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Shafter High football coach Ricky Ishida takes his team through a morning practice to prepare for the 2012 season.

UPDATED, 12:49 a.m.: Last update of the night with a completed score list and our weekly stock report. Check back for more tomorrow with a live blog of sorts from San Diego State-Fresno State (less of a play-by-play than the high school blog and more of a game trends/analysis thing) and then Sunday for the Week 5 recap. Also check out the replay of tonight's BVarsity Live episode at

Trending up: Stockdale, Centennial Ridgeview, Independence, Bakersfield Christian, Highland

Staying put: Wasco, Tehachapi, Shafter, Taft, Golden Valley, South, West

Trending down: Delano, Foothill, East, Kennedy, Chavez, McFarland

UPDATED, 10:38 p.m.: Game will end Centennial 56, Tulare Union 33. The Golden Hawks punched in that final Reyes interception with a 14-yard run from Enger, who had two TDs rushing and three more passing tonight. Tulare Union's final drive ran out of time at the Centennial 27, right after Oscar Reyes completed a pass that took him over 300 yards for the night. But the Golden Hawks made the big plays tonight on defense and special teams, and they get a crucial win, 56-33.

UPDATED, 10:22 p.m.: Enger on a QB draw, nowhere to go and he lost three yards, almost back to midfield. Third and long. Enger looking deep for Daughtery, who has a step on Love. Daughtery has it, Love dives for him and misses. Touchdown. Point good, and it's 49-33.

Quickly back to Tulare. Still a two-score game with 6:58 to play. Reyes passes. Tipped again. Gabe Arteaga intercepts. Fourth of the night for Centennial. He returns it inside the 20 to the 18. Centennial can taste it now.

UPDATED, 10:14 p.m.: First play of the fourth quarter is a punt out of Centennial's end zone. Not a big return, but it will leave Tulare Union with a short field, at the Golden Hawks' 40. Pass complete on first down from Reyes to Vernon for about 7 yards. Second down. Draw play to Harris, and Tyler Hood swallowed him up. Third down. Draw again, and this time Hood got him even further back, for a loss of three or four. Fourth and seven. What a series from Hood, the big defensive tackle. Tulare Union will go for it. Reyes to pass. He's sacked. It's Hood again! Have you ever seen three bigger plays in a row by one defensive player? Wow. Centennial will take over at its 43, less than 10 minutes to play.

Five yards on a keeper from Enger and five more from Noah Frazier nets a first down. Centennial going to work on the clock. Just a yard from Frazier here, and now a timeout from the Hawks before the play clock expired. 7:48 to play in a two-possession game. Tulare Union needs a stop quickly.

UPDATED, 10:08 p.m.: Tulare Union does a nice job defensively when they needed to, keeping Centennial backed up inside its own 10 and forcing a punt. First it'll be the end of the third quarter. Golden Hawks lead 42-33, but still a whole quarter to play in a wild game.

Elsewhere, Shafter has hung on to beat Taft, 21-19. Close call, but the Generals pick up a huge road win and become the first Central Section team to six wins.

UPDATED, 10:04 p.m.: All of the penalties on the extra point will allow Centennial to kick off from Tulare Union's 45, and a high kick will pin them deep. Tulare will have to start the drive at the 12. Now another tipped pass, and Andrew Hansen is going to make a diving interception. Third of the night for the Golden Hawks, who take over at the TU 20.

Enger will look deep for Daughtery. Pass broken up nicely by Jalen Love, who then gets in Daughtery's face. You might get away with that in the first quarter, but not after all of the unsportsmanlike penalties already tonight. There's another one, and it will give Centennial first-and-goal at the 10. Handoff to Frazier for four. Now a flag down on the next play, and it's tripping against Centennial. That'll back them up to the 25. Second and goal from back there. Those flags will need to be washed tonight. Two plays later, it's fourth-and-goal from the 18. Olivas is on to try a 34-yard field goal. Up and has the distance, but it drifted off to the left. No good. Tulare Union dodges a bullet and takes over at its 20. 2:55 left in the third.

Now Reyes looking for Vernon. Has him on the sideline. He holds the ball in one hand and stiff-arms a defender with the other. Still running. Finally tripped up and down at the Centennial 35. 45 yards on that on. Vernon has been impressive. Two plays later, he has Pimentel on a screen pass. Pimentel nowhere to go, but he reverses field and finds room. What vision. All the way down to the 8 before he's pushed out of bounds. First-and-goal.

