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Rod Thornburg / Special to The Californian

Independence quarterback Preston Hodges (left) fights past South High's Lovelle Ruffin in the Falcons' Division III quarterfinal victory last week. Tonight, Independence faces top seed Ridgeview in the semifinals.

UPDATED, 1:19 a.m.: Here's tonight's BVarsity not-so-Live show for the semifinals. Apologies again for the technical issues; we'll make sure everything is up and running for Championship Friday next week.

UPDATED, 12:47 a.m.: Our apologies: BVarsity Live was a no-go tonight because of persistent technical issues, but we did tape a similar show that I will post here shortly.

In the meantime, after another wild night in the Central Section, here are your championship matchups for next Friday night:

Division I: (4) Fresno-Central at (2) Clovis North

Division II: (2) Sanger at (1) Garces

Division III: (2) Dinuba at (1) Ridgeview

Division IV: (3) Bakersfield Christian at (1) Wasco

Division V: (6) Corcoran at (1) Liberty-Madera Ranchos

Division VI: (1) Mendota 34, (2) Farmersville 21

UPDATED, 9:22 p.m.: Ceja to kick off, and he squibs it really short — not sure he meant it to be quite that short. The ball went out of bounds, I think, though I can't see exactly. There's a flag down. Offside on Ridgeview, and Independence gets 5 addtional yards. Three seconds still left on the clock. The Falcons, incredibly, have one last shot at it, from the Ridgeview 46.

Here we go. Hodges will pass. Rolling right. Throws deep — and none other than Kamari Cotton-Moya makes the interception down at the 3-yard line. Holy moly, what an incredible game. Independence is completely stunned, and why not? All they needed to do was get a punt off to win this game. Ridgeview blocked it, and Joe Ceja's field goal won it, 30-28. What. A. Game.

UPDATED, 9:18 p.m.: First punt of the night coming with 3:13 left in the fourth quarter. First a false-start on Independence. Wobbly kick, no return, goes out of bounds at the Ridgeview 40. A field goal would give the Wolf Pack the lead, but remember, they passed up a short FG try earlier to go for a fourth-and-long, so that might not be a reliable option.

Here we go with 3:03 on the clock. Cotton-Moya will keep. Gets about 3. Defense will definitely be keying on him here. He'll keep again and have a big hole. Open-field tackle by Khalil Ealy will save the day for the Falcons there, because Cotton-Moya could have run a long time. Instead he gets 10 and a first down. Tripp gets about 4. Second down. Clock to two minutes. Cotton-Moya runs into his own man and only gets a yard or two. Ridgeview will be forced to use its second timeout. 1:29 on the clock. Ball on the 41, third and a long 4. Ridgeview will have to throw at some point with this little time left. Cotton-Moya will keep and he has the first down and more, bruising his way up to about the 30. Long field goal range now, but that's probably not yet an option. Clock inside 1:5. Cotton-Moya again, big hole — and the ball pops out!! Right into the arms of Ealy for Independence, and the Falcons are going to win this game! What a finish. 1:06 still on the clock, but with only one timeout, Ridgeview can only save itself a few seconds. Three kneel-downs, and Independence will punt with 19 seconds on the clock.

It's blocked!!! Ball squirts out of bounds at the at the 17, and the Wolf Pack has it in field goal range with 13 seconds left. Holy cow. Wow. Unbelievable. Many thought the game was over.

But no field goal unit for Ridgeview. Cotton-Moya will pass and find Drummond Persons. He's out of bounds at the 5! Still 7 seconds left, and here comes the field goal team. Juan Ceja. Independence will try to freeze him with a timeout.

Now the kick. It's up and not pretty, but it went through just inside the right upright! Ridgeview leads 30-28 with 3 seconds left!

UPDATED, 9:05 p.m.: Independence starts at its 25 with an eye on running as much as possible off the 4:53 remaining. Ridgeview does have all three timeouts left.

Preston Hodges, on his 25th carry of the night, gets nothing. Now Jon Moore on a sweep gets about 3. Third down coming. 3:30 on the clock. HOdges will keep but there's nothing there. Looked similar to the two-point play on the other side. So it's fourth down, and Ridgeview will use its first timeout with 3:13 remaining. Wolf Pack will get the ball back with one last chance to win it.

