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The Condors want you to help them decide which jersey the team will be wearing.

The Condors unveiled a new alternate jersey this year, an old-school style: gray with a large block B across the chest and BAKERSFIELD along the bottom.

It has been well received and now the Condors, who have not had changed their black jerseys (other than number colors this season) since 2004-05, have three new designs for next season's black jersey and are asking fans to help them decide on one.

All three feature wings/feathers in various placements with the Condors logo on the chest.

I hear choice C is the early leader among fans and I have to agree. The red stripe at the bottom with BAKERSFIELD in gray really makes this one pop and the feather placement on the arms (wings) makes sense.

The feathers on A, if they extend to the back, would mean double-digit numbers would cover some of the feathers — not a real clean look. So it comes in last in my placement.

I like the feathers across the shoulders in B but am not sure of the wrap-around effect on the arms. My second choice.

I'm hearing the current alternate jersey would remain an alternate next season.

What are your thoughts?