Reyes to throw again. Picked off at the goal line! Kolte Paxson. You'd have whiplash from the momentum changes tonight if you weren't careful. Paxson slips and goes down at the 4, so the Golden Hawks are backed up. But they have it back.

UPDATED, 9:51 p.m.: This is some game. Kickoff deep to Noah Frazier, who takes it at his 5 and goes up an enormous hole up the middle. Only the kicker to beat, and he wrong-foots him. Frazier is gone. 95 yards.

Since then, we've had a series of penalties on Tulare Union on the extra point, including the second unsportsmanlike penalty on Christian Love, resulting in his ejection. Finally, the PAT is good, and Centennial is back up nine, 42-33. Still 5:24 left in the third, by the way.

UPDATED, 9:46 p.m.: Tulare Union starts at its 20 after a touchback. Quick strike from Reyes to Corey Silva for 12 yards — and a roughing the passer on top of that will take the ball all the way up to the 47. Two plays later, a nice slant from Reyes to Pimentel, who nearly got away but for a shoestring tackle.

Reyes incomplete, now second down. Draw to Romello Harris and a big hole. A huge hole. Khaliel Shagog is the only Golden Hawk with a chance to get him, and Harris carries Shagog over the line. 36-yard touchdown from an offense that had just 17 rushing yards to this point.

The Redskins are done chasing points, though, and they'll kick here. It's up and good from Jason Montoya, cutting the Centennial lead to 35-33 with 5:38 left in the third.

UPDATED, 9:38 p.m.: So Centennial looking to cash in on Tulare Union's third turnover of the night. Two Noah Frazier runs get about 4 yards, and then Enger throws incomplete for Adam Lopez inside the 10. Fourth down. It would be about a 41-yard field goal from here. Centennial is going to go for it instead. Fourth-and-6. Enger in the shotgun with Frazier beside him. He throws for Licea on a slant. Diving catch down at the 5, and a nice one. Flag down, though. This is a huge call. It's either first-and-goal or fourth-and-long. It's a facemask on Tulare Union back at the line of scrimmage. That's declined, and it's first-and-goal at the 5.

Enger will keep. Hurdles a man. Spins into the end zone. Nice run, but there's a flag down. Another face mask on Tulare Union? You don't see that called at the line of scrimmage very often, but the Hawks will decline again, and the TD run from Enger stands. Olivas' PAT is good again, and Centennial stretches its lead to 35-26 with 6:54 left in the third quarter.

UPDATED, 9:33 p.m.: Centennial gets the ball to start the second half here at home, armed with a 28-26 lead. The kcik is deep for the first time since Daughtery took one back. This time it's to Noah Frazier, and he spurts up to about the 25. Centennial could make this a two-score game with a TD here, which is got to be what they're thinking.

Fumbled snap. Enger averts disaster and recovers it back at the 23. Second-and-12 is better than giving the ball up. Enger will pass. Screen to Paxson, who does a nice job fighting off a tackle and now has room to run. He's up close to the 50 and now gains the midfield stripe. That's a 27 yard gain and the Hawks are in business. Frazier buried in the backfield though, by Tanner Rother. Nice play sets up second and long again. Now it's going to be third and very long. Enger was wrapped up and couldn't get rid of it. He actually fumbled that ball too, but Noah Frazier was there to fall on it. Enger under pressure again on third-and-long and Enger throws low and incomplete. Flag down in the backfield, though. Two of them. Enger might have been hit late. That's what it is. Personal foul against Tulare. 15 yards on third-and-21. That's why they're 1-3, folks. But in high school, that's not an automatic first down. Third and 6. Enger drops another snap, this time in the shotgun, and he's buried back at the Centennial 45. Hawks will have to punt for the first time tonight. Daughtery will do the honors. it's a high kick that hit a Tulare Union player inside the 30. Centennial recovers. Another mistake, and this one favors Centennial. Hawks have it at the Redskins 27.

