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Rod Thornburg / Special to The Californian

Justin Cash (4) might be called into action again tonight if Frontier's starting running back, Triton Douglas, has to sit with an ankle sprain. Cash ran for 118 yards and two touchdowns against Liberty last week.

UPDATED, 12:39 a.m.: Final update of a crazy night is a stock report. The scorelist below is nearly complete, and I'll post a replay of BVarsity Live here when it's ready.

Trending up: Frontier, Arvin, Stockdale, Independence, Wasco, Bakersfield Christian, East, Mira Monte

Holding steady: Garces, Ridgeview, Tehachapi, Centennial, Foothill, West

Trending down: Bakersfield, Liberty, Shafter, Highland, Golden Valley

UPDATED, 10:20 p.m.: Douglas gets 10 and another first down. Tick, tick, tick. BHS has 11 guys in the box. Douglas gets 3 anyway, and now BHS forced to call timeout No. 2, with 3:35 left in the game. Only thing that can save the Drillers is a fumble, it looks like. Even a stop here could result in a field goal — or at least a very long field for BHS to tie. Those three turnovers in the middle of the game have been the difference, and give Frontier a ton of credit for taking full advantage of all three.

Three more for Douglas. It's third-and-4. He breaks a tackle and has 5 more. First down, as signaled by Evan Moore. The Frontier crowd is crowing with very good reason. The Titans are the best team in Kern County right now. First down, clock running under 2:30. High snap! Moore corrals it and just holds on. Lost about a yard. That was close, but Moore made the play he had to. Under two minutes. BHS has one timeout left. Douglas gets about four to set up third and 7. And there's the Drillers' final timeout with 1:34 left.

Douglas again. Got maybe 2. Fourth down. Clock will run under a minute, and Frontier will send Kempka on for a 37-yard field goal. For the ball game. Pressure, almost blocked, and it's way to the right. 54 seconds left. BHS has one final gasp.

BHS from its 20. Long way to go. They run a dive?? Reddick gets three yards, but what was that? Rufus throws short on second down, incomplete. 31 seconds left. Now they go downfield. A post to Hayes, and it goes through his hands. Started to think about running before he caught it. So fourth down with 28 seconds left. This is for the game.  Frontier will call timeout.

Titans blitz. Rufus hit as he throws, and it's incomplete. Frontier dominated the final three quarters of this game from the line of scrimmage. Titans are the best team in Bakersfield until further notice after a 28-21 victory. They'll welcome Stockdale to their place next week with the SWYL title on the line.

UPDATED, 10:07 p.m.: From their 11, the Titans could win this game with a long drive — or give BHS great field position and a chance to tie it up. Needless to say, it's a big drive.

Evan Moore will sneak behind center to start it off. Got about 4. No, he's still going. Got about 7. Tough running from the QB, and a great push by that big line, the best in Bakersfield. Think it's safe to say that after tonight. Douglas gets nothing on second down, though, and here's a big third down. Douglas again, and this time he has a hole. Bursts up the middle for about 10. Drillers will call their first timeout at 5:31. Got to stop this running game.

Out of the timeout, a flag down. Think BHS jumped offside. Yep. Five free yards. Douglas gets three or four. Flag comes in. Facemask, and a big one. 15 yards. BHS defense is giving it away here. First down Titans up at the BHS 48. If Frontier just keeps plugging away here, they'll win it. Clock down to five minutes and counting. Douglas gets about 3. Now Frontnier will call a timeout, its second, with 4:14 on the clock.

Final score: Stockdale 35, Liberty 17. Undefeated showdown at Frontier next week? Titans hope so, and they're just a few minutes away.

UPDATED, 10:00 p.m.: On third and 1, Douglas has the first down easy, 5 yards across midfield. Frontier will go back to work on that clock as we begin the fourth quarter with the Titans leading 28-21. Went to work on it too much. Delay of game will cost Frontier 5 yards. First and 15. Douglas gets the 5 back. Second and 10. Cash has a hole, but a nice tackle made at the 45. Didnt catch who, but it's Reddick who takes down Cash on third down for just a yard. Fourth-and-5, and Frontier presumably will punt again. Kempka would like to pin Bakersfield deep, obviously. Titans are going to take a delay of game penalty first to give him some more room. 9:05 on the clock.

