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The Davis House, designed by Richard Neutra.

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Bob and Judy Hampton's Seven Oaks home mixes traditional with contemporary

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Hampton-esque dreams at Bob and Judy Hampton's Seven Oaks homes.

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Mixing the traditional and contemporary, this kitchen is both state of the art and functional for a family.

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Bright and airy, the Hampton's home transports you to tranquility.

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A cozier part of the house, this hearth brings in warm colors against a clean white background.

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A feature of this dining room, this chandelier bring in an ethereal tone to this bright room.

The concept of a dream home is as personal as your favorite novel or vacation spot. For some, it could be a five-bedroom, five-bath mansion in the foothills with a view of the river, or a four-room cottage with a perfect backyard in a cozy downtown neighborhood. What makes it your dream home are the feelings it evokes when you wake up on a sleepy Sunday morning, or upon arriving home after a long day at work. Those feelings of happiness, tranquility, family, harmony and comfort are all found in these five Bakersfield dream homes and hopefully in your own

East Coast charm

Bob and Judy Hampton were inspired five years ago to build their ideal home. They sought one of the country’s most-awarded architectural firms, Harrison Design Associates of Santa Barbara, to help them make their dream come true. Based on homes found along the Eastern seaboard, this 5,500-square-foot house features vaulted box beam ceilings, spacious rooms, large picture windows and reclaimed wood for the floors. Tying these rooms together is a long centralized hallway that seems never-ending. The interior style of the home, designed by Judy Hampton, is transitional; the marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture to bring about a classic feel, and colors that evoke a clean, serene atmosphere. Their favorite room is one of their two kitchens. With the white cottage-feel of the cabinetry, the marble countertops and the dark rustic look of the wooden floors, this room is as warm and inviting as the Hamptons 

Bauhaus stlye
Milton and Betty Younger’s Bakersfield 
Country Club estate is a backdrop for Betty’s art

Designed by Martha Simpson and Kenneth Wong, this Bakersfield Country Club estate is a rare example of the Bauhaus architectural tradition in this part of the country. Simpson resided here for a year before Milton and Betty Younger moved in, making it their home for more than 30 years. At close to 6,500 square feet on an acre lot, the multi-level design appeals to Milt and blends well with the couple’s period collections of furniture and art.

“The house is really a backdrop for Betty’s artwork, which is shown throughout the home,” he said. The centerpiece of this magnificent eight-bedroom home is the floor-to-ceiling atrium that captivates your attention as soon as you enter. Along with a rooftop retreat, elegant dining room and basement entertainment room nicknamed “Casablanca,” this stately house is a frequent location for events supporting Cal State Bakersfield, the Bakersfield Symphony and The Arts district. As Milt said, “The house fits in with our lifestyle and desire to be an active part of the community through the arts, politics, music and culture.”

Tuscan villa
Bruce and Laurie Maclin worked together to create their Old Stockdale masterpiece

In 1988, Bruce and Laurie Maclin collaborated extensively with local architect Thomas Jannino and builder Warren Patterson to create their version of a dream home. The result? A spacious and airy Tuscan villa located off the golf course in Stockdale Country Club that holds the couple’s collections of 17th and 18th century Italian and French antiques, along with California Scene art from the ’30s and ’40s. But the upstairs contains the most extensive collection — an open hallway of floor to ceiling bookshelves and a reading area with a bay window — for Bruce’s books that numbers into the thousands and includes first editions of modern novelists like F. Scott Fitzgerald. Two notable features of this beautiful home are the powder room, lined with a collection of 19th century caricatures and drawings of famous French people, including actress Sarah Bernhardt; and the custom-built palm trees in the entryway that reach the ceiling. As a couple, Bruce and Laurie have worked together on all aspects of the house: colors, art, antiques, materials and the collections. After 42 years of marriage, this collaboration has really paid off

Architectural gem
Richard Neutra-designed Westchester home that  draws admirers from around the world

Built in a time when life seemed easier, this house is considered an architectural gem. Officially known as The Davis House, it was designed by famed architect Richard Neutra, who’s recognized for his Mid-century Modern residences in Southern California. In 1937, Neutra was commissioned to build the Frank and Kathryn Davis house, which has retained its charm through the years. Neutra’s signature design elements of built-in furniture, large windows, wood paneling and open floor plans are represented throughout the house. Another first for Bakersfield was the inclusion of upstairs and downstairs front porches. Many features he used were not in mainstream homes until the ’60s. The large windows surrounding the back of the house gives the impression of being partially outside, an element Neutra always looked to incorporate. Architects, students and architectural buffs are frequently spotted outside the privately owned home staring and studying. Some have traveled as far as Germany and Japan to admire this downtown Bakersfield residence

Castle on the Kern 
Luxury meets the outdoors in Barry and Pat 
Rosenfeld’s Rancheria River Estates home

The dream home of Barry and Pat Rosenfeld is nestled in the Sierra foothills, just 15 minutes east of downtown Bakersfield. Pat worked with local architect Steve Keike and builder Don Mitchell in 1992 to bring her vision to life. Her castle includes two turrets and a courtyard entrance with a rectangular, chlorinated “moat” crossed by a bridge. This 5,300-square-foot, country French-style home sits on a one-and-three-quarter acre lot, and according to Barry, “Almost every room has a view of the Kern River.” Not surprising on a lot with more than 330 feet of river frontage. A 27-year Rotarian, Barry enjoys the outdoor features of this property: “With the river views and natural vegetation, I just love the outdoor ambience of this property.” Notable features inside this five-bedroom home are an ornate bar/ice cream parlor in the great room, a dumbwaiter between the two floors, a bedroom apartment above the garage, an observation room at the top of the tower and hand-carved wood throughout. If it sounds like this could be your ideal home, the Rosenfelds are looking to simplify their lifestyle, and have currently listed their castle on forsalebyowner.com/listing/44365. “We’ve loved our 20 years here and really hope that a nice family can enjoy the next 20 years,” Barry explained