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Coach Lisa DiFrancesco with her Level 6 Team

American Academy of Gymnastics competed in their first Pre-lim of the season on September 15-16 in Covina,Ca and qualified all 33 girls to Sectionals.

The American Academy Level 5 team started the weekend off with a bang including Karlee Taylor who received a 3rd place all-around with a 36.125. Natalie Roberts took first place on Floor with a 9.325. The rest of the level 5 team included Caitlin Lowery, Dalilia Olivera, Melissa Bothwell, Kaitlyn McDonnell, Samantha Noe, Maggi Komin, Sophie Bouldoukian, Sydney Lahoda, Kimberly Mielke, Elena Caballero, Ireland Fleming, Alise Lowe and Kayleigh Perry.

American Academy's Level 4 team highlights were from Sarah Graessly who earned a second place on vault. Rebekah Powell earned the highest all around score from American Academy with a 36.55. The rest of the level 4 team included Dulce Felizarta,Nicole Matthias,Victoria Moore, Victoria Rosales, Grace Witcher, Hannah Ward, Gizzelle Handschumacher, Katelynn Mitchell, Amanda Winslow, Halle Rice, Reanna Rowland,Brandee Galvin, and Nicole Kim.

The evening session included American Academy's level 6 team consisting of 3 girls. Taylor Bentley took a second place on vault with a 9.25. First place on Vault was taken by Isabella Becerra including a second place All around with a 34.85. Amy Cheng took first place on Balance beam with a 9.675.

American Academy is looking forward to a great season ahead

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