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John Harte / Special to The Californian

Stockdale hosts Clovis varsity football West High's D.J. Martin, before Friday's game against Clovis.

UPDATED, 12:49 a.m.: What a night of high school football, with a great game up north with Clovis holding on to beat Clovis North, and then Frontier beating Stockdale and Wasco taking out Arvin in second-half runaways in the big games down here. We also saw Bakersfield and Liberty rebound and Garces and Tehachapi set up the showdown at altitude next week. Here's a stock report to end the night, with the scorelist up to date below.

STOCK RISING: Frontier, Bakersfield, Liberty, Garces, Tehachapi, Chavez

HOLDING STEADY: Independence, Wasco, Arvin, Bakersfield Christian, South, West, Taft

STOCK FALLING: Stockdale, Centennial, Shafter, Delano

UPDATED, 10:49 p.m.: Clovis hung on for a 38-33 win over Clovis North, so as it stands now, the Cougars are in line for a No. 1 seed, with Clovis North No. 2 and Frontier No. 3. After that? Probably Bakersfield at No. 4, though Liberty could have an argument, too — and Stockdale could jump up that high with a win over BHS next week. Central is in the mix, too, though maybe not till No. 5.

Anyway, we'll talk more about it on BVarsity Live, which is coming up at 11 p.m. at I'll be on as soon as I get back to the office — still sitting in the Frontier press box as we speak. Scores that I have are updated below. Enjoy the show at 11.

UPDATED, 10:09 p.m.: A couple of big D.J. Martin runs push his total for the night to 182 and bring the Mustangs inside the Frontier 30, but the drive stalls there and the Titans take over at their 20 with 1:54 left. Frontier runs the clock out from there and finishes off an impressive 42-21 victory that seals up a share of the SWYL title. The Titans can win it outright next week at Independence, or if Stockdale loses to Bakersfield, which is currently throttling Centennial.

Clovis leads Clovis North 38-33 with a couple of minutes left. Clovis North has the ball, so stay tuned.

UPDATED, 9:56 p.m.: Tyler Kempka's kickoff goes out of bounds, so Stockdale gets possession at its 35. 7:44 remaining, so Mustangs must go quickly. Martin gets 8. Second and short. Wood going deep. Martin has a step on his man — but the ball is underthrown, and Matt Bushnell continues a big night by knocking that one away. Allen didn't quite have the arm to get that one out to DJ, who would have had six. Instead, it's third-and-2. Wood carries and is caught from behind, short of the sticks.

Fourth and 1. Stockdale will go and it needs this one. Fumble on the handoff. Doesn't matter who recovered, though Frontier got it, Jacob Guyer on the recovery. Titans take over on the Stockdale 42 with this one pretty much in hand.

Evan Moore will keep and get 2, but more important for Frontier now is that the clock is moving. Titans are six minutes away from a share of the league title.

Clovis has just scored up north to go back up 38-26, with just over five minutes left in that one. Looks like the Cougars are streaking towards the No. 1 seed.

Here, Cash gets it on a third-and-5 and has a big hole. More work by Frontier's offensive line. First down to the Stockdale 25. Cash's numbers: 30 carries, 222 yards and three TDs.

Moore keeps for 3, and he was hit late, and there's the flag. Personal foul moves to the ball to the 12. Cash. Big hole again. He's not even having to work for the yards now. The line has broken Stockdale's will. Touchdown, and it's 42-21 Frontier with 3:59 left. Ballgame.

UPDATED, 9:46 p.m.: Nice kick return from Matt Bushnell gives Frontier the ball at its 33. Cash gets nothing on first down, though, and Stockdale is in position to get the ball back with a couple more nice plays. Cash has a nice push from his line on second down, though, and gets up to the 40. Big third down here. Cash hit, but he breaks a tackle at the 42 and has the first down up to the 47.

Cash again, nearly coralled in the backfield but cuts away, makes a man miss and is away, up the sideline, all the way down to the 18. What a run. Cash again. Hole over right tackle. Is he in on the far side? No. Out of bounds at the 2. The guy is having a career night. On first-and-goal, Moore keeps. He's in for the touchdown. Dominating drive from the Frontier offensive line and Justin Cash. Titans back on top, 35-21.

Final scores: Garces 55, East 0; Tehachapi 49, Foothill 14. Wasco leads Arvin 42-28 late in the third quarter, and Clovis holding on to a 31-26 lead over Clovis North midway through the fourth.