UPDATED, 9:17 p.m.; Some first-half stats from a wild one at Centennial, where the Golden Hawks lead Tulare Union 28-26 at the break:

TOTAL YARDS: Tulare Union 183 (166 passing, 17 rushing), Centennial 151 (89 passing, 62 rushing)

PASSING: T, Oscar Reyes 20-29, 166 yds, 3 TDs, 2 INT; C, Reagen Enger 5-8, 89 yds, 2 TDs

RUSHING: T, Reyes 4-10, Romello Harris 4-7. C, Enger 5-53, Noah Frazier 7-20, TD

RECEIVING: T, Keonta Vernon, 7-62, 2 TDs; John Pimentel 6-59, TD; Stevin Morin 4-27, Romello Harris 2-15. C, Andrew Daughtery, 3-49, TD; Kolte Paxson 1-22, Jonathan Licea 1-14, TD.

UPDATED, 9:03 p.m.: One-minute drill for Tulare Union, but their offense is built for that anyway. After an incompletion and a short pass, though, this drive might be short on time already. Reeys finds Steven Morin, though, for nine yards and a first down up to the 47. Two plays later, it's a short pass over the middle to Morin. He's down right at the sticks at the Centennial 43 with 18 seconds left. Tulare Union will call its second timeout. Reyes under pressure and scrambles away from it, out of bounds at the 37. 11 seconds left. Now deep over the middle for John Pimentel. He's taken down at the 17, and the Redskins will call their final timeout, presumably to set up a field goal attempt. Nope. They're gonna go for it. Looking in the corner for, you guessed it again, Keonta Vernon. Touchdown. Gotta get some double coverage on that guy. Tulare Union gets a TD back as time expires.

Now the Redskins will go for two and the halftime tie. Reyes to pass again, and it'll be picked off by Gabe Arteaga. That will end the half, and Centennial clings to a 28-26 lead after a very eventful final two minutes.

UPDATED, 8:53 p.m.: Can't keep up with the action here. First play of Tulare Union's drive is a pass down the middle tipped and snagged by Shegog, a brilliant interception that required some quick reflexes. He has some space to go the other way, and he eventually bulls his way down to the Redskins 14.

Next play, Enger looking in the end zone. Another fade, this one for Jonathan Licea. Touchdown. Licea is a big guy, and he used his size well there, ripping the ball away from the DB and taking it in. Centennial has scored twice in 27 seconds and now leads 28-20 with 1:28 still to go before halftime.

UPDATED, 8:47 p.m.: Just like last week at Santa Barbara, turnovers and penalties are killing Centennial here. The Hawks have had the best of the game from scrimmage but trail 20-14 because of a couple of big plays.

Now after an Enger keeper gets 5 and a Kolte Paxson run nothing, Enger will throw a screen to Paxson. It was set up well, with most of the front seven already behind Paxson. He has a big gainer and a first down. Plus an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Tulare, which hasn't exactly played a clean game itself. Ball is all the way down to the 16. Handoff to Frazier gets about 3, and on second down he's got a bigger gain. Tripped up at the 5 and down to the 3. Looked like he was going to get in. He will on the next play though. Frazier hit right at the line, and the line judge signals touchdown. Nice answer drive for the Golden Hawks, and the game is tied. Now Coleman Olivas unties it with the extra point. It's 21-20 Centennial, 1:55 before halftime.

UPDATED, 8:41 p.m.: Third and long for Centennial on its first series. Enger to pass. Vernon comes off the corner and rips the ball down. Vernon scoops it up. Most of the players on the field don't even know what happened, and Vernon is going to score. 26 yards, let's give him. Now Tulare Union will go for two again. This time, it's a high throw for — who else? — Vernon in the back of the end zone, and he hauls it in. Eight free points there for Tulare Union, which now leads 20-14. See-saw game here.

UPDATED, 8:35 p.m.: After a negative play and a short pass set up third-and-7, Centennial will be bailed out by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Tulare Union. 15 yards and a first down up to the Centennial 36. Swing pass to Frazier is dropped — and they're calling this a live ball? I thought that was clearly thrown forwards, but the referees haven't blown anything dead. and Tulare Union has jumped on it. Turnover. Wow. That was a blown call in my eyes, but the Redskins catch a break.