Stockdale has scored 35 unanswered points against Liberty and leads 35-17. The Mustangs are gonna be 3-0 in the league with a trip to Frontier up next.

Kempka's kick is a shank. His first bad one of the night goes straight up in the air and goes out of bounds at the 40. That was a 9-yard kick. Ugh.

Now, can Bakersfield take advantage of some good field position? That's the million-dollar question right now. Pitch to Hill gets nothing. Second and 10. Handoff to Bruce, not much there. He fights forwards for an extra yard to the 43. Third and 7. Frontier defense has been great since the first quarter. Rufus will keep it and he's swallowed up in the backfield. The Titans are beginning to dominate the line of scrimmage. Fourth and 10, and Campbell will punt. Fair catch made at the Frontier 22, and a flag down. Holding on Frontier, waaay back up near the line of scrimmage. Will cost them 10 yards. First down back at the 11. 7:05 remaining.

UPDATED, 9:51 p.m.: From their 25, the Drillers go back to a play that worked well a couple of times in the first half, an option pitch to Lamishio Hill. He gets 5 here. Now Rufus bulls forward for 4. Third and short. Rufus again. Second effort got the first down, barely. Drillers first down at their 35. Frontier will take a timeout, 1:22 left in the third.

Rufus to pass, over the middle. He's picked off again! Matt Bushnell at the 49. He's got room to run and is down near the 30. Two flags come in, both on the return. Holding on Frontier, unsportsmanlike conduct on Frontier. So that will negate the return and then some, but the Titans do have first-and10 at their 37.

Pass from Moore complete to Thind. He's taken down just short of the sticks. Second and a yard. Douglas, nothing doing. It'll be third down when the fourth quarter begins. Frontier holding a 28-21 lead and looking to work clock.

UPDATED, 9:44 p.m.: That Stockdale-Liberty game is headed to the fourth quarter, by the way, with the Mustangs up 21-17. Here, a big drive for Bakersfield High. Can they get some momentum back? Frontier has scored 21 straight points, all off of BHS turnovers. Two running plays get maybe a yard combined, so third and long just like that. Rufus rolls out, throws. Tipped by Pope, still complete to Parker Campbell, but he's wrapped up short of the marker, and BHS will punt.

Campbell gets a nice bounce on the punt, and for once, Frontier will have to start on its own half of the field. Titans are on their 25.

My guess is the Titans are about to go to work on the clock here. Douglas gets the call and picks up about 3. Now Moore keeps on another run-behind-the-big-boys carry, and he's close to the first down. A yard short. Third down. Moore keeps again and has the first down. Ball came loose, but he was down. Give him 2 yards there, and the clock will run. Still a lot of time left, but Bakersfield wants to get a stop sooner rather than later. Cash gets 1, then 4. Third and 5. Here's BHS' shot. It's Douglas, and he's wrapped up quickly. Got a yard, but Frontier will punt. Kempka back to do the honors. Hayes to return for BHS. Takes it on a bounce at the 17 and scampers up to the 25. BHS has it with 2:39 left in the third, trailing by a touchdown.

UPDATED, 9:35 p.m.: Second-half kickoff from Tyler Kempka goes into the end zone for a touchback. Bakersfield to start at its 20. Option, and Asauni Rufus will keep it. Nice gain. Up past the 30 and the 35 to the 36. 16 yards there for Rufus, who had 61 rushing and 112 passing in the first half but also made two costly turnovers late. Here it'll be a give to Reddick, the fullback, who only had two carries in the first half (though he did make an 89-yard catch and run). Good push from the Drillers o-linepicks up five. Rufus keeps and goes nowhere. Might have lost a yard. Third and about 6 from the 40. Big play early. Play-action looking for Reddick, and it's picked off! Sean Shanley with his second big turnover of the night, and he has some room to return. Cuts it outside to the left and down to the 25 before he's out of bounds. Frontier forces its third turnover in BHS territory.

