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Frontier running back Triton Douglas (5) and the Titans have a tall order tonight, playing at Clovis North. It's one of three Central Section games that pits the Southwest Yosemite League against the Tri-River Athletic Conference this week.

UPDATED, 1:05 a.m.: Final scorelist is updated below. I'll add the Holy Bowl result tomorrow and will tweet out updates if I get them. We'll end the night with a trends report:

TRENDING UP: Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Wasco, Independence, Liberty, Foothill,. Chavez

STUCK IN NEUTRAL: South, East, Arvin, Mira Monte, Kennedy

TRENDING DOWN: Stockdale, Frontier, Ridgeview, Highland, Golden Valley, Kennedy

UPDATED, 10:39 p.m.: Stockdale back inside Clovis 30 as the game clock runs out. Final score: Clovis 37, Stockdale 6.

UPDATED, 10:33 p.m.: Clovis has recovered two fumbles on Stockdale's last two drives.  The cougars were first stopped on downs at the Stockdale 1, but this time Jaye Rositas has an 8-yard TD run, his second of the night (the last TD was Adrian Salas, my mistake). So it's 37-6 Clovis with 2:59 to play. What easily could have been a competitive game turned into a rout with mistake after mistake from Stockdale.

UPDATED, 10:19 p.m.: Clovis has completely put it away now. In the time it took for myh slow computer to file the last update, the Cougars drove down and scored again, a six-play, 53-yard drive in which every play went for at least 8 yards until Jaye Rositas' 3-yard TD run, his second of the night. It's 30-6 Cougars with 8:45 to play. I'll update any scoring plays from here on out, but with the game out of hand and the time past 10:15, it's time to focus on deadline.

UPDATED, 10:14 p.m.: Stockdale takes over at its 30, down 23-6. Mustangs in trouble now; they'll probably have to throw quite a bit against a good Cougars' back seven. Chisolm gets the handoff first. No room, no gain. Now Allen looking for Martin out of the backfield. Incomplete. Third and 10. Allen fakes the pitch to Wood and throws deep into coverage. Broken up. Flag down. Don't know about that one. Not sure how much of the contact was before the ball was tipped. It goes in Stockdale's favor, and the Mustangs' third first down via penalty in the last two drives gives them the ball at their 45. Anthony Wood has room, across midfield to the Clovis 42. That ends the third quarter with Clovis on top, 23-6.

In better news for Kern County, Liberty has struck twice quickly to begin the second half, with Kole Harl's 91-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and then the recovery of a muffed punt snap. 28-0 Patriots, just like that. Meanwhile, Taft gets its first win, 34-14 at Corcoran, and Bakersfield Christian and Exeter are headed to overtime at 34-34.

Here, Allen will start the fourth quarter with a deep ball into double coverage. Looked like C.J. Broussard came down with the pick, but it's ruled incomplete. Could have hit the ground. Broussard is adamant he had it. Second and 10. Wood gets 4, then loses 4 on a nice play by Nick Ortiz. Fourth and 10, and this might as well be the game. Stockdale jumps and it'll be fourth and 15. Fitting. Allen will go deep for Collins. One-on-one coverage, and Broussard turns and makes a great play on the ball. Clovis will take over, up 23-6.

UPDATED, 10:03 p.m.: Big series coming up. If Stockdale gets a stop, it has enough time to run its offense and make a game of this. Otherwise, Clovis can start to salt it away.

Gatewood at quarterback again. Handoff to Watkins, who slips through for about 6. Now Gatewood hits Garrett Olson for the first down up to the 40. Watkins only 2, and it's second and 8. Gatewood under pressure, rolls right. Finds McKay France on the sideline, who dives — and makes the catch. Tremendous catch for the first down. Now a handoff to Olson — and he's gone! One slipped tackle and there was nothing but green in front of him. 47 yards for the touchdown. PAT good, and Clovis has control, 23-6 in the final minute of the third.

