edison; (7) Greg Gaxiola, Buchanan; Jacob Delgado, El Diamante; Xavier Salas, Mira Monte; (8) Isaiah Torres, Redwood; Jordan Patoc, Liberty; (3) Joseph Jauregui, Clovis East; Alex Nava, Delano

120: (1) Mason Pengilly, Porterville; Daniel Cordona, Golden Valley; Shaquwan Wright, Fresno; (8) Arik Onsurez, Bakersfield; (5) Daniel Ruiz, Madera; Brock Welton, Frontier; Bailey Gutierrez, Hoover; (4) Jason Delacruz, Buchanan; (3) Seth Hood, Monache; Saul Pacheco, Roosevelt; Daniel Leroy, Madera South; (6) Nick Marquez, Foothill; (7) Darrion Harris, Redwood; Etienne Armijo, Centennial; Zachary Morgret, North; (2) Jonas Gaytan, Clovis

UPDATED, 10:27 a.m.: Wrestling is under way here at Madera South, with the first round at 106 pounds complete and the first round at 113 getting there. Most matches out on the eight mats here are at 120 pounds. Some early-first round winners (if a wrestler has a top-eight seed, I put in parentheses before his name):

106: (1) Matt Gamble, Monache; Joseph Cruz, West; Bryce Mortia, Clovis West; (8) Carlos Herrera, Bakersfield; (5) Durbin Lloren, Buchanan; Sammy Davila, Highland; Ivan Rodriguez, Liberty; (4) Julian Gaytan, Clovis; (3) Joey Cisneros, Redwood; Javier Alaniz, Clovis East; Jesse Reyes, Madera South; (6) Javier Jimenez, Porterville; (7) David Campbell, Lemoore; Kale Strausser, Bullard; Jess Constante, Edison; (2) Adrian Camposano, Central

113: (1) Sean Williams, Lemoore; Arthur Demerath, Monache; (5) Khristian Olivas, Clovis; Gilbert Flores, Sanger; (4) Marco Velasquez, Foothill; Victor Quintos, Central; (6) AJ Rosas, Reedley; Sean Nickell, Bakersfield

No surprises yet, though one match of note for Kern County fans: Eighth-seeded Carlos Herrera of BHS beat Foothill's Fern Perez 10-4 in the first round. That's a tough weight — Herrera is seeded eighth but ranked No. 16 in the state — and that was a tough first-rounder for both guys. A victory there ensures Herrera should have a fighting chance of making it through the consolations should he lose to state No. 2 Matt Gamble of Monache in tonight's quarterfinals.

Much more to come.

ORIGINAL POST: The School House Zach wrestling live blog is back, live from Madera South High School, where one of California's toughest state-meet qualifiers is about to begin. The Yosemite Divisional features 32-man brackets from big-school leagues up and down the loaded Central Valley. The top eight finishers here advance to next week's Central Section Masters at Mt. Whitney High School in Visalia, where they'll be joined by the top four finishers from this weekend's Sierra/Sequoia Divisional in Shafter. Nine of those 12 make it to state, so once you're at Masters, you're close to the promised land of state, March 1-2 at Rabobank Arena back in Bakersfield.

Of course, getting to Masters isn't easy, especially not here in Madera, where the competition will be furious in just about every weight class. Just how furious? Consider this. In 14 weight classes, the Yosemite Divisional includes (rankings from The California Wrestler):

FIVE wrestlers ranked No. 1 in the state

17 wrestlers ranked in the top five (more than one per weight)

27 wrestlers ranked in the top 10 (nearly two per weight)

That means that almost every weight will have a top-10 matchup in tomorrow evening's finals if everything goes according to plan. It won't, probably, but it'll be fun either way. Consider the 106-pound weight class, where SIX of the wrestlers here are ranked in the state's top 10, including three in the top five. That's stacked. The 126-pound final could feature the top two wrestlers in the state, Frontier's Vincent Gomez and Clovis West's Michael Knoblauch.

In case you want a handy guide, here are the five guys ranked No. 1 in the state:

Mason Pengilly, Porterville, 120 pounds

Vincent Gomez, Frontier, 126

Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, 160

Adrian Salas, Clovis, 182

NIck Nevills, Clovis, HWT

Things really ramp up in the later rounds, probably starting with this afternoon's quarterfinals, which are scheduled to begin at 4 p.m. The winners there will wrestle in Saturday morning's semifinals, but more important, they are guaranteed a top-six finish in this tournament and a spot at Masters.

But to get there, wrestlers first have to survive two rounds. Lose one, and it's a long slog back through the consolation rounds with no margin for error. So let's keep an eye on the whole thing together. I'll be back with first-round updates soon.

Here's today's (tentative) schedule, which I'll keep down here at the bottom of the post for reference:

10 a.m.-1 p.m.: Championship first round

1 p.m.-4 p.m.: Championship second round and consolation first round

4-6:15: Championship quarterfinals and consolation second round

6:15-7:15: Consolation third round