Can the Titans go three-for-three in TDs off turnovers? Triton Douglas gets the carry and gets about a yard. Now what looks like a quarterback sneak from Moore. What a push by the Titans' big offensive line. Moore follows them all the way inside the 10 to the BHS 7. First and goal. Same play again gets down to the 3. Hard to defend that size. Second and goal. Moore again. Right to the goal line. No signal yet. Touchdown. That's some bullying from the Titans offensive line, and they have their first lead at 28-21. 8:24 left in the third.

Stockdale has scored at Liberty and now has ITS first lead, 21-17. Could we be headed for a Mustangs-Titans showdown next week?

UPDATED, 9:26 p.m.: Some other scores: Garces has taken control and leads Foothill 34-21 at halftime in a game that was closer than we thought it would be for a quarter and a half. Centennial has closed to within 28-21 of Independence in the third quarter. Other halftime scores: East 14, Highland 0, and Golden Valley 17, Mira Monte 10. Wasco up 21-7 on Taft in the third quarter.

Also sounds like the announcement earlier was wrong. They're now saying Clovis is shutting out Buchanan, not the other way around.

We're two minutes from the second half here. Here are first-half highlights, courtesy of Louis Amestoy:

UPDATED, 9:21 p.m.: Some halftime stats in a 21-21 battle royale here at Griffith Field.

TOTAL YARDS: Frontier: 68 pass, 119 rush, 187 total; Bakersfield: 112 pass, 148 rush, 260 total

PASSING: F, Evan Moore, 3-12, 68 yds, TD, INT; B, Asauni Rufus, 2-5, 112 yds, 2 TDs, INT

RUSHING: F, Justin Cash, 8-43, TD; Triton Douglas 10-40, TD; Evan Moore, 5-36. B, Lamishio Hill 3-72, Asauni Rufus 7-61, TD.

RECEIVING: F, Justin Cash 2-47, TD; Matt Bushnell 1-21. B: Jeremiah Reddick, 1-89, TD; Kevin Hayes 1-23, TD.

UPDATED, 9:09 p.m.: Drillers start at their 28 with 1:07 left in the half. An errant throw from Rufus and then a sack from Garrett Brown and Stephen Meda make it third-and-14 with just 30 seconds left. Pitch to Kyle Pope has a little room, but he's short of the first down. Both teams content to let the first-half clock run out. It's a good one between two really good teams. 21-21.

UPDATED, 9:04 p.m.: Touchback for Kempka. BHS starts on its 20. Rufus nothing on first down. Second down. Rufus to throw — and the ball is dropped! Frontier jumps on it. Think it was 45, Sean Shanley. Frontier has it at the Drillers 18. Two huge turnovers forced by Frontier D, and the Titans can tie if they punch this in. Still 3:13 left in the half.

Justin Cash gets 2, now has a nice hole and spurts down to the 8. First and goal Frontier. Cash again, but he's stuffed. Second and goal from the 8. Clock inside 1:30 now, and Frontier has just one timeout. Moore will throw a fade for Thind, but it's thrown out of the end zone. Third down. 1:15 on the clock, so probably plenty of time. I formation with Douglas. He gets the ball, bounces outside. The big man has moves, too. Around the corner and into the end zone. We're an extra point away from being tied. Kempka hits it, and there it is: Bakersfield 21, Frontier 21, 1:08 left in the first half. Turnovers have given Frontier a way back in this game, and the Titans have taken full advantage.

UPDATED, 8:58 p.m.: Buchanan leads Clovis 14-0, a result that would certainly mean a lot for the SWYL, considering three teams down here blitzed Buchanan in a row. We'll see if it holds. Speaking of blitzing, Independence up 28-7 on Centennial. Something got into that team, and oh by the way, Preston Hodges is really, really good.