UPDATED, 9:57 p.m.: Clovis from its 20 with a new quarterback, Jake Gatewood. He'll roll out and throw for Poisall for a first down. Nice-looking play up to the 35. Gatewood sacked on the next snap, though, by Bobby Ortiz. Seocnd and long. Now a swing pass to Olson, and there was a DB all over that. Didn't see who on the far side of the field, but that was a loss of four more yards. Third-and-long. Gatewood throws incomplete. Stockdale will get it back. Punt rolls dead at the Stockdale 26.

Firstr play is another pass, Allen to Corey Collins, who has a nice run after the catch up to about the 38. But a flag on the play. Another personal foul on Stockdale, their third of the night. Happened at the 32, so give Collins a reception for 6, then the 15-yard penalty back to the 17. First and 19. Wood gets nothing, and now Martin gets nothing. Clovis is stacking the box against the run, because Stockdale having trouble executing the passing game. Third and long. Short pass to Martin. Flag down — and this time it's Clovis dinged for a roughing the passer call. Gifts Stockdale a first down, and maybe that's the spark the Mustangs needed. They're up at their 38. Allen overthrow. Second and 10. Pass complete to Martin with some running room. He's across midfield with a gain of 15 and a first down. Two plays later, Martin trucks his way for 9 and another first down. Now it'll be Wood, who turns the corner and gets about 5 before he's out of bounds. Only a yard on the next carry, though, so it's third and 4. Will Stockdale ever finish a drive. Allen to pass, looking deep for Tippett. Two flags fly. Lots of jostling going on there. Defensive pass interference. First down Stockdale at the 15. Now Xavier Chisolm with a head of steam. First down and more, inside the 5. Did he get in? Ball came loose. They rule him down at the 1. Now D.J. Martin has the touchdown with 2:49 left in the third. Two-point conversion would make it a one-score game, and Stockdale is going to try it. Allen to pass. Out the back of the end zone. Mustangs choose to pass when the running game has looked unstoppable at times. Didn't work. 16-6, late third.

Elsewhere, Tehachapi has finished off Arvin, 23-13. The Bears suffer their first loss of the year.

UPDATED, 9:43 p.m.: Elsewhere, Bakersfield has finished off a 29-6 victory at Long Beach-Poly. Remarkable that the Drillers can win so easily at a state power and nobody bats an eye. Poly is down, and Bakersfield is way up. Liberty has a 7-0 lead on Buchanan in the second quarter. East up big on South, Tehachapi on Arvin and Wasco on Golden Valley. Clovis North up 21-7 on Frontier at halftime.

Here, it's still a two-possession game, and Stockdale gets the ball first. Clovis tries a pooch kick, and it's fair caught at the 43. Risky from the Cougars, and it gives the Mustangs good field position. Allen to pass. Finds Carver Tippett short right, and Tippett's run after the catch is across midfield and good for a first down. Two plays later, it's third-and-8. Draw to D.J. Martin. He has good yardage and then absolutely trucks over a Clovis defender right at the sticks. First down. Now Allen to Tippett again for about 5. Tippett was drilled. Allen will pass again. Mustangs seems to be prepared to pass the ball here. He rolls out. He's sacked from behind by Nick Nevills, the state-champion wrestler from a couple of years ago. Loss of nine. Now they'll have to throw again. Incomplete deep. Allen is 4-of-16 passing. McBride will punt, and it rolls into the end zone for a touchback.

UPDATED, 9:37 p.m.: The halftime stats bear out just how big Stockdale's mistakes have been: The Mustangs have a 179-143 edge in total yardage, even after the 69-yard Clovis drive to end the half. But Stockdale has had a field goal blocked and returned some 50 yards, an interception returned some 30 yards, a fumble and a couple of personal-foul penalties, and Clovis leads 16-0.

Here are some individual stats:

PASSING: C, R.J. Hartmann 11-18, 97 yds; S: Drew Allen 2-12, 42 yds, INT

RUSHING: C, Marlon Watkins 8-29, Jaye Rositas 2-12, TD, Hartmann 3-5, TD; S, D.J. Martin 11-63, Anthony Wood 10-63.