UPDATED, 9:01 p.m.: Ridgeview needs a big play, and it's delivered by Deondray McGregory, who dances upfield on a long kickoff return and isn't caught from behind until he reaches the Independence 36. 47 yards on the return there, and now a fake handoff to Tripp and a give to William Robertson, who picks up 10 to the Indy 26. Fumble on the next snap — but Cotton-Moya dives on it before any Falcons can get there. Next play is a play-action pass from Cotton-Moya to a wide-open Shaq Baines and only a Baines stumble kept that from being a touchdown. He falls at the 8.

Now Tripp, fighting for yards, down at the 2. Tripp again, but this time he's stuffed. Four-down territory for Ridgeview, I'm sure. Third down. Cotton-Moya keeps. Easy touchdown. PAT coming to tie. Flag down, offside. That will move the ball to the 1 — and now Ridgeview is going to go for it. 4:55 on the clock, and the Wolf Pack wants the lead. Ball just outside the 1. Fake handoff to Tripp, and Cotton-Moya is swarmed! Independence makes the defensive play of the game, and the Falcons keep a 28-27 lead with 4:55 to play.

UPDATED, 8:54 p.m.: Disaster strikes for Liberty, which gives up a couple of big plays on defense and then throws a pick-six to Central, which has been incredibly opportunistic the past two weeks. The Grizzlies lead it 25-7 and appear headed to the D-I title game against Clovis North, which leads Edison 37-14 midway through the third quarter.

Wasco is up 42-13 on Chowchilla late in the third, but the Tigers' opponent in the D-IV final might not be Mission Oak, as so many have predicted. Instead, it's Bakersfield Christian with a 7-0 lead midway through the fourth on the Hawks. That would be a coup for the SSL, which could have two teams in the final.

Here, we're staring at another possible upset. Independence picks up a third-down conversion to end the third quarter and starts the fourth first and 10 at its 25 in a 21-21 game. The Falcons have made every big play they've needed to, and now they've got a chance to take a late lead on the top seed. Two seven-yard gains for Hodges, who's up to 165 on the night rushing and has another first down. Now Ealy without much room. Gets about a yard. Still haven't seen a punt or a turnover in this game. A couple of fourth-down stops and the end of the first half, that's it. Hodges gets 4 here, and it's third-and-5. Independence has been dynamite on third down tonight. We'll see if that continues. Hodges will keep, and he's hit hard by Preveon Alexander, who gets him down three yards short of the sticks. Will Independence gamble again? Yes they will. Could be the play of the game here. Fourth and a long 2. Hodges keeps, has the first, now breaks a tackle and has a lot more. Tries to cut back downfield and somehow keeps going! What. A. Run. Can't understate that one. He's finally caught by his counterpart, Cotton-Moya, at the Ridgeview 4. About the best, most important, 49-yard run you'll ever see in a high school football game. Wow. Wow. Wow.

No rest for the weary. Hodges gets the call again and is stopped after just a yard. Clock, by the way, already inside of eight minutes. Coming down to crunch time. Hodges keeps on the option. Breaks one at the goal line and goes in for his third rushing TD. Morones' PAT is good, and the Falcons have a 28-21 lead. Can they stun the top seed? 7:48 left.

UPDATED, 8:43 p.m.: If Independence is going to pull off the upset tonight, it's going to have to find a way to stop Kamari Cotton-Moya, who takes off on another keeper, 24 yards up to the Ridgeview 48, on the first play of the next drive. Two plays later, though, a holding penalty will push the Wolf Pack into a second-and-11. No big deal for Cotton-Moya, who calmly picks up 10. A flag comes in at the end, and I think that was a facemask. Yep. A 15-yarder that will move the ball to the Indy 27. Tripp gets the call and fights for about four yards. Ball comes loose, but referees immediately blow that dead. A turnover from either side could change this game. Haven't had one yet.

Instead, it's second-and-6, and that's child's play for Cotton-Moya. He barrels down to the 13 and picks up 11. First down Ridgeview, final four minutes of the third quarter. Tripp pushed back for a loss. Derek Check came up and made the play from his linebacker spot. Second and 12 back at the 15. Shotgun snap, Cotton-Moya spins and hands to Tripp, who got about 3. Third and 9. Opportunity for the Indy defense here. I have a pretty good guess who will get the ball. Yep, Cotton-Moya, but he trips in the backfield and is down at the line of scrimmage. Didn't have much over there anyway, and this is the first stop for the Indy defense tonight, other than the end of the first half. No, not yet. Ridgeview is gonna go, fourth-and-9. Wow. Another gamble. Cotton Moya to pass, drills it to William Robertson, and he can't come up with it on the goal line. Independence takes over on downs. The underdog Falcons have a big chance now.