Here, it's 21-7 Bakersfield. Good kickoff return by Justin Cash — he has a knack for that — gives Frontier the ball up at its 32. Triton Douglas bulls forward for about 3. Second and 7. Moore looking deep. Brilliant play on the ball by Jermaine Ervin, who's playing like a D-I corner tonight. Came back to bat the ball away. Third down. Moore under pressure, hit as he throws and it floats harmlessly out of bounds. Kempka will have to kick. It's a great punt. Hayes lets it bounce, and it goes all the way down to the Bakersfield 11. 54 yard kick, all net.

BHS will start backed up again. Last time this happened, the Drillers went 94 yards in two plays. Here, Marcus Bruce gets about 4. Now BHS will call a timeout. Rufus to throw. Think his arm was hit, because that ball is woefully underthrown — and picked off by Christian Deaton of Frontier. Titans take over at the BHS 32. Big play by the Frontier D.

Cash gets 4, and Douglas 4 more. Third-and-short. Counting down towards four minutes to go in the half. Cash will get handoff over left tackle. Has the first down, breaks a tackle, inside the 15, the 10, carries another man at the 5. Touchdown. What a run for Cash. Frontier has taken some big blows and keeps coming. 21-14 Bakersfield, 3:48 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:48 p.m.: Short kickoff returned to the 34, so good field position for BHS. Asauni Rufus keeps. Cutting back and forth across the field. Tough guy to get a hold of. He's still running. What a run through traffic, down to the Frontier 39. He takes it again, and gets 15 more. Down to the 23. This guy is something else. Not blazing speed, but just has terrific vision and quickness. Now Rufus will throw. One-on-one coverage on Kevin Hayes. He stops, DB goes by, and Hayes catches it. Boom. Touchdown. Hayes is amazing. You have to have safety help, or he'll do that every time. BHS with a quick answer. 21-7 Drillers, 6:45 before half.

UPDATED, 8:42 p.m.; Moore going deep on first down with good field position. He throws short and it's picked off. Jermaine Ervin again. Wait a minute. They're saying second down. Did that hit the ground? Didn't think so, but it's possible. Break for Frontier there, because it was close. Now an option pitch to Cash, but he's bottled up for a short gain. Third and long. Slant to Bushnell, and Moore put it right on the money. Inside the 30. Gain of 21 and a big third-down conversion. Now Moore looking deep again. He's got Cash open. Bingo again. Touchdown. Beautiful throw from Evan Moore. 27-yard TD. Tyler Kempka's PAT is good, and it's game on, ladies and gents. 14-7 Bakersfield.

UPDATED, 8:37 p.m.: Evan Moore keeps on second and 10 for BHS and picks up three, maybe four before he's wrapped up by Derrick Vickers. Third and 6. Now Douglas. Gang-tackled. It takes six guys, and that's just to push him back. Never does go down, but whistle is blown. He got about four but needed six. Frontier will have to punt. Ball rolls towards Kevin Hayes — and I think it might have hit his foot. Hayes recovers though, and BHS will start at its 15-yard line.

Option. Rufus pitches to Hill, who for the first time doesn't run 30 yards downfield. Only got about three. Second and 7. Rufus to pass, looking downfield for Hill. Off his fingertips. Slightly overthrown. Frontier had the pressure on Rufus. Third and 7. Fullback dive to Marcus Bruce, his first carry of the night, and Frontier's linebackers do the job. They plug the holes and force a no gain. First punt of the night for Parker Campbell. Low line drive tkaes a Driller bounce but will give Frontier good field position at the 50. 9:04 before half, Bakersfield leads 14-0.

UPDATED, 8:32 p.m.: Nice kickoff return from Justin Cash takes Titans from the goal line out to the 23. Triton Douglas gets 3, then has his first real bulldozer run of the night, for 8 yards and a first down. He's tripped up in the backfield and stopped for no gain to set up second and 10, and that's the last play of the first quarter. Bakersfield leads, 14-0.