Reyes trying to capitalize. Goes deep. Overthrown, incomplete. Now Centennial jumps offside for the fourth time tonight. Now Centennial jumps offside for the fifth time tonight. Yikes. That's a free first down for Tulare Union, and the ball is up to the 23. Reyes deep again. Incomplete. Another flag down. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Centennial this time. That's half the distance to the goal and a Tulare first down at the Hawks' 11. Reyes to the flat, but Rory Gibson came a long ways to break that thing up. Really almost had a pick, I think. Great speed. Second down. Romello Harris gets the handoff and picks up three or four. Third down. Fade thrown to the corner. Keonta Vernon has it. That's a tough throw to make, and Reyes had it where only Vernon could get it. Touchdown. Tulare Union will go for two. Reyes to throw. Broken up by Daughtery. Redskins chase points and come up empty, and Centennial maintains a 14-12 lead with 6:13 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:25 p.m.: Another short kickoff, this one returned by Jalen Love up to the Tulare Union 34. So pretty good field position for the Redskins as they look to strike back here.

Oscar Reyes in the shotgun. Completes short left flat to Keonta Vernon, but Adam Lopez stuck with the tackle there and keeps it to a gain of just 2. Centennial jumps offside again, though, and it's seoncd-and-3. Handoff to Harris on a draw play. Good job from Centennial's linebackers filling gaps there, and Harris runs right into Gabe Arteaga. He got a couple but it'll be third down and short.

D.J. Martin just went 72 yards for a TD against Buchanan, and it's 35-7 Mustangs. Martin has 192 rushing yards just two minutes into the second quarter. Looks like Stockdale has figured it out offensively tonight.

Reyes will hit Stevin Morin for a 10-yard catch-and-run and a first down across midfield. Now he looks deep. Tipped up by Shegog. Free ball. Two Golden Hawks dive for it and collide. Andrew Hansen made the pick at the 15. Scary-looking play, but everybody's OK, and Centennial has the ball back.

UPDATED, 8:18 p.m.: Just like down the road at Stockdale, Centennial has struck on the first play of the second quarter. From the Tulare Union 38, Enger looks deep and has Daughtery wide open along the right sideline. Drops it in perfectly at the 5, and Daughtery trots in for his second touchdown in a couple of minutes. PAT is good, and it's 14-6, just like it is for Shafter and Tehachapi at this point.

UPDATED, 8:14 p.m.: Squib kick for Centennial, trying to avoid the same fate that Tulare Union just suffered, and it works. Redskins get the ball at the 20 but can only move it up about five yards. Now Reyes looking deep. He's going downfield more and more, but that one is broken up at the last minute by Shegog, who's had a couple of nice plays in a row. Second down. Screen to Harris gets nothing this time, and it's third and long. Big play for the Centennial defense, which has been on the field for quite a while.

Reyes under pressure. Tries to run. He'll be sacked. Give that one to Kolte Paxson. Fourth down, and the Redskins will have to punt, the first for either team tonight. Tulare Union will call timeout first, with 52 seconds on the clock.

Stockdale has scored again, on the first play of the second quarter, and the Mustangs now lead Buchanan 28-7. Stockdale has circled the wagons and come up with a good performance. Same for Ridgeview, which has a commanding 27-0 lead over defending state bowl champ Washington Union after a quarter. Tehachapi up 14-6 on West. Taft has cut its deficit against Shafter to 14-6 also.

Short punt from Tulare gives Centennial possession at its 44. Noah Frazier gets about 5, then Enger keeps for a first down and up inside the Tulare 40 on the last play of the quarter. Centennial leads 7-6 and looking for more.

UPDATED, 8:07 p.m.; Kickoff goes to Andrew Daughtery, who drops it at the 8, then picks it up at the 9 and has a nice return. Really nice. He's through the final hole, and nobody's going to catch that man. 92 yards for the touchdown. Big-time play right there. Sometimes you wonder if coverage teams get out of lanes when a return man briefly drops a ball as Daughtery did there, because once he got past the initial wave of tacklers, there was nobody around to stop him. Olivas Coleman drills the PAT, and Centennial leads 7-6, just like that. Still 2:32 left in the quarter.

Elsewhere, good first quarter for Stockdale, which leads Buchanan 20-7 in what's essentially a must-win game for the Mustangs. Tehachapi leads West 7-6 after a quarter, and Shafter is up 14-0 on Taft in the SSL game of the week.

UPDATED, 8:02 p.m.: After a broken play on first down lost two yards, Centennial quarterback Reagan Enger keeps it on second down and has an enormous hole up the middle. He'll run for a while, past midfield and inside the Tulare 40. Good vision there from the QB, and the Hawks are threatening just like that.