UPDATED, 8:35 p.m.: Huge break for Independence on the kickoff return. Didn't see who initially had it for the Falcons, but he tried an ill-advised pitch-back that was loose for a long time. The Falcons eventually got back on top of it and will start at their 23.

Jon Moore now playing tailback for Independence, and he gets the call three straight times, picking up 12 yards and a first down. Now Preston Hodges throws incomplete, but a flag down. Defensive holding. Penalties have been a big problem for Ridgeview tonight, and that gives Independence 10 free yards, up to its 45. Hodges will keep the option and cut back to the middle, but not much room there. Maybe two yards.

Central has scored on the opening drive of the second half to take a 13-7 lead on Liberty, but the Grizzlies missed the extra point. A missed Liberty PAT cost the Patriots the game the first time those two teams played.

Here, Hodges is stopped cold on second down, and it's third and long. Timeout Independence. This was Jon Moore territory in the first half, but he's lined up at tailback in the third quarter. Don't want to put too much importance on one play still early in the third quarter, but with the way Ridgeview has been moving the ball, this could be a big one. Khalil Ealy back at tailback, and he gets the call. Not much there, maybe a yard. Strange play call on third-and-long, and it's fourth-and-7. Wow. Independence is going to go for it. Maybe that explains the third-down play call. Obviously a huge play here. Hodges completes to Moore right at the sticks. He's pushed way back by Brandon Tripp, but forward progress is good for the first down. What a roll of the dice by Independence, and it pays off with a first down at the Ridgeview 44.

Hodges gets 2. Holes have gotten smaller for him as the night has gone on; since the 80-yarder to start, he's got just 66 yards on 15 carries, which isn't bad but isn't explosive, either. Now he'll go deep. Looking for Moore. Pretty good coverage, but the pass is right on the money. Perfect ball, caught by Moore, and he's down to the 11.

Independence trying to tie it up again. Hodges keeps, but there's a flag down, and that's an illegal shift. Two men moving at the same time. So first-and 15 now. Hodges rolls left and will throw again. Complete at the 5 to Malcom Johnson, who beats the safety to the pylon and scores. PAT good, and it's 21-21. Falcons went to the air there, got a big fourth down and tie it up again. 6:42 left in the third.

Elsewhere, BCHS and Mission Oak still scoreless, now headed to the fourth. Big effort from the Eagles defense in that one.

UPDATED, 8:22 p.m.: Ridgeview will get the ball first in the second half, which could be important, considering that the only stops either team have gotten have been inside the 5-yard line or because the half ended.

Independence's opening second-half kickoff will go out of bounds and give Ridgeview the ball at its 35. Kamari Cotton-Moya has it on the option keeper. Stiff-arm, and a beauty, gives him running room down the right sideline. He's gone. After Preston Hodges went 80 on the game's first play, Cotton-Moya equals the feat in the second half, going 65 yards for the score. 21-14 Ridgeview, just like that.

UPDATED, 8:15 p.m.: Even game at halftime, and very even statistically, too. Independence holds a 211-203 edge in total yards. Here's the individual breakdown:

PASSSING: I, Preston Hodges 2-4, 25 yds. R, Kamari Cotton-Moya, 2-4, 54 yds.

RUSHING: I, Hodges 13-142, 2 TDs; Jon Moore 1-17, D.J. Reed 2-17. R, Cotton-Moya 10-84, TD; Brandon Tripp 11-65, TD.

RECEIVING: I, Moore, 2-25. R, Shaquan Baines 1-42, Drummond Persons 1-12.

Elsewhere, Liberty-Central and Garces-Sunnyside are also both tied at halftime, with the latter score, 26-26, being more of a surprise to me. The Rams, who allowed 30 points just once this year (to Bakersfield), are really having trouble with the Sunnyside offense. Wasco leads Chowchilla 28-13 at half, and Sanger is up on West 21-0. BCHS and Mission Oak are scoreless.

UPDATED, 8:00 p.m.: Garces has scored three straight TDs and leads Sunnyside 26-12. Scoring not close to done in that one. BCHS and Mission Oak still scoreless at halftime.