Elsewhere, check out this score: Foothill 14, Garces 7, in the second quarter. Really.

UPDATED, 8:28 p.m.: Update from Stockdale, where the Mustangs have scored twice to trim the big Liberty lead to 17-14. Game on there, still time left in the first half.

Here, the Drillers have a 7-0 lead and are backed up at their own 6. Asauni Rufus keeps and picks up yardage out past the 10, maybe to the 11. Second down. Play-action pass. Jeremiah Reddick wiiiide open. Room to run. Nobody will catch the runaway Driller this time. He's going 89 yards to the house. 14-0 BHS with 1:31 left in the first. Great start for Bakersfield.

UPDATED, 8:24 p.m.: Pitch to Lamishio Hill, and he has a huge lane again — Bakersfield knows it has something here. He'll be taken down from behind at midfield — and he lost the ball! Matt Bushnell scoops it up for Frontier and is headed the other way. He's down to the BHS 37, and the Titans get it again.

Frontier calls timeout, now ready to go. Moore looking deep for Cash. He's face-guarded, contact made, ball incomplete. And no flag? Wow. You can't face-guard in high school football, and that should have been pass interference. Instead, it's second and 10. Moore looking for Jasmit Thind. Jermaine Ervin jumps the route. Doesn't come up with the pick, but it's incomplete. Can't tell if Ervin got a hand on it or if Thind was distracted and dropped it. This BHS secondary is full of risk-takers. Big plays will be made both ways. Third-and-10. Another timeout for Frontier. That's two they've taken within 9 seconds of game time. Could be costly later in the half.

OK, here we go. Third-and-10. Moore in the shotgun with Cash. He'll throw. Being chase. Gets away and throws deep. Nothing but blue jerseys there. Ervin makes a diving interception. Making his presence felt after he missed last week because of a suspension. He's marked down back at the 6, but BHS has the ball back.

UPDATED, 8:18 p.m.: Touchback from Parker Campbell starts Frontier at its 20. The Titans will cost themselves five yards for a third time with a false start, so it's first and 15. Big hole for Evan Moore on a QB draw, though, and he's not banged out of bounds until he gets the first down at the 32.

And here's Triton Douglas! He's back depsite an ankle sprain, and he's got a nice push on first down. Five yards up to the 37. Better effort from the Drillers on second down, and Douglas only bulls his way for a couple. Third and 3. Moore will keep. Makes a man miss and then has some room up to the 45. Moore has moves, you've got to give him that. Titans now driving at their 45, and this is an important answer after the Drillers' score. But here's more movement on Frontier's line. That's four pre-snap penalties on Frontier. It cost them on defense, allowing BHS a fourth-and-short, and now it puts them in another first and 15 situation on offense. Justin Cash picks up maybe a yard. Looks like the strategy with Triton Doulgas will be to limit his usage tonight and see if they can keep that ankle healthy. Second and 14. moore to keep again., He's been their most effective runner thus far, and he picks up four more here. Third and 10. Moore to pass. Rolls right and has Cash wide open. He just drifted out from the backfield, and he's got room to run for the first down up to the Bakersfield 35. Gain of 20.

Now in BHS territory, Moore in the shotgun. Draw play to Douglas. Not much there, maybe two yards. Moore looking for Caleb Thompson on the slant. Thompson had a couple of steps on his defender, but the pass bounces off his hands. Couldn't tell from here if it was too far in front of him or if he just plain dropped it. Either way, a missed opportunity for Frontier and now third-and-8. Big Triton Douglas will run. Kind of a curious call, but Douglas is capable of picking up yards. Not here, though. No gain, fourth down. Frontier will try for a 51-yard field goal with Tyler Kempka. Low snap, Douglas gets it set, but Kempka's kick is way short. Curious. Bakersfield will take over at its 20 with a 7-0 lead. 2:49 left, first quarter.

