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Sectionals Beam Champion Amy Cheng

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American Level 5 Team celebrating after a great competition!

The level 5 American Gymnastics Team continued their success by winning first place in the mini division for Team. Their achievements continued with a gold place all-around by Natalie Roberts with a 36.875 all around. Natalie also won balance beam with a 9.45. Melissa Bothwell earned herself a silver medal with a 36.425 and stole the gold on vault with a 9.35. The highest all around score on the American Team came from mighty Karlee Taylor scoring an astounding 37.300. Caitlin Lowery scored her personal high of a 37.100 and took two first places home on the balance beam and floor exercise. Another personal high of the season was Sydney Lahoda with a 36.15. The level 5 team also placed in fourth for the Team division. All of the other level 5's who qualified were Samantha Noe, Dalilia Olivera, Kayleigh Perry, Alise Lowe, Kaitlynn McDonnell, Elena Caballero, Kimberley Mielke, and Sophie Bouldoukian.

The level 6 Team ended the night in true American Academy style. Although a small group of 3, each one qualified for State Championship. Taylor Bentley not only scored the highest all around for American, she also scored her personal best with a 36.725. Amy Cheng also became the Sectional Balance Beam Champion with a 9.55. Isabella Becerra scored an amazing 9.475 on her high flying vault.

All 31 girls on the American Academy Gymnastics team qualified to State Championships on November 17-18 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

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