Also tied here in the final seconds of the half, but Kamari Cotton-Moya is trying to change that. He has a big open-field run for 23 yards across midfield, but now a flag comes in. Unsportsmanlike conduct against Ridgeview. Moves it back to the Indy 43. Only 21 seconds left. Cotton-Moya will throw very deep for Ty Johnson and it's overthrown. Second down, 15 seconds. That was Ridgeview's first pass attempt since its second offensive play of the game. Now another one after Cotton-Moya picks up a bad snap, and he hits Drummond Persons short left. He gets up to the Indy 45 and out of bounds with 6 seconds left. Not in field goal range, so this will have to be a Hail Mary. Cotton-Moya in the shotgun with three wide. Flag down. Delay of game, so now the line of scrimmage is the 50. Now a false start backs it up even more. Can we actually get the last play off? Here we go. Cotton-Moya fakes the run now launches the throw — and it goes through the arms of the DB, giving Ty Johnson a shot at it, but it falls incomplete. 14-14 at halftime.

UPDATED, 7:53 p.m.: Keep in mind, as Ridgeview has stormed back from an early 7-0 deficit, that Independence hasn't exactly been stopped, either. The Wolf Pack hasn't been able to stop Preston Hodges yet, and here he picks up 8 on first down after the Falcons got good field position at their 35. A delay of game penalty will make it second-and-7, though, back at the 38. The only time Indy's offense couldn't move the ball was on fourth-and-1 from the Ridgeview 4 on its last drive.

Here, Hodges gets only a couple, so it's third-and-5. This is big for both teams; still plenty of time before half if Ridgeview could get the ball back. Hodges, by the way, already over 100 yards. An 80-yarder on the game's first play will help with that. Ridgeview jumps offside and gives Indy the freebie first down. That's got to make Dennis Manning pull at his hair. Under four minutes before the half, but the Falcons have all three of their timeouts left. Hodges breaks a tackle at the line of scrimmage and then shows off his incredible speed. Last man to beat, William Robertson, tripped Hodges up all the way up at the Ridgeview 25. 10 carries, 137 yards for Hodges. Now D.J. Reed on a sweep that gains the corner and has another first down, up at the 15. Both rushing attacks look all but unstoppable right now. Could come down to who makes the first mistake. Ealy picks up about 3. Second down. Ealy again, for about 2 to the 9. Third down. Hodges will keep and he's short of the first down. Got to about the 5. It's fourth-and-1 again. Will Sean McKeown gamble again? Looks like it. Last time Ealy got the call; I'm betting it'll be Hodges this time. First a timeout with just 1:02 left on the clock. That's Indy's first timeout. Out of it, Indy will go. Ridgeview jumped offside again. Man. That's killer for the Pack. First and goal Falcons at the 2. Hodges stuffed at the line on first down, but a flag after the whistle is a personal foul on Ridgeview. First and goal at the 1. 52 seconds and running on the clock, but that's not really a factor because Independence has two timeouts left. Hodges keeps and gets hit immediately, but he's able to spin past the goal line. Touchdown, and we're a PAT away from a tie. Joseph Morones provides it, and we are tied, 14-14, with 39 seconds left in the half.

Sanger all over West at halftime, 21-0. Liberty misses a field goal and remains tied with Central, 7-7 in the second quarter. Wasco up 28-7 on Chowchilla. And how about Bakersfield Christian, scoreless in the second quarter with Mission Oak.

UPDATED, 7:40 p.m.: Out of the timeout, Cotton-Moya keeps. There really isn't much there on the right side, but he makes a man miss and then falls forward, and bang, gain of 5 and a first down. So hard to stop that kind of natural athleticism. Now Tripp will go over left tackle and get inside the 10, and Cotton-Moya has the first and goal at the 2 on the next play. Tripp stopped at the 1. Second down. Straight handoff to Tripp. Touchdown. PAT makes it 14-7 Ridgeview.

That drive took 8:27 off the clock, so Independence has to be careful on offense; the Falcons might not get many more opportunities, strange as that sounds.

UPDATED, 7:36 p.m.: A penalty and a sack to start the second quarter has forced Ridgeview into a second-and-22 situation, but with this running attack, nothing is a sure passing down. Cotton-Moya keeps and has nice yardage up to the 48, making this a manageable third and 9. Cotton-Moya keeping again. He barrels over a would-be tackler and nearly has the first down. Fast, elusive and tough when you actually do catch him. He's turned second-and-22 into a measurement here. He's about half a yard short. Decision time for Wolf Pack coach Dennis Manning, from the Independence 44. With this rushing offense, I think you've got to go, and they will. Cotton-Moya in the shotgun. He keeps. When he gets a head of steam, no way you're stopping Ridgeview on fourth-and-short. He burrows up to the 41 for a gain of 3 and a fresh set of downs. Two Brandon Tripp runs right, first for 5 and then for 11, will pick it up. Ridgeview has only faced one third down so far, and the Pack actually didn't convert, only to get it on fourth down.

