When ECHL teams get a rare stretch of several days without a game, it affords players and coaches the opportunity to stay on the ice after formal practice and work on various skill sets such as puck handling, one-timers, passing, skating even fighting.

Sure, the only way to get the full impact of an on-ice fight is to drop the gloves and start hammering away at your opponent. But it’s not an easy job, even for those who do it quite often, such as Bakersfield’s Tyson Gimblett.  There are techniques involved and like any other skill set, it’s a good idea to get in a little practice now and then.

Condor’s coach Matt O’Dette, who did a bit of fighting in his playing days, took some time after a late November practice to work with various players, including Gimblett (nine fights for the Condors last year and eight so far this year) and Parker Stanfield (tree fights last year, one this year).

Notice Gimblett and Erik Burgdoerfer dropping their equipment late in the video and trying to get the upper hand in the clutching/grabbing department.