Bad snap now, though, and Enger has to chase it down. He does, and throws it two miles out of bounds. They won't call intentional grounding there. I guess they're going to count Andrew Daughtery as a receiver in the area, even though that pass was 15 feet over his head. Break for Centennial, which gets second-and-10 instead of second-and-25.

Now Enger with time and finds Daguthery short. Nice open-field tackle keeps him to a gain of about 5. Incomplete on third down, and now it's Centennial's turn to go for it in no-man's land. Complete to Andrew Hansen, who stretches for the marker — and doesn't get there. Turnover on downs the other way, and Tulare Union gets it back.

Quickly back to the Reyes to Vernon game. That one got about 5. Now Reyes finds John Pimentel downfield. He's up to the 45 and has a first down. Reyes will keep on the next snap and get up close to midfield, and now he has Pimentel again. Modest gain but enough for another first down to the Centennial 43. Now he looks for Morin dwonfield and throws incomplete. He's 8-of-10 but most throws have been very short. Second down, and now a flag down. False start makes it second-and-15. He'll throw deep again, this time for Vernon. Good coverage. Too good. DB never turned around, and that's gonna be pass interference and a Tulare Union first down at the Centennial 33. Now a quick screen pass to Harris, and he's got some room to run. He's inside the 20 with another first down. Tulare Union rolling now, and Reyes will try to capitalize. Going to the end zone. Pimentel is open, and Reyes hit him on the numbers. Perfect throw, touchdown Redskins. PAT from Jason Montoya is blocked, however. Khaliel Shegog got it for the Hawks. Tulare Union leads 6-0.

UPDATED, 7:50 p.m.: Centennial, wearing red pants with gold trim, red jerseys with gold numbers and gold helmets comes out of — you guessed it — an inflatable tunnel to the roar of the Homecoming crowd. A couple hundred Tulare Union fans are on the other side, and we're ready to go. I have a hunch that Centennial is a pretty darn good 1-3 team, but we shall see.

Andrew Daughtery will kick off for the Hawks. Sophomore Mikkel Lee takes it at about the five and has a nice return along the right sideline up to the 30. The Redskins will start there. Quarterback is Oscar Reyes, and he'll likely be busy tonight. No Tulare player averages as much as 50 yards a game rushing. This is a pass-heavy offense. Sure enough, Reeys finds Keonta Vernon for about nine yards on first down and then hits John Pimentel for a short gain on a swing pass, enough for the first down up to the 40. Now Reyes back again and in trouble this time. He steps up and is taken down by Grantz Mason. Not technically a sack, because he gained about half a yard. Second down. Now a flag down. Centennial jumped offside. Second-and-a long 4.

Here's freshman Romello Harris, the Redskins' leading rusher (at just 180 yards through four games). He gets about a yard to set up third-and-3. Reyes to throw. Finds Vernon. D-back tried to jump the route and instead gave Vernon an extra 10 yards after the catch, down to the Centennial 39. Short pass to Steven Morin, another freshman, but there's not much there. Second and long again. The freshman, Harris, goes over left tackle. Again Centennial doesn't cede much, with Jared Ruelas leading the charge. Third-and-10. Reyes will look downfield for the first time here, but he was under pressure and overthrew it as he took a shot. Fourth down now with Tulare Union in no-man's land. The Redskins will go for it. Slat to Keonta Vernon. He gets a free pick from the umpire but is going to be just short of the first down. Got about 8, needed 10. Centennial takes over on downs with 7:20 to play in the first.

UPDATED, 7:38 p.m.: We're just a couple of minutes away from kickoff now. Didn't catch who actually won the coin toss, but the result is that Tulare Union, wearing white jerseys with dark red numbers and helmets and gold pants, will receive the kick off and go from my right to left — south to north — in the first quarter.

National anthem up next, then kickoff.

UPDATED, 7:16 p.m.: I'm here at Centennial, where Homecoming festivities are under way and the host Golden Hawks are on the field warming up for what amounts to a crucial non-league game. Lose here, and Centennial would have to go 4-1 in the SWYL just to qualify for the playoffs. A win, and that margin for error is a little bigger. Tulare Union, by the way, is the opponent, a struggling Division I team itself. Both teams like to air it out, and the game won't start for at least half an hour and have a long halftime because of Homecoming, so we could be in store for a late night. I'll be back with more in a bit.