UPDATED, 9:39 p.m.: Incomplete pass and a short Cash run will force Frontier to punt to start the fourth quarter. Stockdale's defense has held up pretty well, but the Mustangs can't get anything going offensively. After another Kempka punt, they'll take over at their 28.

Allen will pass. Has Wood open deep. Nice throw, and his first completion of the night, across midfield and down to the Frontier 41. Gain of 31. Now Martin has it, quickly, and he's carrying tacklers. Shucks off one and carries another. He's a grown man out there. Rumbles to the Frontier 16, and the Mustangs are suddenly in business. Lots of time left in this game, still more than 10 minutes. Frontier calls time. Unlike last week at BHS, the Titans defense has been on the field all night.

Play-action pass from Allen into the end zone. Knocked away at the last minute. Really late flag comes in. Ball was tipped, so I'm not sure how that was interference, at least not that late, but that's the call. Half the distance to the goal, and it's first and goal Stockdale at the 6. Chisholm takes it around end to the 3. Second down. Martin. Touchdown. 9:36 to go, so plenty of time, and it's a one-score game again. McBride's PAT is good. 28-21 Frontier in a good one.

UPDATED, 9:28 p.m.: Up north, Clovis leads Clovis North 24-13. If that result and this one both hold, those two northern times will be position to grab the top two seeds in the D-I playoffs, because Clovis North beat Frontier. The Titans would then grab the No. 3 with a win at Independence next week.

But they've got business to finish here first. D.J. Martin finally gets a chance to return for Stockdale, and he takes it from his own 4 out to the 35 before he's taken down. Allen will throw. Martin was open underneath, but he looks to the second level and it's incomplete. Now Martin takes the handoff and bulls through the middle, to the 50. 15 yards there, and Martin is over 100 for the night. First down Stockdale, and the snap is fumbled. Drew Allen jumps on it for Stockdale, but that's a loss of 3. Stockdale in a long-yardage situation again, and that's been trouble for the Mustangs tonight. Wood is run down on the outside, and it's third-and-long. Allen will pass. Has Chisholm open — but Frontier knocks the throw down. Good defensive play, and Stockdale will have to punt.

Punt fair-caught at the 29. Cash gets away from a man but loses yards. Second-and-12. Cash for 4. Third down. Moore will throw, into coverage again, incomplete. He's made some good throws tonight, and some dangerous ones. So far, so good, though Frontier will have to punt here. Stockdale will start at its 33 with less than a minute to go in the third quarter.

Martin takes a pitch on a reverse — this is going to be a halfback pass. Martin throws into a lot of coverage, and it's picked off. Frontier was all over that play, and Matt Bushnell makes the pick. Frontier takes over at its 40, and they can go back to work on the clock. Cash stopped at the line. Second down. The quarter is going to run out before another snap. Frontier leads 28-14 as we go to the fourth.

UPDATED, 9:17 p.m.: Chisholm and Martin combine for 11 yards and a first down to the Stockdale 31 for the Mustangs, who trail by a touchdown for the second time tonight. But Wood is stuffed on first down, and Chisholm loses yardage on second down. third and long. Here's Martin, to the outside. Linebacker makes a nice tackle, going low, and cuts Martin down at the 35. Gain of 6, but it's fourth down. Mc Bride's punt rolls dead at the Frontier 30. Titans have the lead and the ball, and that probably means they're going to work on the clock. 5:48 left in the third.

Moore fumbles the snap — but he's quickly back on top of it, and even got a yard out of the deal. Disaster averted for Frontier. Handoff to Cash, who hits the hole hard and then makes another nice cut. He's looked really good tonight. Up to the 48 for a gain of 17 more. That puts him over 100 yards for the night. First down Titans. Now Moore hits Taylor Holmes for a short gain across midfield. Flag down. Helmet-to-helmet hit on Stockdale. 15 more yards, and the ball's down to the Stockdale 32. Mustangs need a stop. Moore throwing deep for Thind, who's double — now triple — covered. Predictably, that doesn't end well for Frontier, falling to the turf and Thind shaken up a bit. Second down. Cash gets it, dances in the backfield — you can get away with that behind a big offensive line — until he finds a hole, and he's down to the 25 for a 7-yard gain. third-and-3. Cash again, Finds another hole, and he's off to the races. Touchdown. All of a sudden a big night for Justin Cash, who has 139 yards and three TDs. Kempka's PAT is good. Frontier leads 28-14 behind a big third quarter.