Now it's Tripp again, gain of 3 or 4 ... and then more, as the pile just keeps moving and moving and moving. Inside the 20 to the 18. Give him 7 and make it second and 3. Ridgeview will call timeout with 7:43 remaining in the first half.

Looks like West's Cinderella run might be coming to an end. The Vikings trail Sanger 14-0 early in the second quarter in the D-II semifinals. Liberty has answered an early Central touchdown, and that D-I semifinal is 7-7. It's 14-7 Clovis North in the other semi.

UPDATED, 7:27 p.m.: Sunnyside has scored again on Garces, and the Wildcats now lead 12-7. They're chasing points on PATs, but obviously, the Rams have some defensive issues early there.

Here, Ridgeview commits a false start to back itself up further. Now first and 12 from the 2. Brandon Tripp bangs out back to about the 4, and now a big gainer for Cotton-Moya. He is the ultimate weapon at QB. Nineteen yards there to the 23. Two plays later, it's Tripp with a nice gain, and a flag down at the end is a 5-yard face mask. Ridgeview driving at its 47 in a tie game as the first quarter comes to an end.

UPDATED, 7:23 p.m.: It's also an early shootout at Garces, where the Rams gave up a TD on the opening kickoff but quickly answered with a long passing touchdown for a 7-6 lead.

Here, we have the first third down of the day after two Independence runs to the Ridgeview 40 make it third-and-3. Now the Falcons false start, so third-and-8. First thing approaching a passing down we've had, too. And Indy passes, Hodges short to Jon Moore, who turns upfield and has a first down up to the 45.

On first down, Hodges rolls right with Tripp in pursuit. Hodges hesitated with a man covered downfield, and he's taken down for the sack. First big defensive play of the night makes it second-and-16. Option. Hodges keeps and gets back to the original line of scrimmage. Third and 10. Hodges again looking for Moore here, and he's got him for the first down again. Across midfield to the Ridgeview 42, gain of 13. Indy doesn't want to keep putting itself in third-and-long, though. To that end, a pitch to D.J. Reed has some room and picks up about six. Hodges on second down is stopped short of the first. Third and short from the 34, probably four-down territory. Hodges fakes the handoff and keeps and has a nice push from his line up to the 30 for another first down. Falcons 3-for-3 on third downs now.

Hodges now looking deep for Moore. Good coverage, but the pass was right on the money — just over the outstretched fingertips of Moore. Very close to a gain inside the five. Instead, it's second-and-10. Pitch to Jon Moore. He hurdles a tackler and has an impressive run, all the way inside the 15. Gain of 17 and a first down. Hodges to throw — right to a Wolf Pack defender at the goal line, and he dropped it! Daylen Warren had the pick right there and couldn't hang on. Second down instead. Break for the Falcons. Hodges keeps on second down and picks up about six. Big third down coming here. It's Khalil Ealy up the middle. Very close. They're marking him short. Fourth down, and Indy will go for it. Ealy again. Big upsh up front from Ridgeview, and he didn't get it. Wolf Pack stopped him cold and will take over at its own 4 in a 7-7 game.

Elsewhere, Wasco already up 14-0 over Chowchilla early. Tigers doing what they do. Clovis North up 7-0 over Edison in Division I.

UPDATED, 7:10 p.m.: Our second kickoff in 12 seconds is a short pooch kick and is fair-caught at the Ridgeview 30. Falcons don't want to give Ridgeview's electric returners a shot, so they'll give up a little field position instead.

First play is a handoff to Brandon Tripp, who picks up a couple. Kamari Cotton-Moya now on a triple option. Fakes to Tripp, now rolls out. Throws. Man open downfield is Shaquan Baines, who briefly bobbled it but held on. That brief bobble allowed PReston Hodges to catch up, and it's a big play but not a touchdown. First down at the Indy 26. Cotton-Moya keeps and has a nice gain, close to the first down. About 8. Tripp will pick it up on the next play and barrel his way inside the 10 for a quick first and goal. Cotton-Moya fakes the handoff and is running left, racing for the corner. He's got it, and he's inside the pylon for a touchdown. Ridgeview looked crisp on that drive and has a quick answer for the long Hodges TD. PAT is good, and we've got plenty of fireworks early. 7-7 just 2:19 into the game.