RECEIVING: C, Logan Poisall 5-41, Garrett Olson 3-29. S, Corey Collins 1-25, D.J. Martin 1-17

UPDATED, 9:19 p.m.: Clovis will start at its 31 with 1:47 and two timeouts, up 10-0 already. Pass complete from Hartmann to McKay France for a first down — and a roughing the passer call coming, too. That's 15 more yards and up to the Stockdale 43 with plenty of time left. Another mistake, and they're piling up on Stockdale now. Nine yards to Poisall and 5 to Olson for another first down. Clovis calls its second timeout with 54 seconds left on the clock at the ball at the Stockdale 29. Out of the timeout, a completion to C.J. Broussard for 10 yards. Another short completion for six more, clock inside of 20 seconds. Hartmann finds Poisall at the 5. He's fighting for the end zone but will only get to the 2. Clock down to 11 seconds. I must have missed a timeout, because the Cougars are racing to the line. Hartmann to pass. This play is going to be it, one way or the other. Hartman is going to run for it. Touchdown, zeroes on the clock. Stockdale gives up another and must be furious with itself. Poindexter's PAT is missed, by the way, but that won't be much conoslation to Stockdale, which has played toe-to-toe with Clovis and come up with nothing. 16-0 Cougars at the half.

UPDATED, 9:10 p.m.: So Clovis can really do some damage here before halftime with a sustained drive, though the Cougars haven't really done that tonight. They'll start out well. Hartmann rolls to his right, evades pressure and finds Logan Poisall along the far sideline. First down up to the 32. But Watkins loses a yards, and two short passes bring up a fourth-and-2 at the 40. Clovis lines up to go, but they're just going to try to draw Stockdale offside. Not gonna happen this time. Timeout Cougars, and they'll punt. Fair catch at the Stockdale 29. Mustangs have 2:15 and two timeouts to work with.

Points before the half would be huge for Stockdale, but the Mustangs have to avoid the critical mistake that has plagued them thus far. Wood gets the call. He picks up 4 and steps out of bounds to stop the clock. Now Allen will pass. He rolls out, looking for Martin, who's following him across the field. Just out of Martin's reach. That was a tough throw. Now third down, and Allen will throw again. Collins drops it. Not a perfect throw, but Collins will tell you he should have had that. Instead, Stockdale will punt for the first time all night. It's been turnovers and blocked field goals before this. Ball dead at the Clovis 31. 1:47 left in the half, and Clovis still has two timeouts.

UPDATED, 9:03 p.m.: Stockdale, down 10-0, starts at its 25. Mike Snow showing faith in Drew Allen and going right back to the passing game. Another incompletion, and now Allen is 1-for-8 with the pick. Martin picks up 3 on second down. Now Allen to throw again, into coverage, but this one's on the money. Corey Collins ripped it away from the DB and has a big gain up to the Clovis 47. Wood picks up a few yards before he's hammered down by a Clovis linebacker. But he's right back at it on the next play and has a hole. First down to the 32. Stockdale driving again, but they've got to finish this one, for morale's sake if nothing else. Martin stuffed for no gain. Now Allen under pressure. He throws it away. Third and 10. Wood has a hole. He has 4, 6, 8, dragging defenders and has a first down at the 21. Martin has it. He fumbles at the 20. Clovis recovers. Jason Black again with the big play. Stockdale shoots itself in the foot for a third time tonight. 4:44 left in the half.

UPDATED, 8:56 p.m.: Swing pass from R.J. Hartmann complete to Garrett Olson, and he makes a man miss and has a first down up at the Clovis 45. Two plays later, Hartmann is swallowed up and sacked by Delfino Romero and Zach Webb for a big loss. Screen set up on third down, but the Mustangs got heavy pressure and spooked Hartmann a bit. He overthrows it when the screen was set up nicely, and Clovis will punt.