UPDATED, 9:07 p.m.: Tyler Kempka to kick off to start the second half. Onside kick! Dribbling right in front of Kempka, he waits till it crosses the 50 and then falls on it. Stockdale had no chance whatsoever. Brilliant call from Rich Cornford, and the Titans recover for a first down on the Stockdale 49. Not much room for the running game, though, and Moore's second-down pass was incomplete, so Stockdale's defense comes up with a big three-and-out. Kempka will kick. Good one, and Stockdale doesn't have a returner back on the short field. Coverage team downs it at the 2. So if nothing else, the onside kick gives a big edge to Frontier in field position.

Mustangs from their 2. Martin got nothing. Back to the line, then pushed back. Second down. Chisholm will give Stockdale some breathing room, out to the 7. third down. Big play here. Wood going around right tackle. He's taken down at about the 10, short of the first down. Stockdale will have to kick from deep in its own end. Now a delay of game pushes the Mustangs back to their 5, and Dean McBride will have to take the snap in the back of his end zone. Fair catch made by Jasmit Thind at the Stockdale 36. Great field position for the Titans, courtesy some really good special teams work.

Evan Moore evades a sack and will scramble. He gets down to about the 30. Second down. Here's Cash. Big hole, nice cut, and another nice one. He's off to the races. No one will catch him. 30-yard touchdown for Justin Cash. PAT good, and Frontier leads 21-14 with 8:07 left in the third quarter.

UPDATED, 8:58 p.m.: Some first-half stats as we get set for the third quarter:

TOTAL YARDS: S, 0 pass, 194 rush, 194 total. F, 107 pass, 72 rush, 179 total.

PASSING: S, Drew Allen 0-2. F, Evan Moore 6-10, 107 yards.

RUSHING: S, Anthony Wood 6-79, TD; D.J. Martin 13-76; Xavier Chisolm 5-38; Adarius Rowel 1-5, TD. F, Justin Cash 15-60, TD; Evan Moore, 4-13.

RECEIVING: S, none. F, Jasmit Thind 2-47, Adam Huyck 2-30; Troy Banks 1-19; Justin Cash 1-11.

Back momentarily with the second half.

UPDATED, 8:38 p.m.: Looks like Frontier is content to go into the locker room tied, which is a little surprising considering Stockdale gets the ball first in the second half. But two Justin Cash runs have run the clock down inside of a minute, and now an Evan Moore keeper gets the first down at the Frontier 34. Titans have no timeouts left, though, and we're down to 32 seconds. Snap comes with about 15 seconds left. Now Moore will look deep. But he waits too long, and Dean McBride sacks him. that's the end of the half. Frontier 14, Stockdale 14, with 24 minutes to play.

Elsewhere, it's Bakersfield 21-7 over Centennial, Wasco 28-21 over Arvin, both second quarter scores. At half, Clovis leads Clovis North 17-7. The Cougars just don't lose. That's good news for Stockdale, by the way: If Clovis holds on there and the Mustangs win here, they would be in line for a No. 2 seed if they could beat Bakersfield next week (big if, but the chance would be there).

UPDATED, 8:33 p.m.: So Frontier has to kick off from its own 25, and instead of giving Martin a chance, they'll pooch kick it. Fair catch at the 45 for Stockdale. Interesting. Results in really good field position for Stockdale. First play is a Drew Allen pass — and he nearly threw it right into the hands of a defender, but the Titan lineman can't come up with it. Wow. Would have been a pick-six the other way. Instead, Xavier Chisolm gets a chance, and he has room around right end. Big gainer up to the Frontier 38. 17 yards and a first down. Martin and Wood combine for another first down at the 28, and Stockdale in business again. Now Chisholm for 4, and now 6 more. First down at the 18. Two plays later, Martin runs it down to the 5 for a first and goal. Frontier's defense has to be gassed. They've been on the field for some 20 plays in a row, though they did have the defensive TD mixed in. Titans call timeout, their last.

Out of the timeout, it's ... Adarius Rowel on the outside. I was sold by the fake, and so was the entire Frontier D. Rowel virtually walks into the end zone. McBride's kick is good, and we're even again, 14-14. 2:19 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:27 p.m.: Martin ... is close to the first down. They're going to measure. Huge moment here, obviously. It's a first down, by about the length of the football. Stockdale coach Mike Snow took a risk and it paid off. Now Anthony Wood has a big hole over left tackle! He's finally pushed out of bounds all the way up at the Frontier 43. Mustangs on their own long drive now.

