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Awards Banquet

American Academy Gymnastics hosted their annual awards banquet on December 5th for their compulsory competitive team. Many awards were given out from their own coaches on their exceptional performances. The gymnasts teammates also voted on some awards for the most improved, most encouraging, and most inspirational. The most improved gymnast for level 4 went to Hannah Ward and Halle Rice. The level 5 team voted for Ireland Fleming and Dalilia Olivera as their most improved gymnast. Most encouraging for level 4 went to Katelynn Mitchell and Victoria Moore, while level 5 most encouraging went to Sophie Bouldoukian and Samantha Noe. The last award for most inspirational went out to Rebekah Powell and Gizzelle Handschumacher for level 4 and Melissa Bothwell for level 5. American Academys next season will begin in August 2013 and they are looking forward to having another successful season!

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