ORIGNAL POST: It's a bit of a light week as far as high school football action goes, but consider this the calm before the storm. Many teams are taking their bye week now because league play begins in full force across the Central Section next week. There are only a handful of teams with a bye week still to be taken, at least until that first playoff week in November.

That's not to say there isn't meaningful action out on various gridirons tonight. Centennial, already fighting for its playoff life, plays host to Tulare Union with this in mind: School administration has a policy that Centennial teams must have a .500 record to accept a playoff bid. The Golden Hawks are 1-3. Lose tonight, and they'd be forced to go 4-1 in SWYL play to reach that .500 mark. That's ... unlikely. 3-2 would still be a tall task, but it at least leaves some margin for error.

Stockdale, by the way, is 1-3 and has the same school policy. The Mustangs also play at home against a Division I opponent in Clovis-Buchanan.

Elsewhere, Shafter looks to become the first team in the section to reach six wins (the Generals are one of the few teams that hasn't had its bye yet) but faces perhaps its toughest test yet at Taft, which has won two games in a row. Ridgeview hosts defending Division III state bowl champion Washington Union, but the Panthers limp in at 0-4.

The live blog comes to you tonight from Tulare Union-Centennial and will fire up at about 7. Until then, check out this week's Central Section rankings, Week 5 predictions and my webcast with some old dude named Louis Amestoy.

A couple of PSAs before I go: I'll be on Californian Radio at about 9:45 a.m. on 1180 AM in Bakersfield or I'll also fire up a blog tomorrow night for the San Diego State-Fresno State game at 7 p.m. because I'll be up at Bulldog Stadium covering the game and keeping an eye on Bakersfield products like Derek Carr, Phillip Thomas, Patrick Su'a, A.J. Johnson, Kyrie Wilson and Matt Akers.

(Central Section rankings in parentheses; games 7:30 p.m. Friday unless noted)

Kern County scoreboard

(8) Ridgeview 41, Fresno-Washington Union 14

(12) Wasco 56, Chavez 7

(21) Stockdale 69, (13) Clovis-Buchanan 26

(18) Cetnennial 56, (25) Tulare Union 33

(19) Tehachapi 34, West 29

(22) Dinuba 56, Delano 21

(24) Independence 55, East 21

Shafter 21, Taft 19

Bakersfield Christian 46, Kennedy 12

Golden Valley 14, Foothill 13

Highland 10, Mira Monte 7

South 41, North 7

Avenal 19, McFarland 3

Frazier Mountain 20, L.A.-Ribet Academy 14

Panorama City-Ste. Genevieve 33, California City 21

Kern Valley 45, Yermo-Silver Valley 21

Rosamond 27, Palos Verdes Peninsula-Chadwick 26

Boron 52, Mammoth Lakes-Mammoth 0

Northwest Christian at Alpaugh, 11 a.m. Saturday

Mojave at Sylmar-Concordia, 2 p.m. Saturday

Trona at Immanuel Christian, 1 p.m. Saturday

Other Central Section scores

(6) Fresno-Edison 54, (15) Clovis West 35

(10) Visalia-El Diamante 34, Hanford 10

(11) Kingsburg 28, Coalinga 23

(16) Visalia-Mt. Whitney 28, (14) Tulare-Mission Oak 21, OT

(17) Fresno-Bullard 57, Fresno-Hoover 19

(20) Visalia-Redwood 41, Visalia-Golden West 0

(23) Mendota 21, Tollhouse-Sierra 7

Lemoore 42, Hanford West 6

Sanger 42, Reedley 0

Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial 23, Fresno-Sunnyside 0

Exeter 55, Oakhurst-Yosemite 0

Chowchilla 56, Corcoran 32

Kerman 28, Dos Palos 21

Visalia-Central Valley Christian at Fowler, PPD, 10 a.m. Saturday

Liberty-Madera Ranchos 37, Caruthers 0

Lindsay 33, Farmersville 12

Selma 37, Madera South 26

Fresno-Roosevelt 48, Orange Cove 26

Orosi 55, O'Neals-Minarets 30

Firebaugh 42, Parlier 25

Reedley-Immanuel 43, Hanford-Sierra Pacific 6

Calvary Murrieta 49, Fresno Christian 0

Laton at Merced-Stone Ridge Christian, 7 p.m. Saturday

Lemoore-Kings Christian at Avalon, 1 p.m. Saturday