Fumble in the backfield! Bad exchange somewhere, and Augie Alcantar has it for Frontier. He's rumbling the other way, and even Anthony Wood isn't going to catch up with him. Alcantar is big, but he's not slow. 53-yard touchdown return! What a turnaround there. Flag down, though, on the return. They're calling unsportsmanlike conduct on Frontier after the TD. PAT good. Frontier leads 14-7 with 4:38 before halftime.

Elsewhere, Wasco in its first battle of the year. Terrance Grinner just took one 70 yards to tie up Arvin, 21-21, in the second quarter.

UPDATED, 8:19 p.m.: Evan Moore will keep on the first play of the second quarter and pick up a first down, about 7 yards up to the 34. Remember, this drive started on Frontier's 5, so the Titans are doing nice work here. Moore to pass. Right on the money, as he has been all night, this one to Cash. Another first down, up to the 45.

Now it's second-and-9. Big hole for Cash. He bursts up the middle for a first down down to the Stockdale 41. First down. Moore rolls out, looking for Huyck again, who's open, but Moore throws it behind him. Now Moore will look deep. Zone coverage for Stockdale, and Thind comes down with it in a hole in the zone! Got it down to the Mustangs 12. 83 yards already on the drive for Frontier.

Cash picks up about three more to the 9. Now Moore to pass — looking for Hucyk, and it's incomplete. Third down. Cash to try to run for it. He gets to the 5, maybe the 4, but he's short of the first down. Fourth and 2. Frontier is going to go for it. Huge play, needless to say. Moore to pass. He rolls out, rolls further out. Looking for Huyck. Low throw, but Huyck — No, it rolled out of his hands! Incomplete, and Stockdale gives up a 91-yard drive but holds when it counts.

Mustangs will take over, but they're backed up at their own 4.

Two plays later, it's third-and-4, and Frontier jumps offside. Free first down. Now third-and-9, though. Martin has it and has some room around right tackle. He's stopped right at the sticks. They're going to mark him about two feet short. Fourth down. Stockdale at its own 26, but lining up to go for it. Risky move. First, Frontier calls its second timeout with 5:04 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:05 p.m.: Kempka's kickoff sails into the end zone, denying D.J. Martin a chance at a return. That's important, folks. the fewer times that guy gets the ball in the open field, the better for Frontier.

So first down at the 20 for the Mustangs. Drew Allen on the play action. Looking for Wood deep. Caught it, but they're ruling he didn't get a foot down. Pretty good throw from Allen, but led him just a bit too far out of bounds. Second down. Anthony Wood running the sweep. He's not as big and physical, but Wood mmight actually be faster than Martin. He turns on the jets here and gets up to the 35 for a first down. Stockdale gashing the Frontier D right now. Martin gets three, then gets three again. Frontier at least keeping him from the big play right now, and ti's third-and-4. Wood now. Huyck with a great open-field tackle. That's staying in your lane in making a play. Big game thus far for Huyck. Fourth down. Dean McBride will punt, and there's nobody back for Frontier. Nobody. Low snap, but McBride has it, avoids pressure and gets the kick away. It bounces at about the 20 goes inside the 10 and dies at the 5. Wow. Titans needed a returner back there to fair catch that thing.

So Frontier backed up at its 5. Moore to pass. He fires and hits Jasmit Thind for a first down up at the 23. Nice throw. Cash now, cuts back for a 4-yard gain. Second down. That's the end of the first quarter. We're tied, 7-7.

In the 1 vs. 2 showdown up north, Clovis leads Clovis North 3-0, but the No. 1 Broncos are driving.

UPDATED, 7:57 p.m.: Out of the timeout, it's a screen set up from Moore to Huyck. Beautifully set up, and a nice block downfield. Huyck rumbles inside the 10 to the 3. First and goal Frontier. Justin Cash the handoff. He's in. Touchdown Frontier. Tyler Kempka's PAT is good, and we're knotted up, 7-7.

UPDATED, 7:53 p.m.: McBride's kickoff and Cash's return are a repeat of the opening kick — Cash motors from the 1 out to the 28. Frontier will get 5 free yards after a Stockdale offside penalty, so first-and-5. Titans will throw. Moore finds Troy Banks, who has a lot of room to run — but he's just knocked off balance by a Stockdale defender and falls to the turf about 10 yards later, at the Stockdale 48. had Banks kept his balance, he might have ran a lot farther. Now Moore on the keeper up to the 45 for 3 yards. Nevermind, flag down. Illegal shift on Frontier. First-and-15 back at their 47. Shotgun, draw play to Cash. Nice gain, finally run out of bounds near the Stockdale 40. Got about 13 there, so second-and-2. He won't get it here, though. Delfino Romero another big play, got him right at the line of scrimmage. Third down. Cash again, dancing a bit in the backfield but then darts through a hole and picks up the first down at the Stockdale 37.

