Sen. John McCain has launched a campaign against Susan Rice, the presumptive front runner to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. At one point, McCain told the media that Rice -- a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University and a Rhodes scholar who earned both a master's degree and a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University -- was "not too bright." He further alluded that she was not qualified despite the fact that this young, remarkable woman has has dedicated her life working as a high-ranking diplomat for nearly two decades.

Let's see, if the secretary of state is No. 4 in the presidential line of succession, perhaps McCain might feel more comfortable if our president appointed someone like -- Sarah Palin. Wasn't it four years ago that the senator believed Palin, who would have been literally a heartbeat away from the presidency, was qualified to perform the duties of that office?

McCain insists that Rice is dishonest based upon her responses to the incident in Benghazi. Nevertheless, Rice has given the senator many opportunities to ask her questions, investigate, and has been open, honest and transparent on every occasion. Perhaps McCain should ask himself what his motives are and whether he is being completely open and honest with the American people.