UPDATED, 8:07 p.m.: Parker Campbell won last week's game with a late field goal, and he begins this one for BHS with a kickoff to the 5. Justin Cash returns for Frontier, and he's flipped head over heels at the 15. Gets progress to the 18. Justin Cash in the backfield, so no Triton Douglas. Don't see him on the sideline either, at least not right now. Cash gets a handoff and doesn't have much, maybe 2 or 3 yards. Give him three. Second and 7. Quarterback Evan Moore to throw, under pressure, hits as he throws and it's way short. Third down. Moore will keep up the middle. A bit of room, but he's taken down short of the sticks. Three and out for Frontier. Tyler Kempka's punt bounces perilously close to a Driller, but it dies harmlessly at the Bakersfield 29.

That's where the Drillers will start their first drive, and they'll get an offside call on Frontier right off the bat for five free yards. Now a pitch to Lamishio Hill. Good blocking and he's got a highway to run on along the right side. One guy to beat, and Matt Bushnell took a good angle to push him out of bounds and save a touchdown. Hill still got 39 yards on the play, up to the Frontier 27. That's the explosive BHS offense that's been lacking the last two weeks. Now another offside call and another first and 5. A couple of short runs from Jeremiah Reddick, and it's third and 1 from the 18. Quarterback Asuani Rufus to keep, and he's tripped up in the backfield by big Augie Alcantar. Fourth down and a yard. Drillers will go. Kyle Pope gets the pitch. He's hit hard at the 20 but stays on his feet. Second effort, first down. What a run. Only got a yard, but that was a big yard. Now Rufus will keep. Nice push from the line, he makes a man miss, stutter-steps inside the 10 and bulls his way into the end zone. A big-time fourth-down conversion from Kyle Pope, and then the nifty TD run from Rufus. Campbell's PAT is good, and Bakersfield leads 7-0.

Meanwhile, Liberty off to a huge start at Stockdale. Patriots lead 17-0 early in the second quarter. Turnover bug has bitten the Mustangs again in that one. Independence, meanwhile, leads Centennial 14-0.

UPDATED, 7:57 p.m.: First score updates of the night from games that started on time: Ridgeview 6, West 0; Bakersfield Christian 7, South 0; and Independence 7, Centennial 0.

Here, we're having the coin toss. Appears that Bakersfield, wearing all navy uniforms with white trim and pink socks for breast cancer awareness, won the coin toss and deferred, meaning Frontier, in all whites with dark blue trim and black helmets (also with pink socks) will start with the football. The Titans will move from north to south, my right to my left, in the first quarter.

Be right back with kickoff.

UPDATED, 7:25 p.m.: Bakersfield High's JV team just punched in one last touchdown to beat Frontier 44-13, and more importantly for me, to cause another few minutes' delay before the varsity game tonight. It's senior night, too, so we're looking at at least an 8 p.m. start for this one. Might even be later.

Anyway, we'll wait, because the show should be good. Frontier comes in at 4-3, riding a three-game winning streak and tied atop the Southwest Yosemite League at 2-0. Bakersfield, after blitzing through a tough non-league schedule with five double-digit victories, slipped up against Liberty two weeks ago and then survived a battle against Independence. The Drillers are 6-1 overall and 1-1 in the SWYL. Between this game and the Liberty-Stockdale tilt starting in a few minutes, we'll have a very clear picture of the SWYL chase tonight — or a much muddier one. We shall see. More to come as we get closer to what will be  kickoff around 7:55 or 8 p.m.

ORIGINAL POST: Week 8 of high school football in the Valley got off to a cracking start last night.

In the most meaningful game, Clovis North obliterated Fresno-Central 50-7 in a matchup of the Nos. 1 and 4 teams in my Central Section rankings. Safe to say Clovis North has solidified its hold on No. 1 with the biggest statement win of the season, and safe to say Central won't be in the top four anymore.

In the most fun game, Porterville beat Tulare Union 86-79 with a late score and two-point conversion. The 165 combined points obliterate the old state record of 144, according to Cal Hi Sports' record book. The score was — ready for this? — 56-50 at halftime. I've heard of shootouts, but this? Doesn't seem possible.