Cash is going to have to be a workhorse tonight, and here's another carry. Got about six, dragging a defender for the last three. Nice drive for Frontier here to answer the Stockdale TD. Doesn't matter if they don't get points, though. Here's Christian Deaton, up to second-string duty, and he lost a yard. Corey Collins the tackle for Stockdale. Third and 5. Another draw play for Cash, and that's swallowed up. Lost another yard. Fourth down, probably four-down territory for Frontier. They'll go for it. Moore on the play action. Rolls out. Hits Adam Huyck, who's hit immediately by Devon Kelley and hangs on. First down. Big play.

Moore looking deep, falls incomplete. Possibly a late hit there from the defender, Maison Carey, but no flag. Nevermind. Second and 10 at the Stockdale 23. Frontier wants timeout. 3:46 left in the first quarter.

UPDATED, 7:43 p.m.: Dean McBride kicks off for Stockdale, down to the Frontier 1. Justin Cash has the return with his heels on the goal line and does a nice job of getting out to about the 27. That's where the Titans will start. Evan Moore at quarterback, Cash in the backfield with Douglas out. Remember, Cash had a really good second half against Liberty a couple of weeks ago when Douglas was hurt.

He picks up about 3 on the first carry and then 2 more. Third and 5. Moore keeps it, going left, and he's drilled — Delfino Romero just planted him at the 35, and that's three yards short of the sticks. Stockdale's defense opens with a three-and-out. Tyler Kempka to punt for Frontier, and it's a nice high one. Fair catch made back at the Stockdale 25. 40-yard kick, no return.

So here's Stockdale in its wing-T, featuring the one and only D.J. Martin. Xavier Chisolm will get the call first, though, and he pounds forward to the 30 for 5. Now D.J. Great burst, shucks a tackle and Matt Bushnell, the last guy with a chance, drags him down at the Frontier 48. That's 22 yards for Martin on his first carry, and Stockdale is in business. Now Martin again. Looked like he was stopped for a short gain and then he burst out of the pile. So strong and runs so hard. 11 more yards and a first down. Now Martin again, picking up a third consecutive first down. Give him 12 there. Now about 2 for — I think that was Carver Tippett. Second down. Anthony Wood. Hole over left tackle. Nice cut to the outside. Touchdown. PAT, after a false start, will be from about 25 yards. McBride hits it anyway. Stockdale leads 7-0.

UPDATED, 7:34 p.m.: Coin toss time. Stockdale wearing white jerseys, black pants with silver trim and silver helmets. The Mustangs win the toss and defer. Frontier will start with the ball and defend the south goal, moving from my right to my left. Here we go...

UPDATED, 7:29 p.m.: Live here at Frontier for the de facto SWYL title game between Stockdale and the host Titans. The winner here clinches a share of the SWYL title tonight, and will only need a win next week or a loss by the other team to take it outright (Frontier is at Independence, Stockdale home against Bakersfield).

Quick update on the Frontier suspensions: I did a quick scan of Frontier during pre-game warm-ups to see if any high-profile players were missing, and there appears to be a big one. Starting running back Triton Douglas isn't out there. Douglas sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago, but he played last week, and coach Rich Cornford said yesterday afternoon he was healthy. So this isn't a health issue. Big loss for Frontier.

Anyway, the Titans will attempt to persevere without him and the other suspended starters. They've just taken the field wearing black pants and jerseys with dark blue trim and numbers (always fun trying to read those numbers). Stockdale is wearing white uniforms, but the Mustangs are still back in the locker room. About 10 minutes from game time.

First score update from elsewhere: Tehachapi 7, Foothill 0, after a quarter.

UPDATED, 5:35 p.m.: As you may have heard by now, Frontier is going to be short-handed for tonight's showdown with Stockdale. The Titans have at least two starters suspended for the game. Coach Rich Cornford confirmed that this morning. Later this afternoon, a source within the Kern High School District told me the suspension was related to alcohol or tobacco use, which carries with it an automatic nine-week suspension. That can be shortened for first-time offenders who take an alternative drug/alcohol program, but either way, these guys are probably out for the rest of the regular season and playoffs.