Ortiz's punt nearly blocked. It wobbles across the 50 and dead at the Stockdale 43. Good field position for the Mustangs. Martin gets it without much room, maybe a yard. Allen will throw on second down. Another wild overthrow. Stockdale coach Mike Snow talks about the importance of a passing game in his offense, and there have been some open receivers. Allen will need to settle down. Instead it's picked off by Jordan Harper, one of the Cougars' defensive stars. Big return on the end of it, too, down to the Stockdale 23. Mistake after mistake for the Mustangs, who have actually out-played Clovis on most snaps.

So the Stockdale defense is backed up again. Hartmann to throw. Now he'll scramble. Lots of room, out of bounds down at the 12. First down. Hartmann swing pass to Olson, who had to crouch down to catch — and now drops it. No whistle? There it is. Some confusion, but that was an incomplete pass. Clovis has been victimized on that before, the last time it was in Bakersfield, in fact. They'll live to fight another down this time.

Short gain by Jaye Rositas sets up third-and-9. Draw play to Rositas. Big hole. Touchdown from 11 yards out. Stockdale's defense expected the pass there, I think. Poindexter's PAT is good and it's 10-0 Clovis. I'll have to check, but I'm pretty sure the Mustangs are losing by 10 despite out-gaining Clovis. Devastating mistakes with the blocked field goal and interception.

UPDATED, 8:46 p.m.: The rare fair catch on a short kickoff sets up Stockdale at its own 30 late in the first. Martin gets the carry, and he has good yardage. Finally dragged down up at the 49. Two plays later, it's third-and-3, and Allen will complete his first pass, to Martin. Martin very nearly took that all the way, but he was slightly off-balance and stepped out of bounds at the 27. Clovis making Stockdale work for all of the yards, which paid off on the first drive.

Now Martin with some nice burst again, 8 yards to the clovis 19. First quarter will end.

When we resume, it's second-and-2. Play-action pass. Allen overthrows his man in the end zone. Third down. Wood. Lost yardage. Clovis D comes up big again. Flag down, too., Personal foul on Stockdale. Out of field goal range now, back at the 35, and it's fourth-and-18. Stockdale calls timeout. Mustangs are in no-man's land and will go for it. Martin gets the handoff, and Clovis was ready. Got them three yards of field position, nothing more, and Stockdale is now 0-for-2 in two red-zone trips. Clovis takes over.

UPDATED, 8:36 p.m.: Now the battle we've been waiting to see: D.J. Martin, Anthony Wood and the Stockdale running game against this stout Clovis defense. Martin, predictably, gets it first, and turns a small hole into a quick 12-yard burst. Wow. Now a pitch to Wood. He waits for a block, methodically, gets it, and now powers up the sideline. Great vision and patience, then he breaks a tackle and picks up about 7 more yards. He's across midfield. That went for 22 yards.

martin gets 3, then Xavier Chisolm no gain, so third-and-7. Give to Martin. He's close to the first down — now powers through and drags a man past the marker. These guys run really hard. First down at the Clovis 37. First pass. Drew Allen overthrew his man on the near sideline. Wood picks up 7 and Martin about 5 for another first down. His third on this drive already. This is impressive, and the defense doesn't know which one is going to get the ball. Now it's Wood. Slips through a hole and was nearly gone. Caught from behind at the 16. Second and 1. Might be a good time to throw. Instead the fullback Chisolm for about 4 yards and a first down. Maybe never is a good time to throw if you're running like this. Ball on the Clovis 12.

Clovis needs a big play on defense and gets it, from Nick Ortiz. He drops Wood for a loss as soon as he gets it,back to the 15. Guessed right on that one. So second and long, and Wood gets it again. Lost another yard, Ortiz again. Cougars stiffening in the red zone. Allen to pass. Ryan Haddad is open in the end zone, but a Cougar DB got his hand in at the last second and broke it up. Think it was C.J. Broussard. Nice play and it'll force a 33-yard field goal attempt from Dean McBride. Blocked! Clovis has some returners there. Ball tipped up, taken by Jason Black.He can run, and he's running. Across midfield. Chisolm I believe finally knocked him out, but he's all the way up at the Stockdale 26. What an enormous play, and what a momentum change early.