Anyway, we have plenty more in store tonight, especially in the Southwest Yosemite League, where a crazy league race is going to continue to unfold with two key games: 2-0 Frontier visits 1-1 Bakersfield, while 1-1 Liberty travels to 2-0 Stockdale. You could have four 2-1 teams at the end of the night, two 3-0s (who are playing next week at Frontier, by the way) or something in between.

I'll be at the Frontier-Bakersfield game, ready to rock and roll with a live blog starting at about 7 p.m. We'll have scores from around the county and Valley, with a close eye on the Liberty-Stockdale game covered by Californian reporter Jeff Evans.

Until then, brush up with Central Section rankings, Week 8 predictions and 20 minutes of webcasting goodness. After all the action, catch BVarsity Live at starting at 11 p.m. Call into the show at (661) 395-7306.

(All games 7:30 p.m. Friday unless noted; Central Section ranking in parentheses)

Kern County scoreboard

(6) Frontier 28, (3) Bakersfield 21

(5) Garces 62, Foothill 21

(7) Ridgeview 41, West 24

(11) Stockdale 35, (8) Liberty 17

(10) Wasco 49, Taft 10

(24) Independence 41, (17) Centennial 40

(18) Tehachapi 41, North 13

Bakersfield Christian 14, South 0

East 34, Highland 6

Mira Monte 45, Golden Valley 37

Arvin 50, Shafter 6

Chavez 21, Kennedy 7

Porterville-Monache 34, Delano 26

McFarland 40, Laton 6

Northwest Christian 45, Alpaugh 13

Victorville-Silverado 41, Burroughs 30

Kern Valley 40, California City 14

Desert 45, Rosamond 5

Bishop 28, Frazier Mountain 14

Boron 64, San Juan Capistrano-Capistrano Valley Christian 6

Santa Maria-Valley Christian Academy 46, Maricopa 8

Mojave at San Diego-Ocean View Christian, 3 p.m. Saturday

Lone Pine at Immanuel Christian, 1 p.m. Saturday

Other Central Section scores

(1) Clovis North 50, (4) Fresno-Central 7 (Thursday)

(2) Clovis 14, (20) Clovis-Buchanan 0

(9) Visalia-El Diamante 34, (22) Visalia-Redwood 13

(12) Fresno-Edison 69, Madera 27

(13) Visalia-Mt. Whitney 48, Hanford 0 (Thursday)

(14) Tulare-Mission Oak 54, Tulare Western 6

(16) Fresno-Bullard 17, (15) Sanger 7

(19) Dinuba 52, Selma 14

(21) Clovis West 49, Clovis East 15

Fresno-Washington Union 48, (25) Liberty-Madera Ranchos 25

Porterville 86, Tulare Union 79 (Thursday)

Fresno-McLane 21, Fresno 18 (Thursday)

Porterville-Granite Hills 16, Hanford-Sierra Pacific 12 (Thursday)

Madera South at Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial

Fresno-Hoover 63, Reedley 14

Fresno-Sunnyside 39, Fresno-Roosevelt 11

Hanford West 40, Visalia-Golden West 6

Kingsburg 37, Visalia-Central Valley Christian 6

Strathmore 34, Corcoran 20

Lindsay 31, Woodlake 8

Chowchilla 64, Oakhurst-Yosemite 14

Tollhouse-Sierra 35, Kerman 6

Caruthers 49, Riverdale 0

Fowler 48, O'Neals-Minarets 8

Reedley-Immanuel 47, Parlier 34

Orosi 57, Orange Cove 14

Mendota 22, Avenal 21

Coalinga 49, Firebaugh 19

Dos Palos 36, Tranquillity 6

San Luis Obispo-Mission Prep 73, Farmersville 26

Watsonville 36, Fresno Christian 7

Lemoore-Kings Christian 68, Coalinga-Faith Christian 34

New Cuyama-Cuyama Valley 52, Riverdale Christian 28