It's a sad story and another lesson that student-athletes need to be wary of their every action, on and off the field and classroom, if they want to be sure they remain eligible.

As for the game tonight? Well, I don't have names and I wouldn't post them if I did (because they're minors), but if there's someone significant missing from Frontier's lineup, we'll know pretty quickly tonight. Whether that costs the Titans a win and a shot at a league championship remains to be seen.

ORGINAL POST: It's time to settle some scores across the section, with two local games and one big one up north the highlights tonight.

• Two teams riding four-game winning streaks collide tonight when No. 7 Stockdale visits No. 3 Frontier with a share of the Southwest Yosemite League title — and possibly the No. 2 seed in the Central Section Division I playoffs — on the line. The live blog will start from Frontier at about 7 p.m.

• All the way across Bakersfield (and then some), down in Arvin, the surging Bears will take on No. 11 Wasco. The Tigers can clinch at least a share, maybe more, of the South Sequoia League title and continue their march towards the No. 1 seed in Division IV.

• Up north, No. 1 Clovis North takes on No. 2 Clovis, with the winner likely taking the No. 1 seed in Division I.

That's not to mention all of the other games that will impact league races and playoff seeding around the section tonight. Already on Thursday, No. 24 Lemoore hammered No. 9 Visalia-El Diamante in a game that leaves the door open in Division II for a number of teams to grab the No. 2 seed behind Garces.

All of last night's scores and tonight's games are listed below. Updates will begin around 7 p.m. Until the festivities get going, check out this week's rankings, predictions and webcast.

(All games 7:30 p.m. Friday unless noted; Central Section ranking in parentheses)

Kern County scoreboard

(3) Frontier 42, (7) Stockdale 21

(4) Bakersfield 56, (20) Centennial 21

(5) Garces 55, East 0

(10) Liberty 35, (19) Independence 24

(11) Wasco 56, Arvin 28

(16) Tehachapi 49, Foothill 14

(25) Porterville 28, Delano 7

Highland 29, North 22, OT

South 42, Golden Valley 27

West 35, Mira Monte 13

Bakersfield Christian 30, Taft 23

Chavez 56, Shafter 7

Farmersville 43, McFarland 0

Compton-Hope Centre 38, Northwest Christian 28

Bishop 34, Kern Valley 31

Desert 35, California City 14

Frazier Mountain 36, Rosamond 24

Boron 75, Yermo-Silver Valley 21

Burroughs 27, Victorville-Victor Valley 17

Mojave 56, Trona 29

Maricopa at Shandon, 1 p.m. Saturday

Immanuel Christian at Big Pine, 1 p.m. Saturday

Other Central Section scores

(2) Clovis 38, (1) Clovis North 33

(6) Fresno-Central 40, (22) Clovis West 0

(24) Lemoore 43, (9) Visalia-El Diamante 14 (Thursday)

(12) Fresno-Edison 35, Fresno-Memorial 7 (Thursday)

(13) Visalia-Mt. Whitney 68, Visalia-Golden West 0

Tulare Union 27, (14) Tulare-Mission Oak 14

(15) Fresno-Bullard 48, Madera 0 (Thursday)

(18) Sanger 42, Madera South 7

(21) Clovis-Buchanan 44, Clovis East 7

(23) Visalia-Redwood 49, Hanford West 0

Porterville-Monache 47, Tulare Western 19 (Thursday)

Fresno-Hoover 38, Fresno 0

Reedley 26, Fresno-Roosevelt 23

Fresno-Sunnyside 55, Fresno-McLane 0

Kingsburg 14, Exeter 13

Visalia-Central Valley Christian 25, Selma 16

Strathmore 41, Porterville-Granite Hills 14

Lindsay 24, Corcoran 7

Woodlake 26, Hanford-Sierra Pacific 6

Chowchilla 33, Tollhouse-Sierra 0

Liberty-Madera Ranchos 28, Kerman 0

Fresno-Washington Union 42, Oakhurst-Yosemite 9

Parlier 47, O'Neals-Minarets 13

Fowler 44, Riverdale 0

Coalinga 31, Dos Palos 0

Firebaugh 34, Avenal 7

Mendota 46, Tranquillity 20

Laton 28, Orange Cove 14

Reedley-Immanuel 59, Fresno Christian 12

Caruthers 19, Orosi 7

Lemoore-Kings Christian at Alpaugh, 11 a.m. Saturday

Riverdale Christian at Coalinga-Faith Christian, 1 p.m. Saturday