Incomplete pass from Hartmann. Now Watkins is back in there, and he has a nice burst. First down up at the 12. Swing pass from Hartmann. Incomplete. Almost a lateral, which would have been a disaster, but it was a forward pass. Watkins now, and Romero stops him right at the line. Third and 10. Hartmann to throw. Nearly picked off. Should have been picked off. Break for Clovis, because now it'll get a shot at a field goal. 29-yard attempt from the left hash by Jake Poindexter. High snap, good hold, kick is drilled. Clovis takes a 3-0 lead with 1:30 to play in the first.

UPDATED, 8:22 p.m.: Clovis gets a nice kickoff return from Garrett Olson across the field and up to the Cougars 27, and then a couple of nice runs from Marlon Watkins set up a third-and-2. It's a complete pass from R.J. Hartmann to Olson up to the 46. Good start for the Clovis offense. Now Hartmann pump fakes and hands off to a waiting Watkins — and Delfino Romero is there to bury him. 6-yard loss. Flag on the next snap as Watkins has a nice gain up the sideline. They're going to waive that off, and the 13-yard gain across midfield will stand. Third-and-3. Adrian Salas up the gut, but a nice pushback from Stockdale's defensive front, and it's fourth and about a yard. Clovis will go. Big moment early. Stockdale jumps offside. Whoops.

Salas goes again and loses a yard. Stockdale winning its share of battles up front thus far, but Clovis driving anyway. Salas gets it again — didn't see Watkins leave, but he hasn't been in the game since that 13-yard line on the far sideline — and loses another yard. Third and long for the first time. Hartmann to pass. Deep middle for Logan Poisall, who was open, but it's off his hands. Slightly overthrown, but could have been caught. Instead, Clovis will have to punt. It's a wobbly line drive and quickly out of bounds at about the Stockdale 18. Mustangs will have it there with 7:35 left in the quarter.

UPDATED, 8:14 p.m.: The national anthem has just finished here at Stockdale, and captains are headed to midfield for the coin toss. Stockdale is wearing all black with silver numbers and silver helmets, and Clovis is dressed in gold pants, white jerseys with blue numbers and gold helmets. If I had to judge based on pregame warmups, I'd say Clovis is bigger but Stockdale might be faster. Should make for an interesting battle.

And after D.J. Martin missed this game a year ago (and Clovis beat a shell-shocked Mustangs team 42-0), he's warming up. He'll be the best player on the field. Will that be enough for Stockdale?

Stockdale won the toss and deferred, so Clovis ball first. Kickoff coming up.

UPDATED, 8:04 p.m.: As most Central Valley football fans know by now, high temperatures and poor air quality forced an hour's delay of all of the action in Kern County tonight. It's now 8 p.m., and we're still 12 minutes away from kickoff here at Stockdale, where the Mustangs are set to take on Clovis in one of three big-time games tonight between the SWYL and the TRAC. The others are Buchanan at Liberty and Frontier at Clovis North up north.

The notable area game that has started is Bakersfield down at Long Beach-Poly in a battle of the state's all-time most winning programs. The Drillers, who have a 718-710 edge in all-time victories, are up 16-0 in that one just before halftime. That score will be undoubtedly compared by some to Narbonne's 56-0 beatdown of Poly last week, so the Drillers will have to pick it up for reputation purposes. Still, a win at Poly is a win at Poly.

Updates coming fast and furious from here on out.

ORIGINAL POST: We're headed for a massive night of football in Kern County. Start with Bakersfield High's trip to Long Beach-Poly, which matches the two programs with the most wins in state history (current score: Bakersfield 718, Poly 710). Never mind that the Jackrabbits appear to be in freefall after a 56-0 loss to Harbor City-Narbonne last week; this is a proud program and it'll be up for a game with a lot of historical significance.

But the biggest matchups from a Central Section perspective take place between here and Fresno: Clovis at Stockdale, Clovis-Buchanan at Liberty and Frontier at Clovis North. All six of those teams are in the top 11 of my Central Section rankings, and all three games will have indelible impacts on the Division I seeding process for the section playoffs.