UPDATED, 7:04 p.m.: Kickoff goes into the end zone, and Independence will begin from its 20. First play is an option to the right, and Preston Hodges will keep the ball with a big seam. He's past the second level of the defense and gaining speed, up the right sideline. Can anyone catch him? Nope. That's an 80-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage. WOW. Hope the highlight crews were here on time. 7-0 Independence.

UPDATED, 7:01 p.m.: Captains onto the field for the coin toss, including both brilliant dual-threat quarterbacks, Ridgeview's Kamari Cotton-Moya and Independence's Preston Hodges. The Falcons are indeed wearing white jerseys with silver helmets and maroon pants and numbers. It's a classic look for a young school looking to make the first section final in program history.

Independence won the toss and chose to receive. Falcons, as the underdog, looking for a quick start.

Ridgeview's players left the field just so they could re-enter it through their inflatable tunnel. Gotta do it, right? Can't say I've ever been inside one of those things. Do you get claustrophobic?

Teams are on the field for the kickoff. Ready to go with a spot in the D-III section championship on the line.

UPDATED, 6:55 p.m.: Probably about 15 minutes away from kickoff of a Division III Central Section semifinal here at Ridgeview, where the host and top seed Wolf Pack looks to return to the D-III title game for the second straight year. Hoping to spoil that plan is No. 4 seed Independence, which went 5-5 in the regular season but played in the Division I-caliber Southwest Yosemite League. Ridgeview comes in 9-2 after an aggressive non-league schedule and sweeping through a weaker South Yosemite League.

The Wolf Pack is out on the field warming up, wearing purple helmets and jerseys with white numbers, gold pants and purple socks. Haven't seen an Independence player yet, but I'm assuming the Falcons will be in white with maroon trim.

Not a huge crowd here yet, which is honestly pretty disappointing considering the proximity and familiarity of these schools. They have played in each of the past four regular seasons and met in the first round of the playoffs last season, with No. 2 Ridgeview hanging on for a 28-21 victory over No. 15 Independence.

Falcons coach Sean McKeown just walked by me in the press box on his way up to the photo well. I didn't realize he coached from up top, making him one of the few head coaches who does so. Still waiting on his team, though I think it's safe to say they're here and will battle.

ORIGINAL POST: Welcome to the final four, high school edition. Tonight semifinals take place in five of the Central Section's football divisions, with the Division VI championship thrown in as a bonus. It's a brilliant way to continue a holiday weekend, and Kern County is heavily involved.

One local team (and perhaps the least likely), Liberty, survived the Division I carnage of last week, with two Kern teams left in Divisions II, III and IV, including the top seeds. Any upsets in store tonight? Oh, probably, particularly if last week taught us anything.

Actually, look at the past five seasons: Of the 29 playoff divisions (D-VI started in 2008), the top seed has hardly been a ticket to the Valley final: The No. 1 team reached the semifinal 26 times (90 percent) but only 17 made their Valley final (59 percent) and just 12 won the whole thing (41 percent).

This year, five of six made the semifinals, excepting No. 1 Clovis in Division I, and No. 1 Mendota is already in the D-VI final. How many of the others — Garces, Ridgeview, Wasco, Liberty-Madera Ranchos — make it out of the semifinals tonight? Based on numbers from the past five years, at least one is going down tonight.

Stay tuned. And check out my overall section rankings, our big-time semifinal video preview and my official Predictions Sure to Fail™ for this week. Tune back in at about 6:30 p.m. for the first live blog update from Independence at Ridgeview. I'll have updates from other games around the section, too.

(All games 7 p.m.; seed in parentheses)
Central Section playoffs

(4) Fresno-Central 35, (8) Liberty 14

(2) Clovis North 37, (6) Fresno-Edison 34


(1) Garces 61, (5) Fresno-Sunnyside 33

(2) Sanger 41, (11) West 7


(1) Ridgeview 30, (4) Independence 28

(2) Dinuba 35, (6) Porterville 21


(1) Wasco 63, (5) Chowchilla 13

(3) Bakersfield Christian 7, (2) Tulare-Mission Oak 0


(1) Liberty-Madera Ranchos 34, (4) Lindsay 17

(6) Corcoran 24, (7) Woodlake 0


(1) Mendota 34, (2) Farmersville 21