There are plenty of other good matchups around the county tonight, and I'll update as many as I can tonight. The live blog's featured game will be Clovis at Stockdale and will fire up around 7 p.m.

Until then, there is plenty to keep you busy. Read my Week 3 predictions, see our rankings video and watch Louis Amestoy and myself squawk at each other in our always entertaining predictions webcast.

If you're reading this early enough, you can tune into Californian Radio at about 9:45 to hear me talk some prep football with host and executive editor John Arthur. Tune your dial to 1180 AM in Bakersfield or log onto and click "Listen Live."

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(Central Section ranking in parentheses; all games 7:30 p.m. Friday unless noted)

Kern County scoreboard

(1) Bakersfield 29, Long Beach-Poly 6

(2) Clovis North 38, (9) Frontier 21

(4) Clovis 37, (11) Stockdale 6

Fresno-San Joaquin Memorial at (5) Garces, 7:30 p.m. Saturday

(6) Liberty 42, (8) Clovis-Buchanan 21

Newhall-Hart 49, (13) Ridgeview 27

(15) Wasco 62, Golden Valley 18

(21) Tehachapi 23, (25) Arvin 13

Independence 35, Highland 0

South 30, East 27

Foothill 26, Mira Monte 6

Delano 29, North 7

Shafter 42, Lindsay 7

Bakersfield Christian 42, Exeter 41, final, 2OT

Taft 34, Corcoran 14

Chavez 53, Porterville-Granite Hills 8

Hanford-Sierra Pacific 14, Kennedy 9

Kern Valley 35, McFarland 14

Desert 22, Yermo-Silver Valley 7

Rosamond 35, Mammoth Lakes-Mammoth 13

Arcadia-Rio Hondo Prep 48, Boron 6

Lancaster-Antelope Valley 48, Burroughs 17

Mojave 42, Downey-Calvary Chapel 33

Maricopa at Los Olivos-Dunn, 1 p.m. Saturday

Lucerne Valley at Immanuel Christian, 1 p.m. Saturday

Other Central Section scores

(3) Fresno-Central 35, (14) Visalia-El Diamante 7

L.A.-Crenshaw 41, (7) Fresno-Edison 30

(12) Fresno-Bullard 28, Clovis East 14

Porterville-Monache 23, (16) Dinuba 21

(17) Tulare-Mission Oak 40, Selma 0

(22) Visalia-Redwood 31, Fresno-Hoover 7

Fresno-Sunnyside 33, (23) Fresno-Washington Union 7

Porterville 35, Hanford 7 (Thursday)

Fresno-McLane 26, Farmersville 19 (Thursday)

Liberty-Madera Ranchos 35, Fowler 25 (Thursday)

Sanger 22, Lemoore 20

Hanford West 42, Tulare Western 0

Visalia-Golden West 7, Reedley 0

Paso Robles 42, Madera 27

Chowchilla 35, Visalia-Central Valley Christian 20

Firebaugh 70, Riverdale 0

Avenal 29, O'Neals-Minarets 0

Reedley-Immanuel 26, Orange Cove 7

Strathmore at Orosi

Fresno-Roosevelt 44, Oakhurst-Yosemite 19

Tollhouse-Sierra 34, Caruthers 0

Tranquillity 61, Fresno Christian 3

Parlier 28, Woodlake 21

Los Banos 43, Dos Palos 0

Ceres-Central Valley 35, Madera South 20

San Andreas-Sierra Ridge/Rite of Passage 26, Laton 14

Templeton 14, Coalinga 13

Yucca Valley-Joshua Springs 62, Lemoore-Kings Christian 2

Riverdale Christian at Lancaster Baptist

Fresno at Dublin, 7 p.m. Saturday

Shandon at Alpaugh, 11 a.m. Saturday

Coalinga-Faith Christian at Monterey-Trinity Christian, 1 p.m. Saturday